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VIDEO: Mike Redmond talks Saturday's 5-0 win over Padres, Jose Fernandez's night


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Stan M

The base runner in the first and second innings were attributed to a base hit and a Jones error. However, both were really the fault of Dietrich.

Hech went 0-5 but hit 3 line drives right at someone. He made 2 critical plays in the field that had a decided effect on the game at that time.

I hope we win today because the trip to Washington will be the measure of this team. I will be very happy if the Marlins take one of the three. They are running two of their best starters at us and the Marlins are countering with 2 of their poorest. If the Marlins win today and take one of three in Washington, they would be 6 and 3 which isn't bad at all. Especially going into Philly with our 2 best starters leading the team off.

We all moaned when Ozuna was kept over Marisnick. To date, we were wrong and the team made the correct decision.

Dr. Watson

thanks , mr obvious


Why do grown adults,without children involved or a monetery interest in the game,pay so much attention to following a favorite team? Is it that their life is so boring they are living it vicariously thru the team they follow? Or is it tha they have few friends in life and share the highs and lows of their favorite team with similar people that like their team,also. Dont most adults grow out of thei childhood sports hero's? Is it just escapism from the reality of the everyday grind of life? Why do grown adults follow anybody they will never meet or talk to on a personal level?

Camera Mike

Phd, why would a grown adult take time out of his busy and quite possibly important life to insult those whose only crime is having different interests?

Dionysus Thelxinoe

It's really simple ... pure choice, nothing more.

Some people choose to follow a sport they can identify with from having played it and/or followed it avidly from childhood, like me for example.

Then there are others, who find their life is so empty and unremarkable that he can find nothing better to do than to obsess over the lives of others, even others on a sports blog, posters he will never meet or talk to on a personal level.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Stan, TO DATE, yes it APPEARS we were wrong. And it's a good thing to be wrong about.

But that's why hitting is measured by averages over a 162-game season. It should go without saying that Ozuna is not going to hit .360, nor is McGehee going to hit .375, or Hech .393.

I'm just enjoying it while it lasts ... the longer, the better


It APPEARS STAN M was wrong? STAN M is almost WRONG! He has been trying to get rid of Stanton for YEARS!


Will STAN M ever admit he was wrong about Stanton? I doubt it. See, Stan M remembers Ebbets Field and Carl Furillo, so he MUST BE a bona fide baseball expert! Wow... all these years he was begging "Please Mr. Loria" to TRADE Stanton for whatever second rate player struck his fancy...I doubt there's a big enough slice of HUMBLE PIE in existence to feed Stan M! After all, he remembers Eddie Stanky!

Stan M

My goodness, Alex, the asylums must be overcrowded. How else to explain that you haven't been institutionalized. Well, you haven't been committed yet, but the sponsors of this blog already realize that you are far from normal, so we will soon be aware of your disappearance into further obscurity.

Stan M

Our team has had a rewarding start with little to disappoint us. One possible exception is Jones position in the batting order. At least temporarily, it would benefit the team if he were moved down to 6th or 7th. He can always be moved up again when he gains better timing. If Washington can drop Brice Harper to the 6th spot, and even bench him, we can certainly follow suit with the far less talented Jones.

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