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Livan Hernandez bidding adios to '97 World Series ring, MVP trophy

Only 16 years after sceaming "I love you Miami!," former Marlins hurler Livan Hernandez is selling his 1997 World Series ring and MVP trophy. The two items are among several belonging to Hernandez that are being auctioned by Lelands.com

Hernandez was a rookie for the Marlins in 1997 when he was named World Series MVP.

LivanThe MVP trophy and World Series ring aren't the only items Hernandez has placed in the auction. Also up for grabs: his 2002 San Francisco Giants N.L. championship ring, 2004 Silver Slugger Award, and the first-pitch baseball he threw from the first Washington Nationals game.

The reserves on both his MVP Trophy and Series ring are $5,000.

Hernandez isn't the only former athlete with items on the auction block. The jersey worn by Duke's Christian Laettner when he made the "The Shot" against Kentucky ($100,000 reserve), Rabbit Maranville's 1914 World Series ring, Jackie Robinson's 1947 Rookie of the Year Award ($50,000 reserve) and Jim Thorpe's moccasins are among the many items being auctioned.

The auction closes Jan. 10.


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hey livan are you doing this to help the marlins with the "budget"?


Guess that means he's blown all the money he's earned. Good grief!


Reserve price for Jackie Robinson ROY award is $50,000, Laettner's jersey, $100,000. Something is seriously wrong with that picture...


Jackie Robinsons award will blow leatner's final sale by a couple hundred thousand even if they start it at 1 Cent

Stan M

Hey, folks. How about the McGehee pick up. I'll take him over some of those other names mentioned (except Chavez, of course). Any one year contract is a good one. Even if he's awful, it will be better than what we put out there last year. And Moran seems to be the kind of hitter who will be ready to come up in a hurry. So the one year deal is ideal. This might sound like heresy, but I think it's possible that his numbers could exceed those of Jones at 1B.

Only downside for these signings for me personally is that I like the Marlins because of all the young kids and now we have 3 over 30 infielders. Still sorry they didn't give LoMo one more year. So far they have kept their pitching core, and that's a big plus. Now please resign Coghlan.


they designated skipworth to open a spot see if someone picks him up.

Sunny Dee

I like the McGehee pickup. Nothing but upside for him. He'll play his best because he only has a one year contract and will want to turn it into more. It's a good stopgap until Moran is ready. I also like the Saltimacchia and Furcal signings. I don't think the Ruggiano trade was an upgrade - I disagree with that move. I am glad Lomo is gone - although I have a feeling he is going to start playing better (like Hanley) now that he is somewhere else. His last two seasons have been a waste.

I'm definitely more upbeat about this season. The rotation has a lot of promise. Hopefully the pitchers will continue to develop.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

M New Year's Projections for 2014 Marlins (subject to changes according to roster moves and/or acts of God, if he ever answers my prayers):

75 wins.

Pitching will hold up their end, for the most part.

Hitting improves over last season, but not all that much. Ruggianio, of all people, will be missed when depth is needed during the "dog days" of July and August and their bench (such as it is) is found wanting (non-existent, actually).

During a late-season losing streak, Redmond is called out publicly by Loria and made the scapegoat. Redmond resigns/is fired before the end of the season. Trader Jack is literally wheeled out of retirement a second time, and the Marlins become the first team in MLB history to have (need, actually) an oxygen tank in the dugout during games.

Scandal erupts in south Florida, when Marlins announced attendance for Game 162 is 20,000+ and only 14 people are hand-counted in the stands. To avoid prosecution and certain jail time for fraud and embezzlement of public funds, Loria is forced to divest himself of the team and Selig is forced into an earlier retirement.(Hey, I can dream, ok?)


The disparity in minimum bid requirements is likely the result of the items belonging to different owners (re Laettner/Robinson above), who specify the minimum they would accept for their respective auction item.


I also like the fact the marlins have been active signing international free agents not big names but they have signed 6 including 1 player from Haiti so they are starting to stack up the minors wonder if it's guys that mcoy from the rays had targeted before he came over to the marlins front office from the rays.


Now that the Marlins got rid ot their twitter fool Lomo the Tool , when is the Herald gonna dump his sophomoric, pubescent teenager tweets in their sports section. Good riddance to that jerkoff.


I hope Skipworth isn't staring at his cell phone. It is well past time that Kyle move on with his life. He hopefully invested his bonus well and should have a tremendous headstart over others his own age. Kyle, if you wish to stay in baseball, why not sell your likeness to the Marlins--You truly epitomize the Face of the Franchise. Realize I'm not blaming Skipworth for anything. If a group of morons hand you a few million, you say "Thank You Very Much" and spend 3 years hitting around .200 in Greensboro and the rest of the time in Jacksonville and New Orleans doing the same. Best of luck!!!


the guy has power and came out of high school. If I remember that draft they where actually after posey who was picked a spot ahead of him. they went with the best catcher available. high school picks are not all hits and sometimes it can take awhile to develop they gave up on Dominguez and he would of been a good stopgap now if he can hit 15 20 hrs from the catcher spot does he really need to hit over 220. and He's only 23.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

juanv, as I read your comments, I'm reminded of Kevin Bacon's film debut. It was in one of my old favorites, "Animal House." Specifically, your comments make me flash back to the scene where he yells over and over, "Thank you, sir. May I have another." And I see Loria standing over him (you) with the paddle.

