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Now that LoMo's gone, should Marlins re-retire No. 5?

Remember the stink when Logan Morrison received permission from Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria to wear No. 5, even though the number had been retired -- as part of the team's Inaugural Game festivities in 1993, no less -- in honor of the team's first president, Carl Barger?

BargerBarger died before the Marlins played their first game. But the team retired No. 5 because it was the number worn by his favorite player, Joe DiMaggio. Then along came Morrison, who two years ago asked to wear No. 5 in honor of his late father, whose favorite player, George Brett, also wore that number. Never mind that retired numbers are supposed to be sacred. Loria gave it his blessing. Problem was, nobody from the Marlins notified the Barger family beforehand to ask their permission.

The Barger family still seems miffed by the slight, and justifiably so.

"We have our own memories of our father, and it was a disappointment when they unretired the number," said Barger's daughter, Betzi.

But wait. Morrison is gone now. The Marlins traded him to Seattle and, well, No. 5 is back in play.

What should the Marlins do? Should they re-retire the number in honor of Barger? Or should they make it available for the next player who wants to wear it?

"We wouldn't object if they did that," said Betzi Barger of re-retiring the number. "But we're not going to pursue it."

What do you think?

This much is certain: Morrison won't be taking someone's retired number in Seattle. Outside of No. 42, which has been retired universally by Major League Baseball in honor of Jackie Robinson, the Mariners and Colorado Rockies are the only two teams without a retired number.

Well, other than the Marlins, that is.


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Stan M

The only thing that the Marlins should retire at this stage of their development is their owner. Give him a plaque, give him anything if he will go away. Let the plaque read, "Be gone, Satin, and all of your evil spirits." (Samson and spirit both start with an "s" and have the same number of letters, so God will know who we mean!)

sacred cow

They should burn it. Retired to honor the great Dimaggio,who threw out the 1st pitch in Marlins history, then unretired so a half-ass clown could wear it, the Marlins #5 has been permanatly desecrated. It should be cremated and put to rest. Amen.


The least of the Marlin's worries should be whether or not no. 5 is retired. They still have no offense, an unproven rotation, and the finest ownership group this side of Enron.


Loria could give a samsonshit about who wears #5. By the way, samsonshit is a little turd that Loria pinches off, every now and them.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Well, Stan,. you beat me to it. My sentiments exactly.


all due respect to the Barger Family, but I say if there are more than 50 Marlins Fans who know who Mr. Barger was, then go ahead and retire the number. I may be wrong, but I doubt if 10 Marlins Fans know who Mr. Barger was. I also think Stan had a very good thought posted. I will bet that there are more fans who will agree with Stan than who will know who Carl Barger was. Merry Christmas!


I believe since Johnny Bench wore #5 that the number should be saved until Kyle Skipworth makes his permanent reappearance on the MLB scene. Kyle will be able to wear that number until he reires at 40 after about a 15 year career with the Marlins. I was really worrying that some team may have claimed him on waivers. I guess all the other MLB teams don't realize that "23" is still young to have already demonstrated some talent as a hitter. It was probably a close call by some teams who decided to pass. AND we also still have Real Meat O ready to begin his rise to prominence. Will be needed to be moved to 1B to get his bat in the lineup.


there arent 50 marlins fans,let alone 50 who know who Barger was.


I Do!!! I Do!!!! But I hate the word "fan" because I know from whence it is derived and I have no intention of following any idea, person or entity in a blind manner. Let's just say, I like to see the Marlins do well.


do well? as in maybe win 75 in 14'?...


Retire that sucker.

Stan M

Boy, Lou, you've really got a thing about Skipworth. Maybe he'll never hit, but how many catchers have learned to hit after learning how to catch. It's a shame he was a wasted draft pick, but not as bad as the year we took all of those pitchers and none worked out. Right now he can probably outhit Mathis and even Buck in his last year. Now there's a guy to take out our frustrations on. Think back to just over a year ago when Skipworth was one of out better prospects. Now look at what we've got. We've come a long way, at least in that department.


