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Arm updates for Henderson Alvarez, Carter Capps

Henderson Alvarez remains confident he'll make his next scheduled start on Tuesday. Marlins manager Mike Redmond and pitching coach Chuck Hernandez said they, too, see no reason for concern regarding the pitcher, who left Wednesday's start in Washington after five innings with a stiff right elbow.

Alvarez said through an interpreter (teammate Arquimedes Caminero) that he'll have a much better idea of how the arm feels after he throws his normal between-starts bullpen session on Saturday. But, so far, all indications are the discomfort he experienced in D.C. was nothing more than stiffness.

Alvarez threw off flat ground Friday and said the arm felt fine.

"It feels pretty good," he said. "I didn't feel anything bad."

With Jose Fernandez already finished for the season after undergoing Tommy John surgery, the Marlins can hardly afford to lose another of their frontline starters. Obviously, Andrew Heaney is at Triple A New Orleans and waiting in the wings.

But to call up Heaney now -- as opposed to a few weeks from now once they're certain the Super Two cutoff date has passed (around the third week of June is the projected date) -- would be utterly foolish. If Heaney were to be called up now, it would put them at risk of triggering his salary arbitration years by a full season, all for a handful of starts they would gain from making such a move.


Reliever Carter Capps will be receiving a second opinion on his right forearm sprain. The Marlins are hoping rest will take care of Capps' injury. But that could always change.

And yes, the Marlins and Braves are tied for first place in the N.L. East as they open a three-game weekend series tonight...... 


Imagejpeg_0-3Check out this cap, which is just like the ones worn by the minor-league Miami Sun Sox from 1949-54. The Marlins will be wearing the Sun Sox throwback uniforms when they face the Cubs at Wrigley Field on June 8. The Sun Sox (also known as the Miami Tourists) were a minor-league affiliate of the Brooklyn Dodgers.

 The Marlins wore throwback uniforms belonging to the minor-league Miami Marlins when they played in Milwaukee last season. 




Former Marlins reliever Antonio Alfonseca paid a visit to Marlins Park during batting practice on Friday. Alfonseca, who played for the Marlins from 1997-01 and again in 2005, is 42 and hasn't pitched in the bigs since 2007. 20140530_171319

But he claims he can still pitch.

"I still have it," said Alfonseca, who led the Marlins with 45 saves in 2000.

The Marlins might be in need of bullpen help, but aren't that desperate.


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Perhaps Trevor Hoffman is avalable!


If you were the owner...... how big and how long of a contract do you offer Stanton?


"Giancarlo Hermida" hits his his 16th HR off Julio Teheran. Fish take a 2-0 lead. Why call him Giancarlo Hermida? It makes about as much sense as calling him "Giancarlo Swoboda". After all, Jeremy Hermida was a BUM who hit a HR to Center Field once while he was a Marlin, and so did Stanton. Ron Swoboda was a BUM who made a great catch once, and so did Stanton. Yeah, Stanton has been making a lot of great catches this year, so the comparison is laughable, but who cares, right?


Um ok.


Anybody who has been posting here for FOUR YEARS that Stanton will never get any better and the Marlins should TRADE HIM is obviously someone who knows zero about evaluating baseball talent. A guy like that should never give us any more of his "baseball wisdom" because he has none. Seriously, I'm just telling the truth here. Anyone who has been proven that wrong should just put up posts like "Go Fish". He definitely should stop acting like he is some great "baseball guru" and expert, because even a blind man could have seen that Stanton was improving every year and was going to be a very good, if not great, player. People tried to tell him that too, but he just wouldn't listen. See, he's the local INTERNET GURU around here, and he loves that position.

And if you disagree with The Old Guru suddenly there are a lot of posts here with these phony names coming here to defend him and attack you. LOL...


Oh oh...Giancarlo Uggla just hit into a double play! A few more of those and it won't be long before a certain guru here will put up some of his "Please Mr. Loria" posts. I'm not making that up; you can probably look them up in the Archives. He used to write these sickening posts to Jeffrey Loria where he would address him like that: "Please Mr. Loria, thank you for spending some money on the team". Now please go ahead and trade Stanton for a middle reliever and a good second baseman, LOL...I kid you not, guys. His "Please Mr. Loria" posts made people want to throw up, LOL...

Cleveland Spider

I cannot wait to see Andrew Heaney in a Miami uniform. Too bad his first start is still 3 weeks ago.

We have to keep on suffering through Jacob Turner and Wolf. Regardless even when Heaney comes up we will have to endure through one of the two losers. Let's hope that we can tread water until Heaney is called.

Hopefully, someone will emerge behind Cishek in the bullpen. We will need the penny pinching owner to bring a top level set up man.

Cleveland Spider

This game is a must win if the Marlins want to win the series. Tomorrow is game is a complete mismatch. Turner against Santana is a total mismatch. You can count on a loss tomorrow.


May 12.....I give you a post by ALEX the great.

