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Furcal pulled off rehab assignment with tight groin

NEW YORK – Rafael Furcal doesn’t look like he’s going to be returning to the Marlins anytime soon.

Sunday, the Marlins decided to cut short his rehab assignment, two days after his right groin tightened up on him while running the bases for Double A Jacksonville.

The Marlins paid the 36-year old second baseman $3.5 million to serve as the team’s leadoff hitter. But he injured his left hamstring in the middle of spring training and began the season on the disabled list.

President of Baseball Operations Mike Hill said before Sunday’s 4-0 loss to the Mets that if the Marlins pulled Furcal off his rehab assignment he would likely sit out five, six days and then restart his rehab.

"We were starting to see much more consistent at-bats," Hill said of Furcal. "His hamstring feels great. His defense has been solid. So, it's just a matter of making sure his body is ready what he's going to undergo here."


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A Realist

Nice. And to top it off we lost again. I really could care less about Furcal.


Furcal told Hill "fo shizzle ma nizzle"

A Realist

Who cares about Furcal. We suck and he's not going to change anything. He's here for another paycheck.

Seth on meth

Only 3 games under .500 ,I see the play-offs and World Series ahead for this Marlins team

Dionysus Thelxinoe

It's called malingering, and ordinarily I would find it troubling, but because Furcal's salary is coming out of Loria's Welfare Program .....



That's really too bad. I would like to see what this team would do with Furcal leading off and Yelich batting 2nd. Ozuna is not a #2 hitter; strikes out too much and is a terrible situational hitter.

A Realist

A decent #2 hitter would change what? We can't get hits with people on base anyway...

Flav C.

As much as my friends here in this blog keep bashing the hitting aspect of the Marlins, I'd say this is by far the least of the problems right now. Would I like the team to hit better? No doubt about it. But guess what: This team was not built to be an offensive juggernaut. Since day 1 it is being said that the future of this team would revolve around pitching.

The FO brought in some pieces that would help the team to score more runs than in 2013 and for the most part. that's exactly what they have done: in the NL, the Marlins is 3rd in bat avg with RISP, 3rd in runs scored, 5th in bat avg, 2nd in OBP.

So, if in the offensive aspect the team is fairing good, why is the Fish the cellar-dweller once again?


This should be the solid foundation for this team, and hasn't fulfilled its promise so far. And when I say pitching, I'm not talking about bad pitching through and through. I'm talking about pitching when it matters most for a team like the Marlins: Contributing when the team scores 3+ runs in a game.

Don't expect the Marlins to score tons of runs every game, but expect them for the most part to score at least 3 runs. So far, the Marlins scored 3+ runs per game 71% of the time (17 out of 25 games). That is a pretty good record, and in line with the NL average.

What is not in line with the NL average is the % of wins the Marlins has when scoring 3+ runs. The NL average is of 74% wins when a team scores 3+ runs. The NL East average? 74% too. Mets have won 72% of games when scoring 3+ runs. Phillies have won 65%. The Nats have won 76% and the Braves have won 83%.

If you look throughout the NL, all teams with a W-L record above .500 have won at least 72% of its 3+ runs scored games.

The Marlins have won only 59% of the games when they score 3+ runs. That puts them all the way on the bottom of the NL.

So, to put in more exact numbers, the Marlins won 10 of 17 games when scoring 3+ runs. Had they won 12 or 13 of those games instead of 10, that would have put the team automatically above .500.