Lou, Lou, Lou...You, like many others, seem convinced that "fan" is a shortened version of fanatic. Although no one knows for sure, it's more likely that it's derived from the word fancy, meaning to "take a liking to." If you like a team, you are a fan. You may also be a fanatic, but being a fan does not make you a fanatic, so you can quit worrying about it.


Stan I will ask you to look into your mind--not your heart--and give me an opinion as to what percentage of people involved in Major League Baseball agree with me and what percent agree with you about K.S? His first name should have been "Bryan", that would have been more appropriate. Doesn't matter what you or I think about the "potential" of young master Skipworth. What have baseball people evidenced by their actions or inactions? By the way, the Marlins realized they had potentially really screwed up after his first year at Greensboro. The guy will NEVER get a hit in the Majors. He is a washout, a cull and a cipher. He should have the motivation to get started with something else. He must still have a 1,000,000 left of the bonus, start a bait shop, start a pizza shop, go to college, run for office, tour the world. Do something besides what you have been doing. He will look back only with regrets if he continues this Cervantes like trek. He CAN'T hit!!! At any level!!!


I'm sure you realize how rare it is for a 6th overall pick to pass through waivers UNCLAIMED after 5 years. You also know he will be a 6 yaer minor league free---the operative word "FREE"---agent after next year. Once again I may be the victim of a hoax. Mr or Mrs Skipworth may have assumed Stan's name and is attempting to generate sympathy for a child. That would be much more understandable than the alternative.


get a load of Hanley's new do..looks like the he-she has finally come out in this diva...


I must be clear. I have nothing against Kyle Skipworth. I just despise and have nothing but enmity for anyone involved in his selection. I am not qualified to be a baseball scout---but I will assume the entirety of MLB that passed on him know something-----but I saw him in about 6 games when he was with Greensboro and was exclaiming---"WTF?????"

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Hanley looks like a mini-Al Sharpton. Or maybe it has something to do with the RAMIREZ gene pool, exhibit A . . . http://www.boston.com/sports/baseball/redsox/gallery/03_15_06_sox_orioles?pg=2

Flav C.

Lou - High draft picks who became major league busts and faced similar (or worse) situation than Skipworth are much more frequent than one would expect.

From 2001 and on, there are tons of pitchers who were drafted very high, including #1 overall, and teams paid from $3 to $4 million as signing bonus to those guys and they either became big busts, or got injured while still in the minors and pretty much amounted to nothing.

There are position players who were also drafted really high (even higher than Skipworth) and turned out to be busts (see Matt Bush, Chris Lubanski, Ryan Harvey, etc).

Now, if you want to see a guy with a very similar story to Skipworth, try Jeff Clement. 1st round pick (3rd overall) in 2005 with the Mariners. Before being drafted, he set National High-School HR record and was a few HRs shy of USC HR record. Once a professional in the minors, he cleared waivers every single time, nobody bothered to look for his services and now he is part of the Pirates minor league organization. Like Skipworth, he is a catcher. Differently than Skipworth, scouts say he is a lousy defensive catcher: bad framing, bad throwing, bad game calling.

Skipworth might become a catcher like Jose Molina, who was pretty bad as a hitting-catch in the minors (bat avg similar to Skiwporth, minus the power). However Molina became a very good backup catcher in the majors due to his game-calling, defensive ability and pitch-framing (considered one of the best in the major leagues). He is 38 now and still very much active. Maybe there was a "Lou" back then, when Molina was still a minor-leaguer at 23 years of age and was hitting .220, who also said "this guy will never have a major league hit".

Scouts say Skipworth has a lot of those defensive qualities. Maybe it is a good thing for the Marlins he is still around. One never knows. He can become a Jeff Clement or a Jose Molina. Time will tell.

A Realist

The Marlins should retire the number and keep it retired. Karma is real. When the Marlins unretired that number it spelled bad fortunes to come. It was classless move by Loria, and Logan. He should not have asked for that number. His father is no more important than the late Mr. Berger. That was a selfish move on his part.

