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Capps heads to DL, won't throw for four weeks Redmond says; Furcal to play Thursday in Jupiter

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- On a day when Jose Fernandez was back in Los Angeles having his cast and stitches removed following Tommy John surgery, another hard throwing Marlins pitcher -- right-handed reliever Carter Capps -- was headed to the disabled list with a sprained right elbow injury.

Although Fernandez was sent to the disabled list on May 12 with a similar right elbow sprain and then had season-ending surgery a week later, manager Mike Redmond said Tuesday surgery isn't in the plans for Capps.

"I think we feel like right now it's something that can be treated with rest," Redmond said. "He's going to go four weeks without throwing or picking up a ball. He'll be down for an extended period of time, and then we'll start building him back up and see where we're at."

Redmond said Capps experienced tenderness in his elbow after his last appearance Sunday against the Brewers. Redmond said Capps didn't even make the road trip with the Marlins, and had an MRI performed. Asked if there was a ligament tear, Redmond said "I don't know."

"I didn't really get into depth about what they saw in the MRI -- just that it was a right elbow sprain," Redmond said.

Arquimedes Caminero was recalled from Triple A New Orleans to replace Capps in the bullpen. Capps was acquired in the Logan Morrison trade with Seattle in December and made nine relief appearances. He had a 3.00 ERA over 12 innings of relief work for the Marlins since being called up from New Orleans on April 23. His average fastball velocity this season was 97.7 miles per hour according to Fangraphs.com. That's second behind only the Reds' Aroldis Chapman (100.1 miles per hours).

Caminero had a 13.50 ERA in five relief appearances for the Marlins before being sent back down to Triple A New Orleans. He's gone 1-1 with a 6.63 ERA, 24 strikeouts and 10 walks in 19 innings and 11 relief appearances for the Zephyrs.

Caminero, though, could be coming out his slump. He's tossed two innings of scoreless relief in each of his last three appearances for New Orleans.

"The biggest thing for me is to get him up here and see him do it at the big league level," Redmond said. "We've all seen the arm and stuff. But it's been a battle, it's been a struggle for him at this level getting big league hitters out. So I think this is a huge opportunity for him -- and really, we need him. We need him to come up and throw strikes and get guys out and be able to log some innings."

Outside of closer Steve Cishek, the back end of the bullpen has been a bit of a headache for Redmond this season.

After Chad Qualls (2 years, $6 million to Astros) and Ryan Webb (2 years, $4.5 million) left via free agency, the team spent $1.25 million to sign reliever Carlos Marmol this past off-season and traded for Capps. Marmol was released by the team on May 19 after going 0-3 with an 8.10 ERA and 10 walks in 13 innings. It was reported Tuesday Marmol will sign a minor league deal with the Reds.

Henry Rodriguez, another hard thrower signed to a minor league deal by the Marlins as insurance, was called up May 11 and designated for assignment three days later after two bad relief appearances (10.80 ERA, five walks).

Sunday, the team recalled left-hander Dan Jennings from New Orleans and placed left-hander Brad Hand (0-1, 6.38) on the disabled list. Right-hander Chris Hatcher, designated for assignment before spring training and then resigned to a minor league deal, was called up last Thursday. Now Caminero will get his second crack this season at a bullpen spot again. 

"We have young guys who are still establishing roles at the big league level," Redmond said. "At one point these guys [Nationals relievers] were young pitchers in the major leagues too. They kind of worked themselves into those roles and established themselves. Their guys are probably a little bit farther along than our guys are.

"But we feel like we've got quality arms to be able to get to that point where maybe in the next year or so we say [Mike Dunn] this is your inning. Or, AJ [Ramos] this is your inning, go get them. The [Nationals] kind of have that luxury. Right now were still piecing it together and making sure that we try to get guys in situations where they can be successful."


Second baseman Rafael Furcal, who has yet to play for the Marlins despite signing a $3.5 million deal this past winter, will start playing in rehab games again Thursday, Redmond said.

Furcal first injured his hamstring at the start of spring training and battled his way up to Double A Jacksonville in mid-April when he injured his groin running the bases. After a week off, Furcal got back into a game in Jacksonville and reinjured his groin.

Last week, Furcal started playing in extended spring training games. He'll begin his rehab assignment playing for Single A Jupiter, and then will likely progress the same way he was before -- being promoted to Double A, Triple A and so on.

"We've been down that road before. So hopefully this time he's good, feels good and gets healthy," Redmond said. "We didn't really talk about how many [rehab] games [he'll play]. But it's just like we talked about earlier. When he starts coming back, he's got to be able to show his legs can play multiple days in a row and he can feel good and be able to run. That's the biggest thing."


