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Greg Dobbs DFA'd, Ed Lucas reinstated from DL; Jacob Turner to start Saturday

The Marlins parted company on Tuesday with Greg Dobbs, designating the veteran pinch-hitter and infielder for assignment, and reinstated infielder Ed Lucas from the disabled list.

Dobbs, who is under contract for $1.7 million after working out a one-year deal with the Marlins last season, had just one hit in his 13 pinch-at bats and had not seen any action in the field. Dobbs' only pinch-hit came in the season-opener against Colorado. He ranks fourth with 32 pinch-hits on the Marlins' all-time list.

Dobbs and his agent negotiated his extension with Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria, reportedly without the knowledge of then president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest and his staff.

Lucas, who landed on the disabled list at the tail end of spring training with a broken hand, had played in three rehab games for Single A Jupiter, going 6 for 14.

Lucas was immediately inserted into the starting lineup. He'll start tonight at second base and bat second.

Marlins general manager Dan Jennings said the decision to designate Dobbs came down to his lack of versatility compared to Lucas.

"We just felt like that, at where he (Dobbs) was at this time in his career, and us needing the versatility to have guys who can play multiple positions, it was important for us to have at this point," Jennings said.

Jennings called Dobbs a "great guy, the best in the league at what he did, which was pinch-hit."

"It's never a good thing when you have to move a player, certainly someone who has meant so much to us as Dobbs has," Jennings said. "But it was time for us as an organization to make that move and Ed was ready to go."


Jacob Turner will be reinstated from the disabled list on Saturday and start that night against the Dodgers.

Turner, who has been on the DL with a shoulder strain, worked seven strong innings in his final rehab start Monday for Single A Jupiter.

"It all feels normal," Turner said of his shoulder, which he injured while taking practice swings in the batting cage.

With Turner's return to the rotation, Kevin Slowey will move back to the bullpen.


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say goodnite to the Dobber

Flav C.

The Dobber is a very good man and all of that. Always very patient with the kids, during baseball clinics, always very nice with the fans, etc...

However, if you can't hit as PH, it doesn't matter how good of a person you are. Wish him all the best. I guess he won't be complaining since his pockets are not exactly empty.

A Realist

Go get em' Lucas. Show these brats what it means to work hard.


Agree with Flav, Dobbs is a class act, but he just can't HIT.

Stan M

Thank goodness the FO finally made a positive move. Now, who is playing 1B against a tough left hander tonight? And where is Lucas batting? I hope #2.

Flav C.

My Fish Bytes friends who wanted Henry Rodriguez to be called up because of his 100 mps fastball should take a look at his last 2 starts (today and last 4/24) and see what the excessive number of BB allowed turned into.

Spoiler alert: Don't say I didn't warn y'all !

Flav C.

Stan, you should start giving some credit to Redmond, because he is listening to you:

Lucas hits #2 and Baker starts as 1B. Ozuna hitting #6.

And btw, No Upton brothers, no Uggla, and no Chris Johnson tonight.

A Realist

About time they get Jones out of there. Too bad Baker isn't much better. Guess we gotta go with what we got. They should try Solano at 2nd and Dietrich at first. Do it early in the season that way they get some time to build experience.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

The Dobber is gone?!?!?!? It's the end of an era!

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Redmond read Fish Bytes before he makes out the lineup.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Clark is back!!! Dude, how much vacation time does the Herald hand out?


Now if only someone in the rotation can STEP UP and be Don Drysdale to Jose's Fernadez' Koufax, or Mickey Lolich to his Denny McLain, LOL. What I'm trying to say is that somebody needs to step up and be that strong #2 starter that follows these dominant performances with strong games of his own. Eovaldi is the guy who is supposed to be that #2, but as yet he has shown mostly potential; he hasn't really gotten untracked yet. Henderson Alvarez is inconsistent and Koehler is as well. Who knows what we will get out of Turner Saturday. Somebody needs to grab the bull by the horns and take that #2 designation. Who do you guys think it will be?


