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Alvarez, Marlins don't believe his arm stiffness is serious

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Henderson Alvarez and the Marlins seem to think his stiff throwing arm, which caused him to exit Wednesday's 8-5 10-inning win over the Nationals after just five innings, isn't a serious injury.

“My arm was tight, a little tight,” Alvarez explained after the game as he and teammates were huddled by TVs watching the end of the Heat-Pacers playoff game. “From the time I went out to the mound, from the beginning I felt it… [but] I’ll be fine for the next start.”

Alvarez didn’t refer to his discomfort as an elbow injury. He said he felt tightness all over his arm, something he’s felt in previous starts including before this when the team was on its 11-game West Coast trip. He said he felt it when he pitched in San Diego.

Elbow injuries have hurt the Marlins plenty already.

Jose Fernandez, the staff ace, was lost to season-ending Tommy John surgery two weeks ago after going on the disabled list with a right elbow sprain.

Reliever Carter Capps followed Fernandez to the disabled list on Tuesday with the same right elbow sprain injury. The Marlins said they're going to give Capps at least a month off hoping his elbow injury heals with rest.

Alvarez's prognosis remains to be seen. But if there’s a positive sign for Miami aside from what Alvarez said after the game it’s that his velocity didn't seem to take a hit Wednesday. He was still registering fastballs between 93 and 94 miles per hour in the fifth inning and throwing curveballs for strikes.

“I think he’s fine,” manager Mike Redmond said. “But we’ll see over the next couple days.  He wanted to keep pitching. But we wanted to make sure it didn’t become anything serious. He just had mentioned that it had tightened up on him. We just took him out to make sure it didn’t turn into anything.”


There were a lot of big plays and moment's in Wednesday's win, but Derek Dietrich's catch, backing up an errant throw by pitcher Mike Dunn in the eighth inning to keep the bases loaded is a play both Redmond and a few other Marlins mentioned.

"There was a lot of stuff. I don’t even inow where to start in that game," Redmond said. "Really the play of the game for me was Dietrich backing up the play with the bases loaded. That ended up being a huge play. If that ball gets down that right field line its game over for us.

Said Dunn: "Right as I let it go, I went, 'Oh, no,' Then I was like, 'It's going right to him.' Yes!"

Dunn of course worked out of a bases-loaded, nobody out jam in the eighth to keep the score tied at 4.

"Bear down, that's pretty much the extent of it," Dunn said. "I had nowhere to put anybody. You've got to get them out. [Anthony] Rendon was a big out, to be able to punch him out. It took 10 pitches to get there, and he made some good swings on some pitches, just foul. I was able to finally get a good slider to him to get him out.

"[Jayson] Werth is the one guy who has had really good success against me. Nowhere to put him, you've got to go right at him, and locate your pitches. I got him to pop up to the infield. I was like, 'Ok, breath.' But at the same time, there were two outs. You've got to make the third out.

"The pitch I threw I threw to get [Adam LaRoche] to ground out wasn't a very good pitch, it was a pitch right down the middle, but I was able to get the job done."


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Stan M

Talk about overcoming adversity! Yelich with 2 baserunnig mistakes, Stanton with one, horrible throws by both Salty and Jones, and the McGehee pick off. Redmond's handling of the bullpen could certainly be questioned. And then there was hitting Salty 6th. In his first three at bats, all Ks, he only touched his bat to a ball once for a foul tip.
Alex, please watch the clip I am providing. It shows Ron Swoboda running to his right and making an all out diving catch to save a game in the 1969 World Series. It was one of the most crucial catches in WS history. When Stanton made a like catch to save a game, I inked him with Swoboda as a supreme compliment. It also saved a game as either miss would have been disasterous if not for the astounding catches. How you could possibly misinterpret it as anything but a compliment is mystifying.


Marlin Fan

Test. Clark or whoever runs Fish Bytes , please check my profile . I have been unable to post lately . The after typing in my message , the option to post is not highlighted . Like it's a dead link . Thank you

Lou Vales

Stan, First paragraph sums it up and 2nd paragraph should have been self-explanatory. I have still not received a response to my Facebook request to the Source of All Evil.

Lou Vales

One piece of slightly good news ---actually maybe GOOD news---is that Hatcher's 6th inning was actually aberration. He got Werth to fly out softly to right, LaRoche reached on the dribbler, Desmond with a REAL dribbler to right and the inning for all practical purposes should have been over. He was also SQUEEZED on several pitches and McClouth hit the only hard ball of the inning. The entire inning was just Baseball being Baseball as far as luck.

Flav C.

Marisick on a 4-for-5 night, one 2B shy of the cycle. Drove 5 RBIs. He is currently hitting .330 in May.

At this rate, either Marisnick or Ozuna will be trade bait for a good bullpen arm, under team control for a few years.

Boston Red Sox is in the market for a CF, and they have some pretty good relief arms under team control.

Just sayin'...

Flav C.

And just like that, Braves and Marlins are tied for 1st place.

