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Dietrich remains out of lineup with back spasms; Stanton HR video

PHILADELPHIA -- Second base has been a cursed position for the Marlins so far this season. With Rafael Furcal and utility infielder Ed Lucas already on the disabled list, the Marlins are now dealing with a minor back injury to Derek Dietrich.

Dietrich remained out of the lineup for a second straight day on Sunday with back spasms. Jeff Baker started at second. Dietrich doesn't think he'll be out for long.

"I'm feeling improvement today, so I'm available off the bench and will probably get back in there tomorrow," Dietrich said.

Dietrich said he felt "tightness" in his lower back "after I made that relay throw on Jimmy Rollins' triple (Friday). When I threw it in, my back started feeling a little weird. Then when I woke up, I was tight. We just erred on the side of caution, got a lot of treatment. I'm feeling a lot better today."

-- Adeiny Hechavarria has a 10-game hitting streak going at Citizens Bank Park. Hechavarria is also hitting a team-leading .383 (tied for 8th in the N.L.). For those reasons, and with Jeff Mathis handling the chores behind the plate, he's hitting in the No. 2 hole today when the Marlins try to avoid a sweep.

-- If you haven't had a chance to see it, here was Giancarlo Stanton's latest tape-measure job. The folks at ESPN Stats and Info calculated the distance at 469 ft. Stanton has now hit the longest and third-longest home runs this season in the majors.



Marlins: Yelich 7, Hechavarria 6, Stanton 9, Jones 3, McGehee 5, Ozuna 8, Baker 4, Mathis 2, Alvarez 1.

Phillies: Gwynn Jr. 8, Rollins 6, Utley 4, Howard 3, Byrd 9, Brown 7, Nieves 2, Asche 5, Kendrick 1.


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Flav C.

The idiot from the Marlins Maniac wrote he wants to see Redmond gone because of the fact that Dobbs was pinch-hitting....Sorry but find another lame excuse.

Dobbs is pinch-hitting because THAT'S WHAT THE MANAGER HAS ON THE BENCH.

Lucas is hurt, Furcal is hurt, and now Dietrich is hurt too. Guess who is left? Dobbs, Reed, and Solano....What a powerhouse!! But yes, blame it on Redmond.

The other day you all were blaming Redmond for not pinch-hitting for Dietrich with bases loaded, since the pitcher was a lefty....on the 5th inning??? And Dietrich had already hit a HR and walked. Not mentioning he bats at least 40 points higher against lefties than righties in his career.

Who would like to see pinch-hitting for Dietrich at that point? Jeff Baker and his .140 bat avg? Solano and his .140 bat avg? Reed and his .200 bat avg? Or maybe Dobbs, the beloved Dobbs?

Maybe it would be better to stick with the guy who is hitting above .300 and has 2 HRs and 5 RBIs. Guess it makes sense, don't you?

Dionysus Thelxinoe

I would definitely have pinch hit Reed Johnson. In 243 PH opportunities, he has a .288 lifetime BA, which is pretty good. Last year, he was 11 for 37 for .297.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

And if I don't get a satisfactory response VERY SOON about why Allison Williams is not in the booth, while those inane males get to ramble on interminably, I'm going to have to get in touch with the local NOW chapter, the local EEOC, AND get my own lawyer involved, who is vicious and also just bought a Benz for his daughter, so he's got bills that need paying.

You're on notice, Loria and Sampson!!!

Flav C.

Guess it was just a matter of time for Alvarez. Luck can take you only that far when a pitcher leaves so many fastballs up in the strike zone.

But that was probably Redmond's fault too. One way or another.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Marlins go down meekly in the 7th, 1-2-3.

Definitely Redmond's fault, one way or another.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Good God, Utley is unconscious! Somebody needs to hand him a cup and test him!

Or is it Redmond's fault?


