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Report: Chris Coghlan signs with Chicago Cubs

     Chris Coghlan's up-and-down odyssey with the Marlins is over. Coghlan has signed a minor-league contract with the Chicago Cubs, according to the New York Post's Joel Sherman, that will pay him $800,000 if he makes the majors and an additional $250,000 in incentives based on plate appearances.

      The Marlins had non-tendered Coghlan but also spoken to him about returning.

      Coghlan's career with the Marlins involved many twists and turns, and more than a few hard landings -- literally and figuratively.

       One season after winning the National League Rookie of the Year award in 2009 -- an honor built largely on two outstanding months the second half of that season -- he sustained a damaging knee injury while planting a shaving cream pie in the face of teammate Wes Helms following a walk-off victory.

        Coghlan never managed to get on track after that, as he battled knee and back issues, moved from one position to another, and ever re-discovered the hitting consistency that made him so successful as a rookie.


        Giancarlo Stanton, Steve Cishek and Mike Dunn have all filed for salary arbitration, as expected. If the players don't reach agreement by Friday's deadline when salary figures are exchanged, they'll have their 2014 salaries determined by an independent arbitrator. The Marlins have a standing policy of refusing to negotiate further and going to arbitration once figures are exchanged.


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The Marlins are stupid, and Giancarlo is a genius. The Marlins lost their chance at signing Stanton for cheap, and Stanton's paycheck can only get larger and larger.


congrats to Coghlan! Things can only be better anyplace other than the Marlins.

L.A Woman

Stanton will be outta Miami the first chance he gets.


L.A...That's just now dawning on you? Wow!

L.A Woman

hayu..f u


Sorry to see Cogs leave town! I'm sure he'll somehow work his way into the majors as a good utility man.

Stan M

You don't do this to one of your two star players unless you have no intention of keeping him. Were I Stanton I would be insulted and determined to leave at the earliest opportunity.

Coghlan signed with the Cubs for 800K. Does that mean we could have kept him for under a million bucks in place of that nobody we got from the Cubs. Ruggiano to platoon at IB and Coghlan as a reserve for about the same money as is being spent as a result of that stupid trade.

Posted by: Stan M |


Not quite, Stan M.
Coughlan could have been kept instead of Bogusevic, who is unlikely to be a better 4th OF than either Cogs or Ruggiano. However, a roster spot was required in order to meet the wasteful Dobbs contract. And, Bogusevic costs less than both Coughlan and Ruggiano.

Flav C.


Why should Stanton be insulted? I don't follow the logic here. He is about to make around $5 million dollars, I wish I could be insulted like that.

If we were to follow your logic, should David Price, Craig Kimbrel, Freddie Freeman, Max Scherzer, Chris Davis, Homer Bailey, Aroldis Chapman, and several others...should they all feel insulted for filing for arbitration? Or does this mean their respective teams have no plans to keep them, as you mentioned about Stanton?

As far as Coghlan, the Cubs have so much confidence in him that he was signed to a minor league deal. He was not even included in their 40 man roster. Not even to replace a certain Donny Murphy.

The Cubs looks like is the perfect place for the Marlins' "has beens", with Ruggiano, Coghlan, and Murphy as part of their organization. And I thought the Marlins FO was bad.

Mr. Coffee

You Marlins homers are blind. Cogs is a stiff and is done. Ruggiano is a hacker that's lucky to be on any MLB roster. You moronic Marlins homers are just as stupid and ignorant about talent as Loria. You deserve each other.

Stan M

Flav, I'm genuinely surprised that you don't see the difference, the main one being that the Marlins are like no other team. Letting him go to arbitration is blatantly telling him he's not in the club's future. I'm not thinking about money here or what other "normal" teams do. This is all about intent and the only way it could be logical...in my opinion... is if the team intends to offer him a long term contract before the hearing. Sorry we differ.

Flav C.

We definitely differ, Stan.

I don't understand why Stanton should be offered a long term contract now. He is just entering his 1st year of arbitration and there still is so many questions about:

1 - his durability as an everyday athlete
2 - his consistency as a hitter

Actually, you brought up these same questions a lot of times here in this forum and criticized Stanton's ability as a hitter, bringing up his wild swings and bad plate-discipline. So, why offer a long term contract to a player who still has so many question marks?

See what happened with Hanley and JJ, both signed long-term contracts before arbitration.

Hanley turned out to be extremely unprofessional and a clubhouse-cancer. JJ, injury-prone.

From a marketing stand-point, yes, it makes sense to sign him long-term and show to the fans and media that the Marlins really want to "build around Stanton".

From a practical stand-point, they can wait another year and have some of the questions about his durability and ability answered and finally decide what to do: offer him a fat long-term contract, or trade him for a bunch of good prospects.

Other than that, IMO, it is just business as usual and Stanton is no different from the other 145 players who filed for arbitration this season.

Stan M

Everything you say above is true and I've considered all. However, if that is the case, he should have been a Pirate several months ago. ( and I think he should have been for your 2 points above)

However, in my opinion, Loria's credibility rides on his treatment of this player. He has put himself in a PR hole that is almost impossible to dig out of. His treatment of Stanton would go a long way to the point that it is almost a must or we will continue to play in an echo chamber.

Flav C.


You know better than I do that the "fantastic" trade offer from the Pirates was not true. Yes, the Pirates inquired about Stanton, but their young aces were never part of any offer to any club.

Their General Manager publicly confirmed the interest for Giancarlo, but clearly stated that he was not interested in parting ways with their young guns and mentioned that they had a pool of good minor league prospects they would be willing to include on any trade, being this trade for Stanton or Trumbo (another guy they looked for).


Three down and one to go. The great Marlins rookie crop of Gaby,Cogs,Lomo and Stanton. Enough said.


not a lot of teams are going with long term deals before arbitration is up unless they work out a deal that keeps team cost down like longoria or my favorite deal the Salvador perez deal 7 years for 17 mil and the royals got an all star defensive catcher for a bargain. unless the marlins can pull this off with one of the up coming players they will continue to go into arb and trade them before they are to pricey.

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