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Mike Redmond discusses A.J. Burnett window treatment (w/video)

PHILADELPHIA -- With A.J. Burnett on the hill last night for the Phillies, former Marlins teammate Mike Redmond was asked about his memories of the pitcher, and it wasn't that eight-walk no-hitter in San Diego that topped the discussion.

Instead, it was Burnett's perfectly aimed warmup pitch that blew out a truck window during the 2001 season that got Redmond rolling. If you recall, it was in September of the '01 season when Burnett made all of the highlight reels with his antics. What made it harder to believe was that only four months earlier Burnett couldn't throw a pitch over home plate with any degree of accuracy, but somehow managed to drill one through the window of a moving truck. Redmond was behind the plate when it happened.

"He had been trying to do that for almost the whole year," Redmond recalled. "I think he skipped one off the ground's crew guy once -- off his shoulder -- and hit the bumper a couple of times. I used to dread it because I knew when I saw that car start rolling out of left field, I'd go, 'Oh man, here we go.'"

The truck's sponsor drove the vehicle around the warning track at Sun Life Stadium between innings once a night.

"I was surprised it took him so many times to hit it, but eventually he got it," Redmond said. "If you look at the video, I framed the pitch. But the ball was not even close. Most people thought that it looked close, like it got away from him. But it really wasn't even close."

Check out the video:


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The losing streak looks like it will continue, based on the way this game has started. I hope I'm wrong, but I doubt it. This team has lost it psychologically. They eventually will snap out of it, but it could be a long way off. Now if we had a good manager, he would realize what he did Wednesday night when his poor decision took all the wind out of this team's sails. But we do NOT have a good manager, we have a laid back bum who will just sit there and tolerate the losing. After all, he's used to losing.


This team needs a manager with some spark, some kind of motivated personality, not this guy Redmond. He will just sit there and observe what is happening rather than try to do something about it. 4-1 and this game looks like it could get out of hand real soon.


When you pay peanuts ,you get monkeys. Except with Ozzie. Loria paid the $$$ and got a jackass. A cheap monkey replaced an overpaid jackass. A no win situation in Miami. As usual.


Well, of course that is part of the problem. Loria hired Redmond because he loves to hire guys who have never managed before; it allows him to boss them around without a whimper from a guy who is just grateful to HAVE a job. The exception to the rule was Girardi, who told Loria off and got fired.

As for payroll $$$ for players, Loria promised that this would be a mid level payroll team, about 60 million a year. This year's team has I believe about a 43 million dollar payroll. The difference could have been useful in the bullpen, where decent arms could have been had, rather than relying on Marmol and Dunn, who is also an arsonist like Marmol.


Stanton has just hit his 2nd HR and the game is now tied 4-4. He is the one indispensable Marlin, the ONLY hitter in the lineup that strikes FEAR in opposing pitchers. That's why I was so upset with those who have been demanding he be traded. Yes, he can be somewhat of an outfield liability, (great arm, but has trouble judging fly balls near the wall) but when you have an offensive force like Stanton in the lineup, it changes the way everyone is pitched to.

Maybe the losing streak does NOT continue. Or maybe Redmond lets Marmol or Dunn let another game go down the drain. We shall see!


And that's all she wrote. Losing streak hits 6 games. Tonight it wasn't Marmol or Dunn, it was Dan Jennings. Which makes my point about PAYROLL, and how the lack of money our cheap owner spends comes back to bite us in the butt. At 9 PM I posted "This year's team has I believe about a 43 million dollar payroll. The difference could have been useful in the bullpen, where decent arms could have been had". Look at the Phillies' bullpen, look at the Nats bullpen, look at the Padres bullpen. All teams that have spent money on a decent bullpen and have set up guys that were closers.


Watching Redmond in the post game press conference makes me want to puke. He's so COMFORTABLE in that position, explaining away lamely another loss. He never gets mad (except at his best player, Jose Fernandez last year) and his attitude is "oh well, what can we do, we're just playing poorly, blah, blah, blah".

I want to see a manager who HATES losing. A manager who is ANGRY after a loss. A manager who is furious at his team losing 6 games in a row. A manager who will do anything to win and plays every game like it matters. Mike Redmond is not that guy.

Flav C.

Padres, Phillies, Nats...all bullpens built on draft picks and young guns. Before this series, Phillies bullpen was the worst in the NL, with their fans desperately asking for Papelbon to be traded, and asking for Ruben Amaro's jr. head.

Now, go ahead and find another excuse, other than Redmond, Marmol, Loria, etc...

How about this excuse: other than Stanton, nobody else has been able to execute with RISP.

Or how about this one: over the last 6 games, starting pitchers haven't been able to go over 6 innings, have been hit hard, and we've been overusing the bullpen, just like last season.

Better excuses?

Stan M

How about if Ozuna is in RF. He might have caught that "triple" and the Marlins win the game 4-3 in nine innings.

Flav C.

The same Ozuna everybody wanted to be sent to AAA and Redmond wanted him in? It can't be because Redmond does not make good decisions.

Besides, moving him to RF means putting the only RBI threat this team has in..which position?

Oh no, we suck again!

I didn't think that this team could be as bad as last year. Boy was I wrong. They're a laughingstock once again.

Stan M

Flav, see my post from last blog. Stanton in LF, Yelich in CF and Ozuna in RF. And do you really think that the Marlin powers that be would allow Redmond to decide between Marisnick and Ozuna and so forth? Come on, you're better than that...at least half the time:)


Flav C, tell me you don't HONESTLY think this is a decent bullpen? Other than Cishek and Ramos, the rest are castoffs, wanna bes and has beens. If you look around the league, you will see that teams are actually SPENDING MONEY on non-closer RELIEF PITCHERS! Gee, what an amazing concept! The Fish, with an owner trying like hell not to spend any more money than he has to, are trying to see if they can somehow "get by" without a top notch pen. Remember what happened in Fredi's last season, when Loria gave him the "win or else" ultimatum, then went and stripped down the bullpen? Many teams have three CLOSER TYPES in their bullpen. The Marlins barely have ONE, Cishek, who might actually be a better set up man than closer.

