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Report: Perry Hill is MLB's best infield coach

      Save for shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria, the Marlins will have an entirely new infield next season -- which is a good thing they also have Perry Hill lending his defensive expertise to the new crew. According to a Boston Glove report that was published Sunday, Hill ranks as the best infield coach in the majors. He was the only member of the Marlins' coaching staff to receive mention. Perry

      Wrote the Globe: "Generally regarded as the best infield guy, using metrics and other new-age methods to get what many consider the best results in baseball."

      Globe columnist Nick Cafardo compiled the rankings based on the input he received from GM's, players, writers and other coaches. It wasn't a scientific survey, and it does seem weighted toward coaches with the Red Sox. But Hill's reputation is such that his top ranking hardly comes as any surprise.

       Click here to read the Globe's story and coaching rankings.

       If the Marlins' young pitching staff continues to impress and improve, I suppose an argument could be made for Chuck Hernandez. But, keep in mind, the Globe only lists a Top 5 for each coaching discipline -- the cream of the crop, in other words. The Marlins also have two new coaches joining the staff in hitting coach Frank Menechino and baserunning/outfield coach Brett Butler.


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Whooooopee! still lost 100 games with the best infield coach and are playing for 3rd place in 14"...


Laugh all you want but I think the Marlins are going to, seriously, contend in their division. They will have the best starting pitching and the best closer. They have the best fielding SS and a strong outfield with Yelich, Ozuna and Stanton. Plus the former Red Sox catcher must be good since the Sox won it all.


Adeiny needs to put in some serious work with Perry Hill to translate that talent into elite fielding. The talent is obviously there. Adeiny is more talented defensively than shortstops the Marlins have had in the past. He just needs to properly apply that talent.


I agree with Lee, this year it's World Series or bust.


Very impressive. Fans will be lining up by the handful to watch all the 'bests' of this Marlins team, stated by the above geniuses.


With all the anticipation of a great 2014 season the Marlins are pondering how soon after Opening Day they will close the upper deck of Marlins Park.

Stan M

Just read all of the above and was surprised at some of the positive enthusiasm. I will, however make two contrasting points. Hech is a fine fielder as we would all agree. However, neither he, nor anyone else can compare with that fellow on Atlanta, Simmons. Secondly, as fine as Hech is, one must never forget our shortstop of 10 years ago, Alex Gonzales. Hech might some day be his equal, but not yet, sir, not yet.

Flav, I read your analysis of Loria and his possible reduction in influence. It was well done, as usual. I'm not as sold on Jones because the ballpark will probably lessen his best attribute; that is, power. I do wonder how much Loria had to do with not resigning Coghlan for what could be considered a pittance in today's baseball economy. One factor which might be an indicator of his future interference will be the team's handling of Dietrich, for he was one of the Tino sinners.
What is your take on Wigginton? I like the idea of giving him a chance for he is another player who isn't afraid to get his uniform dirty. If some of you are unfamiliar with him, think o a less talented Uggla. He will walk through a wall for you, but might trip on the way. He has versatility in that he can play several positions, unfortunately his fielding could also be compared to that of Mr. Uggla. What I didn't like was reading that he would be competing for a job with Lucus. Both would be fine if there is roster room, but Lucus' skill set is better tuned toward the small ball that this team must strive to execute more efficiently.

One last question, Flav. How far away do you think Keys is? You have seen him and all I have is stats to go by. From my point of view, he has a perfect skill set for our ballpark and would be an ideal leadoff man. It would be my hope that either Yelich or Stanton, if still around, would move to 1B in 2015 and Keys would take an OF position. I'm sure Jones could be moved if such became possible. I greatly value your opinion for you are usually right on point on a topic, except when you differ with me. But I'm sure you are working on that and can see the error of such an unlikey position.


Dont confuse the above positive enthusiasm with mental retardation.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Yeah, Stan, for once I have to echo Junior's thoughts here ... sort of. We shouldn't confuse positive enthusiasm with delusional thoughts. "The best closer"? Seriously?

I think it's reasonable to root for a .500 finish this season. That would be a great accomplishment. Although the downside if that were to happen would be that Loria would come of hiding to take all the credit, his Herald shills would declare him the second coming of Branch Rickey, and Loria would consider himself vindicated for stealing our tax money (okay, maybe he won't use those EXACT words!)

