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Marlins hoping to get closer Steve Cishek some work

Steve Cishek has the longest current consecutive saves streak in the majors at 31. 

The next time he pitches it might not be a save situation. 

Skipper Mike Redmond said Monday the team needs Cishek to get some work. He's pitched just once since the season-opening series against the Rockies -- last Friday night in Philly -- and has played spectator as other Marlins relievers have blown games with late home runs over the last week. 

"We've talked about it," Redmond said of getting Cishek into a game earlier for the sake of putting him  to work."It's crazy that we're in the same exact situation we were in last year. We've won more games this time around. It's tough. The first week we scored a lot of runs and didn't get a chance to use him and then last week we took a couple tough losses, tried getting him the ball. We might be in a situation here where we bring him in the eighth to get him some work, possibly throw a couple innings. We need him to pitch."

Cishek had three situations during last year's 100-loss season where he got six or more days worth of rest between appearances. So he's used to long layoffs.

"Everyday is just about going out there and hoping the team puts you in a situation to secure a win," Cishek said. "Our first six games we were raking. So even if we've been down I'm still trying to key in, get myself mentally ready to go in. It's still early. I feel like we have a good bullpen. I think we'll handle ourselves fine for the remainder of the year. We just had a little bad run."

> Second baseman Rafael Furcal, who spent last week in extended spring training, will begin his minor league assignment tonight in Single A Jupiter. Redmond said Furcal was going to play five innings.

"Our plan is for him to use all 21 [rehab] days," Redmond said. "Hopefully everything goes well and we go from there."

That means the earliest Furcal would be back with the big league team is May 6th when the Marlins take on the Mets at home. 

Redmond said Furcal would spend a week in Jupiter and then another in Double A Jacksonville before being reevaluated.

> Center fielder Marcell Ozuna isn't in the starting lineup Monday after fouling a ball off his foot Sunday. Redmond said Ozuna was on crutches Sunday night. But Ozuna took batting practice Monday and Redmond said he could be available to pinch-hit.

"It's one of those things where if its a bone bruise it can be a big deal, or it's just a matter where it flares up, swells up that night," Redmond said. "We'll see how he does today. We know he can't run 100 percent. We'll see if he can hit."

> Pitcher Jacob Turner, scratched from his last start and placed on the disabled list after injuring his throwing shoulder during batting practice last week, will begin playing catch on Tuesday. Redmond said Turner "reported that he feels much better than he has."

"We'll see how it responds to long toss," Redmond said. "Then we may start a plan for him."

> Utility infielder Ed Lucas was cleared to begin full baseball activities Monday. Lucas has been on the disabled list since he fractured his left hand during his final at-bat of the spring. He isn't expected back until next month.


> Nationals (7-5): 1. Anthony Rendon 3B, 2. Kevin Frandsden LF, 3. Jayson Werth RF, 4. Bryce Harper CF, 5. Ian Desmond SS, 6. Tyler Moore 1B, 7. Danny Espinosa 2B, 8. Sandy Leon C, 9. Jordan Zimmerman RHP.

> Marlins (5-8): 1. Christian Yelich CF, 2. Derek Dietrich 2B, 3. Giancarlo Stanton RF, 4. Garrett Jones 1B, 5. Casey McGehee 3B, 6. Jarrod Saltalamacchia C, 7. Reed Johnson LF, 8. Adeiny Hechavarria SS, 9. Brad Hand LHP.


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Dionysus Thelxinoe

As of today, what do Hanley Ramirez, Jeremy Hermida, Dan Uggla, and Mike Jacobs have in common, other than having played for the Marlins at one time?

Dionysus Thelxinoe

They each still make the Marlins blog each and every day.

(over there)--------->

Camera Mike

Watching brad Hand pitch makes me want to ask can you send a player down to the minors in the middle of a game?

Dionysus Thelxinoe

CM, I doubt that. And you can't get fired during the World Series either.


Camera Mike

DT, I know was just venting. Question to the group, would you rather have Finley as an owner or Loria? I'd take Finley. Both owners completely suck and seem to be horrible people, but at least Finley wanted to win.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

No contest, Finley. He was an eccentric and at times a loon, but he had innovative ideas, he knew HOW to build a winner, and he was not a lying weasel thief scoundrel scallywag reprobate lowlife swindling racketeer, like Loria

Dionysus Thelxinoe

CM, I actually believe that Loria wants to win.

And I would like to own a 2014 Jaguar XJ.

The difference between him and me is that I KNOW they cost about $80,000.

Loria wants you and I to believe that even he's only spending $15,000, one day it's going to turn into a Jaguar.


Camera Mike

I believe that he wants to win in so much that it's better then losing, but I don't think it is the most important thing for him. Unless of course he thinks of himself as Billy Beane or Andrew Friedman of the Rays who can put together a competitive team on a budget. We all know just how ludicrously large his ego is so that may be the case.