I wish it were true, but I don't think so. I think we can kiss this season good bye. This team is NOT going to go and get a quality starter nor are they going to rush Heaney up here. Not these Marlins. Maybe some other team, a team that really felt they were playoff contenders, but not The Loria-Redmond Fish. I've seen enough from Redmond to see that he just wants to lose less than 100 games, and Loria will be crying because the only player that put butts in the seats is gone now. Redmond has certainly not been managing like he feels this team really has a chance, and Loria won't care because if the team IS in contention he will have to SPEND MONEY AT THE TRADING DEADLINE, and with attendance going in the toilet without Fernandez, spending money is the last thing he wants to do.

What? What about your boy toy Giancarlo? Doesn't he put butts in seats?

*watch for more insightful posts from the mind of ALEX!!!!


Poor pitching by Tom Koehler in the 7th inning. Once the light hitting pitcher Teheran singled off Koehler earlier in the game, he should have went after him as if he was pitching to a regular hitter, not a pitcher. Instead he throws Teheran a fat meatball of a pitch up and right down Broadway and the weak hitting pitcher whacks a lead off double down the RF line. Then Yelich lets Heyward's double go between his legs and Heyward ends up on third and scores on a sac fly. Just like that, 3-2 Braves. Koehler's gotta be kicking himself....

Rockford Peach

"braodway" for those playing along at home, is a slang baseball term for a pitch over the middle portion of home plate. Thank you ALEX for the updates and opinions. No caps this time though. I ALMOST miss THEM.

Cleveland Spider

Hatcher really? Is Redmon the worst manager in baseball. Is he just throwing games right now. You are playing for first place and you are down by 1 run in the 8th and you bring Hatcher in?


Spider, I would agree with you about tomorrow's game, and what you say makes sense. And yet baseball is a funny game sometimes. The guy you expect to win gets beat, and the guy you expect to lose sometimes pulls a rabbit out of his hat and pitches a gem. Turner has been improving lately and he pitches much better at home. He might surprise us tomorrow.

Any way, it's a good thing that we learned right here on this website that Turner sometimes "gulps with fear" on the mound! I'm sure that Redmond will keep an eye on that, LOL! We are really lucky to have some very smart baseball guys here that are able to spot these things. The same baseball genius wanted to trade Giancarlo Francouer for a 2nd baseman!

Just kidding, Spider. I like needling pompous old farts that act like internet baseball gurus, that's all, LOL....watch how mad he gets. And watch how many "new guys" suddenly show up here, LOL...


Hatcher & Jennings survived the 7th & 8th innings without blowing the game completely. In my opinion that is not a good thing. Jennings gave up a lead off single and got Uggla to hit into a DP on a hard hit ball right at Hetch; basically Jennings got LUCKY. The reason I say it's not a good thing is because now Redmond will think it's a GOOD IDEA to bring these two BUMS into ANOTHER CLOSE GAME. And the next time they will not be so lucky. It would have been better for the Fish if the Braves had scored four runs off both Hatcher and Jennings. That way they would have sent them both back to New Orleans and we would be SPARED their next meltdown.

Cleveland Spider

Well we will be out by two games after tomorrow. I am really disappointed in the loss today. I thought we needed to win this game to win the series. Hopefully, Turner will surprise us tomorrow by pitching well.


And that's the ballgame. Koehler blows it by allowing the Braves PITCHER to get a lead off double in the 7th inning. Like I said before, even though the guy is a weak hitting pitcher, you can't throw him a big fat beach ball right down the middle in a one run game. Especially since he already got one hit off Koehler earlier. Hopefully Koehler LEARNS from this.

Actually Redmond shouldn't have even let Koehler pitch in the 7th inning. He had already started falling apart in the 6th, giving up the first run. Why not go with Dunn in the 7th, Ramos in the 8th and Cishek in the 9th? Oh that's right; "Redmond doesn't trust his bullpen". But yet he trusts Hatcher and Jennings to keep it to a one run game. Another example of Redmond's poor BULLPEN MANAGEMENT. Flav C, I DO respect YOUR baseball knowledge (in fact I respect most everyone here EXCEPT the Old Guru who's been wanting to trade Stanton, among other goofy things, LOL). What do you say about Red's bullpen moves tonight, Flav?

Lou Vales

Spider, I actually saw a couple of good things, I may be searching but here goes---They actually had competitive AB's in the 9th against Kimbrel. That usually never happens. Hatcher should have actually thrown a 1,2, 3 inning against Washington if not for the bleeders and now he comes back with a solid inning AND the pitiful Braves announcers actually said something along the lines of--"Why should anyone care about the Heat and Pacers?" You must realize the Hawks have been in Atlanta since 68, The Braves and Falcons since 66 and those 3 "franchises" have ONE!!!!!!!! less World Championship COMBINED!!!!! than the Marlins. Atlanta is actually "Cleveland South" OR "Buffalo Much Farther South" if you prefer.