Realistically, starting pitching will keep us in many games and the lineup will continue to be abysmal. Lineup depth will be a big problem even before the All-Star break, thanks to the racketeer Loria's chintzy ways. Opposing pitchers will continue to pitch around Stanton and the free-swinging Salty won't see many good pitches to hit, either.

Like I said before, our best hope is to get a Cy Young-like year out of Fernandez, and have 2 or 3 of the young starters give us solid middle-of-the-rotation seasons (12-16 wins).

Stan M

DT, if we finish as high as 3rd, it will have more to do with the failure of the Mets and Phils and I realize that. Personally, I think it possible, but not probable. If I had to guess, I would predict that our rotation by the end of the year will include Fernandez, Eovaldi. Alvarez, Flynn, and Heaney. I have little confidence in Turner and the other fellow is better suited to long relief.

One thing that isn't discussed very much is the team's improvement in coaches. Perry is a given, but this past year's pitching coach also did an commendable job. And adding Butler was an excellent idea. I know nothing about the hitting coach but after a year of Perez, anyone has to be an improvement.

This team is not pennant material for 2014, but 2015 should hold a lot of promise.


Thoughts on the Marlins
1b If Garret Jones never faces a lefty the whole season he will be fine. Need a good right handed bat for platoon ... Lucas doesn't qualify.
2b Straight platoon of Dietrich and Solano is in order. If Furcal ever starts a game at second ... WHY??
ss Blah. It will be no-hit Ech ... too bad.
3b Casey will look fine in a lineup full of .230 hitters ... he'll be average.
cf Ozuna is hitting for crap in Dominican League ... I wouldn't pencil that name into the lineup quite yet


15' will hold alot of promise,if Loria is dead by then

Flav C.


What really impressed me the most about Keys was his ability to adapt to a pitcher. He hits well against righties, lefties, young pitchers, older pitchers, etc... His recognition of the strike zone and plate discipline reminds of the young Joey Votto I saw playing for the Reds affiliate in Sarasota (obviously, minus the power).

When he transitioned from A+ to AA, he went straight to face the Braves and Tampa Bay AA organizations, and he did really well. He faced two good prospects of those teams (Jacob Thompson and Aaron Northcraft) and made those guys work extra hard.

He took some lessons from Pete Rose's book, because he won't be afraid to bunt to reach base.

Keys is the ideal guy for leadoff, with Yelich batting 2nd. If Yelich could move to 1B, that would be tremendous considering that (in my opinion) Keys is a much better outfielder than Yelich. To me, if he continues his performance, he would be ready for a September call-up.

Stan M

Thanks, Flav. Wish the Marlns felt more like we do. They still rate him relatively low on the prospect scale considering his accomplishments the last couple of years. Maybe it's because of his age, I don't really understand.
Did you see the report on our Winter League players? Most did very poorly, including Ozuma. Small sampling, but I wish more were the other way around.

Flav C.

Stan, I am not too worried about Ozuna. He played Dominican League right after coming back from thumb surgery and after a long hiatus. I am glad he was able to play and start getting in shape for Spring Training.

But as Russell pointed out above, he isn't a sure thing in the outfield. He's got to earn it.


Just wait, Y'll.
There's a rumor the Marlins might sign Vernon Wells, who might not be much better than Ruggiano. This would completely negate the trade for Bogusevic and letting Coughlan go as a free agent.

Flav C.

We, human beings, are never happy...

Go look at the Chicago Sun-Times sports column and you will see the Cubs funs are very unhappy with the Ruggiano and Coghlan trades. Basically, they don't want them. They say they are crap.

Then go look at the Marlins forums and you will see Marlins fans unhappy with Ruggiano and Coghlan trade. Basically, they wanted them to stay. They say they are good.

Go figure.

All I can say about the Ruggiano trade is that the Cubs had three lefties in their OF so they brought Ruggiano to balance it out a little bit. They actually liked Bogusevic but they needed a rightie at-bat, not mentioning they will give a lot fo playing time to Junior Lake, their star OF prospect. So, apparently Ruggiano will have even less playing time in Chicago.


