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LoMo hopes to show Marlins they made a mistake trading him

Logan Morrison said it felt "a little weird" returning to Marlins Park for the first time since being traded to the Seattle Mariners. But he likes his new home and teammates, and hopes to show the Marlins they made a mistake by trading him.

"I hope that I prove that they did," Morrison said Friday before the Mariners opened a three-game interleague series against the Marlins. "It's not like I'm going out there with that in mind. But, if I prove that they did, then that means I'm playing well and helping my team win."

Morrison won't be playing in the series. After getting off to a slow start at the plate with Seattle, going 3 for 20 without a RBI, the Mariners placed him on the disabled list with a hamstring injury. But he made the trip to Miami anyway and looked forward to seeing his former teammates.

Morrison summed up his time with the Marlins this way: "Enjoyable. Exciting. A lot of ups and downs. Disappointing, as well. A lot of emotions happened within six or seven years. Getting called up to the big leagues. Getting to tell my parents I was going to be a big leaguer. The Marlins made that possible. I'm very thankful for the time I had here."


Jacob Turner (right shoulder sprain) threw a bullpen session on Friday. He'll do so again Sunday before heading up to Jupiter to make a rehab start sometime next week.

Turner said his shoulder "feels good -- feels totally 100 percent normal."




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Camera Mike

Three bad outs on the bases now. Yelich's mistake in misunderstanding or not listening to Butler and trying for home, Hech getting caught stealing, and now Saltalamacchia being picked off. Hopefully the doesn't come back to bite us in the butt.

Marlin Fan

First Lomo wanting to show Marlins they were wrong . Surely you jest Lomo. Hurt already , Hart is hitting great, yeah right show em on Twitter .
Tired of seeing Dietrich butcher balls. Marlins this season have made 18 errors already compared to their oppents 10.. Bullpen stinks . Have Chishek pitch 3 innings ever night till his arm falls off .

Camera Mike

It's also time to change the line up some. I'm getting tired of watching Jones do absolutely nothing to help protect Stanton.

Marlin Fan

Amen Mike . I also enjoy how he handcuffs himself with throws to first . Maybe when Lucas comes back we can sit Jones against lefties.


Dunn, Dunn, Dunn. Now his ineffectiveness is affecting Ramos. Every time Dunn comes in to a game he gets SMOKED. First batter a line drive over Stanton's head that he has to run down, then a hard double to deep CF, followed by a hard grounder in the hole that Dietrich misplayed, and suddenly it's 1st and 3rd, one out. Now Redmond has to go and get his pal, "The Dunner" and bring in Ramos.

Ramos is good, but he's still a 2nd year kid that's learning how to pitch. He is NOT as good coming in to an inning to clean up another pitcher's mess. He's much better starting an inning himself rather than coming in with runners on base. He gives up the game tying hit and a great piece of hitting by a good hitter, Hart. Now Ramos has to go out and pitch the 8th.

Hey Flav C, can we bring up Capps and Drayton already?


Now Ramos is burnt and won't be available if needed tomorrow. Meaning if the bullpen is needed in the 6th, 7th and 8th innings tomorrow, we will have to go with Dunn, Marmol, and Jennings. Or Canieiro, the second coming of Armando Benitez. Throws the fastest straightest fastball in the game: 97 MPH with NO MOVEMENT AT ALL, LOL!

This team needs some serious bullpen HELP!

Flav C.

Alex, the way this team has been playing defensively, bringing other guys won't mean much. Dunn has his share of errors, but it is ridiculous to keep riding Dietrich game after game on 2nd base. Every ground ball finds a hole between Ss and 2nd base. Sola no is probably having a heart attack watching this from the dugout.
The offense has been giving a lot of opportunities for the bullpen and the defense close out games, but it is becoming more and more ridiculous.

Flav C.

And what's the point in keeping Jones batting 4th?


STANTON! What else is there to say? The guy is a BEAST! And the scary thing, (for the rest of baseball) is that at 24 he is STILL getting better. Still improving. That's why I was never in favor of trading him during the past few years when it was fashionable to recommend that the Marlins get rid of him for a bunch of prospects or whatever. My reasoning is simple: Stanton is the ONLY guy in the entire Marlins line up that puts FEAR in opposing pitchers' hearts. We have some other nice hitters, but NOBODY else makes the opposition sweat like Big G. I doubt he would accept a deal now, as much as he distrusts Loria, but they gotta TRY to get him locked up NOW.


But Redmond is still a CLOWN. Callingh Ozuna to bunt was crazy. He should have been out. Thank God the Marlins' video guy spotted the bad transfer and told Red to challenge it. And I still can't BELIEVE that the umps actually gave the Marlins a break! Amazing!

Marlin Fan

Stanton to the rescue again !!

Camera Mike

Great win as so far this season we have lost the games that were close late. Though like Rich and Tommy I do not agree with having Ozuna bunt. Even if it had gone as planned and advanced the runner they just would have walked Stanton to the now open first base so they could face Jones. As I said above I'm tired of seeing Stanton get no protection from the clean up spot.

Though I'm not too upset right now and that was a great win to pick up.


Well Flav, I cannot believe Dietrich is gonna suck all year. I do not recall him being a butcher last year. This appears to be the result of nerves after taking that ball in the face. Then you come back and make an error or two and suddenly you find yourself THINKING when a ball is hit to you rather than just REACTING aggressively and going after the ball. He's waiting for the ball to come to him and is treating it like a live grenade. I've played some ball in my life as I can tell you have too. I'm sure you can relate to what Dietrich's going through; I can. After a few bad plays you find yourself hoping the ball isn't hit to you. Lack of confidence builds on itself.

Anyway, Furcal will be here soon. They can platoon Dietrich with Furcal (although I believe Furcal is a switch hitter, no?) and maybe that will take some pressure off the kid.


