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Big rookie season leads to big raise for Jose Fernandez

JUPITER -- Pay raises for pre-arbitration players tend to be small, at least as a percentage of the big-league minimum, which this year is $500,000. But Jose Fernandez is not your typical second-year player and received a raise that is must larger than most with his service time.

Thanks to a standout first season in which he was selected to the All-Star team and named the N.L. Rookie of the Year, Fernandez will see his salary increase to $635k.

"I'm going to put it in the bank," Fernandez said.

The Marlins announced Saturday that they had signed their 28 pre-arbitration players and all members of the 40-man roster are now under contract for the upcoming season. Most saw raises of only a few thousand dollars. Christian Yelich, who did not play a full season in 2013, will get $505,000, for example.

But the Marlins have built-in performance bonuses for such things as All-Star selections, year-end awards, and even Player of the Month awards, which Fernandez won twice last season.

"I'm really thankful," Fernandez said. "It's aways nice. Thanks to the Marlins. I'm doing what I love, and to get paid to do what you love -- wake up every day and come to the field -- and get paid a lot of money...."

Fernandez never imagined such wealth. Even though he stands to make millions if his career continues the way it started, he isn't sniffing at the figure he'll be getting.

"It's still a lot of money," he said.


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Gotta respect the kid's attitude thus far as he seems to say all the right things.


hey Stanton, they gave Jose F. a big raise ,but paid you barely above the minimum your first three years, File that away for future reference when your dealing with Loria on anything. Bend him over and make him pay.

Go gogo

Fernandez will win the Cy Young this year

Remember you heard it first here


wont remember,already forgot

A Realist

It seems like Loria and new GM Jennings are trying to play nice with some of their young players. Interesting new approach when compared to previous dealings with Cabrera, Uggla, Stanton, and countless other young standouts. Let's see how this pays off in contract negotiations.

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