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Carlos Marmol: Command issues were more mechanical than mental

JUPITER -- Though he used the word "frustrating" to describe his repeated failures with the Cubs toward the end of his long run in Chicago, reliever Carlos Marmol said his command issues were more mechanical than mental.

"It was a lot of things, the mechanics and my stuff," Marmol said of his experience, one in which he lost the closer's role with the Cubs before being traded to the Dodgers. "What can you say? Bad year. When you have a bad year, things happen. For any pitcher, when you don't do your job, it makes it frustrating for everybody."

The Marlins are gambling that the change of scenery will help get Marmol back on track, signing him to a low-cost deal with the intention of turning him into a set-up reliever for closer Steve Cishek.

Marmol said he is looking forward to a fresh start.

"I feel great with a new team," he said. "There's a lot of talent here."

Was 2013 frustrating for him?

"It was," he said. "But that's in the past. I don't even think about it anymore. I'm positive. I'm here with a new team and will try the best I can."

Marmol said the Dodgers coaches worked on ironing out his mechanical flaws during the half-season he spent in Los Angeles. He continued to work on his delivery over the winter in the Caribbean Series while playing for a team from the Dominican Republic.

"It was simple," Marmol said of his mechanical issues, which he feels have been corrected. "I wouldn't say it was my confidence."


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Clark, any word on if the Fish are interested in Ryan Madson? He's a power arm still on the market.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

I have a better question, related to that, that I have no idea what the answer is.

Has ANY Scott Boras client ever signed with the Jeffrey Loria Marlins?


No,because Boras knows Loria is a cheap mooch mockie.

Eddie S

Jacob Turner and Jose Fernandez belong to Scott Boras,therefore the Marlins shouldn't wait too long to lock up Jose Fernandez.
Marmol's problem is that his whole career who walked the world. I enjoyed 1 ball game last year when Marmol walked either 3 04 4 batters and the Marlins won. I'm going to miss Marmaol pitching against the Marlins.MARMOL IS AWFUL AND AM VERY UPSET THAT HE IS A MARLIN!!!!


I read somewhere on here a few months back that Boras was one of the people giving Loria some friendly advice. With the new national TV money pouring into the teams now, the Marlins might be able to lock up a few players.


the good thing is you can go to the marlins games for 6.00...bring in your own food, park in somebodies front yard and screw Loria in the process,by paying zilch to him, watching his product in his building.

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