And why am I saying pitching is the culprit here? Simply because if you look closely into the games the Marlins scored 3+ runs and still lost, either the starting pitching put the team automatically in a hole, or the bullpen couldn't hold a lead, or it was a combination of both (bad starting pithing, team comes from behind ties a game and bullpen loses it).
You can pick your poison:

- 4/2 vs. Rockies: Alvarez puts the team on a 6-1 hole. Game finished 6-5.
- 4/9 vs. Nats: Hand/Slowey/Jennings blew a 5-0 lead going into the 4th inning. Team comes from behind and takes a 7-6 lead into the 8th, when Marmol blews the save.
- 4/11 vs. Phillies. Jose puts the team in a 6-2 hole. Game finished 6-3.
- 4/12 vs. Phillies. Eovaldi allows 4 runs in 6 innings. Teams ties the game and Jennings allows the GW run in extra-innings.
- 4/13 vs. Phillies. Alvarez blew a 3-1 lead bottom of the 5th. Dunn allowed the GW run in the 8th.
- 4/16 vs. Nats. Marlins took a 3-0 lead to the top of the 6th, when Salty committed 2 consecutive errors and allowed Werth to have an at-bat with 2 on base. Without the errors, the inning would have ended without any runs scored by the Nats, and would have allowed Fernandez to reach the 8th inning.
- 4/25 vs. Nats. Cishek blew a 3-1 lead.

Just to finish this up, 8 of the games where the Marlins scored 3+ runs were against NL Foes. The Marlins lost 6 of them.

A Realist

Flav, I can't argue with anything you have illustarted here as it is all backed by facts. What I can say is the Marlins pitched well in the Atlanta series and only managed 4 runs total. Needless to say, they lost 2 of 3.

With that said, the pitching hasn't been great from the bullpen. Well, what did we not spend any money on this year? The bullpen. Guess it's no surprise that this ridiculous excuse for a front-office did nothing to replace what they lost in Webb and Qualls. Let me check that. We did bring in Marmol who is a loose cannon. Carter Capps finally got brought up and didn't do too badly first time out. Henry Rodriguez is another loose cannon in the minors.

Then, if the starters and the bullpen hold their own, the fielders find a way to make an error or go 1-9 with RISP.

If it's not one thing, it's something else. The funny thing is they brought in some veterans and they are worse than the young guys.

Salty can't throw out a runner to save his life. The Braves exploited the heck out of him. Garrett Jones is a poor excuse for a 1st baseman. He just finally started hitting, but most likely won't continue based off his last two years of struggles.

We suck! SOS!

Marlin Fan

Good point Flav

A Realist

Good point and I cannot argue with those facts. I will say that once the pitching handles their business, such as the Braves series, the offense musters 4 runs total in 3 games.

If it's not one thing it's the other. Every game.

Salty's getting run all over. The Braves and Mets exploited him.

Garrett Jones looks better of late, but he'll soon revert back to what he does best and that's batting .230-.240 with a couple of homers.

What has Stanton done in between hitting HR's here and there? Not much. As of late he's not driving in runs when we need them if it's not by hitting a HR.

Hech and Ozuna are back to their immature ways at the plate swinging at garbage bouncing off the plate.

Just disgusted!

Stan M

Flav, what you say is kind of obvious, but you spell it out with numbers. I would throw in a good dose of what the Realist says above and add one other point. This manager doesn't help and some of his gaffs have been the cause of missed opportunities and/or pitching mismatches. A more competent man at the helm wouldn't come close to reversing the trend completely, but in my opinion, the team might have squeezed an extra win or two out of the roster he has been given to work with. I say again that Stanton is not a #3 hitter, but who else could fill the role except Yelich and then who would lead off. I really think that Detrich is being misused hitting so low in the batting order.

Juan Yanes

Marlins manager unknown the way for win games. Sure his lack of experience don't allow make the necessary movements into the team to get good outcomes. Mr. Loria need bring a decent new manager if he wish watch a winning team

Flav C.

Grant Dayton today completed his 12.2 inning with the JAX AA without allowing a single run. That was today in a matinee game where the Suns won the game with a Realmuto go-ahead Hr in the 8th inning and Dayton pitched the 9th for his 3rd save in 3 opportunities. Now , how good has Dayton pitched since coming back from surgery in May of last season?
He,s pitched 50.2 innings, with a 1.78 ERA, 1.08 WHIP, 12.6 K/9, and a dismal 2.6 BB/9 ratio.
Lefty hitters have batted .151 against him, and righties have hit .229.
The guy is 26, lefty, with 3 very good pitches, and it is in the 40 man roster.

