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Yasmani Grandal says Giancarlo Stanton is in a league of his own

SAN DIEGO -- Not sure how many of you back home managed to remain awake to catch the ending, but Giancarlo Stanton put the exclamation point on another Marlins victory last night with a shot to right center in the 11th (see story here).

It was the kind of homer that had folks on both sides marveling afterward. Like Padres catcher and University of Miami product Yasmani Grandal for instance. Grandal was behind the plate when Stanton put his barrell on a Dale Thayer 0-2 fastball.

Unlike many of his other blasts, Stanton's dinger on Thursday wasn't a no-doubter. Stanton said it wasn't even a home run swing. Rather it was an "easy swing" (his words) that produced positive results. After being made to look "silly" on the previous pitch, an elevated fastball that Stanton swung at and missed, he figured Thayer would come back with another pitch just like it, or an 0-2 offering in the dirt. He got the former.

And here's what Grandal had to say about it:

“That’s probably the best pitch (Thayer) threw,” Grandal said. “He painted it. It was right on the spot. But there’s only one guy that can hit that, and he was at the plate. I guarantee you there’s not another player in this league who could hit that pitch.”

If you haven't seen it already, take a look for yourself:


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Flav C.


Flav C.

Mike Dunn and a story in 3 domes:

1st dome, comes with Dunn pitching his 4 initial games of the season, not too well. On April 10th, after he threw his 1st pitch to Nats catcher Leon, he was shaking his arm vigorously and was grimacing. Medical staff came in, Redmond too. After a while, Dunn said he was good to go. At that point on the season, he had pitched 3.2 IP, allowed 6 Hits, 1 BB, and struck out 6 batters. Batters were hitting .353 against him, and he had a WHIP of 1.90.

After that day, it was clear he was playing with discomfort in his throwing arm. And then comes the 2nd dome. Dunn played the next 6 games (total of 5 IP), allowed 6 more hits, 4 BBs, and struck out only 5. Hitters were batting .273, with a horrible WHIP of 2.00 and an atrocious era of 9.00.

The 3rd dome starts when Dunn gets 2-3 days off. He comes back against the Mets in NY. Since then, he's pitched in 5 games, 5.2 IP. In this timeframe, Dunn has allowed only 1 H and 1 BB, for a WHIP of 0.35, an ERA of 0.00. Hitters are batting 0.56 avg. And he's struck out 7 hitters.

Nothing like a rested arm. Hopefully things will keep this way.


I keep saying it, but it's true. This team is special and will be in the World Series this season. Jeff Loria is a genius owner.


Bite your tongue, Seth!

During 2012 Spring training, a female fan very loudly thanked Loria for the outstanding team the Marlins built for the inaugural season of the new ballpark. However, summer brought big disappointments, and fall a completion of the fire sale on Marlins expensive talent. The best move since from Loria was to fire Beinfest. Everyone saw the 2013 disaster, with plenty of fans mad at the FO.

This season, it appears Loria is allowing his baseball ops staff to use their good judgement, the young players have more experience, and the FA acquisitions have actually worked out so far. The fans and players are happier, and the Marlins are unexpectedly in first place in the NL East.

A genius owner would not have fired Girardi, or even Gonzalez when he seemed to finally be understanding his pitching staff. A genius owner would have taken the opportunity to fire Guillen after his Castro comments. I trust your post has been an irony.


Unreal power from Stanton. The Marlins have quite a few pieces to make this year interesting at the very least. The starting rotation is a force and now with some timely hitting things are starting to fall into place. Still very early but they seem to "believe" in each other and it's noticeable. Enjoying the year.


I don't know how many of you guys really understand what appears to be happening right here. I don't think a whole lot of fans here in Miami realize just how lucky they are. But right now, at this moment in baseball, we get to see the best power pitcher in the game (and he's nowhere near his prime) as well as the best power hitter in the game (and he ain't hit HIS prime either) every 5th day playing on the same team. Our team. The Florida Marlins. I don't think too maby of you realize how amazing that is.

The Red Sox, the Yankees, the Dodgers? They are good teams. But NONE of those teams have a pitcher like Jose Fernandez and a power hitter like Giancarlo Stanton. Enjoy the show, because in case you don't know, or don't realize, THIS IS SPECIAL.

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