> Marlins (27-25): 1. Christian Yelich LF, 2. Derek Dietrich 2B, 3. Giancarlo Stanton RF, 4. Casey McGehee 3B, 5. Garrett Jones 1B, 6. Jarrod Saltalamacchia C, 7. Marcell Ozuna CF, 8. Adeiny Hechavarria SS, 9. Henderson Alvarez RHP.

> Nationals (25-26): 1. Denard Span CF, 2. Anthony Rendon 3B, 3. Jayson Werth RF, 4. Adam LaRoche 1B, 5. Wilson Ramos C, 6. Ian Desmond SS, 7. Kevin Frandsen 2B, 8. Nate McLouth LF, 9. Blake Treinen RHP.


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Dionysus Thelxinoe

Caminero? Outstanding! Can't wait to see HIM pitch again. Gattis can hardly wait to see him pitch. And the entire Nationals lineup.


Capps is nothing special, he had his command issues, but he did pitch at or around 100mph, and was a huge improvement over Caminero.

An already shaky bullpen just got worse.


Well, this is just stupid. Now we can watch Redmond let Caminero blow a few games the way Marmol did. Because as we all know, if Redmond HAS a guy in the bullpen, he absolutely HAS TO USE HIM in an important spot. You know, like in the 8th inning of a tie game. Because after all, he STILL doesn't know who his 8th inning guy is.

Capps was pretty decent. I don't know why we NEVER see these other relief pitchers that Flav C keeps talking about. Maybe because they might actually help WIN GAMES which would force Loria to spend some money.


"The bullpen has been a bit of a headache for the Marlins this season."

Really, Manny? A "bit of a headache"?

Stan M

Read my lips..."it's time to go outside the organization for help...right now!"

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Alex, Manny was being diplomatic. And Clark tells me he's also been reading "Dress for Success," by John Malloy.

Lou Vales

Stan, There are arms available for the 6th and 7th inning slots But of course that would require some moves to be made. I am so impressed by what this team is doing and I really believe Stanton is beyond motivated and really wants to put this team on his back. It would be awesome to see how he would respond to the organization actually trying to help him.


"Alex, Manny was being diplomatic. And Clark tells me he's also been reading "Dress for Success," by John Malloy."

Posted by: Dionysus Thelxinoe

Oh...it went right over my poor ignorant head, DT. Thanks for 'splainin' dat...LOL!

From what I've seen of Caminero, he's the baseball re-incarnation of Armando Benitez. Throws hard as hell, +97 MPH, but with ZERO MOVEMENT. I thought Armando Benitez had the straightest fastball I had ever seen (with Dunn a close second,AT TIMES) until I saw this kid Caminero. Heath Bell is another one who throws hard but straight. Do you guys see a pattern emerging here? No? I'll give you another one: Jorge Julio. It should be crystal clear by now. The Marlins lead the majors in hard throwing relievers with NO MOVEMENT on their fastballs.

Now a relief pitcher can still get by without much movement on his heater provided a) he doesn't throw it right down Broadway and b) he has AT LEAST one other pitch that he can throw consistently for a strike. Which is what all these guys have in common; they do not have such a pitch. I said that Dunn has this problem at times because he doesn't ALWAYS have this problem. When he's "on" he throws his slider for strikes and elevates his fastball. When he's "off"..he's a lot like Caminero, LOL!

Lou Vales

DT, You really don't like Manny's attire. I have no idea what these people are paid. Maybe it is just make do. I saw a spread up here on Uggla's "place" in Atlanta. I can not think of a bigger financial and achievement FLOP since Juan Gonzalez.

Lou Vales

Everybody realizes if Furcal does NOT play a single game he will of course receive the full 3,500,000.00 AND also get another year of vesting for his pension. You really have to understand the sheer incompetence of MLB owners in capitulating to Miller and Fehr and bringing on situations like this. Football and basketball with aps but not baseball because they BUCKLED every single time. They should have never gone down the road that would lead to Furcals, Josh Johnsons, Mike Hamptons, and so many others.

Camera Mike

As bad as our bullpen has been and as much of a gamble bringing up Caminero again may be at least we're not the minor league systems for the Orioles and Reds. A couple weeks ago Baltimore signed Heath Bell to a minor league deal and the Reds just signed Marmol to a minor league contract.

I think a good betting line for Vegas to pick up should be who gets back to the majors first Bell, Marmol, or Furcal? My money would be on Bell or Marmol as I'm with Lou in believing Furcal doesn't play a single game for the Marlins or even make it far enough to watch a game from the dugout without getting in.