Except for Flav C,this blog proves that Marlins fans are know nothing morons.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

And yet, here you are, soaking up all the morons' comments. What does that say about you?


soaking up? another false assumption from DionDouchebag


Last footnote. Cishek had 34 saves last year for a lousy team. Richie said that Hechavaria was the best fielder in the National League. No other shortstop had as many highlight plays as he had. Last question where did the Red Sox finish in their division in 2012? From a diehard Marlins fan.

Stan M

Was away from the computer for a few hours. Fighting back that mortal sin of pride, I have seen where a resident genius has categorized both me and most of my fellow posters as less than shining lights within the world of the intelligentsia. Condemned as we are to be purveyors of nonsense, and wallowing in the depths of ignorance and stupidity, we should at least have an appellation that indicates that we are not among the chosen who enlighten this blog with their wisdom. Help is needed for to date I have only thought of "Loria's lunitics" or "the Miami miscreants". Surely one with the intellectual endownments of hardballtalk can find a more suitable sobriquet.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Lee, I don't want you to misunderstand, we're rooting for the same thing. But there are two factors at play for me here. One, I root for the Marlins to win, and two, in doing so I try to keep it real. Cishek, for example, is a GOOD reliever. But he's not the best, at least not in my opinion. If managers and coaches were polled on the issue, he probably would not break into the top ten. And that's not a reflection of HIS abilities as much as that there are BETTER closers out there. As for Hechavarria, he is a TALENTED FIELDING shortstop and he will get better as he learns to play the position at the major league level. But there two sides to this game, and on the other side, namely his offense, he is seriously lacking, and he needs to show HUGE improvement. Last year, this club was severely hampered by numerous sub-.300 OBPs. For ANY team with aspirations of winning to carry a weak bat like that, the guy has to be a Hall of Fame, Ozzie Smith-type fielding shortstop. Finally, to liken the Marlins chances in 2014 to the Red Sox' turnaround from 2012 to 2013 (which I noted Salty also did at his signing), you'd have to temporarily suspend reality. The Red Sox went out and rebuilt the team, while spending SHREWDLY, something Loria is incapable of doing. In fact, the Red Sox' first move to rebuild their team was to hire the best manager available, while Loria is such a tool that no serious managerial candidate will ever work for him again (think Fredi Gonzalez, Joe Girardi, and Ozzie Guillen) Finally, the cultures of the two teams are completely different. For example, the Marlins hired a hitting coach who arrived having earned several World Series rings and owning a serious work ethic and yet he gets himself run out of town by MARGINAL PLAYERS in his first season. On the other hand, the Red Sox made the mistake of hiring a total Loria clone for manager in Bobby Valentine, and Valentine got run out of that town by the genuine team leaders like Dustin Pedroia. So it's apples and oranges, man (as Salty will soon find out), and it WILL be so long as the carpetbagger robber baron Loria owns this team.


Dion, After a rocky first month, Cishek did not blow a save the rest of the year and his ERA was 2.5, I believe and if memory serves me correctly He pitched in the All Star game. The Marlins, with maybe one exception has never had a more consistent closer. Granted Hechavarria is not a hitter and a pretty dumb base runner but he has a golden glove. Certainly Miami is pissed at Loria for screwing the City out of stadium money but I believe he was the owner when the Marlins won the second world series. By the way, unlike the Red Sox the Marlins did it with a bunch of young nobodies. Of course Jack could probably do it again with this unproven team. My wife and I watch eveery televised game and she uses up 3 score books every year and still has them.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Lee, obviously you and your wife are true fans and that's great. I respect that. It's just that I have a different perspective. I don't want to get started on Loria, so I'll just say this one thing about him; he lied to get the stadium deal and he continues to lie to this day, only now with paid lackeys who deflect attention away from him. But everything that comes out of his mouth about the Marlins is a lie, especially his insistence that he was singlehandedly responsible for the 2003 World Series, claiming that the ONLY reason the Marlins won was because HE signed Pudge Rodriguez. The truth is that most of that roster was already put together, BY PRIOR MANAGEMENT, when he blew into town.

At the end of the day, I will root for the Marlins to win. I will also root for any circumstances that will compel Loria to divest himself (or his heirs) of Marlins' ownership. In a perfect world, the 2014 Marlins would win the World Series and Loria would lose $100 Million.


When is the end of the day? 6pm? Midnite? another brainless expression.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Like I said, soaking up. I knew you wouldn't disappoint, junior.


