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Hits coming in double-digit bunches for Marlins

Hard to believe after watching them scuffle last season, but with 14 hits last night, the Marlins extended their streak of totaling 10 or more hits to five straight games -- one game short of the second-longest such streak in franchise history.

They're still a long ways from reaching the team record for double-digit hits of 15 straight games, a feat that belongs to the 2009 club (Aug. 4-19). But they've managed to achieve a milestone accomplished just 13 other times in franchise history which, given their recent futility, is worthy of note.

The 2000 Marlins put together a streak of six games of 10 or more hits, which ranks second on the list. Below that, there have been a dozen instances -- including the current one -- in which Marlins teams put together five-game streaks of 10 or more.

-- If he holds the Dodgers to fewer than three earned runs this afternoon, Jose Fernandez will match Orel Hershiser's major league record for consecutive home games allowing two runs or fewer: 20. Fernandez has never lost at Marlins Park in 19 career starts there.

-- The Tampa Bay Rays have designated Heath Bell for assignment.

-- And in case you've wondered whatever became of former Marlin Reggie Abercrombie, here's an update. He's still lacing up the spikes.

Today's lineup:

Marlins: 1. Yelich 7, 2. Dietrich 4, 3. Stanton 9, 4. McGehee 5, 5. Saltalamacchia 2, 6. Jones 3, 7. Ozuna 8, Hechavarria 6, Fernandez. 


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I guess they are stealing EVERYBODY'S signs, LOL! The truth is that this squad can hit. Period. The additions of Salty, McGehee and Jones has taken the pressure off of Stanton to be "The Man" and has also allowed the young Fish, Ozuna, Hech, Yelich & Deitrich the luxury of learning how to hit in the majors without a lot of pressure to produce immediately. The way this line up is allows guys to go through bad spells without it being the end of the world; if some guys are struggling, other guys are there to pick up the slack. The Front Office deserves a lot of credit for bold off season moves that really did improve this team, at least offensively. Now if they had only made similar moves to upgrade the BULLPEN....


At least Bell has his $30 Million


This umpire is horrible. He's been squeezing Jose all game long and it appears to have gotten into his head.

Cleveland Spider

Already leading in this game. A sweep of the Braves and 2 out of 3 from the Dodgers, I will take it. Now let's hope that after 7 innings and 90 pitches in a close game that Redmon does not pull Fernandez for Marmol.

How many games does Marmol have to blow before the Marlins get rid of him. He has been responsible for at least 3 loses.


We ain't leading; it's 2-2 and Fernandez has been somewhat flustered by the umpire. He was not as dominating and the Dodgers have hit some balls hard. He does look like he's getting himself back into a groove, though. Meanwhile the Fish are making this kid look like Don Drysdale.

I doubt we will see Marmol. Now they say that Ramos will be the closer if needed because CISHEK is unavailable. I guess that's what happens when you bring him in to pitch in NON SAVE SITUATIONS. If Ramos is able to close tonight, WHY COULDN'T HE PITCH YESTERDAY? Redmond's moves can really be frustrating.

Flav C.

Alex, read my previous entry, on the previous post. It isn't always on Redmond. A couple of weeks ago Dunn had discomfort on his arm and got a couple of days off in the bullpen. He got back much better. Same thing is happening with Ramos. At the ball park I saw him shaking his arm a lot, both during the warm up and during the game, which was uncharacteristic of him. Sometimes all a pitcher needs is a breather instead of going to DL.

Flav C.

When I say Ramos is not ok you don't trust me . He can't throw strikes in the longest time.


I'm sorry, Flav, but you seriously gotta be kidding me. I know you like Redmond, and I do respect your baseball knowledge, but there's no way Ramos should be IN THIS POSITION! If Redmond didn't WASTE Cishek in a NON SAVE SITUATION FRIDAY NIGHT HE WOULD HAVE HAD CISHEK CLOSING THIS GAME OUT. And Ramos didn't exactly get hammered; he walked the lead off guy and then Stanton made a bone head play and let that run score.

Redmond's total mismanagement of the bullpen this weekend led to this nonsense, I'm sorry, Flav.

Marlin Fan

I don't care if Chishek pitched the first game of a double header , if the marlins have a one run lead in the ninth , he pitches . He wasn't wasted in a previous game . We got the win . His arm won't fall off.


But it's all irrelevant now! WALK OFF! Flav, we will just have to agree to disagree on Redmond's handling of the pen; it's all good, we won the game and the series.

