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Marlins in mix for Saltalamacchia; non-tender Coghlan and Webb

With Dioner Navarro signing with the Toronto Blue Jays, the Marlins are turning their attention elsewhere in their search for catching help, and according to The Herald's Barry Jackson, are "in the mix" -- along with the Twins and Red Sox -- for free agent Jarrod Saltalamacchia.

The Boston Globe is reporting, however, that their sources are now saying Saltalamacchia is unlikely to return to the Red Sox. [UPDATE: Jon Heyman of cbssports.com reported Tuesday morning that the Red Sox have signed A.J. Pierzynski, which would seem to eliminate Saltalamacchia from consideration for Boston.]

Meanwhile, in housecleaning news...a late-night surprise.

The Marlins did not tender contracts to either Chris Coghlan or Ryan Webb before Monday's 11:59 p.m. deadline, meaning both players can become free agents. Coghlan was the N.L. Rookie of the Year in 2009 while Webb was a mainstay in the Marlins' bullpen last season.

Clearly, the Marlins have decided to move forward without either. Coghlan has battled injuries and struggled to regain his '09 rookie form. There is no longer room for him in the Marlins' crowded outfield, and apparently team officials didn't feel he was a suitable option at third base, a position of need.

The Marlins tendered contracts to their five other arbitration-eligible players: Giancarlo Stanton, Logan Morrison, Steve Cishek, Mike Dunn and Justin Ruggiano. All that remains is for the sides to settle on 2014 salary figures, be it through negotiation or through the arbitration process. The deadline for exchanging salary figures is Jan. 19.

Just because the Marlins have tendered offers to those players doesn't mean they'll remain with the team. Morrison has drawn trade interest from other teams and could be moved this offseason, though the Marlins might be better off keeping him. Morrison is projected to make $1.7 million through arbitration, according to MLBtraderumors.com, which would make him a bargain if he's healthy and produces at previous levels.

Ruggiano is another possible trade candidate. There had been some speculation that Ruggiano might be non-tendered. But he was second on the Marlins in home runs last season with 18, stole 15 bases, and plays all three outfield positions. His projected salary is just $1.8 million. With Coghlan now out of the picture, the Marlins could be counting on Ruggiano to provide insurance for a projected outfield of Stanton, Marcell Ozuna and Christian Yelich.

Stanton figures to be the big man on the salary totem pole. Though mlbtraderumors projects his '14 salary at $4.8 million, some believe it could approach upwards of $6.5 million.


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Stan M

Those cheap you know whats!

down and out

so the cheap fat bastard (Loria) saved 2.5 million in arbitration money. You are telling me neither play could not have been traded for a prospect???


qualls ,and webb gone the only strength they had just got weaker. cogs due to injury concerns I see why they non tendered him. but to not receive any compensation for webb is ridiculous they should of shopped him from the beginning or traded him last trade deadline.

Marlin Fan

Sad to see both go. However Coghlan never played in more than 128 games in a season , and is basically a .270-.280 hitter with minimal power. It would be nice for us to believe the Marlins will be able to sign Stanton, Chichek , and Ruggiano. This may be wishful thinking on my part ..... Webb I think was a good middle man , maybe one of the young prospects we have in the Minors will fill this void .


the marlins let Cody Ross go for nothing, all he did was go to the Giants and become a key in their success. now they let Coghlin and Webb go for nothing. somebody in the front office knows what he is doing???? apparently, he/she was not part of the front office housecleaning.


Spent money on Dobbs and not Coughlan? Take a guess at who would likely be the better utility player in 2014.

Stan M

Coghlan was one of my favorite players. Probably because he wasn't afraid to get his uniform dirty. I had heard that he was far from a manager's dream, and didn't take well to instruction. So his personality might have been a factor. But I agree with the post above. He was a better risk than Dobbs. If they wouldn't spend what is now chump change in this environment for these two guys, we can only imagine what is coming next. Or should I more accurately say, what won't be coming next. I am immensely discouraged by these moves.


and Cogz didnt have his nose buried deep up Loria's alimentary canal , a la Dobbs...


next on the list: lomo...aurevoir, twitter-king.


I can understand Coghlan, but Ryan Webb was one of the better pitchers in the 'pen.

New GM, old ways.

Flav C.

Sending both packing makes sense to me, and I'm sure I am one of the few who thinks this way.

Coghlan is a fan favorite, agree on that, but has very little to show why he should be in the 40-man roster. He's been having serious trouble with his lower-back for quite a while. He tried to play through pain several times. Coghlan is simply not durable, unreliable. A team cannot have a player in its roster who is a "DL waiting to happen".

Webb had his best season (as far as ERA and WHIP) in 2013, but as a bullpen guy, the drop on the velocity of his pitches is a concern: fastball dropped from 93-94 to 89-90. Slider dropped from 80-81 to 72-73. His sinker had a big drop on velocity as well. On top of that, he is the bullpen-guy who had the highest percentage of runs allowed in the games he pitched. Webb pitched in 66 games and allowed runs on 32% of those games. For comparison purposes, Dunn allowed runs in 20% of his games, Cishek in 16% and Qualls in 18%.

Also, for a team without power and that will have to rely a lot on its bullpen to keep up with close games, Webb isn't the best of options: He blew 3 saves, and lost 5 games when he came to the mound with the game tied.

Hand will be a good option coming out of the bullpen for long-relieve.


so there was no value in neither of them good thing they cut them. flav I understand the break down of webb's stuff but to say they couldn't flip the guy for a top thirty from another team is nuts it goes down to not being creative in building this team like we talked when nolasco got traded for no value yet the twins just gave him 49 mill. is it something that the rest of the league is not seeing or are you justifying there bull and cheapness. and I apologize but you are much higher on hand that I am. this bullpen needs improving without webb and qualls. Jennings,hatcher,and hand are not that great.


the Denver post is reporting salty signing with the fish.

Flav C.

juanv, I agree with you. I'm saying that I understand sending them away, but they could definitely have tendered contract to both and flipped to a team desperate for a utility guy and a mid-level reliever. Do I hear NY Mets?

Flav C.

As far as the bullpen, I will have to tell you I disagree with you and I think it will be just fine with Dunn, AJ Ramos, Angel Sanchez and a crop of young arms coming up (Brady, Dayton, Wittgren, Olmos, Caminero, etc).

Stan M

Flav, Baltimore, and I think St Louis break in their kid pitchers in the bullpen for the first year. Considering all of the young arms we have "almost" ready, let's hope that the FO is planning on doing just that. If so, Dunn going makes sense. His departure doesn't bother me. It's Coghlan that makes no sense. And I, too, can see him on the damn Mets next year.


What's the big deal about signing a run of the mill catcher ,nobody else will sign for the same terms? Oh ,it the scrubeenee Marlins. Got it.

Juan Yanes

Icontinue thinking the Marlins best way is trade with Toronto Giancarlos Stanton for 3rd base Lawry plus catcher Navarro and a prospect. Because Marlins have then a decent outfield with Yeindrich, Ozuna and Ruggiano and a decent Corners with Morrison and Lowry a good catcher with Navarro. but don't forget this team deserve a qualify new manager

illiterate julio

who's Lawry? season salt? Yeinrich? Yeinikin?


young arms are undependable if they falter in spring and injuries due occur I like vet bullpen guys and inserting young guys as the year progresses I would hate to see the first half of the season and the starters losing wins because of unproven players in tight spots. especially if they add some run support. I like caminero and ramos I hope they sign aleast a proven arm though

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