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Garrett Jones experiences big thrill, meets Metallica

MetallicaSAN FRANCISCO -- Garrett Jones said he experienced a major thrill Friday. But it had nothing to do with either his RBI single in the top of the ninth or his spectacular catch in foul territory for an out in the bottom of the inning.

No, it was meeting the members of Metallica before the heavy metal band played the national anthem.

Jones said he has used the group’s hit, “Whiskey In The Jar,” as his walkup song ever since he was in the low minors.

“It was like a little kid in a candy store-type moment for me,” Jones said. “My brain wasn’t functioning as well as it should when you meet people you’ve always wanted to meet. I was kind of at a loss for words for a while. But they’re baseball fans, so that always helps.”

Jones was photographed with band members in their dressing room and had them sign a bat for him.



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About some comments from yesterday's thread. Flav C, the only problem I have with Redmond is his use of the pen so far this year. It would have been STUPID to take Jones out yesterday as he was swinging the bat well, and they only had Jeff Baker as a viable RF pinch hitter since Reed Johnson was starting in RF. Redmond does do one thing that I really like and I have said this before: HE DOES NOT GO BY THE BOOK like Fat Fredi does.

My issue with Redmond is bringing in BUMS in relief (was he REALLY going to bring in SLOWEY in the 9th inning last night???) and then LEAVING them in when it's obvious they got nothing that night!


A Realist, you are obviously a Stanton hater. Were you one of those guys who has been begging the Fish to TRADE HIM for Mark Teahen and a bag of balls these past years? In your mind "Stanton looks uncomfortable in RF". He doesn't look uncomfortable at all to me. He is still learning how to be an outfielder, I will admit that, and sometimes he looks a bit awkward out there, like a bull in a china shop, but not UNCOMFORTABLE. You say you went to sleep in the 7th inning last night. In that case you shouldn't have even made ANY COMMENT because the kid made fine plays in the late innings.

But I get it, you are a Stanton hater. NOTHING the kid does will ever satisfy you. If he winds up leading the league in HRs and RBIs and hits .300 you will complain that he strikes out too much. I'm 58 years old and have seen haters like you my entire life, going back to Mantle haters, Aaron haters, etc. You won't be happy until he's gone, but then you will RIP on Loria for trading him.


As far as Ozuna being sent down in favor of Marisnick, it might happen; I've been saying that this year looks like a repeat of his performance last year when he started hot and then fell off. HOWEVER, I hope they don't pull the trigger on that move too quickly. Give the kid a chance to snap out of it. Marisnick always tears up the minor leagues, but has not impressed up here when given the chance. Hopefully it will be different for him this year, but why rush? We have Reed Johnson to fill in for Ozuna when needed.


Koehler is pitching a FINE GAME so far! He has been the Marlins TRUE #2 starter this year after Fernandez, not Eovaldi. And the Fish continue to hit. 3-0 Marlins in the 7th. GO FISH!


Uh, make that 4-9, Fish. That "uncomfortable" bum who plays RF just hit #12 to the opposite field. WOO-HOO; GO FISH!


I meant 4-0 FISH.


The unnecessary Slowey experiment in full effect.


Another impressive win on the road, just what the team needed. Looks like Salty and Ozuna are back to life. No more Slowey on the 9th, come on Red... Now go Turner, and finish strong tomorrow.


"The unnecessary Slowey experiment in full effect" - MDX

Well said, MDX. This is the kind of bullpen nonsense that pisses me off about Redmond, Flav C. Most of his other moves I really can't argue with, and as I've said, he goes with his gut feeling rather than going BY THE BOOK and I've always liked managers who manage that way. Yet he persists in making crazy moves with the bullpen. Several of his "experiments" have resulted in disastrous losses and others have just caused unnecessary stress. Bringing in Slowey tonight was a case in point. And the really crazy thing is that he was going to bring Slowey in to YESTERDAY'S game if the Fish didn't take the lead! Fortunately they DID take the lead so he brought in Cishek, but it was INSANITY to even consider bringing in Slowey in a 5-5 game in extra innings. That would be akin to waving the white flag of surrender; it shows me he really does not think this team is really competing for ANYTHING this year.

Other than his handling of the bullpen I really have no major beef with Red, Flav. But that is a major thing, how a manager handles the pen.

Lou Vales

I don't blame Redmond for bringing in Slowey. IF you can't protect a 5 run lead in the 9th,however, you should be jettisoned as quickly as possible. Correct??

Stan M

Of course, Lou. If Slowey faltered, as he did, he always had Cichek ready to bail the team out. And if it worked, he saved his closer from an unnecessary outing. With Wolf's signing, Slowey might have pitched himself off the team. I guess it will depend upon DeSciafani's next start and how successful it is.

