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Anthony DeSclafani to make MLB debut Wednesday for Marlins

LOS ANGELES -- There is no new news at the moment on Jose Fernandez. The pitcher is in Miami receiving a second opinion on his injury, and there is a good possibility more information will become available later tonight.

In the meantime, Marlins manager Mike Redmond announced that right-hander Anthony DeSclafani will be promoted from Double A Jacksonville to make his major league debut Wednesday at Dodger Stadium. He'll be added to the roster following tonight's game, at which time the Marlins will make a corresponding move to make room for him.

 DeSclafani, 24, was one of seven players obtained by the Marlins in their 2012 trade with Toronto. In eight starts this season for Jacksonville, DeSclafani -- who attended the University of Florida -- is 3-4 with a 4.19 ERA. He played for Redmond in 2012 at Single A Lansing.

"He's got tremendous upside," Redmond said. "Out of all of our younger guys, because he was a college guy, he's a little bit more polished. I know in Toronto, he was definitely a guy they didn't want to lose. He was kind of guy they thought was under the radar, but obviously he wasn't. I thought it was a great addition to that trade, picking him up. He's got a great arm, and he pounds the strike zone. Hopefully he'll be able to do that tomorrow. This is a big test for him."


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Camera Mike

I think bringing up DeSclafani tells us all we need to know about what the second opinion will say.


3-4 with an ERA of 4.19 in Double A, huh? Doesn't sound like a great prospect to me. Well, I guess we'll see. You never really know until a guy gets here what he will do.

Clark S.

The second doctor on Tuesday confirmed the diagnosis of the first for Jose Fernandez -- a torn ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow -- and he'll be having Tommy John. I have a story going up shortly. Marlins are expected to confirm and address shortly -- Clark


To all the Stanton critics who claim he has not improved and will not become a great hitter: take note of the things this kid is doing. Instead of trying to pull everything he is actually going up there WITH A PLAN. He is taking the outside pitch to RF and defeating the shift that teams are employing, and with his power he has the ability to go deep to RF as well, which will REALLY defeat the shift. Teams put shifts like that on for POWER HITTERS cause they figure if they get them to hit singles to RF it's better than a HR to LF; a win for the team using the shift. But if you have a POWER HITTER who is strong enough to go deep to RF regularly, you can really defeat the shift.

At any rate, in my opinion anyone who claims that Stanton is not improving is just someone who just doesn't like the kid. Sometimes if you have been critical of a player for a while you don't want to admit that you might have been wrong. I saw this with Bonifacio who was absolutely RIPPED by many Marlin fans his first couple of seasons. He became a whipping boy of sorts. But the kid improved and actually hit about .300 his third year here I believe. And what did all his critics have to say? Did anyone come out and say "Hey, I was wrong about this guy; he is a decent ballplayer who just needed some time"? Not much! Mostly what you heard was...NOTHING. Crickets. I don't know why that is, but some guys have a real problem saying "hey, I misjudged this player" or "I was wrong in my assessment of that guy." Maybe they feel that doing so would DIMINISH them in the eyes of the internet audience or some such nonsense; I don't know. Me, I am GLAD when I'm wrong about some Marlin that turns out to be better than I thought he would be. I'm a man Marlins fan first, and whatever makes this team better I'm in favor of. For example, I think Dunn is DONE, despite his recent success. But I HOPE HE PROVES ME WRONG. And if he does all I will say is "hey, the guy proved me wrong; it won't be the last time that happens!" After all, PAID SCOUTS, GMs and professional TALENT EVALUATORS are proven wrong ALL THE TIME. Who am I to expect to be PERFECT in my talent evaluations?

One last thing: I am not naming any names or calling anyone out with this post, my friends. Just making observations, so kindly put away your flame throwers, if you're thinking of going there.


There is currently only ONE GUY worth watching on this team and that's Stanton. These games are becoming TORTURE TO WATCH.

Dietrich's defense continues to be horrible, and his hitting is nothing to write home about, despite the occasional HR. Yelich has a fine game yesterday and today strikes out on Ball Four after Beckett does the Marlins a favor and walks the pitcher Jacob Turner. Ozuna seems to be repeating last year: quick start and then a major fall off; he is looking to punch his ticket to New Orleans soon unless he turns it around QUICKLY. I guess Marisnick will be here soon. Wonderful. NOT. Hechevarria is hitting better than last year, but those early days when he was hitting .300 seem an awful long time ago. Salty is PATHETIC and can't hit his way out of a wet paper bag; I'm starting to see shades of John Buck here, and Garrett Jones has disappeared again.


Lou Vales

Alex, Love your passion, however I just saw something that is sending me off to watch the NBA in bed. When a "Major Leaguer" in a devastating slump can't even cut down on his swing to hit a ground ball to an over shifted infield playing back with a runner on 3rd and one out--well, that is enough for me. Good night, all.


Man, this team SUCKS right now. There's really no other way to say it. Turner is actually pitching very well (although he's been very lucky in this game too)but these BUMS can't even score a man from 3rd with one out, something they have been lousy at all year. But how long can he be expected to keep pitching a shutout?

Five innings in the books and the TORTURE continues! Can anyone here actually DRIVE IN A RUN?


