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Derek Jeter to Jose Fernandez: "You can never be satisfied"

TAMPA -- Jose Fernandez received a bit of sage baseball advice during a chance encounter with Derek Jeter on Friday, and the words from the Yankees legend stuck with the Marlins' 21-year-old pitching ace.

"He told me, 'You can never be satisfied,'" Fernandez said. "Sometimes I think you feel like, 'OK, I'm in the big leagues.' And sometimes I think you sit back a little bit (and take things for granted)."

Since Fernandez didn't make the Panama trip with the Marlins when they faced the Yankees, Friday was the first time he had the opportunity to meet the shortstop, who is retiring after this season -- his 20th in the majors. Fernandez -- last year's N.L. Rookie of the Year -- said he approached Jeter -- the 1996 A.L. Rookie of the Year -- like a nervous kid.

"I don't want to bother you," Fernandez said he told Jeter. "I asked him for a ball. And he was like, 'Never be satisfied.' Like I said, from what I see, you think you're in the big leagues. You know, you're already on the team. I don't want to get hurt, and you lose that competitiveness. I can't lose that."


Adeiny Hechavarria, who has not played since Monday due to tightness in his groin, was in the starting lineup Saturday for the Marlins' final spring training game. Manager Mike Redmond said he wants to see how Hechavarria looks first before revealing his Opening Night lineup.

With Rafael Furcal headed to the disabled list, Christian Yelich will lead off. Redmond said that means Hechavarria could bat second, followed by Giancarlo Stanton and Jeff Baker, who will be the Opening Day second baseman against Colorado lefty Jorge De La Rosa.


The Marlins will make a couple of moves on Sunday to make room on their 40-man roster for reserve outfielder Reed Johnson and long reliever Kevin Slowey. One of those openings will be created when outfielder Brian Bogusevic is designated for assignment.


The Marlins are assured of their first winning record in spring training since 2008 when they take an 18-12-2 mark into this afternoon's Grapefruit League finale against the Bronx Bombers at George A. Steinbrenner Field.

The Marlins trail the Tampa Bay Rays by 1 1/2 games in the Grapefruit League Standings, and own a 1/2-game lead over the Pirates and Giants for the best spring record by a National League team.



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Guess the Marlins really cashed in when they traded away Ruggiano, huh?

Camera Mike

You said it Hayu. Ruggiano is slated to be a starting outfielder for the Cubs and the Marlins are worried about losing Bogusevic in the waivers process. True that neither player stands much chance at being an MLB standout or even the type the can push a good team into being a contender, and that it's tough to fairly judge a trade before the season even starts. Though at this point it does seem the Cubs got the better end of the deal. Hopefully the future proves both of us wrong.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

According to Baseball Reference, Ruggiano's salary went from $494K in 2013 to $2M in 2014, whereas Bogus has been DFA'do zero cost to Loria.

However, back when the trade was made, we were told:

"Really, Bogusevic is a younger version of Ruggiano," said Michael Hill, the Marlins' president of baseball operations. "He can play all three outfield positions and will fill the role that we had identified for Ruggiano."

Kudos to Theo Epstein for capitalizing on Loria's stinginess. I hope Ruggiano belts 30 HRs for them.

Camera Mike

DT, also by playing in zero minutes per game Bogusevic will fulfill Samson's wish of not wasting time during games.

Stan M

It's that time of year for the prognosticators to show their heads. I found two (one was Tom Verducci)who picked the Marlins for third. Another thought that the Marlins could be this year's surprise team. Of 6 sportswriters from Sports Illustrated, 3 picked Fernandez to win the CY Young. Another there felt that Yelich would be a break out example. But then most expect another lost place finish. What follows is a rather optimistic evaluation of the team.


Stan M

My predictions for 2014:
Should Detrich and Marisnick become good everyday players, this team could fight for 2nd place. Another "if" is Eovaldi. When I compared his team to the 1969 Mets, someone (I think Camera Mike) pointed out that we have no Kooseman type to compliment our ace. He was right and that's why I think Eovaldi's progress is so important. He has the potential to be that kind of pitcher...and if that becomes reality, then 2nd place would rear its head again.

But that's all optimistic conjecture. I pick the Marlins for 4th place. Any team that will place any confidence in Marmol to improve, or Furcal to remain healthy and productive; both at the expense of young up and comers, can't realistically put it all together.

I think the pitching coach has been a tremendous improvement. And the new hitting coach, and perhaps Butler as well, have Hech bunting for base hits and hitting to right field more often. Dietrich has also been much more selective in his pitch selection. That's good. But Stanton still prefers flailing at balls out of the strike zone and taking pitches he should kill. That's not good at all. And Redmond is going to have to have an epiphany before I'll believe he isn't over his head as a ML manager.

