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Marlins, Saltalamacchia agree on 3-year, $21 million deal

The Marlins have solved their catching needs. And Jarrod Saltalamacchia will be be making a dramatic, first-to-last transition, going from the World Series champions to the worst team in the National League.

Saltalamacchia, 28, agreed Tuesday to a 3-year, $21 million deal with the Marlins. He will be paid $6 million the first year, $7 million the second, and $8 million the third. He does not receive no-trade protection.

The Marlins were the only team left standing in the Saltalamacchia sweepstakes after both the Boston Red Sox (his former team) and Minnesota Twins bowed out of the bidding over the previous 24 hours.

Saltalamacchia hit .273 with 14 home runs for Boston last season. However, he also strikes out frequently and has had a success rate of only 23 percent on stolen base attempts over his career. Still, he would represent a marked improvement offensively over the Marlins' catching incumbant, Jeff Mathis.

Collectively, Marlins catchers ranked last in the majors last year with an OPS of .526. The Red Sox, with Saltalamacchia handling the bulk of the catching chores, ranked third (.787).


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omar f

great signing by fish salty is gona help tremendously with offense and be a tuff noised guy good clubhouse guy too go marlins 2014!!!!


any stiff currently residing in the Dade County morgue would be a marked offensive improvement over Mathis.


Mathis will still get plenty of starts behind the dish....it is Rob Brantly who is gone.


Salty insisted he DID NOT want a no-trade clause,as he hopes to get traded to a real MLB team asap. He's looking forward to the July trading deadline already.


at least they didn't over pay for three years oh wait he will be traded by the third year. now let's see who plays third and what bullpen help tey get stan I know your happy.


Salty is a surprising acquisition at a good cost! Are we also going to see a good contract for Stanton?


now if only one of Brantley,realmuto,or skipworth can step up and win the back up spot or starting job in the next three years would be great. open some money for when yelich Fernandez and ozuna hit arb.

Daniel in Pasadena

He'll be gone by the trading deadline of 2015 if he makes it past next winter.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

I was wrong and I am stunned that Salty is willing to sign here. Well, good for us then. At least for one season, there'll be some pretty good offense from of the catching position, albeit at the cost of some defense. All in all, a pleasant surprise for us.


Clark, thanks for the update. One question I have is given Salty's improved bat in the lineup but less than stellar defensive abilities, how well does he handle a staff? The Marlins will have one of the youngest rotations in the game and the intangible aspect may be the most important.


Juan, A "Skipworth" reference. That was for old time sake. Was he drafted one behind or 1 in front of Posey? Saw him play in Greenville what seems years ago and it was obvious he was overmatched in the South Atlantic League. I believe he will soon be a 6 year minor league free agant. Signing Saltalamacchia is actually a very good move.


Does this not smell of Buck.0 to anyone else?!!!


It smells like another dead fish that nobody else wanted for the price paid.


Salty's projected numbers in 2014 - .214/2/28

Salty's projected numbers in 2015 after Artsy-Fartsy trades him to a legitimate MLB Team - .290/24/87

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Russell, good question, and one that immediately occurred to me when I heard about Salty. IMO, the catcher's defense and ability to call a good game becomes more critical in a short, important series, where every pitch or every stolen base can mean the difference. This is why Salty was benched for the last 3 games of the World Series by Farrell, whose background is pitching coach. Since the Marlins would be overjoyed at this point if they reach .500, I don't think Salty's defense will be an issue, whereas in Boston it was.

Stan M

Can't complain about this signing. We will have him, if he stays a Marlin, for ages 29 through 31. That's pretty good. I think we can depress his HRs to somewhere around Buck's numbers. However, all of those doubles are impressive, especially so in our ball park. Does not have good lefty/righty numbers as a switch hitter, so catching about 2/3 of time should be about right. Bat # 6 or 7 in order. Now go get a short term 3B who can hit a little. Eric Chavez?


Another 240 hitter they already had enough of that last year and not that great of a defensive catcher horrible pick up its says a lot when your previous team after winning the works series don't want you back

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Diaz, not true. Red Sox offered him two years, Marlins gave him 3. Obviously, to Salty it was all about the money, which worked out well for us. As for his hitting, were you not watching last season?

Sunny Dee

Good signing, assuming the Marlins don't trade him after one year. Contract is backloaded and does not have a no trade clause like every other Marlins contract has been. There is no reason to believe that he won't be traded after one year for prospects.

Juan Yanes

Congratulations! Marlins open the pocket and get a decent catcher, next steps should be get a 3rd base and a qualify manager. Go ahead Marlins


I will be shocked if the Marlins don't at least make the playoffs next season.

Stan M

Diaz, what other catchers would you have suggested as alternatives? Should he hit .240, it would be better than any regular Marlin catcher in quite some time. If the team can convince him to ease back a little and aim for the gaps rather than the fences, I could see a batting average in the .275 vicinity. And he has already demonstrated a propensity to hit a good amount of 2 base hits. Diaz, there are times to be despondent with this FO, this is not one of them.

A Realist

I am so excited about this signing, but I am also weary of this same scenario playing out just 3 years ago with Buck. I really hope he understands that he is coming here to try and win and not just collect money. On the flip-side is the same scenario playing out with Pudge back in 2003, although Pudge was much better defensively. I hope this signals to Stanton that Loria may actually start to spend a little in order not to be the laughing stock of baseball. @ Seth.....lets not get carried away. These Marlins always have a knack for screwing things up.


Well I'm talking from the lack of offense the marlins have last year nobody on the roster even hit 290 the catcher position is not an position that you need a lot offense from as you get a catcher that calls a good game and sound defensively which he's not.. I rather them offered the money to a player like kendrys morales a good switch hitter with power you spend that money on a guy that is not going to make a difference on a team that has no center field no third base or second baseman and don't get me started with Logan Morrison he is so overrated


good move by Marlins now get rid of clown at 1B and get real hitter there


Good signing for the Fish. Still have a big hole at 3rd right now which should be interesting to see how it gets filled. I've read that Salty is a good clubhouse guy as well which is always a bonus. Until next year!!


center field ozuna,or yelich . second base deitrich or Solano I think they have that. NOT TO MENTION MARSINICK. 1st base morales is great for dh or a one year deal if they had a prospect coming up. to get morales to clog up bases and not give you defense at first would make no sense loney would be a better option young and good defense morales would not help in a national league team. third base is open but I believe they are going to bring in a couple of guys to compete for the spot through free agency or rule five draft.


Saltalamacchia is real good move. Even the Marlins FINALLY realized they have NOTHING in the minors as far as catchers. I will admit I blew it on Brantly who I thought would at least hit. If you look at the non-trendered guys there are some interesting names out there for 1st and 3rd. It's hard to believe it seemingly just fell apart for Morrison and Coghlin. The Marlins' old trading buddies still need a left fielder and Stanton could surely play left field in Comerica. What do the Marlins want in return? It would have to be guys under club control for at least 4 years and they would need to be cheap(OF COURSE), the Tigers could offer right back the 2 outstanding pitching prospects just acquired from the nationals, they have a glut of very good middle infielders and of course Castellanos. They have no young cheap outfielders that are any good(Dirks--UGH)and Porcello is too close to a big payday. Since the Tigers got Cabrera and Sanchez from the Marlins for nothing, I don't see Stanton being a problem.

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