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Furcal leaves rehab game with apparent quad injury

NEW YORK -- As if Friday's heartbreaking loss wasn't enough, it looks like Rafael Furcal could be out longer than anticipated.

According to Jeff Elliott, who covers the Marlins' Double A team the Jacksonville Suns, Furcal left Friday night's game with quad tightness after running the bases. Out since mid-March with a strained hamstring, the 14-year major-league veteran legged out a pair of doubles in Thursday’s game.

But things changed in the bottom of the third inning. After collecting his second hit of the game, Furcal sprinted past second toward third on Danny Black's base hit and eased up. Furcal easily scored moments later on a Brady Shoemaker double. But after receiving high-five slaps once he got to the dugout, Furcal took off his helmet and angrily flung it against the benches. Suns manager Andy Barkett talked to Furcal when the inning was over and elected to replace him at second base.

“I felt tightness in my quad going from second to third,” Furcal told Elliott. “There was no problem with the hamstring. I really think tomorrow it will be better. Life is like that. The only control I have is to keep playing hard and do the best I can. I’ll just wait to hear from the Marlins after that.”

After going hitless in his first two games with the Suns, Furcal had  put together four hits in his last six at-bats.

“My hitting isn’t my concern. I know I can hit,” the three time National League All-Star said. “I want to make sure my legs are in shape. I’ll be working hard at my hitting, and I know I can hit. That doesn’t bother me too much.”


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Dionysus Thelxinoe

Out longer than anticipated? You mean this wasn't ALREADY out longer than anticipated?

Marlin Fan

Stay out .

sad, very sad

most of the "off season upgrades" are quite comical.


Hopefully it will only mean an additional week in the minors for Furcal. I believe otherwise he would be ready for next Tuesday. Unfortunately, it looks like age is not being kind, and we may continue to see Furcal injured several times this season. He may have to conform to the utility player role in the very near term.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

This was a very difficult loss. The character of this team will become apparent by how they respond.


This team is special. I expect a run to the playoffs/world series will commence soon.

Lou Vales

I have expressed my amazement at the unique nature of Furcal's "REHAB" in former posts. I have always had the sense he isn't exactly what people would refer to as a "gamer", If anything he is more like a "once a yearly" . As Jim Mandich was so fond of saying on South Florida radio--"This entire thing has the stench of horse manure" It should be painfully(use that word in honor of Furcal) obvious by now Furcal will receive whatever money his contract calls for and NOT contribute a thing. Not exactly the manner in which Capitalism was to operate in that there is usually the expectation a service is performed and you are compensated for the service based upon the difficulty. I'm sure Josh Johnson sees himself as a Capitalist. IF Capitalism was based upon the concepts employed by Major League Baseball, I'm quite sure you would have entire cemetery areas of economists, historians, former PRESIDENTS, Senators and Representatives turning over in their graves. Don't play an entire year and get paid as if you did and then seek out a new contract with the high expectation you will still miss significant time and repeat the process. Beautiful!!!

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Lou, Furcal is a 36 year old shortstop being asked to change positions at this stage of his career. He was a leadoff hitter so his game obviously relies on his legs, which have to have diminished significantly. He missed an entire season. None of these developments surprise me, including the clown management's decision to give him what is for them a substantial contract.

A Realist

I didn't even finish watching that game. I knew better than to give them my heart and get crushed. Today, someone else will make a mistake and cause us to lose. Slowey will pitch solid, 3 ER's in 6 IP, but Marlins only manage 1 run, go 1-13 with RISP. McGhee has a late throwing error that blows it wide open. Mets score 2 in the 7th.

Ill say it ahead of time that I hate you, McGhee. Just know it's my emotions talking. After another qualude, Ill love you again in the morning.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Qualuudes are real? I thought that was a recurring hazy dream I had back in the 70s.


LOL!!! I don't think Quaaludes exist anymore. I doubt anyone would even talk about them anymore, but then The Wolf of Wall Street came out.

