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Booing Jose Fernandez, Jeff Baker dealing with a bout of food poisoning

One would think that the hometown fans would enjoy wallowing in a 9-0 blowout, and for the most part Tuesday, they did. But twice during the contest, the boobirds emerged to vent their frustration with two of their own: Jose Fernandez and Mike Redmond.

The crowd gave it to Fernandez when he didn't hustle to first on a twice-bobbled ground ball in the third inning, a base running lapse that cost the Marlins a run. And they gave it to Redmond when he refused to send his ace back out to pitch the ninth after Fernandez had thrown just 98 pitches.

Redmond said he spoke with Fernandez on Wednesday about the need to show better effort on the base paths.

"I think the biggest thing is you just keep it consistent," Redmond said of Fernandez's running speed. "Nobody's expecting the pitcher to run full-out down the first base line. But it's just to be consistent every time out of the box. And that's what I told him. We don't need you to run as hard as you can out of the box on a ground ball to second base when you know you're out."

On Tuesday, Fernandez hit an otherwise routine grounder to Andrelton Simmons, perhaps the finest defensive shortstop in the majors. But as Fernandez was taking his sweet time getting to first, figuring he was an easy out, Simmons bobbled the ball not once, but twice. Fernandez would have beaten the throw had he been running at even three-quarters speed. But he was thrown out and Christian Yelich followed immediately with a triple.

Redmond chalked it up as a one-time mistake made by a young player.

"He's fine with it," Redmond said. "I mean, believe me... I don't ever have to worry about the effort Jose's giving us. There's not a lot of guys on this field playing harder than he is. Believe me, it's the least of my worries."

As for Redmond's decision to lift Fernandez after eight innings...

The manager said the primary reason he didn't allow Jose Fernandez to go back out for the ninth Tuesday was because there was little sense in doing so, given the lopsided score (9-0). Fernandez has yet to throw a complete game.

"Had that game maybe been 3-0, we probably would have left him out there," Redmond said. "But 9-0, he's at 98 pitches. He did his job."

Redmond said he also wanted to test Carlos Marmol, who hadn't pitched in six days due to a minor hamstring injury. 

"We needed to get Marmol in there after his sore hamstring to make sure he was okay," Redmond said. "Seemed like the perfect situation to get him in there."

Marmol said he felt fine after pitching a scoreless ninth in which he faced four batters, allowing a base hit and striking out one.


Jeff Baker ended an 0 for 25 drought with a sharp single in Tuesday's sixth inning, but he wasn't around Wednesday to talk about it. The reason: Redmond said Baker has food poisoning and told him to skip the pre-game workouts in order to get it out of his system.

"That's why I had to take him out last night, because he was throwing up during the game," Redmond said.

Baker was replaced with a pinch-hitter in the seventh.


After going 3 for 4 in his  first game back from the disabled list, Ed Lucas was back in the starting lineup Wednesday and playing second.

When it comes to penciling in his second baseman, Redmond said he'll "mix and match" from a stable that includes Lucas, Derek Dietrich and Donovan Solano.

"It is kind of a luxury that we have that flexibility and versatility," Redmond said. "We're playing 21 straight games, so there's probably going to be some days off for guys in the infield."

Redmond said he'll try to give the occasional day off to third baseman Casey McGehee, shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria and right fielder Giancarlo Stanton over the coming stretch of games.

Meanwhile....Rafael Furcal (hamstring, groin) could begin rehab within a few days at Triple A New Orleans.


Fernandez threw more changeups than usual Tuesday in his win over the Braves. Keep in mind, Fernandez's changeup isn't exactly a floater, touching 90 most of the time.

"I threw a lot more changeups than ever before last night," Fernandez said. "Maybe 30. I was impressed I threw that many."

Said Redmond: "The beauty is, he can use a lot of changeups and change his approach from start to start. You see what it does to hitters. Guys are geared up for 97, nobody wants a slider, and the next thing you know you get a changeup, and it looks like the bottom just kind of drops off of it. It's a huge weapon."


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I forgive Jose for not hustling, it was Andrelton Simmons out there and Jose doesn't want to pull a hamstring unnecessarily. Plus, he had that sweet hit later.

Redmond, though, I don't understand. It seems he was the only one in the whole park who didn't want to see Jose go out for the 9th.


Booing Jose? Not cool. Yeah, he should have hustled more. But the kid is The Franchise and Miami fans should have given the kid a pass.


Now I DO NOT believe for a minute that Stanton or anyone who knows Stanton read what I wrote here about the fact that he almost never swings at the 1st pitch (despite having a great BA when he does swing at Pitch 1) and then passed that info on to Giancarlo. However not long after I posted that, he started swinging more at 1st pitches. His average now on 1st pitches? .556, 2 HRs, 6 RBIs. I hope he keeps that up, because pitchers always try to get him in the hole and the first pitch he sees is often the BEST pitch he sees in that AB.


Any Marlin fan who suffered through last year must be on Cloud 9 after they scored 9 runs in back to back games. Last year 18 runs was about 2 weeks worth of scoring, LOL. The new additions at catcher, 3B and 1B are big upgrades from last April when we had Mathis, Polanco and Dobbs at those positions.


