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Rafael Furcal says DL is a possibility

JUPITER -- Second baseman and projected leadoff hitter Rafael Furcal said that if his injured left hamstring isn't 100 percent within a couple of days, he feels it would be wiser to start the season on the disabled list and not risk making matters even worse.

If the Marlins decide to place Furcal on the DL, they could make the move retroactive to March 21, which would enable him to come off the injury list on April 5 and miss only the first five days of the season.

"I would prefer to lose five or 10 games and not lose a month or the whole season," Furcal said. "I want to be healthy. That's the only way I can help the team, play every day. They know it. I don't want to play one day and take five days off."

Furcal had a pair of hits in four at bats as a designated hitter in an intra-squad game Monday, but did not go all out when he scored from second on a hit. He said he was simply following instructions to go easy and "felt good" in general.

If Furcal is to go on the DL, his potential replacement in the lineup -- Derek Dietrich -- played in the same intra-squad game while wearing a protective mask for the first time. Dietrich had his nose broken last week by a ground ball. Dietrich could be on the field Tuesday for the Marlins when they face the Cardinals.


The Marlins on Monday whittled the roster by one player, reassigning catcher Kyle Skipworth to minor-league camp. The roster now stands at 38 players, and more cuts are expected in the coming days, as the Marlins get down to their 25-man roster for Opening Day.


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Shitworth hangs around like a bad odor

Stan M

Furcal calls the DL a possibility. Sounds more like his life style at this stage. We should run a pool on how many days this guy will miss this year while on the DL. I will be conservative and say only 81 or exactly half the season. And to think that Loria no longer has a say in our free agent signings. Sure, I believe that because Loria says so and there is no reason to doubt his word. This signing must be the work of that FO guy who went to an Ivy League school. Interesting! No that's not the right word. A better description would be frightening!

Flav C.

The same was said about Polanco before the season started in 2013. He would be in the DL, etc...

In the end, he provided exactly what he was brought in for: execute solid defense on 3B in order to support a cast of young pitchers, and to bring veteran leadership. Polanco is the type of player everybody in the team loved to have around.

The same idea is valid for Furcal. Veteran, a proven leader, and the players love to have a proven winner around them. Not mentioning that even playing with an arm in a cast, he still is better infielder than Solano, Dietrich, or Lucas.

He is here to show the ropes to Dietrich, and transition the 2B on a much smoother fashion.

I don't know why you guys make such a big deal about it.

Its not like we have Cano or Pedroia being replaced by Furcal on 2B.

deaf ears

Old farts always have to have something to whine about

Stan M

Flav, the reason he was acquired was obvious to all. That he could be washed up was not. But to say that at this sage of his career he is a better fielder than, at least Salano, is delusional.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Loria doesn't pay anyone $3.5M to show someone the ropes. But Polanco is a good frame of reference for Furcal. Both were seasoned veterans who took a pay cut of 50% to play for a last place team. The difference with Furcal is that he didn't even play last year. So how much of a stretch is it to say that I (and Stan, maybe) saw this coming?

Stan M

DT, if Polanco has all of the attributes mentioned above, what teams have been clamoring to sign him? To my knowledge, and I might be wrong, no one has picked him up. Wasn't there also some talk last year that even his formerly great defense had slipped a little? As I recall, and my old fart memory might have faded on this, Polanco was considered a washed up failure last year. Am I wrong? I wish that there weren't parallels, but I'm afraid that they become more and more apparent with each day that Furcal sits.

We really should be talking about Marisnick. How can they possibly send this guy down? My point still is that even if he only hit .250 or so, his other attributes would make him a plus on this rebuilding team that requires defense in CF more than a few extra hits along the way. If Ozuna develops, he would be an average, but undiscliplined ML player. Marisnick has the potential to become a star.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

And then you read something like this. This is what the president of a 100-loss, last place team is concerned about. Take note of the readers' comments.



Every time Samson opens his mouth, he again proves what everybody knows and thinks about him. A nebish putz with a napolean complex,unqualified for his job title. Without Loria, Samson would still be a Wall Streeter,trying to steal other peoples money,which is what he is known for and does best.

Flav C.

Stan - Just FYI, Polanco had the best 3B fielding stats in the NL East in 2013. Far from being a washed up failure.

DT - And here I was naively thinking someone would get rid of Samson in that island while shooting "Survivor".

Fat chance.

For the Ruggiano fans - After starting ST "raking" in the first 5 games ( hitting .583, 2 HRs and 7 RBIs), he is back to his normal self: next 8 games, hitting 4-for-25 (.160 bat avg), 2 RBIs.

Not that Bogusevic is any better, but I'm glad Ruggiano is no longer part of this roster.

Stan M

Flav, you know fielding stats don't tell the whole story. Virtually everything I read last year said he had lost some range. His signing was a mistake and we both know it.

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