Stan M

Lou, I guess my point is that you are beating a dead horse or however the saying goes. You remark that you are not a scout and it is downright silliness to proclaim that a 23 YO player in the high minors will never get a ML hit. Forget him. May I respectfully suggest that you turn your focus to other minor league prospects. We now have a slew of them. Watch DeSciafani, Keys, Romero, Urena, or Wittgren, all promising minor leaguers whom we never heard of before and show great promise and that is besides our better known prospects. And if you want a catcher to watch, look at Austin Barnes on out AA team. He's a catcher of about Skipworth's age who shows promise as a hitter, but isn't as well developed as a receiver.

george gobel

When it comes to class , Lomo is a pair of brown shoes at a black tie affair.


Dead gay comedian...And Merry Christmas to you, too.


Just to set the record straight, I wasn't calling george gobel gay...only those who resort to usurping his good name to hate on somebody they don't even know.


Stan, I like about 80% of those guys you mentioned. I guess I don't consider it a "dead horse" because the Marlins keep him in the stable. IF this guy possessed even 75% of the defensive potential that Flav hints at, SOMEBODY would have claimed him. 29 teams see absolutely NOTHING in his makeup or potential. Are they all wrong? The Marlins are keeping him for roster "fodder" in case of injuries. It's next to impossible to have 29 teams pass on someone who has an iota of talent. Would you agree? Release his butt and I will fel better about the direction and seriousness of this organization. Right now he is a"Off-Broadway" play that costs you $150.00 and you know it stinks after 15 minutes but you feel as if you would be throwing away money if you walk out at intermission. Just bite the bullet and stroll over to a nice pub.


Stan, He shows NO potential as a hitter. Where did you hear that? Ask Clark the next time you are in Atlanta. He will tell you the truth as long as you don't use him for attribution.


Lou...Clearing waivers does not mean that teams think a player is worthless. Off the top of my head, I can think of several useful players who have cleared waivers in just the past six months, including Justin Morneau, Josh Johnson, Dan Haren, Eric Bedard, Jimmy Rollins and Adam Dunn. None of those players are superstars at this stage in the careers, but all will land a job with somebody or already have. Just saying, your argument that Skipworth is Skipworthless just because he cleared waivers doesn't hold water, so get over it.

Stan M

Lou, please go back and show me where I said he has potential as a hitter. If you are referring to my doubting your claim that he will ever get a major league hit, you are using a false argument. Getting a major league hit and showing hitting potential are two different assumptions. You must see that.

Mrs Gobel

@lex...the George Gobel post was obviously over your head , which must be stuck up your ass.


Thanks, Mrs. G. I was wondering what happened to it.


Admire Hanley's new look courtesy of Fruit of the Loom Salon.

Okra Winfart

Hanley's just trying to copy the Michelle Obama look.


Dear hayu, Those players DON'T clear waivers when a deal must be brokered as a result of a claim. I know you realize that. Now if ypu put a GOOD player on irrevocable waivers right now, he will be claimed. Correct?? Skipworth will be a 6 Year free Agent after this year. Do you honestly believe someone will offer himan MLB contract? Honesly??

Stan, Sorry. It appears you did not mention his hitting. You did say that a little over a year ago he was one of our "best prospects." I know he has not been one of our "best prospects" for a long time. And I know that even "good" prospects are not put out there where anyone can claim him. Just tale a look at some of the guys claimed on waivers the past few weeks. Hell, look at some of the "players" the Marlins have claimed. Not too good.

Stan M

Lou, before the Toronto trade (which I liked at the time, you can look it up) Skipworth was one of our best prospects because we were not well endowed with very many at that time. Right now he is not listed as one of the team's top 20. About 6 months ago, I listed those whom I considered our top 20 prospects and if memory serves me correctly, I did not list him among them. However, that doesn't mean he is chopped meat. As Flav pointed out above, he could have a long career as a #2 catcher on a ML team because of his catching ability alone. Think of our own Mathis as an example.


Loria and Samson will never be well endowed.


Lou...I'm not sure I understand your point, so I don't know whether you are correct or not. But as I understand it, any time a player is entered on the waiver wire and no one claims him, he HAS cleared waivers, regardless of the reason no one claimed him. And unless my memory is faulty, which is entirely possible, each of those players I named has recently cleared waivers. Oh yeah, and Matt Lindstrom, too. Poor Matt taught us that a 100 m.p.h. fastball is worthless unless you've got a little something to go with it.