I must admit that Jones has made me a convert. The HRs and power shots help, but I was really impressed when he led off against the shift, bunted, and walked to 1B. His snare of the late inning ground ball to his right and fine catch by the dugout also impressed the heck out of me. Good for him.

Alex, you have been back on this post for many weeks now and have shown good baseball insight in my opinion. But please be careful. You are starting to talk in absolutes and attacking fellow posters. Please don't do that. Realist expressed his opinion just as you do. If you have a different idea, fine, so state it, but there is no reason to denigrate Realist. Remember, no one here had said a word about your past transgressions.

Lou Vales

Haven't heard about "Mr Rehab"lately.


Excuse me, where did I "attack" a fellow poster, Stan? Did I call anyone STUPID? Did I say someone was an idiot or a moron? NO I DID NOT. All I said is that A Realist is a "STANTON HATER". That is not a PERSONAL ATTACK, that is an observation from his POSTS. You are a STANTON HATER also. SO WHAT? You are as entitled to be a STANTON HATER as I am ENTITLED to be a DUNN HATER. It doesn't mean you are STUPID. Or that I am for hating Dunn. Knock it off with that BOARD POLICE stuff, ok?


You've been a Stanton hater for YEARS, Stan M. It must really GALL YOU that he is putting up Triple Crown type numbers after all the things you said about him all these years. Now that he is tearing up t6he league you are mighty quiet about him. Hardly say anything at all except when he hits into a DP or something. Why is that?

See, I don't know about YOU, but I am HAPPY when a player I have been down on proves me wrong because I'm a Marlins fan. Yet I have known some Marlins fans that are so caught up with maintaining their EXPERT IMAGE that they actually HOPE THAT A MARLIN PLAYER PLAYS BADLY SO THAT THEIR REMARKS ABOUT HIM CONTINUE TO BE TRUE. I saw a LOT of that with Bonifacio, Stan. Guys got all caught up in RIPPING him when he was bad, and when he started to hit they HATED IT. They either hoped he would fail, or they stayed QUIET.

Now I am NOT ACCUSING YOU OF ANY OF THAT, GOD FORBID! I wouldn't want you to get angry at me and start accusing me of "attacking you". I'm NOT. But you are on record as having ripped Stanton for years, and advocating he be traded. Is it not ok to bring things like that up? Or is it only ok to do that with SOME people? Now it's usually OK TO DISAGREE WITH A PERSON's OPINIONS. It's OK to ATTACK THE OPINION, NOT THE POSTER. If that's not true over here, you should let everyone know.


"I don't blame Redmond for bringing in Slowey. IF you can't protect a 5 run lead in the 9th,however, you should be jettisoned as quickly as possible. Correct??"
-Lou Vales

Well, Lou, here's how I see it. He COULDN'T protect that 5 run lead; he was on his way to blowing it. So should they jettison him? No, I don't think so. He has a role on this team: Long relief, coming into games when the starter has been shelled and we are losing by 4 runs or more. He's good in that role; good in holding the other team RIGHT THERE while the offense chips away and gets back in the game.

Yesterday with a 5-0 lead it would have been better to bring in Capps or Dunn so that WE WOULDN'T HAVE TO BRING CISHEK INTO THE GAME AT ALL. Bringing in Slowey put everything in danger. What if that guy hit a Grand Slam off Cishek? It was a POSSIBILTY and it was so unnecessary as MDX stated.


One last thing: I happen to LIKE A Realist! I read his posts on the MLB board too. He is a DIE HARD FAN, and you gotta love that. I do think he's a Stanton Hater, though, LOL. Again; SO WHAT? I'm a Dunn hater. And there've been plenty of other Marlins I didn't care for over the years! Big deal! Do we all have to LOVE EVERY MEMBER OF THIS TEAM? DO WE HAVE TO ALWAYS AGREE WITH EACH OTHER? BORING!

A Realist

Alex, I have actually repeated many times that I don't want Stanton to be traded. He will be traded, though. This FO will not keep him. What I do not like is when fans think that because a guy is a great power-hitter, all other aspects of his game must be great too by default without using their eyes and some common sense to see his game is lacking in other areas. "He's young" is the token excuse we hear all the time. When is that excuse no longer valid? He's also not a cerebral player. He loses his approach mid-way through his at-bat when he begins to get frustrated. These are major weaknesses to his game and the reason he will not ascend to elite status like he should.

I take this team very seriously, probably too seriously. I take their losses and victories to sleep with me, which undoubtedly has a negative affect on my personal relationships. I love this team, but I am not blinded by that love. I can call out my favorite players and give praise to the ones I dislike the most (Turner and Dunn). Don't take it personally. I know that's easier said than done, especially for serious fans.

Go Feeesh!

I hope Seth is right.

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