The Marlins are more of a team that will cause someone to reach for Valiums.


The guy who wrote that "most of the off season upgrades are comical" needs to stop posting as he knows ZERO about baseball. McGehee and Jones, even with Jones' struggles this first month, are a huge upgrade over Polanco & Dobbs at 3rd and 1st, which is who we had last April. Saltalamaccia is not good defensively, but is a definite upgrade over Mathis due to his hitting, strikeouts and all.


No one in his right mind would get on Cishek for last night's loss. He was due to blow one eventually. Anyone expecting perfection is nuts.

HOWEVER, with the Mets due to send up all those LEFT HANDED HITTERS IN A ROW, it's really too bad that this bullpen did not have a LEFTY SPECIALIST. You know, a guy like Choate, for example; a guy who completely shuts down lefties. It was obvious that Cishek didn't have it last night. If we had a lefty specialist we could have brought one in. Instead we have Dunn, who does not scare good lefty hitters. In fact he doesn't scare ANYBODY at all these days. So tell me again why we kicked Choate to the curb? C'mon, everybody knows the answer to THAT. C-H-E-A-P-N-E-S-S.

Lou Vales

I was so aggravated that I took a clonazepam---which is the new drug of choice if you go by movie references---I believe by next Sunday I will have moved on. You can't take a team seriously that literally appears helpless against every quality pitcher they face. At times they appear to be totally over matched. The first few games when they faced less than quality pitching gave you an overinflated sense of improvement they had made with the batting order but it was all a cruel charade.


I for one wouldn't mind seeing Furcal finally get here, if he plays and hits like the old Furcal. He should be leading off and Yelich should be batting 2nd, NOT Ozuna, who strikes out way too much. He is not the guy youn want batting 2nd, a spot where you want guys who can make contact and if they make outs, at least those outs should be PRODUCTIVE outs. First inning, Yelich at 2nd base, no outs. Ozuna HAS TO MOVE YELICH to 3RD BASE. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

This team has moments where they relapse and go back to hitting like last year's Fish. Frank Menechino seemed to have had a positive effect on the hitters early this season, but lately these guys are slipping right back into their bad habits from 2013. They swing at bad pitches, and as for situational hitting and making productive outs, forget about it, it's like these guys never HEARD of the concept. The seeds of this loss were planted when the Marlins left runners on 3rd base with less than two outs. The score should have been 5-2, not 3-2 going into the 9th.

And Stanton? He almost NEVER swings at the 1st pitch, yet he should. Pitchers are constantly throwing him fastballs right down the middle as they know he rarely swings and they can immediately put him in the hole 0-1. But when he DOES swing at the 1st pitch (only 7 times in 92 ABs!) he is batting .571, four hits, one HR, 2 doubles and a single, 4 RBIs. Pitchers know that if they can get him to an 0-2 count, it's pretty much OVER. He's batting .182 with an 0-2 count with only 1 RBI, and no HRs.


I guess Redmond really feels no urgency to win any games here. Just as in Washington he brings in Marmol in the 8th inning with a one run lead rather than Ramos, tonight he decides to go with Slowey rather than Koehler who SHOULD be pitching because of the day off. But Redmond obviously feels if this team falls 8 or 10 games below .500 early, WHO CARES? As long he loses LESS THAN 100 GAMES he can claim progress! And besides, no one expects the team to make the playoffs anyway with their payroll. So we get SLOWEY and a 3-0 deficit in the 1st inning.


Way to go, Redmond! Another BRILLIANT managing decision, going with Slowey today rather than Koehler. After all, what's the difference? Fish are 3 games under .500 and firmly planted in LAST PLACE inn the Eastern Division, but hey, who cares? If Marlins fans really CARED they would show it by coming to the games, right?


Saltalamacchia often strikes out looking terrible in the process. But he does get the occasional hit and sometimes a HR. Definitely an offensive upgrade over Mathis, and definitely better than that other nightmare that the owner & front office gave HUGE BUCKS to, John Buck.

