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Marlins trade Logan Morrison to Mariners for RHP Carter Capps

LAKE BUENA VISTA -- The Marlins have reached agreement with the Mariners on a deal that would send first baseman Logan Morrison to Seattle for right-handed reliever Carter Capps [see stats here], according to sources with knowledge of the deal.

Morrison has been on the trading block for weeks.

Capps, 23, made 53 appearances with the Mariners last season, going 3-3 with a 5.49 ERA. Capps was rated by Baseball America as the 7th-best prospect in the Mariners' system after the 2012 system, and was also ranked by BA as having the "best fastball" in the Seattle system.

Morrison became expendable when the Marlins signed first baseman Garrett Jones to a two-year contract. But they were trying to trade him even before then following two seasons in which he battled injuries, missed significant playing time, and saw his production drop.

The Marlins are still looking for a third baseman, either through a trade or free agent signing.

I'll have more on this later as the story develops.


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not bad a young reliever with heat. good strike out numbers. but gives up a lot of hits. would of thought they would get a lot better than a reliever. atleast a position player.

tidybowl man

After all the BS , Lomo was only worth one Crapps. Flush twice ,its a long way to Seattle.

steven gonzalez

wow please tell me this is a joke crapps lomo i hope you have a grate year because this organization is a joke and will never change until loria gets out of here and it's just going to get worse i will never step foot in the stadium until loria leaves


Well, they got you guys again. If anyone deserves a medal for service it would be the individual who keeps coming to this site, wishing against hope to see something positive, and then being hit over the head with a piece of Loria art work. Carter Capps sounds like a fireworks company in the rural Southeast/

Flav C.

Honestly, what did any of you expect? A lot of value for LoMo?

Do y'all think teams didn't know of Morrison's physical situation? The Marlins did their part: played smart and advertised willy-nilly that the whole world was a contender for trading for LoMo, trying to raise his value. Well, teams didn't take the bait.

Even the Brewers, who was thought to be a contender for LoMo, decided to wait on Corey Hart. Did you get it? Corey Hart is 31 and had 2 knee surgeries last year, in 2 different knees...and the Brewers still gave preference to a player 5 years older, coming from more than a year inactive than trading for LoMo! Doesn't it explain how teams were aware of LoMo's physical status?

Between Lomo and Corey Hart, the Mariners signed 4 knee surgeries over the last 24 months.

Good luck with that.

seattle slew

Seattle also signed Cory Hart to play 1B. Lomo may not even be on this team Opening Day.

A Realist

Guys, the Marlins have done a nice job this offseason. They needed help in the bullpen with the loss of Qualls and Ryan Webb (not that Webb was good at all). All they still need is a third baseman, which may be on the roster already. I know that Loria is garbage to the tenth power, but they haven't done too bad this offseason.

Stan M

Crapps is 23YO. In 59 innings he gave up 73 hits. Had an ERA of 5.49 and that's in a pitcher's ball park. For that kind of return why not keep him? There was more to this than his play on the field, that's for sure. Incredible.


I very disappointed to see LoMo traded for a replacement level RP. It seems LoMo is not considered as the good player we have so long expected in Miami. I wonder if better deals could have been worked out to bring in a 3B or better RP than Capps (Medina?).

Stan M

In 2013, Capps was 10th best prospect in Marlin's system. Only good things I read in his review were that he reached the majors quickly, and has hit 99 mph.


Hey Lomo you can stop crying about the outfield fence dimensions. They moved them in last year at Safeco. 326 down the RF line. No more WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA from your sorryazz....See ya , turdbreath...


seattle might use lomo in another trade

Stan M

Here is what Keith Law of ESPN said about trade:

In exchange for Morrison, a player for whom Miami has seemed to have little use since his injuries started to take their toll on his performance, the Marlins receive reliever Carter Capps, who throws 100 mph but looks as though he might dismember himself with every pitch. Capps comes from a low slot and is death to righties but has no weapon to get lefties out, and he will never have even average command with his delivery. He's a disappointing return for a player who was once among the top 25 prospects in the game.


a 23 years old reliever with high strike out numbers and atleast five years control throws heat. it's not a bad move. ryan webb got 4.5 mil now for the marlins to go out there and sign these guys (salty,jones,furcal) they have to save money in some area this deal gives a young reliever for many years at less cost than a f.a reliever in 2 years. in it was a good move.


how about the marlins trade for dyan viciedo from the whitesox third base and outfielder 24 years old would be a good trade possibility.


I'd rather the Marlins had offered Lomo and some of their stockpile of pitching for Kyle Seager, oh wait the M's can't hit the broad side of the barn either.


Stan or someone, I would really like something cleared up. If I have blamed Morrison unjustly I wpuld like to apologize. Did he or did he not have some culpability in his injury problem by somehow wanting to return early to engage in some inane exhibition series in Australia. If I'm wrong, I will apologize as soon as someone sets the record straight.


Logan Morrison gave a lot of his time and his money to help a lot of people while he was here, including working tirelessly with any youth group that asked for his help. Those of us who aren't total jerks should thank him and wish him well.
BTW Lou, I think that exhibition series was in Taiwan.


Smith and Wesson, Did Morrison blow off the advice of the doctors to go on that trip? Someone must know the answer.


Lou...Don't know the answer to that. Probably, no one outside the organization will ever know.

Stan M

Thank goodness Trumbo signed somewhere else. He could hit HRs and besides that he could hit HRs. A horrible fielder with an OBP that would embarrass David Kingman.
One needn't be a stat head to see that he would have been a horror in our ballpark.

A few hours ago I read a rumor that the Marlins are looking into Delmon Young. Why? Isn't Satin himself available? Selfish hitter, clubhouse cancer, untenable fielder...but not expensive. What is frightening is that he plays the outfield. Do the Marlins need an outfielder? Not unless they're planning to trade a certain power hitting right fielder. The LoMo trade disgusted me. This rumor truly frightens me.

no Boy Scouts

Being a good guy off the field does not allow being a stiff on the field. Being a dirtbag off the field doesnt matter either,if you're a star on the field. Look at the NFL and the NBA. Delmon Young was arrested for his drunken tirade against Jews, but Loria will sign him if he thinks it will make his team better.


Delmon Young CAN'T play anymore, not that he ever was very good.


I can't think of another team that lost 2 such highly promising players----a Rookie of the Year and a contact hitting, power guy---due to abject stupidity. I can still see the inane look on Coghlin's face after he got his "pie shot" in and he realized he had done some damage. Man!!!! We have really had some dead wood for a long time. Peterson and now I'm forgetting the name of the game who ran over Posey. Dunn keeps looking like he COULD be effective and yet the clock is ticking. Webb was never trustworthy with a lead or in a tie, if the Fish were behind, he was fine. Just couldn't handle stress. Well, I'm getting morbid so I'll leave and see what we get in the Rule 5. We better participate!!!

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