Baseball has evolved into pitching, pitching and more pitching and the Marlins have the best staff in their division. Nothing more can be said about Fernandez. Eovoldi had the highest average pitch speed in the League and Henderson pitched a no hitter. Throw in Dunn and Nunez with Cishek closing and a team that can manange to, somehow, score 2 more runs a game and you have a contender.

Who's on first

Nunez??? i want some of whatever you're smoking...


Lee, I'll take you as sincere so with that how can you possibly think the Marlins have the best rotation in their division? Fernandez may be lights out and I see a lot of potential in Eovaldi as well but that's 2 guys and still with very short track records.

A rotation is 5 guys and at this point its very difficult to put the Marlins 1-5 in the same stratosphere as the Nats is asinine. I think the Braves are soundly better but outside the top 2 just as inexperienced as the Fightin' Fish.

Braves: Minor, Medlen, Teheran, Beachy, ?
Nationals: Strasburg, Zimmerman, Gonzalez, Fister, Detweiler?
Los Marlins: Fernandez, Eovaldi, Alvarez ?, Flynn ? , Turner or Koehler?

Hecht, the Nats might have the best rotation in baseball. Doug Fister would be the Marlins no. 2

Unfortunately for Cishek the last thing a team needs that wins 60 games is a top notch Closer. Bryan Harvey proved that back in 1993. He'll rot and save just as many games for this team as he would for the Yankees. No fault of his own.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Russell, it's easy for Lee to have his perspective and I kind of envy him for it a bit. He is the very definition of a fan: "an enthusiastic devotee, follower, or admirer ..." Marlins victories are that much sweeter for him as a result (as opposed to a cynical coot like myself).

Goofy Grape

Lee has been stoned on the Loria Kool-Aid since 2003.

Juan Yanes

The Marlins have makeover a good team for this season, good central line (Santalamakia, Ozuna, Furcal and Echeverria) good offensive with hr power, good defense, the only problem are two: #1. the manager and # 2. A decent lefty reliever for late innings. Because in my opinion a lot of games will be loose for these two holes.

juanita y.

a lot of games will be loose for these two holes. Hole A-Loria.Hole B-Samson.


Now you got my ire up. Start with the Braves you mentioned. Minor, post season ERA 1.42, Medlen 11.25, Teheran 20.25. Season Beachy 4.50, Medlen 3.11, Minor 3.21, Teheran 3.20.
Nationals: Detwiler 4.04, Gonzalez 3.36, Strasburg 3.00 (when he isn't on the disabled list) and Zimmerman 3.25.
Marlins: Alvarez 3.59 (with a no hitter), Cishek 2.33,
Dunn 2.66, Eovaldi 3.39, Fernandez 2.19, Koehler 4.41
Turner 3.74. Ramos in the pen 3.15 (I must have been toking when I earlier said Nunez)
Anyone questioning these numbers read CBSsports.com


How do you know they will repeat these numbers? You dont. Just guessing.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Good offense with HR power? What team have you been watching?

Miller Lepree

Here's my take on 2014:
It's baseball. Anything can happen. The Marlins made some solid, AT BEST moves this off season, in an attempt to bolster a lineup that finished last in the majors in practically every category last season. Rather than the offensively handicapped Jeff Mathis (Who is great with the staff and the team played .500 baseball when he started last year), this team will feature Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Time will tell if he can produce in a lineup not supported by the mighty bats in Boston. Logan Morrison was swapped with an older version of himself in Garrett Jones; and Rafael Furcal will try and rebound from Tommy john surgery at a new position.
Casey McGehee is interesting, he could see some success this year after he re-discovered his swing in Japan last season. Hechavarria needs to take some pitches and find more consistency at the plate, he showed his ability during points last season, but he needs to settle down.
The pitching staff and the outfield will be solid, We'll see if Fernandez can keep it up, and if Giancarlo can rebound in a monster way. Yelich should continue to develop, he has a very mature approach and draws a lot of walks. Ozuna/Marsinick will battle for time in center field, hopefully we will get some decent production from the two of them. Clearly this team has a lot of questing marks. If everything works out, this team could pull something off and make a run at a Wild Card spot. Nothing will come easily for this bunch, and it will be a preview of things to come in 2015-2016. The questions about Jeffery Loria's long term plans will be answered.

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