Huge win tonight for many reasons. Having Eovaldi follow Jose's dominant start last night with a strong start tonight is very important. They're starting to get that 1-2 punch clicking.

Another great thing about tonight's win was the excellent fundamental baseball that they played. They moved runners over and drove home guys from 3rd base with less than 2 outs.

Ozuna and Yelich both went deep; they definitely need those guys to produce at least SOME POWER in this line up. No one expects them to replace Stanton as the team's HR guy, but if they can get 12-15 HRs from Yelich and another 20 from Ozuna, give or take, it will provide some much needed balance in the batting order.

Garrett Jones is continuing to get better, and Saltalamacchia is a pleasant surprise to me with his consistency. And with McGehee continuing to hit as well, as well as Hech, after a little dry spell, the line up is starting to hit on all cylinders.

They are creeping close to .500. Like I said before the season started, if they can get to a few games over .500 and STAY THERE until July, they have a good chance at getting hot this August & September and making a playoff run. Of course that requires the ownership and Front Office showing some willingness to add a couple of parts at the Trading Deadline, as all PLAYOFF CONTENDERS do. After what Loria did in 2008 and 2009 I ain't holding my breath. But hey, so far so good!

Stan M

Due to blackout, I have to watch Brave telecasts when they play Marlins. Get a different perspective on the team. Actually, the announcers are highly complimentary. They talked about how no one would want to play this team n September. Said a scout observed that Eovaldi has an ace's stuff, and that Alvarez has so many tools, he should never lose.

Also commented on how crowd was so sparse for The Kid's start. It seems like after about three innings, the seats between 1st and 3rd fill up. Is it late arrivals, or are the fans encouraged to move down to make the park look fuller?

Read an article that speculated that designating Dobbs is an example that Loria has stopped interfering for Dobbs was one of his favorites.


From your lips to God's ears, regarding Loria interfering. The attendance is pathetic but understandable. Fans here have been shafted so many times it's a wonder they get THAT many to come out; I don't have to tell you that, you know it as well as I do. Can you imagine if this team was in NY? Or Boston, St. Louis, or LA?

The Front Office would be marketing Fernandez and Stanton to the max, and the stands would be packed.


The lack of marketing of their stars is just another reason guys like Stanton will leave ASAP. That kid should not be able to walk down the street over here without a mob following him. He has it all: power hitter, good looking kid, multi racial; he should be Miami's Jeter. Instead more people would recognize a second string Dolphins O Lineman than Stanton.

Stan M

Michael Jong is a knowledgeable baseball fan and writer and very much a stat head. Here is his summation of Dobb's tenure with the Marlins:



Stan, that was an excellent article. Man, did I ever hate the outfield garbage the Marlins pulled these past years! Dobbs, LoMo, Austin Kearns, trying to make a CF out of Coughlan; these were the type of moves that drove me nuts. I am a big detractor of the Marlins' habit of taking young guys that played one position in the minors and trying to make them play a totally different position at the major league level, just because they happen to have a need at that position. Most teams go out and GET SOMEBODY when they have a need, but the Fish make young guys who are just happy to be in the bigs, learn to play a new position at the highest level. In my opinion the Marlins ruined the careers of both Logan Morrison and Chris Coghlan by making them do this. LoMo was a 1b and should have been allowed to continue to progress as such; eventually he might have been a decent one. Chris Coghlan was an INFIELDER. They asked him to play LF, and he wasn't terrible at it, but then they moved him to CF where his noodle arm was exposed and caused him to eventually hurt his shoulder trying to make throws while runners ran wild on him. These moves hurt both players and their fielding issues affected their hitting too. The way the Marlins handled these two young players was borderline criminal, as was putting Dobbs in the outfield, LOL!

Flav C.

Alex, some things have to be put in perspective.

Back in 2009, LoMo was already being tagged as the future 1B of the Marlins. It was common knowledge (specially for those who were following the minor league games) that he would debut in the majors either during the September roster expansion, or early 2010. Everybody knew he would definitely be in ST 2010.

What happens next is a series of unfortunate events for Logan. He broke his thumb and missed more than 2 months of playing time in 2009. That was a setback for him. When he returned from his injury in mid-2009 season in the AA , his numbers were good, not great.

In 2010, as predicted, he was invited for ST and struggled big time. Gaby Sanchez, who was playing 1B and 3B at AAA level, also went to ST and played pretty well and beat LoMo to make the 25-man roster after ST.

LoMo was then sent to AAA, where he had another injury (shoulder) and stayed more than a month on the DL. In the meantime, Gaby was putting up very good numbers on 1B. On late July, Coghlan had that stupid knee injury and LoMo was called up to replace him. You might not remember, but when Coghlan got hurt, Gaby was batting .300, with 11-12 HRs in late July. So, 1B was taken and the team wanted LoMo's at bat. Differently than what people say, he had played around 20 games on LF at AAA level and showed a lot of athleticism.

