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Miami Marlins no-hit New York Yankees in Panama

On a night in which Panama and the New York Yankees paid tribute to retired closer Mariano Rivera in his home country, the Marlins spoiled the party by no-hitting the Bronx Bombers.

Brad Hand and three relievers -- Steve Cishek, A.J. Ramos and Arquimedes Caminero -- combined on the no-hitter as the Marlins won 5-0.

"You never want to be no-hit," Yankees manager Joe Girardi told MLB.com. "I don't care what game it is or what level. You never want to see that."

Said Marlins manager Mike Redmond: "It's the first no-hitter I've ever been a part of in spring training."

It wasn't the first spring training no-hitter for the Marlins, though. Ricky Nolasco and two relievers combined to no-hit the Detroit Tigers in a spring training game in 2009. Interestingly, the Marlins are scheduled to face Nolasco and the Minnesota Twins on Sunday in Fort Myers.

Hand strengthened his case for a starting rotation spot by throwing the first five innings of no-hit baseball for the Marlins. Hand struck out six and did not walk a batter. Cishek took the handoff from Hand and pitched one inning. Next was Ramos, who turned in two innings. Caminero closed it out in the ninth.

Jake Marisnick had two of the Marlins' seven hits. Adeiny Hechavarria stole two bases for the Marlins.

The same two teams will close out the Panama series today at 2 p.m., with Nathan Eovaldi taking the mound for Miami.


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This goes under the category "Nobody Cares".


This team is special. I will be shocked if they don't win the World Series.

Dr Demento

Prepare to be shocked. Hopefully for you,several sessions of electric shock therapy at the institution where you reside.


Dr. D...You don't recognize sarcasm when you see it? You're just like Sheldon Cooper without the brains.

Stan M

If we had a "normal" ball club with a viable owner, there would be so much to be happy about this Spring. With a huge ballpark, and a pitching staff that has been nothing short of marvelous, we could expect to be competitive in virtually every game...the hitting be damned. But somehow, I for one have an ominous feeling that Loria will find some way to screw everything up. As of right now, 3rd place looks like a realistic goal and that would be just fine in our final rebuilding year.

There are rumors that Turner will be moved for more hitting help. Where would such a slugger fit in? The team has already made two mistakes in acquiring journeymen for first base and second. I still hold out hope for Dietrich and we're stuck with Jones for at least one year. So it's my hope that we don't move Turner unless it's for an outstanding lower level prospect. Rather, I would like to see him bundled with one of Nicolino, Conley, Hand,or Flynn, one of our reserve infielders, and possibly Jones for a young 1st Baseman. That will be our most glaring weakness for the foreseeable future. Now for the first time in years, we have an excess of prospects to trade and this owner isn't going to sign an expensive free agent, so the trade route should and must be utilized for the one last hitter that will be a necessity to compete for the first place after this year.

I would like to see his team put Marisnick in CF and leave him there. If he can hit .240 with a few HRs, his fielding is so good that he would be an asset when this pitching staff and capacious ball field are considered

Stan M

Flav, I realize that we have differed for at least a year about LoMo, and I always respect your position. However, replacing him with Jones makes no sense to me. This is particularly true when the team acquired a competent RH hitter to spell LoMo in about a third of the games. Jones' power will be diminished by our ball park, and his outs will be much less productive that those of LoMo whose batting eye is far superior, thus a better OBP. LoMo was younger, cheaper and has a much higher upside whereas Jones has none. My position concerning his two knee operations is that medical procedures are constantly improving, and his operations were done in the USA. I don't know this for sure, but when discussing double knee operations, you could be considering soccer players? If so, my question would be, were these operations done in a different country? And in my opinion, that alone can make a huge difference. I guess my major point is that Jones is a horrible mistake and even LoMo would have been better for this year and just possible a huge asset in the future. Jones has no future and of the two, I would have stuck with LoMO for on more year. Had the team not acquired a RH supplement, I would be more in agreement with your position.


Stan...I notice that LoMo is hitting .306 in ST for the Mariners. I realize that doesn't mean much at this stage, but I have a hunch you're right and that the Marlins will rue the day (you like that?) that they gave him up.
Flav is a very shrewd guy, however, so we can't discount his opinion. We'll know a little more by June, I guess.


Lomo's clown act was also a contributor to the Marlins decision to trade him. Also,Lomo is a one dimentional DH type part time player,not suited to the National League play,anymore. Marlins were right in trading him,they waited 2 yrs too long. They kept him those extra 2 yrs because he was cheap to keep,a decision they regretted.


Lomo is and always will be an unpolished turd that will never live up to the false hype bestowed upon in 2010,by the phony Marlins propaganda BS artists.From the likes of Minervini,Hutton,Frisaro and the Marlins FO,more smoke has been blown about this over-rated unathletic lummox than any player on the Marlins for the last 5 years.The new FO knew what they didnt have in Lomo the Tool. Good riddance to this clumsy Oaf.


petey...Sounds like you're suffering from penis envy. You'll feel better when your testicles drop.


penis envy? testicles? snappy response from an obviously obsessed preocupied little prick

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