Juan Yanes

Very good, Marlins snared a decent 3rd base in Macgee now they have a competitive team to fight for go to post season series, only they need get a decent lefty reliever for late innings because Dunn is not reliable in this spot. Another incognito is the Manager ???? because he needs improve their tactics with the offensive in late innings, remember he loss many games in late innings for bad maneouver


this team stinks the owner stole the taxpayers money,all the moves stink boo hoo I am never spending a dime on this team they all suck. loria is a crook and a liar he should be in it for the love of the game not money boo hoo all that agree with any baseball moves are stupid let me show u how to complain and not like a team by posting on every story and insulting anybody with interest in the team I have a life it is showing up for attention I hate myself the bad men touched me in wrong places feel my pain feel my pain it burns the nurse in this nursing home makes my bum hurt. pull the plug please pull the plug.

Stan M

DT, just read your predictions. You forgot that Stanton would trip over 1B, pull a muscle in his brain, and miss 40 games. And I'm not sure about Trader Jack replacing our current incompetent. I think Tino will be Loria's first choice with Jeff Kent as his dugout coach. Recalcitrant players will be sent to a local salon where the attending mistress will conduct them through the finer points of discipline training. One look at Loria suggests that he is familiar with many such establishments. Then we'll see how many baseballs these spoiled brats leave lying around in the batting cage. After all, what is more important? Isn't picking up baseballs far more indicative of the Marlin spirit than hitting baseballs?


Juan, It's time to come clean. Your last name is Skipworth. That is the only possible explanation. Instead of having a fantasy(Try Marial Carey instead) about your son hitting "15 to 20 homers", wouldn't it behoove him to get his first Major League hit. Tell Kyle I said "Merry Christmas" and best of luck with his new career. Just don't invest the bonus money with one of Livan's advisors.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

juan, I try my best to not let my cynical nature spill over into pessimism, even given the patently dishonest nature of local ownership. But I am compelled to respond to your last post. Yes, the Marlins DID sign a better-HITTING catcher. However, half their projected infield did not play AT ALL in MLB in 2014, while the other half combined for a .229 batting average and a whopping .277 OBP. Meanwhile the projected outfield averaged 77 games played between the three of them, with Stanton topping out at 100. Yet the owner saw fit to downgrade their 4th outfielder from the guy who second on the team in HRs to a guy who could not even make the roster of a team that lost 96 games last year. So while I believe in remaining optimistic, I wouldn't quite start printing those playoff tickets just yet.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Stan, like you, I also saw Tino as Loria's first choice for manager in my crystal ball. But facing indictment, Loria sells the team and Marlins fans throughout south Florida break out in a celebration by dancing in the streets. Shortly after, Donald Trump fails in his attempt to purchase the entire National League East (now that Selig is gone), and he has to settle with buying the Marlins. He renames the stadium Trump Arena, signs quality free agents until the Marlins' payroll reaches NY Yankee-proportions, and the Marlins easily cruise to a World Series title in 2015. Loria then holds a press conference to remind everyone once again that it was HIS moves that won the World Series for the Marlins in 2003.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

edit response to juan, 2014 s/b 2013.


they signed jordany valdespin ,jimmy paredes, they have kyle Jensen,bryan keys, jake marsinick,and alfredo silveiro. I just don't see where getting rid of 1.8 mill to open options and possibilities for younger more controllable players and allow them to spend in other areas a problem. I was more upset when they got rid of Miguel Cabrera and Lowell than I am about rugiano no offense but the guy was a triple a find like ross,cantu,and many other players they have picked up in the same way they picked up bugosevic. I haven't said play offs but there is a lot better moves than Austin kearns nick gren,and gil velasquez from last year. They have spent money to improve the roster with a better approach than when loria went crazy with reyes and heath bell it made no sense at the time he had high hopes of selling 2 mill tickets and it blew up in his face no different then the jays tried this off season with the same cast plus bautista and melky Cabrera yet the marlins actually improved and have a good core, tradeable assets (Stanton,And young pitching) and have brought good high character guys to the clubhouse. and have a very good lefty in Heaney coming up. furcal is a better lead off than hecheveria was. And jones,salty,ozuna,behind Stanton offer more protection than ruggiano,polanco,lomo,and mathis did. this team can surprise you just let it play out and see what happens.


x2...That's for you and anyone else who might be interested.


again baseball moves! and it comes back to the stadium. the people of Miami voted for these people to look after there best interest and they failed them. yet some are still in office and continuing to sell themselves to the highest bidder (new Soccer stadium). I just don't see how the people that approved it look like the victims here. and as far as them making money I thought that was the reason you owned a business for.

