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Red Sox owner John Henry zings Marlins

JUPITER -- The flap over the extraordinarily thin spring training lineup the Boston Red Sox sent to Jupiter on Thursday is not dying. Not by a mile.

On Saturday, Red Sox owner John Henry fired out this tweet, which is certain to stir things up further:

"They should apologize for their regular season lineup."


The Marlins cannot be amused by the latest salvo in the controversy. So far, they're not commenting. But given the growing animosity between the two franchises, it's hard to imagine they'll remain quiet on this. And, given the level to which the spat has now escalated -- team ownership, for crying out loud -- it would not be surprising to see the league become involved.

The Marlins were not pleased when the World Series champs sent over only one regular -- center fielder Jackie Bradley, Jr. -- for Thursday's Grapefruit League game. And, according to Marlins president of baseball operations Michael Hill, Red Sox G.M. Ben Cherington emailed him an apology that day.

Based on Henry's tweet, which takes a shot at the Marlins, it's not a dead issue.

Stay tuned.

Henry, of course, gave up ownership of the Marlins in 2001, allowing Jeffrey Loria to take over. This isn't the first time Henry has grumbled about Marlins-related issues. He has complained about the lack of spending by low-revenue teams at the expense of the big boys.


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Former Season Tckt Holder

How awesome if Henry never sold to the worst human being in the world, Scumbag jeffery Loria


Big deal,everybody except for the handful of brain dead homer Marlins fans talk crap about the Marlins. When you have lying thieving scumbags for an owner and president and throw in their last place finishes over the past several years,all the negativity about this sorryass franchise is well deserved. What else is new.


That's actually pretty funny. Kudos John Henry!

Michael A.R.

Really??!?! Some of you are "defending" John "If I don't get taxpayer money I'll build the stadium myself" Henry?!?!? The same John Henry that couldn't wait to sell the team when Jeb Bush vetoed his cruise ship tax?!?! The same John Henry who kept a low payroll during his tenure with the team?!?!? My how short your memories are!

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Short memories????? Seriously???

Next to Loria, Henry is the Patron Saint of Miami Baseball. Loria should have to pay him for every time he's taken credit for the '03 team that Henry built.

Flav C.

Well, Henry didn't exactly build that 03 team.

Alex Gonzalez, Luis Castillo were signed by the Marlins several years before Henry.

Derrek Lee was traded to the Marlins two years before Henry.

Dontrelle came in 2002, via Cubs. The owner was Loria already.

Looper came in 1998 in the Renteria trade to the Cards. Before Henry.

Pudge, Pierre, Conine, Urbina, Chad Fox, Pavano were all acquisitions/trades by Loria administration.

So, Henry can pat himself in he back for the Lowell trade, the Beckett 1st round pick (which was a no-brainer), the trade for Penny, and for signing young Miggy.

Before I forget, Loria brought McKeon.

There is a little of every owner in that 2003 team. It wasn't built at all by Henry.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Let's start with the premise that Loria's a liar. That's really the point.

When new management takes over an organization, they decide who to keep and who to jettison, So if an '03 player's arrival preceded even Henry, then all the more reason why Loria doesn't deserve credit. It certainly gives that team more of a Henry imprint than of that fat ogre.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

And then there's this ...

"Henry’s problem is with revenue sharing, with big-market teams such as the Red Sox and Yankees having to subsidize smaller teams with their own hard-earned revenue.

That kind of socialism among billionaires is ripe with irony on the face of it, but what galls Henry and the Yankees the most is that some of the owners appear to have used the hand-me-down dollars for anything but the product on the field.

In January 2010, both Major League Baseball and the players’ union applied pressure to the Marlins, who had to issue their own variation of an apology for not applying enough money to payroll.

'In response to our concerns that revenue sharing proceeds have not been used as required, the Marlins have assured the union and the commissioner’s office that they plan to use such proceeds to increase player payroll annually as they move toward the opening of their new ballpark,’ read the Marlins’ public statement."


Jeffrey Loria should apologize for taking the Marlins of his hands and letting him get the Red Sox. Yeah he should really apologize.

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