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Brad Hand placed on DL

The Marlins have placed struggling southpaw Brad Hand on the 15-day disabled list with what the club is terming a "right ankle sprain." Saturday's move didn't come with any exaggerated winks, but it's not hard to decipher what the Marlins have done. They got Hand out of the bullpen but keep him on the 40-man roster -- at least for now -- without exposing him to waivers. Hand is out of options and would almost certainly be claimed if he were to be designated for assignment, given that he's a lefty who throws in the mid-90s. The Marlins are likely trying to trade him, though the pitcher's 6.38 ERA isn't helping. 

The Marlins pulled the same DL trick with Jorge Julio ("calf strain") a number of years ago. Julio pitched only 9 1/3 innings for the Marlins at the start of the 2007 season, but was such a disaster (0-2 with a 12.54 ERA and 3.107 WHIP). Within days of placing him on the DL, Julio was traded to Colorado for Byung-Hyun Kim.

Replacing Hand in the bullpen is left-hander Dan Jennings, who was called up from Triple A New Orleans. Clearly the Marlins need to work on the bullpen, which has been a trouble spot all season, especially in the middle innings. 


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Dionysus Thelxinoe

OF COURSE, they need to work on their bullpen!!! That's why they signed Miguel Tej... oh, wait.

Never mind.

Lou Vales

Brad Hand/s last name and his performances on the mound lead to so many obvious jokes that I will not even list any of them.

Stan M

There are just so many smoke and mirrors. Red pulled Turner at just the right time. Dunn looked great. Why not let him go out for the 8th? Makes no sense.

Cleveland Spider


You are right! Why is Cishek working so hard now? It is much too late at this point. He should have been in there now. And yes, Dunn was throwing the ball great. So why pull him out?

Cleveland Spider

Salty may have just cost the Marlins this game. How stupid was that. I thought he was supposed to be the experienced veteran.


Spider, I disagree; I think Redmond played it perfectly, just as he did a few weeks ago, showing a lot of boldness by bringing in Cishek for the 4 out save. He got a strong inning out of Dunn, that's great, but Red wisely didn't push his luck, he got him outta there, and brought in Ramos who has been VERY GOOD pretty much all year long. Sure, he gave up a single and a long double that scored a run. But then he STRUCK OUT THE NEXT GUY AND GOT ANOTHER OUT ON A POP UP. The only screw up was another Saltalamacchia THROWING ADVENTURE on the strikeout. What is going ON with Salty's THROWING? Is he getting a case of "the yips" like certain players (Mackey Sasser,Chuck Knoblach, Steve Sax, etc.) have had over the years?

Anyway, it all worked out, due to Cishek's great pitching, and GUTSY managing by Mike Redmond. Good pitching by Jacob Turner who had some LUCK (line drives hit right at Marlin defenders) and also had some fine Defense played behind him. Yelich's throw to 3rd was a beauty and Braun forgot the main rule of base running with guys on base behind you: ALWAYS RUN HARD. He coasted home with what he though was the game tying run and instead his run didn't count as the out was recorded at 3rd base BEFORE he stepped on home.

Nice win; GO FISH!


True, the TYPE of throwing issues that Mackey Sasser,Chuck Knoblach, Steve Sax, were different kinds of "yips" than those that seem to be bedeviling Salty. But still, he seems to having problems throwing the ball accurately, which in the final analysis is exactly what "the yips" are.


Glad Hand is gone, but why bring up Dan Jennings again? We pretty much know what he brings to the table. Why not that Drayton kid that Flav C has been talking up?

Dionysus Thelxinoe


Dionysus Thelxinoe

Alex, what distinguishes Sasser and Knoblauch is that they had trouble with the most routine of plays. In Sasser's case, he had trouble throwing the ball back to the pitcher.

Salty is just plain inconsistent with his throws, at times downright awful. Bases are mostly stolen off the pitchers, but it doesn't help to have poor Salty back there trying to keep them honest.


Yes, DT, you are correct; Salty's throwing issues ARE different than "the yips" that those other guys suffered through. But Salty's bad throws are often the same TYPE of bad throw. In other words, when trying to throw a runner out at 2nd, he doesn't bounce a throw in the dirt one time, and then sail it over everyone's head the next time, and then hit the runner in the back the time after that. If you notice, almost ALL his bad throws are sailing WIDE RIGHT, four or five feet off 2nd base, to the RF side of 2nd (to the left of Deitrich). Same thing with the throw to Jones in this game: the throw sailed wide of 1st base, to the RF side of the bag, to the left of Jones.

I only hope it's an issue of mechanics, hopefully a result of rushing, not something mental. We better ALL hope that.


Salty is definitely an upgrade over what the Marlins had last year, but, it is becoming easy to see why the Braves and Red Sox chose to let him go. He has throwing problems, he is not the greatest at blocking balls in the dirt, and, he swings at a lot of very low pitches for strike three when there is a runner on third and less than two outs.(Stanton is good at this too except Stanton chooses to swing at low outside pitches). Happy for Turner who made great effort. Love Yellich who always seems to have his head in the game. He is still having problems at the plate with pitches that are on the outside corner or just off the outside corner. Because he hits left handed, the umpires set up behind him and the catcher and often don't get a good look at pitches that are actually off the outside of the plate. I think most of Yellichs' called third "strikes" were off the plate. The kid has been making a few comments to the umpires but doesn't make a big stink. He will probably blow up one day and let an umpire have it. Anyway, enough complaining. Happy the team is doing much better than most expected.

Stan M

two stats I found interesting:
*Marlins have 3 players in top 10 in RBIs in league
*two recently acquired brothers on the Braves are one and two in strikeouts in all of baseball.

Turner seemed to be walking on water yesterday. Shades of Bobo Holloman. He certainly had luck on his side. How many outs were line drives hit right at someone, often with runners on base.

Should the Marlins start to be viewed not as an also ran, but as a contender? If so, can this team continue to compete for a wild card with the 8 men it puts on the field? I think so. Was worried about 2B, but Dietrich is more selective at bat this year and is at least adequate as a fielder. My major worry is Salty. If he can hold his own, and that is far from a certainty, then this team will win or lose on its pitching. And again I say it's either time to spend some bucks (gulp) or assemble a bundle to trade for a decent middle reliever.

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