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Cishek returns to site of last blown save; Ozuna moves up to No. 2 spot

PHILADELPHIA -- Marlins closer Steve Cishek still has vivid memories of the last time he was charged with a blown save. It was right here at Citizens Bank Park -- on June 4 of last season -- when he was brought in to protect a 2-1 lead in the 10th.

Cishek gave up a leadoff home run to John Mayberry, and the Phillies went on to prevail in the 11th. Since then, Cishek has reeled off 31 consecutive saves, the longest active streak in the majors.

“I remember what pitch it was and everything,” Cishek said. “It was a slider. It just didn’t slide. It just kind of floated there. It felt good out of my had. Obviously, it was exactly where he (Mayberry) wanted it because he hammered it.”

Cishek returns to the site of his last failure having not pitched since April 5. He’s made only two appearances this season. As a result, Cishek has tried to keep sharp by throwing pre-game bullpen sessions, as he did Friday before the Marlins opened a three-game series against the Phillies.

“It’s not the same, but I’m throwing off the mound as much as possible, making sure all the pitches feel good, feel the same,” Cishek said. “I just don’t want to get lazy or complacent. I want to stay sharp.”
As for that last blown save, Cishek said: “It feels like yesterday.”

Marcell Ozuna found his name in an unfamiliar spot on the lineup card when it was posted inside the Marlins' clubhouse on Friday.

Manager Mike Redmond had him in the second spot, behind Christian Yelich. It was the first time Ozuna has batted any higher than the cleanup spot.

"We just flip-flopped it thinking that Ozuna's been swinging the bat well and he has really good numbers in Philly," Redmond explained. "Maybe hitting second will get him a few more fastballs."

Before Thursday, the last time Marlins hitters totaled 17 strikeouts in one game was in 2002 when they faced the Diamondbacks and pitcher Curt Schilling.

Every member of the starting lineup struck out at least once, except for the one player one would least suspect: Preston Wilson. Wilson struck out relentlessly -- even threatened what was then the single-season strikeout record in 2000 -- but managed to avoid being K'd by Schilling or any other Arizona pitcher that day.

"I'll wear that like a badge," Wilson said, laughing.

Wilson will have a new colleague on the FOX Sports Florida broadcast team. The network announced Friday that former big-league pitcher Carl Pavano has been hired to serve as an on-air analyst for Marlins games.

Pavano, a member of the Marlins' 2003 World Series pitching staff, will work select pre and post-game shows. He'll make his debut on Tuesday.


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Marlin Fan

Same story of not hitting with RISP . Bring back Webb and Quals . Previous posts talk about the Marmol fiasco ( and rightfully so) , but maybe the slide started when Eovaldi ( who pitched a great game to that point ) gave up a 3 run hr in the San Diego series ??? I know it's early , but maybe we could slowly but surely get a set hitting line up ?? Ozuna and Hechavarria have been all over the lineup , and how many times are Macgehee and Jones going to flip flop behind Stanton ?


And now, as I feared, the losing streak has hit 5 games in a row, as Jose did not have it tonight. Maybe it's too much pressure anyway to put on a kid as young as Fernandez, asking him to be not only The Ace, but also The Stopper.

All of this Redmond's fault. He had a chance to stop the bleeding at 2 games and he just threw that game away so cavalierly that it boggles the mind. After losing 100 freaking games last year you would THINK that he knows by now just how hard it is to get wins. To blow that game Wednesday without giving it your best shot to win, is just unforgiveable. He should have managed that game like it was Game 7 of the World Series, because that was NOT just another meaningless early season game. That was their best chance of regaining their balance a little bit, to maybe recapture some of that confidence they started the season with. Yet Redmond threw that win away, like "who cares, we'll get 'em tomorrow". Except he should have known that tomorrow they were gonna get Strasburg. A win in THE GAME THEY WERE PLAYING was theirs for the taking if Redmond puts in AJ Ramos, their best reliever, other than closer Steve Cishek. If you go with Ramos & then Cishek, and you lose, nobody could say anything. Cause you went down with your absolute best. You gave it your best shot.

Redmond did NOT give his team their best shot at winning that game. And the team looks like they have lost all their confidence from Week One. Suddenly they are starting to play like last year's Fish. Cannot get a hit when they need one. Consequently, the losing streak is at 5 games and counting. Nice work, Redmond. Obviously you learned NOTHING from last year's 100 loss debacle. You didn't even learn the one thing you SHOULD have learned: not to give away games, because wins are hard to come by.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Allison Williams belongs in the booth, over those two boring yokels. She has energy and presence. Are the Marlins misogynists? Carl Pavano? Seriously?

who's on first

dude, this alex guy is sick...hahaha..he copies and paste the same stupid rants every baseball site! get a life , pazzo...

Stan M

Alex has spent 2 years attacking me personally. However, that is in the past. The guy posted a very good argument above. He distained the overuse of caps and made a lucid presentation. Good. We can use more of that type of post here and certainly don't need the adolescent tripe immediately above.

DT, I'm surprised at your condemnation of our TV announcers. They have to make irrational managerial decisions, parsimonious FO transactions, and inept player performances sound interesting. I have Direct TV and next to Scully and the Met broadcasters, these guys do just fine in my personal opinion. Allison Williams is cute, Preston Wilson has a lot to say, actually too much to say, and old #9 should sit on his laurels, but away from a microphone. Consider what they have to work with, and that being considered, they make the games as interesting as is possible...and that's their job.