Dobbs was done LAST YEAR. The Marlins basically made him their starting 1st baseman for April & May until Lomo came back and he was lousy. Batted about .240 with no power. A real nice guy and a fine veteran presence, he can no longer get around on the fastballs these kids are throwing these days. Just about everybody throws 94 or better, and he just can't catch up anymore. Too bad he had to be let go like this, but he walks away with a cool 1.7 million of Fat Boy's loot, so don't feel too bad for him.


As for Lucas, I always liked him and I like him batting 2nd much more than I like Ozuna in that spot. Lucas is INTELLIGENT and knows how to play Situational Baseball, meaning doing what the team needs him to do based on the score, how many outs there are, who's batting next, etc. Lucas knows how to move runners over and make productive outs.

Flav C.

Alex, you said it all about Lucas and productive outs: He lead the team in 2013 (players with minimum 250 at bats) with 43% of productive outs. Ozuna was a far 24% of productive outs in 2013.

Marlin Fan

Great to see Lucas back and performing. If he's not at second , have him at first and get rid of Baker. Sad to see Dobbs go . As everyone said and I agree, a class act , but can no longer perform like he used to .

Stan M

Wasn't it nice to see a ground ball head to 2B and not have to hold your breath? Hech seemed to come out of his funk. Great play in the field, a base hit, and a solid out on a line to RF. Baseball was fun again for one night.
Alex, to my knowledge, Eovaldi is getting the least run support (or close to it) of any ML starter this year. He's been just fine. My big worry is Turner.


I don't know what's up with Eovaldi and the lack of run support; it was like that last year too. Sometimes when a pitcher gets poor run support it makes him a better pitcher and sometimes a guy pitches worse because he tries to be too fine, and pitches scared, afraid to give up even one run. Eovaldi has great stuff but unlike Jose, who rarely walks ANYONE, Eovaldi has had occasional innings where he just loses control, starts falling behind hitters and then has to come in with fastballs in the strike zone. If he can overcome this, he will be a solid #2 starter.

Turner is a big question mark. Early last year he was impressive. But then he too was afflicted with control issues, and in his case those are much more worrisome than in Eovaldi's case. Eovaldi can at least reach back and throw 98 mph when he falls behind, and not everyone can catch up with that kind of heat. When Turner starts falling behind, he's in big trouble because he doesn't have the raw power to blow the ball by hitters. I'm really looking forward to seeing what he's gonna bring to the table Saturday.

Flav C.

Alex, you're absolutely right about Turner.

He was pretty good through his first 12-13 games last season after being called up from NOLA. He carried a 2.89 ERA through 12-13 games, until mid-August.

After that, it was clear he ran out of gas since he had piled up all the innings from his games at AAA. When things started to unravel for him, at that point, when the Marlins was facing the Dodgers, he had accumulated 150 IP, most in his career.

If he is able to put things together, IMO, he is a better fit at #2 than Eovaldi. Let's see how he performs on Saturday.

A Realist

I'm worried most about Turner, as well. Eovaldi can hang in there even on a bad night because of his velocity. Turner stays in the low 90's, but when he loses control and can't hit his spots he's in trouble. He gets rattled quick and doesn't show that fight when he's behind the 8-ball, like Koehler and Fernandez. He's timid. We'll see if he shakes this funk, but I think he will be the first pitcher traded once the dominoes start to fall for this group of hurlers. Depending on whether they can start winning on the road, we could see this day come sooner rather than later to make room for Heaney and Nicolino.

I hope they don't bring up Flynn, but I know he's coming too. SMH.....

Stan M

You've got it, Realist. When I think of pitchers who throw in the low 90s, and are usually right around the plate, I think of Nolasco when his curve wasn't working. And we all know what happened then. Turner hasn't nearly the curve that Nolasco had. In my opinion, Turner won't be in the starting rotation for too long; and yes, I've noticed that he gets rattled as well. I'm surprised that Flav seems to rate him over Eovaldi. Perhaps he was contrasting his style with The Kid and didn't want to see two flame throwers in a row. But then I'd just switch Eovaldi with Alvarez. Heaney is a sure thing to be brought up, but I think we'll see a return of Flynn, or else Conley, before Nicolino. Time will tell.


Let's hope Turner can perform. I am afraid he should have thrown an additional game in the minors before this return on Saturday. He needs to have sharp control and build up a bit his fastball velocity to be effective.

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