Camera Mike

Given how much the bull pen was used on the road trip we may have to stick with Caminero through the 8th and then put Cishek in for the 9 th regaurdless of how many more runs they score.

Flav C.

Brad Hand and Slowey put together the favorite combo for the Nats. The last 2 games both played against the Nats, they combined for 11.2 innings and an out-of-this-world 10.80 ERA.

Flav C.

Another thing: if you guys aren't worried yet, you should. Alvarez is the type of contact pitcher who relies a lot on his sinker down on the strike zone to force ground outs. That is his bread and butter.

However, over the last 3 games he started, only 18% of his pitches actually were down on the strike zone. Everything else was either away from the strike zone or in the mid and upper part of the strike zone . No wonder hitters have been feasting, even the 3rd string catcher Wil Nieves who was the key player yesterday delivering 2 decisive RBIs against Alvarez. When you have your #3 starter surrendering 2 hits and 2 RBIs to a 3rd string catcher batting #8 in the lineup, you know you're in your trouble.

Flav C.

And I honestly hope Stanton one day is able to learn to not swing at pitches down and away. Amazing how he continues to swing at them.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

What bizarre situations are going on with Stephen Drew and Kendrys Morales.

Both are Scott Boras clients, both rejected $14M qualifying offers to remain with their teams.

Morales is a 30 y.o. 1B who hit 23 HRs and hit a respectable .277. What was Boras thinking???

Drew, also 30, hit .253, drove in 67 runs and provided the World Champion Red Sox with good defense at the SS position. Again, what was Boras thinking???

I'm all for players getting whatever they deserve. but these guys are legit major leaguers who are currently unemployed.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

That last pitch Stanton swung at was so far outside, I thought at first it was a pickoff throw.

Flav C.

Now that was funny, DT!


Definitely Finley, guys. Loria only wants to win because it would make him look good. Somebody said the correct word: ego. Loria's cheapness has been exposed again. Even when he does decide to spend some money, like he did this off season, he does so CHEAPLY. He'll spend a few dollars to address one need, and spend nothing on other glaring needs.

This year it's the bullpen that he neglected. They team has four or five second basemen (Dietrich, Solano, Baker, Furcal & Lucas also plays 2nd at times) but as far as shoring up the bullpen, NADA. They went and re-signed "the Dunner", Mike Dunn, who really should be called "The Bummer". Dunn is a one trick pony: he has a decent fastball, but the problem is it's very straight. And he also has a slider which he often can't throw for a strike, which leads him to over-rely on the fastball. Hitters are waiting for it. Hell, LEFTY hitters routinely take The Dunner deep or hit him hard! Bottom line is the bullpen has TWO decent guys: Ramos & Cishek. Everyone else is questionable, but Redmond STILL isn't sure who his 8th inning guy is going to be, LMAO! It might be Marmol, it might be Dunn, it might be Ramos.

Hey, it wasn't ME who said that crazy stuff! Those are Redmond's words.

Marlin Fan

Caminero actually looked good tonight . Good velocity, movement , kept the ball down , too bad he can't do it consistently . Please let Dobbs retire . Yes he's the ultimate professional and had a good career , but he's done. .... Agreed with Stanton observations. .. Why not bring up one of our many pitching prospects for a spot start ? They certainly can't do worse than Hand .


And so the Streak hits 8 games. I PREDICTED this last Wednesday night after Redmond threw that game away against the Nats. I said immediately that failing to do EVERYTHING HUMANLY POSSIBLE to stop the losing streak at two games, could very well lead to a really long losing streak. Did you hear the TV guys tonight? They are already pointing to WEDNESDAY night (Jose's next start) as the team's best chance to stop the losing streak!

Redmond has no clue how to win. He knows how to lose; he has a lot of experience losing! He knows how to get teams started on losing streaks and how to extend them (last season they had several LONG losing streaks; they can tie last year's 9 game losing streak tomorrow). Redmond has absolutely no idea how to SNAP losing streaks. His teams start losing and keep losing. They soon develop a LOSING ATTITUDE, and are halfway beat as soon as they get to the park. And Redmond just sits there at his press conferences and DRONES ON AND ON in that monotonous, emotionless voice, never showing that the losing really bothers him. And he NEVER takes any responsibility for these losing streaks himself. This team is settling in to last place and soon will be so many games under .500 that getting out of that hole will be IMPOSSIBLE. And our baseball season here in Miami will be over in May.


"Why not bring up one of our many pitching prospects for a spot start ? They certainly can't do worse than Hand."

Good idea, Marlin Fan. I mean seriously, what do they have to lose? Giving these starts to either Hand or Slowey is as good as giving up.


It doesn't make any sense, the Marlins finally have a decent closer, and instead of handing the ball to him, they give it to the Kevin Greggs of the 8th inning to choke and blow the game instead. It's like the Marlins are intentionally trying to suck.