A Realist

Absolutely pathetic! If you're Redmond and you see that your team is not scoring runs, why would you allow Koehler to totally implode and lose the lead before pulling him out? Horrible managerial decision, AGAIN, by Redmond! You can't afford to be down by any amount of runs because the offense is stagnant. As of late the bullpen has actually had it's act together. Redmond is an idiot. He just isn't very smart. It seems that despite him sitting in the dugout every night he does not have the pulse of the team.

And for those of you who are still convinced this team can hit I present to you this piece of garbage display our team put on tonight. Ridiculous! Stanton hits a homerun in the first inning and then everyone quits!? Where's Jones, Yelich, Salty? Where are you guys? One game they score 8 runs and then the next they go silent. Those 8 and 10 run games are the reason they're stats are decent. Tonight is a perfect example that this team doesn't have their heads in the game every night.

Flav C.

I'm not going yo dwell too much on small things this time. Trying to find more to blame on Redmond is just useless. This game tonight was a mismatch from the get-go.
Teheran can completely shut down opponent teams, and Koehler is, well....Koehler.
If it weren't for the fact that we were playing the offensively challenged and anemic Braves, this game should have been over a long time ago. They simply can't hit, but Koehler was over and over begging them to score. 7 hits, 4 BBs, and 2 hit by pitch. Koehler was lucky those weren't last week's Brewers. You all saw what happened.
I'm optimistic for tomorrow. Santana has been very erratic of late, and Turner has improved a lot on pounding the strike zone and mixing his pitches. I would not be surprised if he shuts them down for a few innings.


You are right about Atlanta, Lou. Buffalo South, LOL.

Can't stand watching Redmond's post game press conferences when they lose. He is so unconcerned by losing; he is USED to losing. Of course he threw Koehler under the bus, blaming him for giving up 2 hits to the pitcher. But nobody asked him WHY he left Koehler in there! The bullpen was rested; yesterday was an off day. Why not go with your best 3 relievers and try to close the game out? Dunn, Ramos, and Cishek and you might have had a 2-1 WIN instead of a 3-2 LOSS. Again, I get the feeling from Redmond that he does not care about making the playoffs. He just wants to have a better year than last year when he lost 100 games. He is NOT MANAGING LIKE A GUY IN A PENNANT RACE. That much has been obvious all year long!

Flav C.

Sorry, but you guys are the kings of the hindsight. As if everyone here knew that Koehler was going to give up a double to the pitcher on the 7th inning.
And for A Realist, Teheran has shutdown most every single offense. To me, he is the best pitcher in the NL right now. Easy to blame the hitters and not acknowledge how well the other guy pitched.
Alex, if you can't stand watching Redmond giving his press conference talk, why watch it? Sounds masochistic to me.

Lou Vales

Flav, I will agree with you. The surprise double by the pitcher and quick triple allowed him no time. IF you plan on being serious you can't use Dunn and Ramos every might. My ONLY problem with him has been the obvious stuff BECAUSE he has so little leeway with his moves.

Marlin Fan

Not sure why Koehler was left in after the lead off double . He was hit hard ( even the outs ) most the night , and continuously put the leadoff man on. Makes non sense , even less when your facing a pitcher the caliber of Teheren and you have a lead .

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Clark, whether it is "utterly foolish" to bring up Heaney, just because the team needs him, when it would cause his arbitration to kick in a year earlier, is a matter of one's value system.

If you value money over wins then, yes, it would be utterly foolish.

MY value system dictates that ethically you should value wins above the cost of one player's relative salary increment and control for one year, especially when your community invested hundreds of millions of dollars in tax money for your team.


Tom K shouldn't have pitched in the 7th, he was already starting to fall apart. Bad move by Red that costed the game.

Lou Vales

DT, I like "your" value system. Of course we are comparing it to an owner who does not appear to have one beyond the bottom line.

Clark S.


But that's how the system is designed. I don't write the rules, and I'm not saying it's right. I'm just saying that's the system, and it's the one almost all teams -- not just the Marlins -- use in deciding when to promote their top prospects.

Here's a good 2010 column from Jeff Passan that examines it further:

-- C.S.


I'm undecided on this one, wasn't Fernandez a 20 year old kid last year who broke camp with the team rather than spend the proverbial 2 months in the minors? Also I favor the "ready" bat over the pitcher though I'm sure the fail rate is about the same as to whether or not the kid is truly ready for competition at the big league level.


You really have a lot of venom against Loria and the management. I could not believe that you bashed Barry Jackson the other day. He is judged to be the best Herald coumnist by the great majority of readers.


Heaney has not yet thrown a no-hitter or complete 9-in. game in AAA. In fact, he has only pitched 11 AAA innings. Give him a chance to conclusively show he is actually better than Flynn before he gets the call to MLB. The NOLA staff will need at least 30 AAA innings before Heaney completes his work on fielding and on holding runners.

Lou Vales

Dear Lee, If you considered everyone who has venom against Loria, you could start a snake colony encompassing all of the Florida Everglades.

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