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No bad blood between Marlins, Nationals after Tuesday night's dust-up

It looks like there won't be any retaliation or bad blood between the Marlins and Nationals after Tuesday night's little dust-up.

In the fourth inning of the Marlins 11-2 win which snapped an eight-game losing streak, Ian Desmond took exception to a Tom Koehler fastball that got a little too close for comfort.

Koehler said Desmond yelled to him 'throw the pitch over the plate.' Catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia intervened and then had some words for Desmond before the benches and bullpens cleared and umpires got in the mix. Both teams received warnings and cooler heads eventually prevailed.

"I wasn't necessarily thinking he had intentions of hitting me," Desmond told Nats reporters. "You can drill me in the ribs, legs, whatever you want. But four or five times missing up around the hands and the head. I'm not claiming it to be on purpose but you gotta be able to control the ball. No big deal. It wasn't intended to escalate to what it did. But it was heat of the moment. It's tough sometimes.

"I meant what I was saying. This is how I feed my family. I'm not scared to get hit. I've been hit plenty of times and never said a word. Up around the hands and head, I just don't like that."

Koehler and skipper Mike Redmond said the Marlins were simply trying to establish the inside part of the plate.

"Guys tend to get upset when they get crowded," Koehler said. "It is our job as starters to make sure they know that is our piart of the plate. We have been beat inside too many times these past couple of series and that is because we haven’t established inside late in the game. You never want to get beat inside late in the game, and that’s what’s been happening because we haven’t been throwing those pitches in."

Said Saltalamacchia: "We're teammates. That's what it comes down to, I'm going to protect our guys. Regardless if it is the pitcher, the first baseman, Stanton or anybody. We're here for each other. We're family. We're going to protect each other. If you see somebody yelling or saying something towards your pitcher, you're going to step in the way."

Koehler said the issue was dead afterward. 

"I've known Jarrod for a long time – I wouldn't respect him if he didn't respond that way," Desmond said. "Like I said, it wasn't premeditated. It just came out. His reaction I'm sure wasn't premeditated either. This is baseball. We compete. Going forward, no hard feelings. This is the way the game goes sometimes."


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Marlin Fan

Overreaction by Nats. Good to see marlins show some emotion and Koehler establish the inside of plate . Desmond is foolish . Koehler is NOT going to hit a guy , up 6-0 and rhe team on a losing streak .


Exactly, MF. I'm sure Stan M and anybody else around 60 years old is shaking their head when they see stuff like that. I remember Gibson, Drysdale, Marichal, and I like the quote the TV guys gave us about Koufax. Don't remember the exact words but basically Koufax said "pitching is the art of establishing fear"...exactly true. Batters should be a little bit afraid or else they have the battle half won before even swinging the bat.

Growing up in NY I lived near Shea Stadium when it was brand new. I remember Koufax coming in to pitch (though not on Friday after sundown; he observed the Jewish Sabbath!) and the highways being packed all around the stadium with fans coming to see him pitch. There were many reasons for this. One, the Dodgers still had loads of fans in NY, and two, there were many Jewish baseball fans who came to see Koufax pitch. But also real baseball fans knew just how SPECIAL he was, that there could be a no hitter pitched any time he took the mound. This is what should be happening here in Miami every time Jose Fernandez pitches. He is SPECIAL, and just like there were a lot of Jews in NY, there are a lot of Cuban-Americans here in Miami. They should be coming out in droves every time he takes the mound.

Go Fish!

Lou Vales

Alex, Koufax would have probably won around 30 each year if the entire league didn't know he was deathly afraid of hitting someone and hitters knew they could dig in--for all the good it did. I can't even imagine what Koufax would have been like if he had been Drysdaleesque.

Flav C.

Just a few other notes from the farm:

- A very intriguing player is having a great start of season in NOLA. His name is Justin Bour, 1B that the Marlins acquired early this year in the Rule 5 Draft, from the Cubs organization. Some Cubs fans I talked to told me he was a fan favorite in the minors, but that their farm system was crowded on the infield, with better players, so they had to let him go. He is not a kid anymore (26 yrs) but..boy, this guy can hit for power! I honestly don't know what to make of him: Is he some type of sleeper/hidden gem that can be brought up at some point, or is he just a good AAA filler? Time will tell.

- The youngster Dominican pitcher Domingo German (21 yrs) is raising some eyebrows in class A-. 2 starts, 10 IP and only 1 ER. 14 strikeouts. I was reading some comments from Jeremy Powell (pitching coach) saying that his curveball is just dazzling. Freezes every single hitter with two strikes, and then they are out, looking. They say he could be a very good long reliever.

Marcos Rodriguez

Like some have said before, pitching inside was the norm in the old days. What do you think Bob Gibson's reaction would be if someone started yelling at him after an inside pitch like Desmond did last nite? You think the next was buzz him? No...it would have been in his ribs. Hitters today think they own the plate...pitchers have to establish the inside and get it back....and if the hitter wants to complain, remember that the next one could be allot closer. Remember the scene in Field's of Dreams when Kid Doc Graham finally gets to hit...."Hey, kid..careful, the next one could be in your ear". (not the exact quote)

Stan M

Flav, I've been sort of discounting Bour because he hits left handed. The same is true of two other interesting first baseman; Viosergy Rosa (.300+BA, 1 K and 8 walks), and Munoz whom you pointed out a little while back. Can't platoon with Jones.

We should all be heartened to see that Heaney had another outstanding start. With Turner down, and Hand looking hittable, a couple more starts like his last two and we might see him sooner than anticipated.

I wonder how much credit this new hitting coach deserves for the difference in Hech, Dietrich, and Ozuna. This team can flat out hit; it's when they hit that must be improved. Despite a weak manager, this team now seems to have fine coaches.

A Realist

Hitting is one thing. Hitting with runners in scoring position is another thing. It's still very early. If these players are still raking in July and we're in contention for a playoff spot we can get excited. Not only that, but these pitchers better wake up. I'm sorry, but I don't like Alvarez. He just doesn't get it done. Turner is shaky too. Get Heaney up here quick before we're 10 under....

Flav C.

It will be interesting to see how the Marlins approach the rubber-match against the Nats tonight.

Nats will have Tanner Roark on the mound, pretty good pitcher (very little ML experience though). However, Tanner is coming from a very bad performance against the Braves.

Nats are expecting Tanner to carry some load as far as innings, since their bullpen has been working overtime over the last 5 games (16 IP).

He is primarily a sinker-thrower, with some slider/4-seam. Hech, Yelich, and Stanton are red-hot on sinker balls, so it is possible we see Tanner throwing more of his slider and 4-seam than usual.

Hopefully Fernandez will have a great performance and improve his home record to 12-0.

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