Is it Redmond's fault that he loves his pal "Dunner" so much that he has him as his 8th inning guy? The same "Dunner" who has been pure garbage this year and has an ERA of over 10? Is it Redmond's fault that the CHEAP MARLINS gave that BUM a new contract this year rather than going out and getting some decent bullpen arms? Yes, it probably is. Redmond most likely okayed the signing. Look at the Marlins pen. After Ramos & Cishek, exactly what is there? NOTHING. Shaky Bums like Marmol and "Dunner" and wastes like Jennings and Slowey. Kids like Camineiro who looks EXACTLY like Armando Benitez - fastball that is straight as hell, no movement whatsoever.

Chef Boy-R-Dee

After taking Dunn's meatball slider on the 1st pitch, Mr.Utley was waiting to see it again. Bye-Bye meatball

Camera Mike

A lot of us on here said we'd know more about this team after the road trip and unfortunately we did learn more. This is a team that cannot afford any mistakes and yet always finds a way to make multiple one during a game.

Did you see the looks on their faces in after the home run in the 8th? Morale is at a true low point now and the Marlins need one of their few veterans to step up and be a leader in the clubhouse to give them any kind if a chance no matter how low it may be against the Nationals.


I hate to say I told you guys so; in this case being right brings me no satisfaction whatsoever. I said it as soon as Redmond blew that game Wednesday night that this loss could very well send the team into a long losing streak that can easily go 7 games or possibly even 10 games. That wasn't just a lost baseball game; it was a psychological blow that this team is not yet prepared to bounce back from.

I also have been telling you guys that Mike Dunn is an arsonist; there is no way they should have signed him again in the off season. They should have shook hands with him and said good bye to the lefty who has trouble getting lefties out, the bum who gives up big HRs late in games.

This team is in big trouble. The losing streak stands at 7 with the Nats coming in for three. The bullpen is atrocious. Other teams bring in relievers that are not a huge drop off talent-wise from their starters. Not so with our Fish. We got Cishek, Ramos, and nothing but PRAYERS after that. That the Front Office went in to the season like that is a disgrace. This is exactly like 2010, Fat Fredi's last year. Fat Jeffrey gave him an ultimatum - WIN OR ELSE. Then they went and completely wiped out the good bullpen staff they had the year before, pretty much guaranteeing Fat Fredi would be fired. That paved the way for Loria to hire Edwin Rodriguez, yet another guy with no managerial experience. Looks like this team might be completely out of playoff contention by early May.


And who was the genius who thought signing Jeff Baker would be a good idea? That money could have been spent on some decent relief pitching. He's batting about .100, and with Furcal due back soon, and with Dietrich showing that HE deserves playing time, what the hell do they need Baker for? Solano will probably get sent down when Furcal gets here and I'd rather see him stay here than Baker.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Alex, I'm curious ... where were you when they won 5 of their first 7?


What do you mean "where was I"? Where were you during the 64 World Series? How did Gibson do? Was Mel any good? Mel who? Or Mike Shannon? Do you remember what Killebrew did against the Dodgers in the 66 Series? Did he have a good Series or did Koufax and Drydale shut him down? I have been posting here much longer than you have. During the team's first week I was posting here about Stanton's great start and that I'm glad they didn't trade him. Ask Stan M about that. Besides, worry about YOURSELF, not about me. I'm 58 years old and I will gladly put my baseball knowledge up against yours any day.

When the season started I was expecting the Marlins to be a better team than last year. I was happy as hell that they won all those games and I was hoping that the manager had learned some things from last year's 100 loss debacle. I have been CONSISTENT with my opinions about Redmond, Loria, and the Front Office for years. I don't have to answer to you. But I did. You happy now? No? Then talk about BASEBALL, and don't worry about guys posting stuff on the internet.