But defensively Salty is not good at all. Teams run wild on him and the Marlins pitchers who allow runners to get huge jumps. And his throwing? How many times is he going to heave the ball into Center Field?


Redmond is managing like he's the skipper of a team in First Place with an 8 game lead in late September: "Do I use Slowey for a start or do I stick to my regular schedule and let Koehler pitch? Nah, I'll go with Slowey; we got a big lead, we can afford to give a game away here and there. Gotta keep my regular starters rested for the playoffs!"


Gee, would you look at that! Stanton swung at THE FIRST PITCH AND HIT IT OUT.

Here's what I posted at 5:34 before the game even started:

And Stanton? He almost NEVER swings at the 1st pitch, yet he should. Pitchers are constantly throwing him fastballs right down the middle as they know he rarely swings and they can immediately put him in the hole 0-1. But when he DOES swing at the 1st pitch (only 7 times in 92 ABs!) he is batting .571, four hits, one HR, 2 doubles and a single, 4 RBIs. Pitchers know that if they can get him to an 0-2 count, it's pretty much OVER. He's batting .182 with an 0-2 count with only 1 RBI, and no HRs.


And the Marlins, led by first pitch swinging Giancarlo Stanton overcome the lousy start by Slowey and climb out of a 5-1 hole to TAKE THE LEAD! Beautiful!


Way to go, Jennings. Yeah, Hech makes the error, but that BUM Jennings pitches like a freaking WIMP. Walks D'Arnaud, then goes 2-0 on Quintanilla and then has to come in with his "fastball" and ONCE AGAIN THE MARLINS BULLPEN BLOWS A LEAD.



Terrible, non-aggressive AB by Casey McGehee; he put his AB in the hands of the umpire. In that situation he's supposed to be trying to win the game with a HIT, but it was obvious he was trying to get on with a WALK and leave it to Salty to drive in that run. He stood there and let Matzusaka throw two perfect pitches right down the middle and never took his bat off his shoulder. Then Matzusaka throws an inside pitch for Ball 4 and the umpire, who was lousy calling balls & strikes the whole game, calls him out. Yeah, the umpire blew the call, but McGehee should have never put that AB in the umpire's hands, not with 2 outs and runners on 2nd & 3rd.

McGehee has had a pretty good game with 3 hits, but that was a POOR At Bat.


Let's give Credit where credit is due: Dunn was EXCELLENT tonight. That might mean that he's over his "slump" or whatever and he's going to be a good reliever from here on in. OR, it might just serve to make us trust him again and he'll go back to giving Marlins' fans agita again!


Salty goes Deep, and the Fish take the lead AGAIN! Crazy game! Dunn stands to get a well deserved win. IF Cishek can save it against the same guys who roughed him up yesterday.


Huge win for the Fish! Sometimes it just turns out to be your night. Despite starting Slowey and falling behind 5-1 early, then coming back and watching Jennings and Hechevarria almost give the game back to the Mets, they managed to pull this one out the hat.

Saltalamacchia? Not much of a defensive catcher, but a huge upgrade over Mathis at the plate. Two impressive opposite field HRs the past two games.

And again, great pitching by Dunn (for once) and Cishek gets back on track and starts another streak.


Marlins should thank their 10th man for the win tonite. The HP umpire gave them a huge assist in the 10th.


Cishek had 32 saves in a row going... You know why boxers abstain from any sex while in training for a fight? Because it causes you to loose part of your "vital energy"...it weakens your knees...This is true my Marlins friends!
Now, do you know who came over to "visit" Cishek on the Marlins off day in New York? His wife...
This happened the night before the game vs the Mets when Cishek blew the save after saving 32 in a row. This was not a coincidence my Fish fans.

Jim Stout

I can see having a quad injury making it really difficult to leave rehab in this situation. I hope that things start looking up for him. Those are not easy things to be going through.

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