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Marlins plan on tuning in tonight to watch Samson's debut on Survivor

JUPITER -- Marlins closer Steve Cishek has never been a fan of the show Survivor, but he'll be tuning in to watch the debut of the show's 28th season tonight.

Marlins team president David Samson, who turns 46 today, is one of 18 contestants on the long-time running hit reality TV show which pits contestants as castaways in in the Philippine province of Cagayan.

The debut show, which airs on CBS at 8 p.m. and is two hours long, was filmed last summer. Samson is one of six contestants who will be in the "Brains Tribe."

"He's obviously a bright person so I'm assuming he probably found a way to get to the top, some way or the other," Cishek said. "He's obviously in good shape too. He ran like a bazillion miles last year. The marathon thing he did was insane. I couldn't believe he did that. He got a lot of props for that for sure."

Manager Mike Redmond said he planned on tuning into the show, too, if he "could stay up that late."

"I've probably got to watch the first one, right?" Redmond said Wednesday. "It should be funny to watch."

Which current Marlins player would do best on Survivor?

Redmond believes catcher Jeff Mathis, an avid hunter in the off-season, and veteran pitcher Kevin Slowey, who climbed Africa's Mount Kilimanjaro two years ago with former Twins teammate and Cy Young winner R.A. Dickey, would be great contestants on Survivor.

Cishek called right-handed reliever and roommate Chris Hatcher the perfect "survivalist."

"He's like MacGyver," Cishek said. "He's fixed my bike so I can go pond to pond with my fishing pole attached to it. He's fixed the kitchen sink twice. He was going to fix the washer and dryer before we just decided to buy a new one. He knows how to rig things together MacGyver style."

 > Cishek, who missed a few days early in camp with neck discomfort, faced live hitters for the first time on Tuesday and did well.

He retired Marcell Ozuna on a fly out to left. Then he struckout Jarrod Saltalamacchia on a slider, walked Giancarlo Stanton and got Adeiny Hechavarria to ground out to third base.

"I was kind of disappointed I walked Stanton. I wanted to give him some pitches to see," Cishek said. "But I felt it went pretty well. It felt pretty good out there. It was nice to see somebody in the box. But I feel great today and I'm back to normal.

"I just slept funny. That's all it was. I had a crick in my neck and it just kind of blew up for some reason. It happens to everyone. We're good to go. It was early in the season and there was no sense to pitch through or anything. They just wanted me to relax. So I'm glad it happened this early instead of during the season."


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Flav C.


Regarding your comments about LoMo, the Mariners have so much faith in his physical condition that he is currently the 3rd option at 1B, no wonder the Marlins was able to trade him for a 3rd string reliever.

Not only that, but remember all those complaints people had about putting LoMo on the OF? "Marlins destroying his career", and all that blah,blah,blah...


"So far this spring, Morrison says his knee is feeling good. McClendon has limited him to first-base drills to try to keep it that way, but says he’ll give Morrison work in the outfield as spring progresses. Health and performance will dictate playing time for the 6-foot-2, 225-pound Morrison, whom the Mariners hope will provide a potent left-handed bat."

Seattle Times, February 24, 2014.

Not only that. McCledon already gave LoMo a very direct message about his twitter stuff: "If I have to deal with it, then it's a problem. Do what you want to do, but if gets back to me, then we got a problem.

pumpsie green

McClendon also said Lomo will be playing some RF. That oughta be good for some laughs.


What's the over/under on how long Sampson lasts on the show??? My bet is that he lasts 2 week before the boot.


Samson lasted about as long as it took the other team members to find out what people in S.Fl have known about Samson for years. Conniving scumbag weasel,with the classic Napoleon complex that needs to get bitchh slapped on a regular basis

Stan M

Flav, what does all of that have to do with a comparison of LoMo's worth and our new guy? My position, which is only an opinion, is that LoMo would have been the better bet to keep at 1B. That's all.

Sunny Dee

Samson called a "schemer" by his fellow competitors and is the first to go. It didn't take them long to see his true colors. Amazing that Samson could fool the City of Miami government but couldn't fool a few dimwits on a reality TV show.


What does it take to fool corrupt unqualified morons elected by uneducated idiots?

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