Camera Mike

Stan, I wasn't the one who posted the Koosman comment. Perhaps it was DT or Lou. Though I do agree we don't currently have that caliber number two pitcher on this years team. Besides Eovaldi's progress I'm also interested in seeing Turner's progress this season. While he has been disappointing so far as a Marlin and will never be ace material I still think he can be a solid and capable number three pitcher but he needs to start showing it soon if he's going to have a place in the Marlins rotation after the younger arms currently in the minors start developing.

As for predictions I posted a comment about a week ago on MLB networks prognostications. They ranged all over the place from Mitch Williams predicting another last place NL east finish to Harold Reynolds seeing a .500 record. I believe the Marlins will improve from last season but still go through more then their share of rough spots due to their youth and inexperience. They will learn and get better as the season progresses and end the year as a stronger team then at the beginning but finish with a 70-92 record which will be good enough for no worse then 4th in the east.


My prediction last year was 55-107....missed by 7 games. This year I'm going to be optimistic. I predict
88 wins & 74 loses. The Marlins win the second wild card. I'll save my playoff predictions for the last week of Sept.

Dionysus Thelxinoe


Dionysus Thelxinoe

The Marlins do have the potential, however, to play .500+ ball (81-85 wins). Starting pitching has to be injury free and develop further, specifically Fernandez, Eovaldi, Alvarez, and Turner. I'm not convinced the crack team of Redmond and Chuck Hernandez is up to the task. Their hitting will be better, but that's not saying much after last year's anemic offense. It won't help matters if Stanton continues to swing from the heels. He should lead the league in walks this year, and the hitters behind him need to come through once in a while, meaning Salty, McGehee, and Jones.

Speaking of Jones, Stan, you need look no further than him to see where the comparison to the 69 Mets ends. I read that Redmond plans on playing him against lefties to see how he does, or something like that. I guess the .193 lifetime over 5 seasons doesn't do it for him. Gil Hodges had platoons at 1B, 2B, 3B, RF, and C. It is unconscionable, given their offense last year, for Redmond to play Jones against lefties. The Pirates sat him last year against them, giving him only 21 ABs all year long (which produced 2 hits). I really hope he reconsiders.

Stan M

DT, it isn't a question of whether or not Redmond reconsiders. Rather it's a question of whether those who have Redmond on a string will reconsider.Judging from past history on this team, they will reconsider sometime in mid May after Jones has killed us with his weak LH hitting non performances. As I said before, Redmond is no Gil Hodges.
Regarding those Mets of our youth, I don't remember Jerry Grote being platooned. He was a tremendous defensive catcher. I have always wanted to write to Tom Seaver and ask who was the his favorite catcher. He threw to Grote, Johnny Bench and even Pudge while on the White Sox. That's three of the best defensive catchers ever and I wonder what he would say. Do you remember when Grote would become upset with a pitcher and throw the ball back to him faster than he had received it...at least it seemed so.
With a different front office and a more competent manager I would pick this actual 40 man roster to finish 3rd rather than 4th. I am more interested on what our 25 man roster will look like in September than in April.

Stan M

Remember Gil Hodges as a manager and contrasting him with our current puppet, I couldn't help but think back to the Tino Martinez fiasco. With Hodges, that never would have happened because the manager himself would never have put up with the crap that Tino tried to correct. In my opinion, that whole situation reflected more on Redmond's lack of either leadership or simple awareness than on Martinez and what he did.
That being said, it is probably a good thing that Tino is gone. I've seen real progress during the games watched on TV by many of our hitters; Stanton excluded.


You know the Marlins are pathetic when the few loyal fans they have are complaining about a career minor league hacker over 30 like Ruggiano, being traded for nothing,which is just about Ruggiano's true value ,anyway. Laughable.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Stan, two things: to see "progress" with one of the worst-hitting teams in recent memory, well, let's just say it doesn't take much to improve and "improve" by definition doesn't necessarily add up to even mediocre. Also, in '69 Grote WAS the starting catcher, playing roughly 110-115 games, while J.C. Martin played 60-70. What I recall is that the later it got in that season (and the more critical the game), the more Hodges platooned.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

frisaroito, Theo Epstein seems to disagree and he has multiple rings, so I'm going to go with his opinion.


DT...Frisaroito has gotten one right in a long, long time.