Looking forward to the weekend in Miami,Lomo the Great removed himself from the starting line-up before the game against Texas last nite,with an alleged tight hammy. Lomo the Great wants to be well rested and cant wait to face the Marlins righties,to pump up his buck fifty BA,and make the Marlins fans regret his departure.

Flav C.

Before the series against the Marlins, the Phillies were displaying one of the most atrocious bullpens in the MLB.

During the series, they completely shutdown our "potent" offense.

It didn't take long to get things back to normal: Yesterday against the Braves, the Phillies bullpen played 3 innings, allowing 7 runs.

The ones in this board writing wonders about the HOF Ryan Sandberg should read a bit of the Philly Inquirer every so often and see what their fans have been talking about Sandberg and his "bullpen moves", his relationship with Jimmy Rollins, and other detaisl that would make Redmond a genius. You feel at home, looks like our own blog.

But as they say, the grass is always greener...

Flav C.

All is not lost.

14 games played in 2014 the Marlins stats are:

- 5 Wins and 9 Losses
- 62 Runs Scored and 67 Runs Allowed (-5 Runs Diff.)
- 4.5 games behind 1st place
- Shutdown only once

14 games played in 2013 the Marlins stats were:

- 2 Wins and 12 Losses
- 23 Runs Scored and 56 Runs allowed (-33 Runs Diff.)
- 9.5 games behind 1st place
- Shutdown 4 times

The only thing that didn't change is the fact that we were then and are now cellar dwellers, 14 games into the season.

A Realist

Back in 2003, McKeon didn't take this s@!t from his players. He didn't care about being their friend. They had business to take care of anyone who didn't want to be there could take a one way flight to the minors.

Redmond is too concerned with how he is perceived by the players being that he was a player not too long ago. YOUR THE BOSS! If they don't want to play, get them out of there. Bring up Heaney or any other young gun that is going to go out there and play hungry.

Marlin Fan

To answer to a previous post , sadly Lomo is nothing more than a platoon player . No knock against him , but the hype around him wasn't justified ... I notice a difference in hitting approach between two hitters late in last night's game when it was already decided. Yelich had a nice single back thru the box . Stayed within himself and got a pitch he wanted. Stanton had a 3-0 count and ended up striking out , on pitches not in the strike zone. Basically I'm goin to try to hit a 5 run hr . It may not seem like a lot, but little things worked on in certain situations make players better in the long run .

A Realist

You mean to tell me you don't have any other player that can play 1B and rake?? Come on. Garrett Jones sucks! Total hoser...

Try Solano at 2nd for a while. Baker and Dietrich are finding ways to lose every night. I barely ever see Solano and I know Baker is not better than Solano.

Stan M

Won't we have to cut or send down two players when Lugas and Furcal are ready to return. If so, whom should it be? I'd pick Baker and Dobbs. Actually I've been dead set against Furcal coming back and forcing Dietrich to sit. However, the way this team is going, they better play him and see if he makes a difference.

Marlin Fan, in past posts I've questioned Stanton's eyesight. Combine these awful pitch selections with those fly balls that he just misses and were I the FO, he'd get him tested for more than just 20/20 vision.

Like many here, I don't consider Redmond a good manager. However, knowing Loria's penchant for saving a buck, and the limited replacements out there, he is probably as good as we can get in these circumstances.

Flav C.

I hope Koehler has a good outing tonight.

He would not make the rotation on most MLB teams, but it doesn't stop me from being amazed on how he reinvented himself compared to his AAA days and last season. And Chuck Fernandez has a lot do with this.

First of, he added a 2-seam sinker to his repertoire, which he didn't have before. That's a heavy sinker, flying at 93-95 mph. So far, he's thrown this sinker 22% of the time. No hits. Same thing with his slider, with good motion and lots of whiffs, no hits so far this season. Both his slider and sinker have been used almost exclusively against right-hitters.

His curveball has been very effective against lefties and he added more break to it. Same thing with his changeup, which he has used a little bit, but always against lefties. Very effective too.

Now the more impressive change has been with his 4-seam, where he added 2-3 mph compared to previous seasons. It has topped 97 mph. Here, I don't know where exactly Chuck toiled with Koehler's delivery, but it is working.

Hopefully he can stop Harper and Werth tonight and help the Fish stops the bleeding.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Flav, I really liked your 11:12 post. Good perspective in there.

There's another thing I just noticed. During the losing streak, Stanton has walked a grand total of ONE time in 35 plate appearances. His weak at bat last night got me to thinking and I looked it up. Granted, for a team to lose 8 straight, there's a FEW things they need to do different. But maybe Stanton needs to be told that he's not going to be able to do it by himself and that the guys hitting in front and behind him are the only ones who can force the pitcher to "come" to him. Take the walk, dude, and let the other guys do their part. (Of course, it probably doesn't help when the only fun you're having these days is when you hit tape-measure jobs, because then you want to do it again, and you start swinging from the heels).

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