Stan M

Who would be a better help for this team right now? Dayton or Boggs? Is there any doubt? I didn't realize that he was already on the 40 man roster as you have pointed out. It can be very frustrating to be a Marlin fan and here is an exact example. Damn!

Juan Yanes

Redmond should read a little about Casey Stengel, Preston Gomez and Boby Cox manager styles, and leave his apathy style

A Realist

Flav, that's the frustrating part. They deliberately wait to utilize these young guys like Dayton, Heaney, etc because of contractual control over a player. It's a business to these guys first. Wish we had fan's of the team as the leaders in the front office. Winning would make this franchise profitable. People in South Florida want a successful team, which is no different than any other city in this country.

Do you really think Mike Hill and Loria are actual fans of the Marlins? They are fan's of winning because they see financial gain first, but not for the sake of the Marlins and their fans. Tomorrow Hill could be the GM of the Athletics and he'd be proclaiming from Alcatraz how much of a fan he is of the Athletics.

A Realist

Oh, and I love Baker and his reasoning for being horrible on the road. So Baker, you're telling me that you play better in Marlins Park? The same park that all the players seem to hate? And you play embarrassingly bad on the road? In the road parks you seem to want Marlins Park to be more like? You do realize that you sound like spoiled kids making excuses, right? You're probably the sounding board for all the players on the team that can't say what they want to, such as Stanton, Jones, McGehee, and Dietrich.

Shut up and play! No wonder Tino Martinez was going to start choking people out in batting practice.

Lou Vales


Lou Vales

Flav, Everything you write makes great sense,however, at some point you must utilize the Eye Test. This team CAN'T hit good pitching. Now do most players struggle against good pitching? Of course. But they don't struggle to the level of impotence that resembles a Viagra ad. I would implore you to watch the swinging through pitches, the taking of the hanging curves up in the strike zone, the taking of fast balls that cut the plate, the chasing of breaking balls in the dirt, the impatience when ahead in the count. It is all stark, it is all evident and it is all ugly. I rarely assign any responsibility to a manager over the performances of his players BUT in this situation this is a young team and a good manager could relate the importance of changing NOW or the consequences of continued bad AB's. There is nothing to do as far as Jones and Saltalamacchia. They are who they are and neither is changing his approach. The inability to hit a ground ball with a runner on 3rd, the infield back and less than 2 outs is staggering. I have really grown tired of the numbers that would seem to reflect satisfactory performance in comparison with other clubs. All I know is that these next 3 games will be more of the same and the Dodgers will be a continuation. We need the Mariners, Rockies and Padres--as long as we miss their aces. This is really painful to watch and soon the "hitting" will begin to impact the starting pitching.

Stan M

The team cut Dobbs and reactivated Lucas. Now that suites this old man just fine. Can you believe Loria actually threw a few bucks away? Now why can't Loria make some vile racist remarks so MLB would have to ban him like what the NBA did.

Marcos Rodriguez

Hey Stan M....I got an idea: lets see how many groups we can anger here: Loira goes to South Beach and picks up a transvestite who he puts up in a luxury condo who he owns...the building I mean....but he wont rent to Haitians, Cubans, or Blacks. This transvestite is of mixed descent....and likes to ride around in Bentley's and date Arican-Cuban-Americans much do Loria's dismay. This transvestite then gets Loria on tape saying how much he hates Afrincan-Americans, how much he hates to rent to Cubans and other latin american lazy, drug dealing, scum and that he does not want him or her to come to the games with Lebron or D-Wade. Oh, and the tape also has Loria chirping about how much he loves and supports Castro. We get rid of Loria when Selig sees this as his best opportunity to do what is best in the interest of baseball and forces Loria to sell the team to a rich zillionaire from South America. Two months down the road we hear that the tapes were fake and that Loria was duped into it by a conniving gold digger. How would that play?

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