I don't know why I continue to watch these Redmond post game press post mortems. The same old flat, unemotional voice droning on and on about "we gotta get better". Just ONE TIME I would like to hear Redmond admit that HE MADE A MISTAKE, but it will be a cold day in Miami I guess before THAT happens. On the bright side I didn't hear Redmond say "Dunner" even once today. Redmond really likes the Dunner. Why, I have no clue. He's a BUM.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Unfortunately for you, during the '66 Series, Killebrew was either in the seats or at home watching the games on the tube, since the '66 Dodgers lost to the BALTIMORE ORIOLES. You might want to try that again with 1965, when his Twins lost to the Dodgers.

During the '64 Series, I was playing third base at St. Mary's Park on my P.A.L. team, which finished first btw.

Gibson did pretty well in that Series, winning the 5th and 7th games, although that bullet line drive that Pepitone hit off his right "lower" cheek had to hurt. But in the end (no pun intended), Hoot ran down the ball and amazingly threw him out, imo one of the best World Series plays ever.

Mel Stottlemyre was a rookie that year, finishing 9-3 (after going 13-3 in the minors) and helping the Yankees win their last pennant for a very LONG time (last one for The Mick, Whitey, and co.). Yogi was manager, but got fired after losing the Series.

Mike Shannon was the OK RFer on that Cardinals' team that beat the '64 Yankees. If you want to talk about their OF, you should be talking about Lou Brock and Curt Flood, who were much better. Tim McCarver was their catcher and he won one of the games with a 10th inning 3-run HR.

Anything else you need to be schooled on?

who's on first

Alex, the delusional pazzo, is going lunatic again !! Ja Ja Ja ! I love when he goes on those paranoid attacks, makes thing more interesting. Hey Alex, still writing on those espn boards too? what about the mlb.com?


All you proved DT (you probably know what the DTs are) is that you are good at Googling. The fact that I missed a year something proves that I actually AM 58 years old and probably FORGOT MORE ABOUT BASEBALL THAN YOU'LL EVER KNOW.


Hey, is that YOU Joe Frisaro? Still making up aliases? What are you doing over here? I don't think they allow you to sell Marlins gear on this website! Can you tell me one thing? Which is BROWNER, your nose or Loria's butt crack?

Lou Vales

On a lighter note, I hope nobody seriously believes Furcal has any interest at all in doning a uniform o play in a game.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Sorry, Charlie, but that's all memory. Google is great, but it takes a good while to put facts together. Unless you already know them. For me, those memories come from the good old Topps baseball cards and our old square box RCA TV, with the rabbit ears.

But you're right about one thing ... you ARE consistent.


Well, DT, if you really do remember what Mel Stottlemyre's MINOR LEAGUE RECORD was, I take my hat off to you.

Except that I don't believe that you really knew all that from memory. You were doing fine when you mentioned Stot's rookie record and of course when you mentioned Brock & Flood, etc., but you stretched it TOO FAR with that minor league record crap. Sorry, but I have to call bulls hit on that. But nice try, anyway. Seriously. You got me to laugh after another really lousy loss, and for that I thank you. LOL!


Did U Marlins fans enjoy the phony contrived Tommy Hutton rant,early in the game,on a play at home? T.Hut had been saving that all winter,and couldnt wait for the right time to let it the BS fly. What a ham.


Lou, it sure doesn't look like Furcal is in any hurry to play, does it? Although it might not hurt to have him. Baker is lousy. Seriously, why did we need FOUR 2nd basemen on this team? Furcal, Dietrich, Solano & Baker. And Ed Lucas also plays 2nd at times. Wouldn't it have been better to spend that money on relief pitching?

Stan M

Alex, please listen to me. Stop getting personal again. You even set DT off and he has always been calm and logical. There are many here who have a font of baseball knowledge. Many differ from an epistemological point of view but that adds to the overall interest. But whether one uses inductive or deductive methods of persuasion, it is always best to agree with me at least half the time as Flav will attest. It's the other half of Flav's positions that I wonder about. Sure I'm just kidding, but come on, Flav, Redmond might be a nice guy and beloved by his players, and still make horrible in game decisions. And yes, you hit for Dietrich every time against that guy with a RH hitter. You are our premier stat man and lefties are what...4 for 88 against him or something like that.

