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Everyone's Asking: Are The Marlins For Real?

SAN DIEGO -- The headline at Yahoo! Sports reads "Surprise, Surprise: Marlins are in first place." Over at Fox Sports.com, it's "Are the Marlins and Rockies Really This Good?" And at SI.com, it's "Can Surprise Miami Marlins Make Their Early-Season Success Last?"

Everyone, it seems, is wondering the same thing. And for good reason. Vegas picked the Marlins to win no more than 69 or 70 games and already they've won 20 with 127 games to go. Many baseball experts thought the Marlins could finish ahead of the Phillies and Mets. But first place on May 9?

The Marlins have a lot of folks scratching their heads.

Manager Mike Redmond said he hasn't looked at the standings.

"They're talking about the Fish, so that's good stuff, right?," Redmond asked. "At the beginning of the year, nobody was talking about us. So we've opened some eyes, and that's a testament to these guys and the way they've played."

Redmond said he still feels like the Marlins "are still improving in a lot of areas."

But he also feels, no matter what the doubters might think, the Marlins are capable of winning now.

"I think this team has a chance to be special. How special? That's to be determined," Redmond said. "I think we have a lot of guys who have a lot to prove."


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I don't know how many of you guys really understand what appears to be happening right here. I don't think a whole lot of fans here in Miami realize just how lucky they are. But right now, at this moment in baseball, we get to see the best power pitcher in the game (and he's nowhere near his prime) as well as the best power hitter in the game (and he ain't hit HIS prime either) every 5th day playing on the same team. Our team. The Florida Marlins. I don't think too many of you realize how amazing that is.

The Red Sox, the Yankees, the Dodgers? They are good teams. But NONE of those teams have a pitcher like Jose Fernandez and a power hitter like Giancarlo Stanton. Enjoy the show, because in case you don't know, or don't realize, THIS IS SPECIAL.


Worst game I ever saw Jose pitch. He sometimes has a tendency to try to prove to the opposing team that he can blow fastballs by them, that he can simply over power them. And very often he can do just that. But tonight his velocity was not good. His fastball in the early innings topped out at 95 and the location was terrible. He tried to out muscle the Padres hitters and they wound up out-muscling and humbling him. He needs to throw fewer fastballs early in games; use the fastball as a set up pitch, and use the breaking pitches as his "out" pitches.

Does this change the fact that he's the best power pitcher in the game today? Not at all. The kid had a bad game, that's all. I've seen all sorts of great pitchers over the years and every one of them got lit up from time to time. It's baseball, not football. Failure is built in to this game. He'll be ok.


Good to see Ozuna hit that HR. Lately it seemed that he was starting to fall off the same way he did last year when he was sent down to the minors just before getting hurt. He has shown himself to be very susceptible to the breaking pitch. Unless he can start hitting breaking balls he might well get sent down again. I hope that doesn't happen. I like Ozuna.

Juan Yanes

Marlins in first place ? yes, it is an clear evidence that miracles are real!!! Only a miracle can explain this fact; having an unexperience manager and unvaluable players but (Jose Fernandez, Stanton) the team is in the winning column as former Marlins TV broadcaster Joe Angel said

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