Camera Mike

It's now official, the Marlins have designated Bogusevic for assignment and any team can claim him on waivers. Hopefully no team does and he turns himself around in the minors. Otherwise we really would have received nothing in return for Ruggiano (Frisaroito enter joke here).


Fact of the matter is that Theo's owner,the Ricketts family, founders of TD Ameritrade with a net worth over a Billion ,will let Theo pay for ex Marlins stiffs like Ruggianio,Bonifacio and even C John Baker,where Loria the mooch cant/wont even pay for average MLB players after they hit Arb. But that doesnt make the stiffs better players,just makes them better paid stiffs. Cubs are worth over a billion with a 100k payroll. They still suck.


Yes,the Cubs got the better of the trade for Ruggiano,who showed last season he's very consistant. He hit .222 for the season. Also hit .222 w/RISP in scoring position for the season. Remarkable consistancy must be what Theo Epstein sees in Ruggiano.

Lou Vales

I predict 76-86 for the Marlins and they will still be close at the end of June promoting shock with some national media people. Pitching staff must continue to develop and we COULD---it should be "SHOULD"--be close if Loria allows anykind of monetary improvement. If we could get to a REAL 18,000-19,000 a game he just might do it but not if crowds remain miniscule. Please don't worry about Ruggiano. If or when this team gets good Ruggiano will be on his way out.

Al Z.Heimers

News Flash for ^^^senile^^^Marlins fan. Ruggiano already gone.To Chicago.Check boxscores at the nursing home.


Ruggiano may not be very good, but he, like Cody Ross, is worth more than zero. Not saying Ruggiano and Ross are equal, much rather have kept Cody Ross, but in Loriaville, they both netted zero value in return. How is that Loria and Samson have not been banned from Major League Baseball?

Mrs Samson

because Samson sucks Bud Lite's dick

Stan M

Al Z H,
When one reads, he gathers facts and if he also possesses some degree of intelligence, he also is able to make inferences. You have entirely missed the point. Lou Vales never said that Ruggiano was still a Marlin. Rather, he proclaimed him gone (from wherever he should be at that time, in this case he is still a Cub) by the time the Marlins have improved to the extent that they couldn't have used him anyway. Any time you aren't able to grasp what is obvious to us older fans, please ask us to explain.

Lou Vales

I meant "GONE out of baseball"---GONE. Cubs have been evaluating talent for 104 years of futility. They want Riggiano!!! Tell you anything??

Benny Hill

Hahaha..one senile ol' fart trying to cover for the other...very loyal...the Over the Hill gang rides again

Stan M

Old age is a privilege not granted to everyone. We are the lucky ones. Will you be so rewarded? There is a correlation between intelligence and life expectancy. Sorry about that!

Lou Vales

Stan, You know that is true. Never really thought about it. Supreme Court judges, statesmen, cabinet level positions,CEO's, CFO's, magnates of all types they all do live long lives. Thanks for having my back. I will make you proud with my new fortified allegiance and toned down commentary. I have vowed not to let the garbage get to me.By garbage, I mean "comments" not people making the comments. Way too volatile--closer to incendiary--in the past.

Lou Vales

Know it's perceived as crazy to say but whose lineup would you prefer in April 2016--Detroit or Miami?? I'd take the Marlins.


For someone impressed with his own intelligence,why does Stan M always back the wrong horse ,like a Coughlan and a Lomo etc.... Oh thats right,he saw Ruth and Cobb so he thinks he's knows it all,seen it all. Reality is ,he's just another blowhard here with a pompous opinion stuck up his assss,that will be proven wrong,over time,once again.

Stan M

SOS, and I can imagine what that stands for, you might actually like some of the following interviews from the dead ball era. And I can only wish I saw Cobb and Ruth. Now you, and anyone else interested, can listen to what they had to say 100 years ago in some cases.



carrie mc

82 wins by the mid point they will add a bat to help them through. with minor league depth and potential suitors for some of the minor league arms they will be better than expected.

Almost 16

Gee ,if I am lucky and privelaged to live to an old age like Stan M says, I too can show my total lack of baseball talent evaluating intelligence and waste the rest of my time on Earth blogging to my minions of one of the worst,most laughed at and downright pathetic organizations of MLB. Gee ,I can hardly wait to be that old. And that smart.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Lou, I'd be better able to see your point of view if the Tigers, like the Marlins, had no GM and were only interested in filling their roster with unproven and over-the-hill, bargain-basement-bin players.

Lou Vales

DT, I was assuming that both lineups stayed the same. Of course they won't. By the way, Gonzo delivers the tying triple in the 7th and game winning hit in bottom of 9th for the Tigers.

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