Now I may be an old timer like Stan and I remember pitchers who pitched 3 inning saves, but it ain't done like that no more! Redmond is trying to manage like everyone else these days, giving relievers an inning apiece, tops, but he does not have the talent to do so.

And finally, there is Redmond's laid back, milk toast personality, Flav. Do you REALLY feel this guy inspires confidence? I KNOW you understand how much psychology plays a part in leadership of entities such as sports teams. I read the stuff you write; you do know your stuff. Sure, it's a long season. But mind-set and attitude on a baseball team is huge. Why do you dismiss it? The team that lost 100 games came out of the gate like gangbusters this year and it was crucial that the manager do what he can to keep a positive attitude going. And when he had the chance to stop the bleeding at 2 games he threw it away as if wins are easy to come by. Now the streak is up to six games and it ain't too early to drop 10 games under .500 and completely out of it. What is Red gonna do to TURN IT AROUND?


Oh, one more thing: the team has NOT been getting blown out. They are hitting better and have been in mostly every single game. What's wrong with them shouldn't be THAT HARD to fix. With the exception of a definite lack of talent in the front end of the bullpen, this is not a horrible team. I guarantee you that a mentally tough, pit bullish team attitude would go a long way towards curing what ails this squad the past week. But where is THAT attitude gonna come from? Not from Mike "oh gee, we just lost again, no big deal" Redmond!

Nat King Cole

Best thing to happen to the Marlins last nite was Ryan Zimmerman breaking his thumb. Zimmerman will be out 4-6 weeks.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

This is a young team. They are better than this. The pitching is better than this. If they win today (a big if), their winning percentage will stand right around where it would be if they finish the season with 75 victories (the total that I and Flav predicted).

The only remarkable thing that's happened up to now is that all their wins (so far) have come against weaker teams and they haven't won any against the better teams they faced. So far. That will end. Maybe today, who knows?

It's a long season, guys. Maybe we should just get settled in and not jump to any far-reaching conclusions yet.

Stan M

DT, All of your points are valid and I agree with them. Said in yesterday's blog that the present standings looked like they could also apply to end of year, with the Marlins third. What I do find troubling is how we are losing. Most of us were all over Redmond for a couple of his recent moves, and they were game changers. Realistically, most current managers would also have held back Cishek just as he did. Not pinch hitting for Dietrich is another matter. It was just not a thinking man's move. I'm probably older than anyone else on this blog, but I can remember when Casey Stengel actually pinch hit in the first inning when he had a chance to blow a game open. The kid he pinch hit for never even got to bat in the game he started. But what did Casey Stengel know anyway? Then again he seemed to win the pennant and WS every year. And I'm dead serious about Stanton's defense in RF. Now there are 3 balls that might have been caught by Ozuna and they cost us games despite his mammoth HRs. We must win with pitching and defense and how did that old song go, "You can't have one without the other" But this team is actually hitting quite well. BA at the end of yesterday's game were: .289, .304, .314, .217, .275, .286, .136(not a regular), and .383. Just not hitting at the right time and I would also fault Redmond for keeping Jones (a major disappointment so far) in the middle of the lineup. We must accept the fact that we are stuck with Redmond because he is cheap and malleable. But as you say above, this young team is better than this but it will have to win despite the manager.

A little off the subject, but what is this FO going to make Redmond do with Furcal? Dietrich has really looked good at the plate, but I'll bet Furcal plays rather than see them admit that a mistake was made. And it will cost Dietrich important developmental time in this transition year. Dammit!

Stan M

Fellow posters, we are not alone. The following is from the Marlin Maniac blog:



The biggest thing to me is that the Marlins cannot play outside in cold weather just like the Dolphins and the Hurricanes. They are all bundled up in the dugout like its 30 below instead of a balmy 50. Is it a coincidence that Jose, Cuba born and bred, pitched the worst game in his career. Maybe today they will finally win one.

Flav C.

DT, completely agree with you. This team is much better than this horrible 0-5 away stand. And agree again with you that it is too early in the season to make far-reaching conclusions.

Alex, although what you wrote makes sense from a sports-psychology stand point, we have to have in mind that athletes respond differently to a manager/coach style. I've been following Redmond since the days he was managing the Blue Jays A+ category. And players loved to play for him, and with this Marlins is no different. What we see from him during press-conferences is very different from his direct approach with the players.

Stan, sorry my friend. You want to have your most athletic outfielder on CF, and Yelich would be a big liability over there, specially considering he doesn't have half the arm power that Ozuna does, neither he has the speed to cover so much turf. And as far as the decision on Ozuna, that was on Redmond. He said over and over during ST that he liked Ozuna's approach to the plate a lot. The bat avg was not there, but he was walking a lot more, striking out a lot less. And he emphasized "Ozuna drives runs", which is true. Red was very consistent throughout ST on that.

Folks, this team was built around their start pitching and it will go as far as the starting rotation goes. The bullpen is decent, and will get better. The team was not built to score lots of runs or to play catch up and rally from behind.

And that is exactly what happened these last 5 games. The team was behind every single game, the starting rotation was very bad, and had to rely a lot on the bullpen. Just fyi, these last 5 games saw the starting rotation 25 innings and the bullpen 18 innings. The normal situation would have been 30-10. So we all have to agree the bullpen is being taxed a lot and too early.

Alvarez will have to eat some innings today, or we'll be in trouble.

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