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The latest on Marlins 2B Rafael Furcal

The Marlins are hoping second baseman Rafael Furcal, who left Friday night's rehab game in Double A Jacksonville with tightness in his right groin, won't have to spend any extra time on his rehab assignment.

Furcal went through pregame drills and didn't complain of any soreness according to manager Andy Barkett, who spoke to Suns beat writer Jeff Elliott of the Jacksonville Times-Union. Furcal took ground balls, went through batting practice and did some light running. He was rested "to be on the safe side," Barkett told Elliott.

"It's just kind of in a day-to-day status right now. He's got 9 days left on his rehab assignment. We'll re-evaluate him tomorrow," Barkett said.

Asked if Furcal would be going with the Suns when they leave Tuesday for a 10-day road trip (Mississippi and Montgomery), Barkett said: "It depends on how he responds and how he feels in a couple of days. I don't know the significance of what he did with the groin, and I don't know if he or the trainers know yet either."

"Is it a pulled muscle, a tight muscle that just needs some rest or what? Did he actually pull it worse than what he's letting on and we don't know? It's hard to say," Barkett said. "But he did do some light running, took his normal ground balls and took five rounds of batting practice. If he had a bad pulled muscle, he couldn't have done any of that."


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Lou Vales

What a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lou...I logged on here just to see what you would say about this situation.

Lou Vales

lex, I'm hoping you can come up with a better word to describe the "Furcal Rehab", I've run out of adjectives. I have used "putrid, disgusting, onerous,mind-boggling, slovenly,pathetic",and a few others. Feel free to descib "Raffy" Furcal's Rehab that may take longer to complete than it took to erect the under water sewer system of Paris. Same STENCH, different project.

Lou Vales

Nice Win!!!!


it is ironic how Solano, Lucas, and Dietrich had to earn their way onto the roster, each at league minimum salary or slightly above, while Furcal is getting over $3 million. Not only is the owner so tight that he squeaks, but the entire front office seems to have a very poor sense of judgment. Even Slowey, while he is not the greatest, or very good at times, but he filled every bullpen role last year and he was not guaranteed a roster spot. Can somebody say which off season acquisition has been a great move?


The last thing I expected to learn about here this Sunday morning was Parisian plumbing. Can't say I'm dissatisfied.

Cleveland Spider

I hope that Furcal goes back on the DL. I want to see more of Dietrich. I know his defense at second base is questionable but with Lucas on his way back, a pretty good infielder is going to have to go to the Marlins. Dietrich is the future at 2nd base and the future is now. Let's cut ties with Furcal and Baker. Keep Dietrich, Solano, and Lucas.

I do love the Reed Johnson signing and Salty has been clutch at times. Garret Jones and McGhee have been OK too. The only horrible signings have been Furcal, Baker, and Marmol. I cannot believe that they guaranteed 3 million for Furcal. Knowing this cheap owner no way he eats that money. They will probably shove Furcal down our throats and send Dietrich back to the minors.

A Realist

There's no way that anyone can say that Jones or Salty have been ok. Neither has produced runs or hits when it matters. Yes, we can look back on the last couple of games and say, "What about these home runs, etc." The fact remains that for the rest of the 20 or so games this season, they have not been getting hits when we need them. If they had been getting hits, we wouldn't need late inning heroics!

Their averages are garbage. Everyone and their grandmother is running on Salty. AND.....Salty swings at everything. Sooner or later he's going to crush one. Case and point; last night.

Jones has hit recently, but do we really think that is going to continue? For our luck (Marlin's fans), he'll revert back to his early season form and hit .230.


Marlins should call up Scott Boras and tell him to find a team to trade his stiff/client Jeff Baker to,that will take over his 2yr 3.7million $$$ deal that Boras BSed' the Marlins into. Problem solved. Next.

A Realist

Jones and Salty suck! Jones will soon revert back to his early season uselessness. Salty swings at everything so sooner or later he's going to crush one. Case and point; last night.

