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Hechavarria, hitting leadoff again, has chance to catch Bonifacio for most hits by a Marlin to start a season

A couple of quick Marlins notes to share before I run down to the clubhouse:

> Shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria's 11 hits to start the season are the second most by a Marlin through the team's first five games. Only Emilio Bonifacio had more. He had 14 hits in 2009. Bonifacio didn't get a hit in his sixth game so Hechavarria, batting leadoff again Saturday, can catch him for the fastest start through six games.

> The Marlins lead the majors in batting average (.315) and runs scored (35). Their current run total tied the 2009 Marlins for second-most runs scored over the first five games of the season. The 2003 World Series champions tallied 39 over its first five contests. That same 2003 team holds the record for most runs through the first six games with 43.

> Casey McGehee is leading the Majors in RBI, and Giancarlo Stanton is setting the pace with seven runs scored.

> New hitting coach Frank Menechino has tweaked the swings and approaches of several Marlins hitters this spring. But he says the players deserve all the credit for the hot start.

"Everyday it's somebody different," Menechino said before Friday night's 8-2 blitz of the Padres. "Stanton's been hitting really well. He had a good spring. McGehee had a really good spring. I just tell them to focus on getting a good pitch to hit, have a good plan against pitchers and these guys are finding out what they can and cannot do.

"It's not going to be everyday, but they're finally figuring out they need a gameplan. What's good is some guy's game plans are the same, and then there will be one or two different. It looks to me like they're talking to each other saying 'Look what they're doing to Reed or Solano, Dietrich, Jones. Everybody is talking amongst themselves -- Bake and all them. They're getting comfortable being uncomfortable. It's a good start."


> Marlins (4-1): 1. Adeiny Hechavarria SS, 2. Christian Yelich LF, 3. Giancarlo Stanton RF, 4. Garrett Jones 1B, 5. Casey McGehee 3B, 6. Jarrod Saltalamacchia C, 7. Derek Dietrich 2B, 8. Marcell Ozuna CF, 9. Jose Fernandez RHP.


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I like mcgehee behind Stanton better but with deitrich and ozuna at the end I see Some more runs tonight.


expecting a reply from the fogies.


fogies taking their naps now,so they can stay up to watch game

Lou Vales

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Lou Valez

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Whats Gramps doin on Facebook?


Only an insecure,immature schmuck would tell complete strangers to check out his wife and compare her to yours. What a juvenile PUTZ.

Mrs. Vales

Yes Delray, Lou Vales is and has a juvenile putz.


Now that Stanton is starting to reach the potential I always said he had (he's still only 24!) can we FINALLY trade STAN M? The darling of Fish Bytes with his moldy old Brooklyn Dodgers stories and Pee Wee Reese nostalgic nonsense, meant to make us believe he actually KNOWS THE GAME, Stan M has been lobbying for a trade of Stanton for YEARS!!!!

Stan M, there's NO FOOL LIKE AN OLD FOOL. Like I said three years ago, Stanton will finish his career with over 500 HRs and will challenge Bonds, Aaron and Ruth for the All Time HR King title before it's all over. But hey Stan, shouldn't we trade him for a second baseman and a left handed reliever? LMAO

Juan Yanes

Yesterday afternoon Marlins Manager Redmond showed again he ins't a winning player. Top of Inning # 7 with score ahead for only 1 run and his pitcher Iovaldi with 90 throws and giving up two hits Redmond was uncapable of remove Iovaldi for a reliever. He lacks of decision always in late innings, the past year he had the same defect.

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