Rewind to 2012, when the Marlins played its 55th game of the season against the Braves, at home. This season, the Marlins will play its 54th game of the season, against the Braves.

When they headed to that series, they were also tied. And right after the series against the Braves, they had a series against the Rays. Just like this season.

I hope the coincidences stop right there, because in 2012, The Marlins were swept on both series and went in a complete downward spiral, never being able to recover.


Stan, I really have nothing to say to you after your snotty "past transgressions" remark. My past transgressions, now that you let the cat out of the bag, were to STICK A PIN in your Pompous Butt on this board. You love your "position" over here as Baseball Guru, although you are really nothing more than an old man with an OPINION. An OPINION that is often LAUGHABLY WRONG.

Please don't patronize me with a "Swoboda Video". I WATCHED THE 1969 WORLD SERIES LIVE ON TV JUST LIKE YOU DID. I SAW SWOBODA'S CATCH and Agee's too. Ron Swoboda was a LOUSY FIELDER who made ONE GREAT CATCH. He then parlayed that catch into an entire career as a sports broadcaster. WE ALL KNOW WHY YOU COMPARED STANTON TO SWOBODA; YOU REALLY THINK YOU'RE SO SLICK, BUT YOU ARE TRANSPARENT. Comparing Stanton to Swoboda (and to Dave Kingman and George Foster) is nothing more than you GIVING STANTON A BACK HANDED COMPLIMENT, IN OTHER WORDS, NO COMPLIMENT AT ALL. In his wildest DREAMS Swoboda was not 10% the player Stanton is, and you KNOW THAT.

Your problem is, of course, that you can't ADMIT THAT! You have spent YEARS criticizing Stanton, calling for him to be TRADED for nobodies, saying that he will NEVER IMPROVE, comparing him to old time BUMS like Swoboda and louts like Kingman. Your entire BASEBALL GURU REPUTATION over here is now completely TARNISHED this year as Stanton makes your comments look FOOLISH game after game. So you give him back handed compliments, or say NOTHING AT ALL about a Marlin having an MVP type season. And I POINT THAT OUT SO THAT YOU DON'T GET AWAY WITH IT. You OWN all those criticisms of Stanton that you spouted for 4 years, LOL. They're YOURS and they will forever be a black mark on your " baseball guru reputation" which no one cares about EXCEPT YOU.

Now I'm done talking to you. I will not mention you by name again. I haven't done so since your sly little "past transgressions" remark. That doesn't mean I will not point out the POMPOUS FOOLISHNESS OF YOUR OPINIONS when need be. I just won't call you out by NAME. Everyone will know who I'm talking about anyway: Our very own UNTOUCHABLE Baseball Guru. Hey, you saw Gil Hodges play! That means you are a baseball GENIUS, right? Uh, no. It just means YOU ARE OLD, Stan M.

Mtn. Landis

Alex they have medication to help people like you. Look into it. You are a sick man

Cesar Milan

Reading a post by Alex is like watching a dog vomit and then eat it. You think no way, it won't....it can't. But it does. He even does in game updates on here for US! With caps lock! Go eat that hot pocket and throw up another meaningless obvious rant for all of us to read and cringe at! You are the BEST at sucking.


How you could possibly misinterpret it as anything but a compliment is mystifying. - Stan M

Knock it off, Stan. It's very clear what you're doing with all these back handed compliments of Stanton. Swoboda was a COMPLETE BUM who made ONE GREAT CATCH. Of course you hate to admit it, because you said Stanton was a terrible outfielder who will never get any better, but he has been making great defensive plays ALL YEAR.


Hilarious multiple aliases. Funny how that happens if you criticize certain people here, LOL..anyone seen Joe The Shill Frisaro, lately? LOL....

Mark Teahen

Time to get the popcorn out...And we were doing so good....


Flav, what worries me about the Marlins-Braves series is that the Braves just lost 4 straight. How likely is it that the Fish can extend that streak, especially with Teheran going and no Jose Fernandez going for us? Beating them was a lot easier when we had Jose pitching, preferably the first game of a series; he really had their number. Well, let's hope for 2 out of 3. Turner might win his start; he's been pitching better, plus it's a home game. Let's keep an eye on him and see if he gulps and looks scared. I learned that right here, Flav. That and Eovaldi's "slingshotting" the ball and lots of other great stuff.


the best part of an ALEX post, is going back a FEW DAYS

Matrix 2

And reading how he CONTRADICTS himself. And thinks no one notices.

Lou Vales

Is there a better and more reliable closer right now than Cishek?? Probably Kimbrell but that's it.


ALEX-Get a Life...Someplace Else!


Lou, a guy who gets much less attention and may or may not be an actual "closer" is Pittsburgh's Mark Melancon.

Stan M

What a game tonight. We didn't expect it. There's no reason to be optimistic, but here we are anyway. Is this fun, or what?
Sorry I set him off. I guess that no matter how one tries to be civil, insanity still has a place in our society.

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