Nice postgame interview with Stanton. Reporter asks if his pitch selection is better this year and the kid replies with a smile "I'm still chasing some". Ya gotta like this kid's humility. If he was playing in Boston, NY, or LA, pretty much anywhere but here for the Marlins, the entire sports world would know about him, he'd be getting TV commercials and all sorts of endorsements. This owner and front office don't even realize what they have in this kid. They should be promoting him and Jose Fernandez, big time.


Redmond will be fired before Memorial Day


overturned play at third-I don't think the ball was ever in third basemans glove. it was bobbled around between his arm and his body. he never had control of the ball until his foot was off of the bag. that is why the play was overturned....I think

Stan M

Great win, but that GS covered a multitude of sins. A horrible managerial decision. Baserunning gaffs. Bad defense by both Stanton and Dieteich. Jones further proof that he is killing the team hitting in the middle of the order (25Ks and a .311 OBP). Another failure by Dunn. And the team still won. But the next two games with Alvarez and Slowey do not inspire confidence.
Good news from the minors. Flynn had a magnificent start, and both Nicolino and Urena had very good starts. Heaney has been excellent since his mediocre first start, and Capps has looked good in relief. Conley still needs some work. On the hitting side, we have a first baseman we got over the Winter who is hitting quite well. Unfortunately, he hits lefty as does Jones.

Go gogo

We need to sign Kendry Morales right after the draft, Jones is doing what he always done: suck....protecting Stanton will make a huge difference in the outcome of this season.....but then again, theses are Lorias Marlins ,so no hope

Juan Yanes

Logan Morrison is better than Jones, no doubt, but his problem is his inconsistency in health and accomplishment. Marlins bullpen seem very weak but Chisek, will be very hard win games if they not rebuilt the bull pen


i read the above.... ALEX has it right...he should mange this time REDMAN is a deer in the headlights guy....bunting to sacrifice STANTON?! for their "cleanup" guy JONES?!!!
(red mound! said he would take his chances with?) fire his ass now!


TRADE DUNN....if they can??!!!!

Flav C.

The worst part about the sac-bunt attempt is the fact that Ozuna last sac-bunt was probably in Greensboro, about 3-4 years ago. The guy can't even remember how to do it anymore.

Dietrich range, for some reason, is limited to a couple of feet. Ground balls more than 3 feet within his reach are easy hits. Not sure what happened to him but his fielding is pretty bad right now.

Jones has to move to #7 in the order. With a lefty pitching tonight, we shouldn't even see him in the lineup. Keep him in the bench for pinch- hitting against righties.

Very interested in seeing if Alvarez is able to keep his sinker at the bottom of the strike zone. This Mariners lineup is very probe to ground balls, so if he is able to keep the ball down, he can go deep in the game. I' d very much appreciate if he could go 8 innings and hand the ball to Cishek in the 9th.

Flav C.

Correction: where you see "probe" , please read " prone" .

Camera Mike

Seems to me everyone here is in agreement on moving Jones out of the clean up spot. I agree with Flav that the 7th spot is a better fit for him. I'd move McGehee up to the 4th as he's hitting .533 with RISP.

Should be interesting to see how Alvarez pitches tonight and if he can keep his sinker down in the zone or even just below it I think it'll work for us. Seattle has now lost 4 in a row and is having trouble scoring runs. This seems like a team that would chase pitches out of the strike zone right now.

A Realist

I can almost guarantee that the Marlins won't go after Kendrys Morales, but man wouldn't this lineup be scary if they did. Maybe if the team is leading the wildcard race in August.

I have never liked Stanton defensively. Even when he was slamming into walls last year on highlight reels. Dietrich and him really scare me.

Redmond is just not very smart. He looks like he's timid and more concerned with being liked than being respected.

The Marlibs should try Marisnuck at first. Big, solid glove, and he can hit.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Storytime: Once upon a time, there was 19 Y.O. SS who was a the top 20 prospect of Baseball America. In his first year at A Ball, he was pretty much lost at the plate and hit only .210. He became very determined to work on his hitting, and through hard work brought his average up to .295 the next year. Unfortunately, he had ignored his fielding and committed an ungodly 56 errors that same year. Given his strong work ethic, he worked on his fielding nonstop, which some baseball experts said would never ever be good enough for the Major Leagues. His fielding improved slowly and steadily, but there continued to be strong critics of his defense, who felt that it would never be up to par. Even after he made the majors and won Rookie of the Year, the criticism of his defense continued. His only response? Work hard and prove them wrong. Finally, at the age of 30, in his TENTH big league season, he won a Gold Glove!! In fact, he won the Gold Glove 3 years in a row, four of the next six, winning FIVE in total. He certainly proved them wrong, didn't he?

Like this SS at the beginning, Derek Dietrich is still developing. He can hit. Whether he can improve his fielding or not depends on his work ethic. One thing is sure, he'll be around a lot longer than Furcal. So if I was the Marlins manager, I'd have him talk this SS and learn a lesson or two about hard work from him. The sky's the limit.

In case you haven't figured it out, the SS's name is Derek Jeter.

who's on first

guess u got it right flav c...no jones, no dietrich in the lineup ... tough lefty pitching tonight...good luck for baker and solano...

Dionysus Thelxinoe

As for Jones, I think he's just a one-year rental, given that his salary almost doubles next year, the factor that has gotten most every other FA signed by the Marlins traded after one season.

J. Christ

Now , tell us a story about the Easter Bunny

who's on first

agree w/ dt on dietrich...the kid works hard and will be the 2b of the future w/ the marlins...furcal is the kind of player a young one can learn a thing or two...ask the hammerheads kids watching him play in his rehab games...

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