Well, Stan M, if you are ready to put our disagreements "in the past", so am I. After all, we both are serious Marlins fans and we are both old guys who know a thing or two. I still remember the traffic jams on the Grand Central when Koufax was pitching at Shea against the early Mets.

At any rate, this team is facing an early season crisis. This can easily become a 10 game losing streak if Eovaldi doesn't play Stopper tomorrow. The Nats are coming in for three games Mon thru Wed. This team needs a wake up call; they need to get FIRED UP. Unfortunately I don't see Redmond as the kind of guy who has the personality to get the team fired up. Maybe I'm wrong. Or maybe some of the players will get it done, maybe one or more of the new guys, the veterans like McGehee or Saltalamachia, or Jones. Somebody needs to get this team out of the funk they're in. Or one day soon we will wake up to the Fish being 10 games below .500. In MAY.

Stan M

Comments from an old fart who should be in bed:
1) Stanton is a good, not great, ballplayer who is totally unsuited to hit #3 in a competitive lineup. Granted there are now unsatisfying alternatives, but I'd have Yelich hit #3. I prefer a few singles and doubles (and damn the long home runs) to score runners on base and to keep rallies going, to a HR every 3-4 days.
2) Ozuna proved himself to be a magnificent right fielder. Stanton narrowly missed two long fly balls that, if caught, could have made a tremendous difference in the last few ballgames. Yelich has caught everything hit at him, and seems to get a very good jump on fly balls. Stanton is a right fielder who should be in left. Yelich is a left fielder who could easily be moved to center And Ozuma belongs in RF. Pitching and defense wins, so improve the defense and switch them around...until Marisnick is ready.
#3 Now that nitwit used Cishek to get him some work. Too bad he didn't get any work when he was most needed. Flav, how can you defend this guy?
4) Bases loaded, 2 outs and a pitcher who has retired all but 4 of 40 something left handed hitters is on the mound. So Dietrich stays in to hit and, of course, strikes out. Then he is pulled at the beginning of the next inning in a double switch. We should have had a RH pinch hitter up in that critical spot. Especially so if you weren't going to leave Dietrich's bat in the lineup anyway. Makes no sense.
5) The difference between this team now and this team a week ago is McGehee. Not condemning him in any way. Like him. But he has killed us in the middle of the lineup lately while in this slump.
6) Jones simply must be platooned. I can't understand how there could even be any argument.
7) During the Winter this doddering old man said he liked Hech's swing and that plate discipline can be an acquired skill. Looks like he's starting to put it all together...one of our bright spots.
8) Dietrich looks like an entirely different hitter this year. His pitch selection is much improved.
9) In contrast to all the criticism of our manager. some praise should be awarded to the coaching staff. They're running the bases better, their pitch selection has improved on players not named Stanton, and our starting staff is widely touted as having tremendous promise.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Stan, don't really want to condemn them as much as promote Allison. It is TV, after all, and she's easy on the eyes, while the males have faces made for radio.

When I'm watching a game, I automatically tune out the announcers, whereas she's caught my attention more than once.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

I don't intend to continue a nightly review of Redmond's moves, but as Stan points out, leaving Dietrich in there against a pitcher who kills lefties ... with the bases loaded, no less ... pretty much sums up his managerial ability. Reasoning doesn't matter and, yes, I know he HR'd earlier and is hitting well. To me, those factors only emphasize one of Redmond's shortcomings. It doesn't matter why he didn't pull him. A confident manager would have pinch hit in that situation with the game on the line. Period.

Stan M

There is more to eyesight than just whether or not a person sees 20/20. There is eye dominance, depth perception, eye coordination and God knows what else. I really think Stanton should have his eyes checked by experts in these areas. His pitch selection is still horrible and then there are those fly balls that he almost catches. Sometimes I think the ball is finding his bat and not the other way around. Whom would you rather have bat in a tie game in the ninth inning with the winning run on 2B? Yelich or Stanton? And that's why Yelich should hit 3rd while Stanton is really a #5 hitter in a normal lineup.

Stan M

Some of our highly touted minor leaguers have had mixed or poor results to date. Flynn had one good and one horrible start. Ditto Heaney and Conley. DeSciafani is 2-0 but one of his starts was mediocre. Urera was really lit up. Neither Marisnick nor Brantley have starting hitting. One bright spot is infielder Avery Romero who in low A ball is showing that he belongs one classification higher.

One player to watch closely is an OF named Silvero. As a Dodger farmhand a few years ago he would have ranked in the same category as Marisnick and Ozuna. Then a horrible accident robbed him of 2-3 years and the Marlins grabbed him for a song. He's no kid anymore at 27YO, but he is back and starting to look like his old 5 tool self. I wonder if he could play 1B? Otherwise he's a possible 4th outfielder or trade bait.

Juan Yanes

Everybody watched yesterday pitcher Jose Fernandez was in bad condition but manager Mike Redmond. He remains in the hill much unnecessary time. After in inning # 5 with bases loaded Marlins allow Dietrich off a lefty pitcher instead of bring Baker who is better in this case for get score runs. Marlins lack of a roguish manager and then will loose a lot of games

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