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Marlins trying to re-sign Chris Coghlan

The Marlins did not tender an offer to Chris Coghlan before Monday's deadline. But that doesn't mean the Marlins have closed the book on the 2009 National League Rookie of the Year.

To the contrary.

"We're actually trying to re-sign Chris," Marlins president of baseball operations Michael Hill said Wednesday in a conference call with beat writers.

For the Marlins, Hill said not tendering contracts to either Coghlan or Ryan Webb boiled down to a financial decision. According to projections by mlbtraderumors.com, Webb stood to earn $1.5 million through salary arbitration while Coghlan's figure was pegged at $800,000.

"As we looked at our allocation of dollars and roles that each would fill on our club, we thought it would better serve the organization to non-tender both, and to use their dollars elsewhere in helping us put the ballclub together," Hill said. "These are tough decisions, and as we looked at our roster and how we allocated our dollars, it was not an easy decision."

The Marlins would like to bring Coghlan back, in other words, but for less money than he figured to make through the arbitration process -- and perhaps not on a guaranteed, major league contract.

"His role, had he stayed on the roster, would have been as that extra player capacity," Hill said. "It would be a similar role if he were to re-sign with us. If not, be prepared to go to Triple A and be ready to help the club when that need arises."


Since the Marlins are still awaiting the results of a medical physical, the deal with Jarrod Saltalamacchia is not yet official and Hill did not comment on the pending deal. The free agent catcher agreed Tuesday to a 3-year, $21 million deal with the Marlins.

"Anything going on? You hearing anything good? Anybody sign? Any big contracts?" Hill joked with reporters.

Hill said the team could have an announcement to make in the next day or so.

"There could be one (announcement)," Hill said. "I've been reading about some stuff out there. That could be coming to a head in the next day or so."


With the addition of Saltalamacchia, the Marlins might not have a lot of extra spending money with which to acquire more players. They are expected to spend $40-50 million on next season's payroll, and they are already up to $40 million with the signing of Saltalamacchia, who is due to make $6 million in 2014. (The contract calls for him to make $7 million in 2015 and $8 million in '16).

Keep in mind, the Marlins are still on the hook for $6 million they owe to Heath Bell. That money counts toward payroll, as it's coming out of their books. Throw in another $6 million or so for Giancarlo Stanton, as well as another $8 million million more for their other arbitration players, and the total number beings to approach the budget cap.


The Red Sox made Saltalamacchia a 2-year, $18 million offer with incentives, according to this report out of Boston. But the catcher rejected the deal, going instead with the Marlins' 3-year offer even though the average annual value is less than what he would have received from his former team.


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Hill is a real comedian,almost as hilarious as his team

Colonel Sanders

If Cogs resigns with the Marlins,it will only prove that their opinion of him is correct. Not worth a tender, not even a chicken tender.

Juan Yanes

How Marlins budget is only 40-50 m. they should deal Giancarlos Stanton now and get a cheaper 3rd base like Lowry and a lefty reliever pitcher,


wow with the payroll at over fifty that only means ruggiano or lomo or both are gone, a trade in the horizon. I read Milwaukee was after lomo


Brewers offered Brats and Beer for Lomo the Tool.


loria needs to sell the marlins now, and, go open a candy store, or buy an ice cream truck. he should not be permitted to own any baseball team.

dead fish

My prediction for 2014, not good. Still have a non committed owner.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

With apologies to dead fish . . .My prediction for 2014, not good. Still have an owner who should be committed. To prison.


dead fish and D T...good stuff in the two recent posts. Here's a thought, and maybe Stan M would also like to think about this, What do you think would happen to loria if he was the owner of the NY Yankees and did the things he has done in Miami?


there is a difference between N.Y and Miami. 1 n.y history and huge fanbase not only in ny but world wide bring in a lot of revenue Lora could spend 100 mill a year and would be criticized like he is here. the Yankees would love to rebuild from scratch with what the marlins have right now. a young rotation young position players and a healthy farm. Instead they are forced to overpay on silly contracts that make no sense. just to satisfy a fan base that doesn't remember that in the 90's they where built the way the marlins are right now jeter,posada,rivera,pettite,and Williams formed that core. the reason the marlins can't do that because they cannot financially keep there core together more than five years.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

If he was owner of the NY Yankees and pulled the stadium deal scam like he did to us here, they'd be getting him ready to room with Bernie Madoff. I'm serious. They don't take any mess up there, ask Martha Stewart. Or look at Plaxico Burress ... shot HIMSELF in the leg and did two years in state prison for it, while in Florida you shoot a kid for wearing a hoodie in your neighborhood and you become a celebrity. As for Loria's carpetbagging stinginess, I'm convinced he would have ALREADY been run out of town if it had been NY and anywhere else, for that matter.


the problem the marlins have is they do not feed there farm system enough last year they had 5 picks in the top 120 draft lost out on two of them. krook and deluizo. they had one of the biggest international pool money to sign players but traded some of it and didn't sign any of the top thirty players available. and they only added one guy to there top twenty prospects (moran) last season. they need to keep on replenishing the farm. look at the ,rangers,cards,braves,pirates,and redsox to see how to draft ad spend internationally.


The way I see it he did no different that many companies do in the u.s work out a deal with the state so they can set up in a new place with the state paying most of the expenses and giving them tax breaks. He is a con man but most billionaires are that's how they become billionaires the history of the marlins is young a couple of generations only as time goes by things will change ownership ,players, and fans but with a stadium it guarantees atleast they will be here for some time. aleast he did get a stadium ask Oakland how that's going.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

juanv, sorry but you lost me way back when you drew the Marlins reference with Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera.


they where brought up through their farm with posada Williams and most of the core that went on to win four series. with guys like luis polonia shane spencer,and many more minor free agents before they started over paying for every free agent. if the marlins can produce a decent rotation with what they have now and a decent batting line up in the next few years they can add minor pieces and compete. you lost me when you started comparing a franchise that draws 2-3 mill a year with there own tv network,stadium,and over a hundred year of world series and pennants with the marlins that draws around the bottom when they just got a stadium and only been around for 20 years

Juan Yanes

Now Marlins have enough stuff to fight for win the NL east champion, but the problem will be the Manager lack of logical maneuver, he still unknown how to do that, how to pencil appropriate lineup batting order off lefties or righties pitchers, when to call a pinch-hitter to get scorerun and so forth; with these deficiencies I assume the team in this season 2014 will remember fans season 2011 performance with Ossie Guillen as manager. My opinion line-up off Righties: 1. Furcal 2. Yeilich, 3.Jones 4.-Stanton 5. Macghee 6. Ozuna 7. Santalamakia 8.Hecheverria. - Off lefties: 1. Furcal 2. Ozuna 3. Macghee 4. Stanton 5.Santalamakia 6. Jones 7. Hecheverria 8. Yeilich.

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