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Marlins Reed Johnson on base-running confusion: "I feel terrible -- cost us the game."

ATLANTA -- Reed Johnson spent quite a few years here at Turner Field with the Braves. But in the ninth inning Monday night, the veteran Marlins outfielder looked a little lost on the base paths. 

With nobody out and Johnson standing at second base, Adeiny Hechavarria at first, and Atlanta closer Craig Kimbrel on the mound, Derek Dietrich sent a rocket shot into the gap in left field. Instead of racing for home, Johnson's first instinct was to run back to second. The hesitation slowed Hechavarria down, and eventually cost the Marlins the go-ahead run in the ninth when Kimbrel came back to strike out Jeff Baker, Christian Yelich and Marcell Ozuna.

"I feel terrible -- cost us the game right there," Johnson said. "If we score a run, we're in a totally different situation. Cishek comes in and it's probably game over. Just did not get a good read.

"I knew the outfield was playing deep in that situation, ball goes off the bat and the same time I look pretty silly if I don't tag up and advance in that situation as well. That's kind of what I was more concerned with. But if I had to do it over again obviously I would just take off in that situation. And Hech probably gets sent right there. Maybe he doesn't."

Johnson said he didn't even see how close Hechavarria actually got to him on the basepaths. For a moment as both ran to third, it looked like the Marlins shortstop was about two strides away.

"I didn't even see him, didn't know where he was. I was just picking up the outfielder," Johnson said. "It was directly over my head. I knew they were playing deep from checking the outfield. Unfortunately you look at it on replay and it was clearly over his head. I wish I would have gotten a better read. It would have been a different result.

"When you're in the infield you know the ball's hit good. But it's not the same angle from different parts of the field when it's hit directly over your head. I knew it was hit good. I just wish I would have gotten a better read. It probably would be a different result."

The Marlins of course still blew a golden opportunity after that when Kimbrel struckout the next three batters he face.

"At the end of the day we still had second and third with nobody out," skipper Mike Redmond said. "We had the middle of our order with one out. Like I said, if we're going to win games on the road we have to take advantage of opportunities and we didn't do that today. That's too bad because we really should have won that game."


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I think 3B coach shouldve risked it. If he got it right it would have tied the game. If he got it wrong we had Yelich coming up who probably gets on base then any of Osuna, Stanton, McGehee, and Jones could have pushed the run ahead. If it's the difference between tying and going ahead in the 9th,they should have risked it.

tony rojas

johnson is an Atlanta Braves plant, he played with them last year went after Fernandez and now did his best to make his old team win.

Flav C.


last night Ozuna, McGehee, and Stanton wouldn't even able to push their grandmas off of the cliff, no matter push a run ahead. Those three together were 0 for 7 with RISP. That was the story of the night: the inability to score with RISP. We can come here and blame the usual suspects, but when the entire team goes 1-for-14 with RISP, the blame falls on everybody's shoulder.

Really happy to see Koehler having another good game.


This team is special and will win the World Series this season.

marcel osanto

I could not believe the 8th and 9th innings. It's almost as if they were trying NOT to win.

Stan M

It was a tough loss, but not an embarrassing one. We actually played better than the Braves except for the base running gaff. Flav, wouldn't it be great if Jones proves me wrong. Bad for me, great for the team. Can't believe Hech has fallen below .300. He still seems to be swinging well and hitting the ball well. We now have 4 starters looking very good and even Slowey kept us in his game. However, by AS game, Heaney will be in the rotation. And we better bring Capps up pretty soon. I wish I had confidence in Turner, but I don't.

Eddie  S

Since spring training we were considered a strong pitching staff including relief. If Oakland played as poorly as the Marlins relief staff they would have brought up at least 2 relief pitchers to replace Dunn and Caminero. Do the Marlins want the relief pitchers to reach 3 walk off homers before they move Dunn Caminero?

Juan Yanes

Marlins need bring RHP Henry Rodriguez to reinforce the weak bullpen. I don't know why this decision is not be taken; they can't win with this weak bullpen

Juan Yanes

Marlins also need get a decent lefty reliever, Dunn and Janning both lack of minimun inteligency yet. Example: Dun most time throw easy ball to hitters with two strikes in the count, yesterday night off Braves right field in the seventh inning happened with runner in score position

Lou Vales

Dunn CAN'T pitch unless Marlins are trailing when he enters game and therefore diminished pressure.


What a great game. Masterful pitching performance by Jose, Stanton & McGehee redeemed themselves a bit after last night's frustrations and Cishek SLAMMED the door. It don't get any better than that if you're a Fish fan!

It's always a pleasure when they can bypass the bullpen bums like Dunn, Jennings, and Camineiro and go right from the starter to the closer!

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