Jones has recently started to hit, but do we really believe this is the end of his struggles (which have been going on now for over 2 years dating back to Pitssburgh)?

They didn't have any errors last night I think


So far the best off season acquisition has been "Salty" by far. The others have been disappointing to say the least.

A Realist

How can any of you say that Salty has been a good acquisition, Jones for that matter?

Jones has hit recently, but do we really think that will continue? Most likely not given his struggles going back over 2 years now.

Everyone is running against Saly. The Mets have exploited him. He swings at everything so of course he is going to hit a home run, such as last night.

Stan M

This 'n that:
*Should Dietrich be sent down, and I hope he isn't, I'd have him play 1B. Should he stay up and in the lineup, he should hit above both Jones and Salty.
*One job of good manager is to put best team on the field. Hech was a terrific force until about a week ago. Now he's in both a hitting and fielding funk. The day off didn't help. He should be rested for a couple of days to get his head back on straight.
*Met announcers couldn't understand bunting with Yelich. It could have taken bat out of Stanton's hand. Also bringing infield in the day before didn't make any sense. I think in 8th inning and guy hit a ball where SS would have been.
*Heaney was lit up in last start. Put 9 men on base in 3.2 innings
*Marisnick is finally starting to hit in AAA ball.
*Salty might have had two HRs to opposite field, but to me, his swing is way too long and his bat is too slow.
*Alvarez really didn't have his best stuff, but still kept team in game. That was great.

Flav C.

Offseason acquisition - Comparing acquired players in 2014 vs. 2013 position players.

2013 numbers after 24 games:

Catcher (Brantly and Olivo): 2 HRs and 12 RBIs
1B (Kotchman, Dobbs and Mahoney): 1 HR and 9 RBIs
3B (Polanco and Valaika): 0 HR and 8 RBIs
PH (Coghlan 1-for-6 , Dobbs 0-for-3, Kearns 2-for-7, Mahoney 1-for-2, Solano 0-for-1, Olivo 1-for-3, Valaika 0-for-4, Skippy 0-for-2. Only RBI hit by a PH over the first 24 games in 2013 was Olivo)

2014 numbers after 24 games

Catcher (Salty): 4 HRs and 7 RBIs
1B (Jones) 4 HRs and 11 RBIs - (Baker) 4 at bats, no hits, no RBIs.
3B (McGehee) 16 RBIs - (Baker) 2 ABs, no hits
PH (Baker) 4 games, 4 ABs, 1 Hit, 1 RBI - (Reed) 8 ABs, 3 Hits, 3 RBIs

Judging by the numbers through 24 games, Most of the acquisitions have played as expected, or more, which is the case of McGehee.

Marmol has been solid, with the exception of 1 game where he allowed a Grand Slam.
Baker is still being underutilized, considering he was brought in to platoon with Jones. Furcal...well...no comments.

Stan M

Flav, agree with the above. What is surprising about McGehee is how well he's doing despite taking an inordinate amount of 3rd strikes. Sorry to see Wittgren and Gallaway haven't shown much this year. Silverio whom I've been watching has started to really put it together. Have you seen him? Ditto Munoz. Avery Romero has simply stopped hitting after that great start. Is seems that all of our top young pitchers have a great start or two, then get really clobbered.

Flav C.

Stan, yes I noticed that about Wittgren. Still, my biggest bet is on Grant Dayton. He just completed 11.2 innings of shutout relieve (no runs scored) and only 3 BBs. He is dominating both left and right handed hitters. I mean, that is exactly what you want from a left-handed reliever.

Stan M

Agreed. We talked about him a few days ago. Why they don't bring him up probably has to do with the 40 man roster. I hope that when we have to cut a man, that it's Dobbs, but it probably won't happen. I think if Lucas was around, Hech would be given some time off. Moran has now started playing after his injury.

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