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Rafael Furcal, Marlins agree on 1-year deal

The Marlins and veteran shortstop Rafael Furcal have agreed to a 1-year deal, sources have confirmed. But Furcal isn't expected to play short for the Marlins. They intend to install him at second base, which leads to all sorts of other questions.

Furcal, 36, missed all of last season due to Tommy John surgery. Here are his stats.

But the Marlins are convinced of his health, apparently, and intend to put him at second base, according to sources with knowledge of the team's intentions. (The surprising deal was first reported by Ken Rosenthal of foxsports.com). He has played a grand total of 36 games at second over his career, which was spent mostly with the Atlanta Braves and Los Angeles Dodgers.

So what does that mean? Well, it means the Marlins want to upgrade at second. Donovan Solano handled most of the duties there last year. Though Solano provided steady play, he wasn't a game-changer. Derek Dietrich was another possibility to play second and third. But the Marlins aren't entirely sold on Dietrich, as well, and are continuing to look for a third baseman. 


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diietrech and Solano just moved over to third base competition.

ish kabibble

Miami Marlins, the baseball team run by the original cast from "one flew over the cukoos' nest". the team needs a third baseman so they sign a guy who played shortstop all his career, but they already have a shortstop, so the one they just signed will play second base. they already had two second basemen (three if you count Coghlin and they resign him for peanuts), but haven't figured out what they will do with the two second basemen they already had. maybe they will play all three of them at second base because they are expecting a lot of ground balls to the right side of the infield. meanwhile, who is going to take care of the tropical fish? haven't heard anything on that matter lately.


This is ridiculous the marlins are a joke


Man, Loria really needs to get over Tino Martinez.


it makes sense adds depth to second improves the two hole in batting lineup didn't cost them a pitcher. deitrech can stay down till he is read. Solano becomes a utility off the bench. veteran leadership. More upside than downside here


36 years old. Torn up arm. Meh.


I believe Coughlan can do a better job than what Furcal will be able to accomplish.

Stan M

At first it seemed nuts to me. But only one year, with a trade possibility if Dietrich comes on strong. Excellent in one of the spots in front of Stanton. We assume hat Solano would be at 2B and we needed a 3B. Well if Solano moved to 3B , then its really the same as filling that role with Furcal. Let's hope that this isn't all and we get Chavez for 3B. If Furcal better for one year than Pierre or Valaika? Yes. If we get Chavez, 3rd place isn't out of the question. Only because Philadelphia and New York are also in the division. Maybe not probable, but at least possible. Bottom line, these last two moves do show room for immediate improvement and we haven't given up one of our starters or top prospects.

Juan Yanes

Pleased for Marlins fans the news of add Furcal to the team; he is a good support to the line-up with yeyhdrich and Ozuna Marlins will have three speedy player at the top of the order at bat. but what think Mr Redmond? will continue pencil slow Stanton as # 3rd in the line up in spite of his failure, please hire a qualify manager


Despise the Marleens, always will, but will watch them now because of Rafi...hope he does well and gets traded to a real contender by July...

Flav C.

Good move, IMO.

It will be interesting to see the fight at the cellar of the conference among the Phillies, Mets, and the Fish.

The Phillies are a complete mess, with Amaro JR clearly just playing out the contracts of the veterans. He is not renewing the roster, their farm system is not good, and he is not working on any good trades.

The Mets are slowly getting back on track, specially in their farm system. However will be without their ace for 2014.

With all that said, the Marlins have a real chance to fight for 3rd place in the NL East in 2014.

Their record against NL East foes was 29-47 in 2013. I predict 35-41 in 2014 and the Marlins finishing with a 74-88 overall record.

Marlin Fan

He's 36 off of Tommy John surgery , doesn't fill an immediate need . A waste .

Marlin Fan

Furcal for veteran leadership , look at the difference Pierre made in that ( at least he was productive as a base stealer , and late season ph) . I'm
fine with Solano at second , save for literally 5-6 2nd baseman , there really aren't many "game changers" . Start Solano at 2nd ( good fielder , good guy to hit and run with, should hit around .275 ) , bring Dietrich up later. Start the guy from Dartmouth ( sorry forgot his name ) at third , IF you can't acquire one in the off season . Furcal serves no purpose if Wr are building for the future . A successful season next yr will probably be 70-72 wins , well below .500


Breaking new the marlins just sign bobby Bonilla to fill the whole on 3 base the marlins gm is a joke .. They keep trying to fill the roster with wash up players

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Curious move. I'm not sure what they're counting on here, unless they're just looking at this as a flyer.


garrett jones next?


if g.jones is really headed to south beach, then LoMo The Clown will probably take his antics to the mid-west...
Milwaukee, maybe????


bye-bye schlomo the schmucko


they are saying fish still in on Napoli to if they get Napoli or jones and trade lomo for a decent prospect. they have improved on the field and minors without trading any prospects if they are close at the midway point they can always make a trade then.

Juan Yanes

Marlins need a lefty decent reliever to be added to the bullpen to prevent score run in the late innings, remember the past season Marlins loose more than 30 games in the late innings due allowing score runs. They should make a trade to get this guy. If not, they can't fight for lead NL east div. for sure.

Juan Yanes

Another thing; Redmond should remember that Jones and Yeiliich both are very weak off lefties, he need make changes sometimes in the line up lowering both in the lineup batting order off lefties. Don't forget Mr Redmond if you wish win in this profession

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