The players you mentioned cleared waivers during a period diring the season when IF a team claimed them a trade would need to be worked out and therefore team could call the player back. NOW if you claim a guy you get him for Nothing, Nada, Zip and Zilch.


What a joke of a franchise! Loria needs to be booted from MLB and that team given to someone who has a clue about what being a major league owner means.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

MLB (meaning mostly Selig) loves Loria because he got the stadium built, increasing the valuation of the team, and that's what it's all about for them. You think they didn't turn a blind eye to the prevalence of PEDs in the late 90s? For all of their sanctimony now, they KNEW that McGwire and Sosa and others were using, but the 98 HR record chase was drawing great crowds and fan interest, so it went conveniently "unnoticed." So we can hardly expect MLB to care whether Loria continues to cheat and lie to the Miami community. All they care about is their bottom line.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

OK, Clark, let me save you the trouble . . .

"Barry Jackson reports that the Marlins have made inquiries on Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka.
That the Marlins are interested in Tanaka comes as no surprise, since the Marlins would like to infuse their young staff with a vet -- a "Kevin Slowey type," president of baseball operations Michael Hill told us at the G.M. meetings in early December. Whether the Marlins could land him cheaply enough is debatable. This much is known: One factor (beyond dollars) that Tanaka might find appealing with the Marlins: their cavernous, pitcher-friendly ballpark."

How's that? It was no trouble at all, really. I just cut-and-pasted from the archives, using the posts from the 1,274 players the Marlins "made inquiries on" this winter.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

By the way, fellas ... you could've at least given me a heads up that you would withhold the daily dose of meaningless Skipworth discussions for one entire day. I came here for my daily Skipworth fix, and bupkus! Now I'm here kicking it cold turkey from a serious Skipworth jones.




DT, as I'm sure you already know there isn't a chance in hell the Marlins will sign Tanaka. Before even negotiating with him they'll have to pay the ole' $50 Million posting fee & that is a sunk cost Loria can't fathom.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Russell, two things. First, my post was meant to mock Barry Jackson and the Herald for allowing the carpetbagger Loria to use them like $2 ho's. Second, the days of the $50 Million posting fees are officially gone, as the new agreement signed 2-3 weeks ago caps the posting fee at $20 Million to allow for more teams to qualify to sign a player AND to simultaneously give the player a choice of teams, rather than just the one. Final point, contrary to popular belief, Loria WOULD be willing to post that fee and sign Tanaka ... if he could figure out a way to get the Miami community to pay for it.


Hey Stan, who's that guy Satin of whom you speak up there?


Am I the only one here who thinks it was silly or sillier to honor a team exec who died young by retiring the number of his favorite player (on another team)'cuz the poor man didn't wear a number on his own shirt? Did it occur to anyone in the Marlins' braintrust to look inside the collar of one of Barger's office shirts and retire one of the numbers there-- neck size or sleeve length, either or both? At least those were his own numbers. For all we know they might have been DiMaggio's too. Now that would've been an honor.


witz, the devil made me misspell it. There can be no other reason.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

RIP Paul Blair. Never much of a hitter, especially after he was hit in the face by a pitch. But he was perhaps the greatest center fielder I've ever seen, and yes I saw plenty of Mays in his prime. Blair played incredibly shallow because he was an artist at catching up with balls hit over his head. Mays' catch in the '54 Series off Vic Wertz was incredible, especially because it happened in a World Series. But Blair made over the shoulder catches repeatedly and made them look easy.


Growing up in Miami,I saw Paul Blair play for the O's at every spring training of his career at Miami Stadium on NW 23st and 10ave. He was great to watch and a very friendly,unassuming guy to us local fans. A true gentleman and a class act. Condolences to his family.


Re: Mays Catch, more incredible than the catch was the way Mays turned around and made a great throw into second base. Never see anything written about the throw, just the catch. I guess it's because most New York Fans in the 50's were either Dodger or Yankee Fans.

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