At the time, was he a natural LF? No. But could he go back and play on 1B, his original position? No, because Gaby was having a great season. As a matter of fact, Gaby finished 4th in the ROY award that season.

Comes 2011, Gaby has another very good season so at that time there was no possibility of LoMo going back to 1B. Meanwhile, after a collision against the wall, and a bad sliding catch, LoMo injuries his knee and doctors recommended surgery for him. That should have been a regular procedure and he would be cleared to play after 5-6 months.

Now, what happens next is the interesting part: LoMo rushes his return to the field, knowing that he is not 100%. At that time, all the exams showed his patellar tendon was healing fine, but the player ultimately has to say if he feels fine, pain, etc... I'm not sure what role his agent played on rushing his return, but LoMo, on the record, has acknowledged several times he was eager to go back and play, so that's why he rushed his return.

We all know the results.

So, to put all the blame in the organization for LoMo's issues is a big stretch. In my opinion, there is a shared responsibility: Team, player, and agent.

Flav C.

Talking about sad things, yesterday during the NOLA double-header against the Nashville Sounds (Brewers AAA), a sad view of the demise of former #1 draft picks:

For the Marlins, Skippy, Zack Cox (former Cards #1), and Bogusevic (former Astros #1).

For the Sounds, Hermida (former Marlins #1).

Marcos Rodriguez

At this stage of his managerial career, I think Redmond is not cutting it. Too many in-game decisions that can be questioned. However, when you have a STUD like Fernandez and Evoldi with 9-0 leads, why send them out for the 9th....the game is over...you send them out there and they can hurt their arms, get hit by a line drive, hell, trip over the chalk lines for all we know. Listen people, it is fine to criticize Redmond...no problem with that, but jezzzz, pick your battles. These are the right decisions to make. Do we want Fernandez or Evoldi to develop arm, shoulder or elbow problems? NO....Do you want to risk the injury just so the kid can say...look at me, I got a complete game! Nope, Redmond cant be blamed for this one in my book...so find something else to bitch about Fish fans.


I love Jose. Everything about him. But no one is above being rightfully chastised for showing below avergae hustle.

I was sitting right by home plate and all he needed to do was an athletic run to 1st and he beats the play by a mile. He jogged at best, never once even looking up to see what the infielder was doing even as the crowd gasped twice.

He is a professional. A very young man playing a kids game. Just give the rightful amount of effort, even for a pitcher.

But I did tell the fans by me that I had no doubt, none at all, that the person most upset with himself after that play, would be Jose Fernandez.

A silly lapse, but certainly boo-able, and I commend the knowledgeable fans in attendance for doing so. Hell I spent $200 for 2 people that night. Give me a run for my money please. J/K. but not about the $200

$44 for 2 hot dogs, 1 beer, 1 water and a cracker jacks. Yowzer!

A Realist

Guys, I definitely think the players read these blogs. This is where you get to see the true colors of those that are judging you. These writer's can't say what they really want too because that's the way it is.

If you were a professional athlete, wouldn't you be interested in what people are saying about you. These players know we understand baseball and are the true fans of this team in South Florida. There's not too many of us that take the time out of our days to voice our opinions, however harsh or celebratory it may be, about this team. As well there shouldn't be with the snake, Loria running the show.

Nice to se them play well. Now go out here tonight and act like this is the first game of the series and win game 1. Finish them! That's what good teams do. God knows we have to win as many as possible at home because when that road trip starts the party's over.

They scare me because we have seen this before. They play well for a series and then lose 6 out of 8.


If it ain't a tweet, these kids don't read it. And you can take that to the bank.

Stan M

Realist, in addition to playing well, it seems as if the Marlins have been really lucky of late. Pop flies falling in no man's land; HRs that barely clear the fence or actually hit the foul pole. Replays helping in key situations. The Braves putting in a whole lot of lefty hitters, one being the CFer who just barely misses two balls that the regular guy might have caught. I'd like a whole lot more of it.
D-Rod, The Kid did glance toward the SS as he jogged; at least he looked in that direction. I'm quite sure. And it didn't seem to make any difference. Let's hope he isn't hiding a minor injury.
Flav, you might be correct in placing the blame in 3 directions. But I would think the weight of responsibility would lean more on the ML team than a 22-23 YO kid with a critically ill dad. BTY, do you remember who we got for Gabby? Good ol' Yorkys. I say again, it was the little trades that hurt the most.


Given recent results, I am giving Hill and his staff the benefit of the doubt this year. The new guys are playing well, so if the young talent can come through we will see a much improved Marlins team in 2014. Of course, a lot will depend on the pitching. Hopefully, starters will compete well and the RP will not blow saves and leads like in some of the April games. The defense also needs to avoid the boots and keep extra outs to a minimum. We're counting on Hill and Butler to get everyone playing clean games.

Juan Yanes

Jose Fernandez most throws are breaking balls not sliders as many broadcasrers says wrongly

Juan Yanes

Jeff Baker maybe the next player pointed for assignment when Furcal returned. I don't know why RHP Henry Rodriguez is still at Marlins farms AAA, he much better than several pullpen pitcher Marlins have

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