Dionysu Thelxinoe

juanv, it seems to me that you choose to believe whatever you read and that includes whatever Loria feeds to the press through his lackeys. And that's ok, it's your prerogative. It has the advantage of allowing you to discuss the merits of trading Ruggiano . . . as long as you do it within the vacuum of ignoring facts, such as what Jeff Passan wrote in the link above, that LIES is the way Loria does business. Passan wrote that back in 2010, and his article's parting line apparently still holds true, that Loria's are "lies that never seem to end." In fact, let's take a quick look-see at those players you listed. Jordany Valdespin hit .188 last year. Jim Paredes hit .192, which is a slight improvement over the .189 he hit the year before. Kyle Jensen just spent 3 seasons in Double A trying to learn how not to strike out 200 times in a season. BRENT Keys was in A Ball for FIVE YEARS. Marisnick's .183 with the Marlins last year was not very encouraging and finally Alfredo Silverio (I just cannot believe you mentioned him) has been out of baseball for TWO years with two Tommy John surgeries. Come to think of it, I need to ask you straight up . . . are you really David Sampson?


no he is not. samson talks thru his azzzzz. juanv speaks from his delusional heart and drinks the kool-aid...

Stan M

I can't believe that this team would sign Valdespin after all the propaganda about improving team attitude and chemistry. One OF name not mentioned is Coghlan whom I really hope they resign. DT, I looked up Keys in A ball and to my astonishment, you are correct. However, please look at his stats over the past 3 years. Pay particular attention to his excellent walk/strikeout ratio and his OBP. Flav, who has personally seen him play says that he is a fine outfielder and is very fast. The man was a late developer, no doubt. But there is our CF and leadoff man very soon. That pushes Yelich to 1B if Stanton stays. I share your worries about Marisnick, his bat seems too slow by my observation. However, he is well enough thought of that he should make excellent trade bait. Any team trying to rebuild should welcome him along with one or two of our AA pitchers and maybe Solano. I will grant that Silverio has done nothing, but he is inexpensive and there was very good talent there in the past. Keeping him around in the minors can't hurt just to see what pops out. All others above in your piece are not worth discussing.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Stan, all valid points, especially about Keys, whom I have never seen play. And I think what Coghlan needs is a fresh start and opportunity to prove himself somewhere else. But any "lineup" (in the criminal sense of the word) that BEGINS with Valdespin and Paredes ... I mean, c'mon, give me a break! And what do almost all of these stiffs have in common???(and you can throw Bogus in there, too). They are THE CHEAPEST OPTIONS OUT THERE.


valdespin and paredes are fast play multiple positions and you said it are cheap. Jensen has pop and defense. marsinick has defense.bougs is cheap and here is my delusion they will all compete for the fourth outfield spot unless they bring someone else bye bye ruggiano bye bye cogs. what is complaining and moaning going to get you. you don't like it leave you don't like my comments eat a lik. this team is not going to spend and give no trade clauses. it has been the same since Huizenga owned them if you haven't figured it out who is delusional. what one day your going to wake up and 30000 people are going to every game and loria has no choice but to spend money. to spend what every top free agent wants on a contract for 7 to ten years. we are arguing over a fourth outfielder not the only outfielder in the team. get a calculator and figure out what the have spend and what the budget loria set. blame the g.m for being creative with what he has to work with and that is why I like to follow there moves see what happens let it play out I thought that is why they have baseball to play a game and compete I didn't realize that it is about the more they spend and why they don't get the guys I want boo hoo you guys are the delusional ones the roster they have is what they have your crying is not going to make u feel better and it is not changing a thing.


you can look up all the numbers in the world to back your petty arguments and your all knowingly attitude I don't need numbers to watch a game and see an outcome to see Fernandez pitch or Stanton hit I watch a game until the last out that's how it was when I played it. that's how it is when my son plays it. and that is how it was when ty cobb played it. follow your team watch the game win lose its not your property you do not own it they don't owe you nothing you are the ones that are delusional like they are here for the marlins blog posters. david thaty guy dietondix said I was cheap tell micheal to spend more I realy care what a hater says.


you can look up all the numbers in the world to back your petty arguments and your all knowingly attitude I don't need numbers to watch a game and see an outcome to see Fernandez pitch or Stanton hit I watch a game until the last out that's how it was when I played it. that's how it is when my son plays it. and that is how it was when ty cobb played it. follow your team watch the game win lose its not your property you do not own it they don't owe you nothing you are the ones that are delusional like they are here for the marlins blog posters. david thaty guy dietondix said I was cheap tell icheal to spend more I realy care what a hater says.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

"eat a lik"? Ce qui la baise est-ce???


you can figure out stats but you can't rhyme.


Oh My God!!


Let s review. A 3rd baseman who could only get a job in japan. A 2nd baseman who is way past his prime. A 1st baseman who can t hit left handlers. A catcher who is an upgrade over Mathis. They let coghlan go because they are too cheap. When he is healthy he can hit and he has proven it. Hitting is something that the front office knows very little about. What a job front office!!!.with these UPGRADES my guess is we will only lose 95 next year!!!!!!


I like the outfield of Stanton, Ozuna and Yelich. Moran and Salty seem promising and Hecheverria is OK. If ownership shocked the fans and went and signed Santana and Jimemez to the starting rotation, this coul be a 90 wins team. Jones and Furcal are weak in my opinion, the bullpen is tolerable but not great.

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