"at least we're not the minor league systems for the Orioles and Reds. A couple weeks ago Baltimore signed Heath Bell to a minor league deal and the Reds just signed Marmol to a minor league contract." - Camera Mike

Seriously? I can't believe EITHER of those moves. Well, maybe I can see someone signing Bell because I believe the Marlins are still paying his salary this year, and MAYBE somebody figures they could still get something out of him as a long relief guy, like Slowey over here. But MARMOL? I just cannot see why anyone would sign Marmol. His problems are control problems. A guy with control problems is a liability no matter WHERE you try to use him, long relief, set up, whatever. On the other hand, unlike the way Redmond used him, maybe they figure they will use him INTELLIGENTLY. Bring him in to a game, but always have another pitcher warmed up and ready to come in at a moment's notice. The first sign of "Marmol-ism", the first walk, hit batter, or wild pitch, you come right out and YANK HIM OUTTA THERE. Redmond just LEFT HIM IN THERE WHEN IT WAS OBVIOUS HE WAS IMPLODING INSTEAD OF TAKING HIM OUT AT THE FIRST SIGN OF TROUBLE.

Still, these signings just show how desperate teams get for relief pitching DURING the season. Which is why the MARLINS SHOULD HAVE TAKEN STEPS TO SHORE UP THEIR PEN BEFORE THE$ SEASON STARTED.


Red Sox leading the Braves 6-3 in the 8th; if it holds up we will gain a half game on Atlanta. Of course it's way too early to be looking at the Standings, but that's only true if you're a REGULAR baseball fan. If you are a Marlins fan who has had no reason at all to look at the Standings for years, you can be given a pass for looking at them in May. Besides, this team can be streaky, and a long losing streak could make checking the Standings an exercise in futility, so we might as well enjoy it while we can.


Oh and one more thing from the "I know it's Early, But.." department: I was watching the MLBTV channel and guess whose name was brought up as a serious early National League MVP candidate? That's right, that Dave Kingman, Ron Swoboda, George Foster type guy who will never amount to anything more than a mediocre player, GIANCARLO STANTON. Who? Yeah, the guy who isn't even MENTIONED in long posts about the 2014 Marlins right here on this board. How could that possibly BE? How could ANYONE write a long post about the 2014 Marlins, who is playing well, who isn't, what their needs are, etc., and NOT EVEN MENTION STANTON ONE TIME? I have no idea. Well, no that's not true. I know EXACTLY WHY. It's because Stanton IS HAVING AN MVP TYPE SEASON, that's why. If Stanton were hitting .210 with 2 HRs and 16 RBI, there would be MULTIPLE POSTS on this board by the usual Stanton haters DEMANDING he be traded for a middle infielder (Mark Teahen, anyone?), a middle relief pitcher and a dozen old baseballs.

Of course it's way too early to talk about Stanton winning an MVP award. After all, he might make the haters happy and hit 210 with 2 HRs and 16 RBI the rest of the year. Yeah, there ARE Marlins fans who would obviously be HAPPY to see Stanton FAIL just so they could say "See? All that stuff I wrote all these years about Stanton sucking was true". (To me, those aren't REAL Marlins fans at ALL, BTW.)Also, to win an MVP award a player has to usually play on a GOOD TEAM. Our Marlins are not a bad team, but we are not yet a GOOD TEAM. I'm not sure Stanton could win an MVP award on a .500 Marlins team. Still, I think it's FANTASTIC that one of OUR MARLINS is getting that type of national media attention. If it does happen, will I GLOAT? ABSOLUTELY! LOL!

Stan M

Alex, are you sure that someone from this blog wanted to trade Stanton to KC for Alex Gordon? Two years ago KC had plenty of hitting and needed pitching, not hitting. I would assume that pitching was offered for Gordon, an All Star who played both 3B and LF as a gold glove winner. At that time, the Marlins had neither a 3rd baseman nor a left fielder and Gordon would have been an excellent fit.

I'm surprised that you can't understand how a person could criticize Stanton, or any player for their shortcomings at the time of the evaluation and not hate him. What is it that causes you to talk in such extremes? Can't you realize that many throughout baseball discussed trading Stanton simply because it was assumed that he was a goner in Loria's world. That didn't mean that he was hated. In fact, it was a compliment as to his worth and interesting to speculate what he could have brought to this team. Now it would be foolish to trade him and everyone realizes that. You are the only person on this blog who continually uses the word "hate" to discuss others. Is there some reason for that? A couple of weeks ago I took the trouble to find a criticism of Stanton's batting by yourself. You didn't hate him then, did you?

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