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VIDEO: Fernandez, Redmond on Opening Night win over Rockies


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Ewwww..Jose Fernandez' grandmother looks like Loria with a wig.

Marlin Fan

Great start to the season . Marlins were what 6 for 12 with RISP? you won't see that everyday

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Great game write up, Sweatshirt! These cut and paste jobs must be really exhausting.

who's on first

see manny? that's what happens when you run away from a shotgun wedding. bride's father will chase you till the end of his days! jajaja

Dionysus Thelxinoe

If The Sweatshirt was interested in any daughter of mine, the only use I'd have for a shotgun would be to keep him away.


Great first game, Red looks like a genius now putting McGehee behind Stanton.


bob...I think genius is too strong a word. And I mean, way too strong.

Flav C.

Hey Hayu, was the beer that I spilled the $14 bucks type of beer?


Flav..I'm not sure what I paid for that beer, but it must have been about 14 bucks, because the beer and a chicken sandwich cost me the same as my monthly car payment.

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