Salty is now something like 0-20. He is definitely turning into John Buck right before our eyes. If he isn't hitting having him is a real liability, because he damn sure can't throw anyone out who is trying to steal. The Torture Continues. Turner is bound to give up a run eventually and the way they're hitting, that will be all she wrote.


Man, do I ever HATE IT when I'm right about this team. Turner finally got hit and the Dodgers are up 5-0. I don't blame him; he pitched his butt off until the 6th inning. How long was he expected to keep putting ZEROES up there while the Marlins kept SQUANDERING scoring opportunities.

Of course, NOW Jones hits a double and of course NOW Ozuna (who I definitely think is going back to the minors soon) gets him home on a sac fly, so it's now 5-1. If things continue the way they have been going, the Fish will score THREE MORE RUNS and make it close, only to FAIL in the 9th inning against the Dodgers' closer. The Fish NEVER beat anyone's closer. Oh well, the TORTURE continues.


"When a "Major Leaguer" in a devastating slump can't even cut down on his swing to hit a ground ball to an over shifted infield playing back with a runner on 3rd and one out--well, that is enough for me." - Lou Vales

That must be Salty Buck that you are referring to, Lou. Yeah, that was a pivotal AB in this game; the Fish SHOULD have taken a 1-0 lead there and the following inning should have scored again to make it 2-0. Who knows what would have happened if they took the lead at that point? Maybe Turner wouldn't have fallen apart in the 6th inning. But yeah, Salty Buck couldn't even tap a weak grounder to the right side. A guy who was in the midst of an 0-20 slump, and there he was swinging from his heels and striking out. If I wasn't up anyway writing up audits I would be asleep too.

Salty Buck. That will remain his name until he shows me that any similarities between him and the pitiful John Buck are merely temporary.


Just what Ramos & Cishek needed, to pitch in GARBAGE TIME and mess up their ERA's and maybe damage their confidence. What a GENIUS this Mike Redmond is; I guess Henry Rodriguez was unavailable after that stellar performance yesterday! Now in the unlikely event the Marlins are in some close games in the next few days, Ramos & Cishek will probably be...you guessed it, UNAVAILABLE!


Well, Henry Rodriguez has been DFA'd and Jennings has been sent down. We know that Desclafani is pitching tomorrow, but who else is coming up here? Maybe some relief pitchers? Flav?

Flav C.

To be fair, relievers have been pitching garbage time for a while. When they come in, the game is pretty much out of reach unless the hitters make a run for it in the 8th inning. But I understand Redmond is an easy target, so have at it :)

As far as the roster, with all these recent changes, there is an open spot in the 25-man roster and that is probably for a relief pitcher. The most logical way to look at it would be to check the 40-man roster. In the 40-man, the options are few as far as bullpen (Olmos, Dayton, Caminero). Olmos has had ups and downs in AA. Caminero has pitched worse since optioned to AAA. Dayton was promoted this week to AAA and was hit hard in his first game.

Looking outside of the 40-man roster, we have our good friend Hatcher, who has been solid in AAA, but we already know his history as a major leaguer. Another option is Josh Spence, who has had more good outings than bad. He actually impressed during ST and is lefty, however looking at his stats in detail, he seems to be the kind of pitcher who will get hit hard in the majors.

Anyway we look at it, it doesn't look too good.

A Realist

Uh oh

A Realist

They are bringing up DeSclafani BECAUSE he is just ok. The front office doesn't care about starting the professional clock on this guy because they don't think he's a player that will be that difficult to retain on the roster later. They are not worried about losing him if it comes to that.

On the other hand, they ARE worried about losing Heaney and Flynn, which is precisely why we will not see those guys yet. They are the crown jewels of the farm system and the font office doesn't want to start their professional clock until they are ready to.

Read between the lines.....


Flav, I understand relievers pitching in garbage time, and I also understand Cishek "needing work". I will NOT understand it if he's needed Friday or Saturday night and can't be used. They could have used Dunn, who also "needed work".

A Realist

Alex, two things.

First in response to your earlier post regarding Stanton because I think some of that was directed at me. I never said Stanton wasn't a good player, but he continues to be a liability on defense. He made another error last night. Even with him batting a good average (.312), he continues to strike out and not drive in runs when he has the chances, other than hit monster homeruns when he happens to connect with a bad pitch. With that said, he has a lot of incentive to improve and put in the work because he is playing for a contract somewhere else real soon. Last year he was miserable and he let it show everyday on the field. I am not wrong in what I've pointed out, nor is most of the other bloggers on here. We've pointed out valid points. Trust me. Stanton will be gone whether or not we think is improving. I'm interested to see how he performs the rest of the season now that the playoffs are long gone.

Second, Cishek and Dunn will not be involved in another meaningful game this season unless they are traded. It doesn't matter when they decide to use them or not. It's all over.

A Realist

It's so pathetic that this team just collapses on the road and has lost 5 in a row. It's such a joke. Keep in mind. They started this losing prior to them knowing about Jose so we can't blame that.

A bunch of no-heart quitters we have on this team. I cheer for the jersey, but not for these sorry bunch of losers.

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