Arms Race

Marlins FO hopes Furcal has a few good months to trade him to a contender in July for a future mediocre pitcher.

Flav C.

Sorry Stan...I would never replace my hottest hitter in that game on the 5th inning for any of those bench players the Marlins has right now. Had Redmond replaced him for, let's say, Reed and he came out empty, you would also be complaining "how can Redmond pinch-hit for our hottest hitter in that game In the 5th inning" ? Unfortunately for a sports coach/manager, it will always be a lose-lose situation in the eyes of the fans.


Does anybody here,know this game?


When the team was winning it was stated "it's early", now they have hit a bump in the road & it's still "early". The Nats have been hit with a bunch of injuries...lets return the favor & take 3 from them.

Camera Mike

Spitballer, I do appreciate you're optimistism. You are right that it is early but I am still starting to get depressed over the season already. Nothing where I'm going to need the wife to talk me off the ledge but this road trip has still brought me down.

Hopefully playing at home again will bring back some of the energy they played with before.

Seth on Meth

Marlins are looking past the Nats to face Lomo the Great and his powerhouse Mariners this coming weekend.


regarding the bullpen, any idea why they didn't resign Qualls? He was pretty good last year.

Flav C.

Qualls was a "one-hit-wonder" with the Marlins. Just look at his previous 4-5 seasons.
He became free agent and wanted a long-term deal with some stupid team that would offer a long-term contract for a washed up 34 years old (which was exactly what the Marlins did with Bell).
Well, he got his wishes granted: The Astros is paying $9 mil for 3 years. Good for him.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

2 yrs/$6M, that's why.

Flav C.

Option for 3rd year. My bad.

A Realist

These Marlins are no different from any othr years. Lots of young talent that desn't have the mental makeup for success. Dietrich is WAAAYY TOO ARROGANT tobe having all these errors at 2nd. He's cost us two games already. Stanton is very shaky out there in right. Great signing in Garret Jones at 1st! (Can you sense the sarcasm?) Alvarez and Turner look like school girls getting pushed around ou there! Get some moxy you pansies! Have some pride.

This team just has a culture of losing. No matter who you bring in here, they just start losing. Wonder why?! Because it's accepted here. Players don't lose their jobs for losing. They get extensions (Dunn). SOS!!! No wonder people don't go. Seven losses in a row all because you lost a close game to the Padres. Mental Midgets!!

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Flav, hadn't even seen your post when I submitted mine at 8:55. Weird.

Camera Mike

Flav, I just read an article on Bleacher Report on every teams prospect who's off to a bad start and they named Trevor Williams for the Marlins. I'm not familiar with him and knowing you know more about our prospects then anyone else here I'd like to ask your opinion. Have you seen him pitch? Also do you or anyone else know how highly the organization rates him? Thanks.

Flav C.

Hey DT, that was very weird indeed. I was just correcting myself. You were right about the 2yrs/$6mil.

Camera, I am not familiar with Trevor Williams. I've been to 2 games in Jupiter so far but haven't heard anyone mentioning his name.
The guy who everybody is talking about right now is Austin Brice. I saw him against the A+ Mets and he dominated a really good lineup, very powerful, which included one of the Mets' top prospects (Brandon Nimmo). I heard he faired even better in his second start.

Camera Mike

Thanks Flav. While I have heard a lot about our young pitchers the names I'm familiar with are the ones we all are Heany, Nicolino, DeSclafani, but like you had not heard Trevor Williams name. I just saw he's scheduled to pitch for the Hammerheads tonight so I'll have to check in and see how he does. Also I'll have to keep up on Austin Brice.

Stan M

Camera Mike,
Here is a site where all of the Marlin minor league teams are shown. Toward the bottom on the right and click on "stats". Right now they are running a da or two behind. Flav is right about Brice. Two very good starts in row. Unfortunately it looks like Williams was really lit up.


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