Marlin Fan

Dunn pitched well again . Looks like he has his form back .

Flav C.

We'll agree to disagree,Alex. The truth is relievers don't get to pick and choose. They have to come in and get outs. Honestly I can't care less who the closer is, or the8th inning man is. Guys have to step up and pitch. And as far as Cushek, he is the reliever in this bullpen with the most amount of breathing time, has pitched the least. And Ramos became very hittable all of a sudden.


Flav, I'm not 100% convinced Dunn is "back" either. That first batter hit a shot to CF that would be out of most ballparks. Fortunately its 418 to center and there's an 18 foot high WALL over there too.

We really need some help in the pen, Flav. I don't trust Dunn, you don't trust Ramos, NOBODY (except Red) trusts Marmol. Why don't they bring that kid Drayton up?


"I don't care if Chishek pitched the first game of a double header , if the marlins have a one run lead in the ninth , he pitches . He wasn't wasted in a previous game . We got the win . His arm won't fall off." - Marlin Fan

Hey, I agree with you. I remember when guys like Goose Gossage pitched 3 inning saves! But that's the way they do things now. By using Cishek in that game with a 6-2 lead, and using him yesterday, he burned him for today's game.

As for Ramos, say what you want, but he got the big outs in that inning when he needed them. Yeah, walking the lead off guy was CRIMINAL, LOL...and so was Stanton letting that ball get by him. But Hech made a fantastic play and then Ramos got a great hitter, Adrian Gonzalez, to ground out weakly to 2nd base. If that was Marmol, he gives up a 3 run HR to Gonzalez, LOL...

Flav C.

Let me rephrase it: I trust Dunn and Ramos. I just think both were going thru a rough patch., probably due to arm discomfort. Dunn's situation became public, and just by looking at Ramos' motion and the drop of velocity, combined with the high amount of BBs so far, I can guarantee you he's not 100% physically.

And I think Marmol it's an expensive and unnecessary gamble. Somehow within the next 5-6 games the FO will have to make a decision on Marmol. By keeping him they are limiting Redmond's options in the bullpen.

A Realist

I felt they should have left Dunn in. Easy to say that now, but I was screaming it. I think my neighbors heard me. Ramos gets way to amped up coming in from the bullpen. I don't like any of them regardless, but Dunn looked as if he had found a groove. Redmond still doesn't have that feel for his guys.

Please ship Marmol out of here. What good is he here? Sure, he's a veteran, but he's blowing games for us so we might as well let a young guy get that experience.

See Baker!!! When you stop crying about the size of the ballpark and play good things happen.

We have got to be better with bases loaded. Last night in the 8th and 9th! Today again. The lost opportunities are going to start costing us. We need to seize the game and stop letting it come to us.

Please get rid of Turner. Good lord. The guy is soft as a bowl of ice cream. Bring up Heaney and let him inject some juice into the back end of the rotation.

Been saying it since last season. Stanton is suspect out there in right defensively. He looked awful on that play. He's made that exact mistake numerous times resulting in the ball rolling to the wall. Absolutely horrible. For some odd reason, he looks very unsure of himself on those plays. Almost like he is afraid to lay out. And this guy played football? Wow! We are so fortunate to come out of this with a win.


What's cool is that we can disagree without getting stupid about it. Bottom line is we are both Marlins fans and we both want the team to win. As far as Redmond goes, as I said in another post a few days back I actually LIKE IT that he goes against the grain rather than BY THE BOOK, like Fredi did. Sparky Anderson managed like that. So did Billy Martin. Of course I admit I like it a lot more when his unorthodox moves WORK, LOL. And we both have to admit that it DID work. Maybe not the way we wanted it to work, but hey, we won the game so it's all good.

A Realist

Tomorrow's another game 1, fellas. Enjoy this one today and get ready to work tomorrow. Workman mentality. Come back down to earth and do the little things right tomorrow.

Congrats gentlemen. Keep it up.


Well, I disagree about Stanton in the OF. He is definitely a work in progress and he makes the occasional bone head play, but he has been getting better and better. HE IS STILL ONLY 24 YEARS OLD! He has made some absolutely GREAT catches this year as well, Realist; did you not see those? Look at Puig; he is supposed to be a great outfielder but I have seen him make as many poor plays as Stanton. We caught a break today; that ball was catchable. Sure, it would have been a great catch, but it could have been caught. But Puig is also just 24 years old. And Stanton's arm is every bit as good as Puig's.


Stanton defensively, makes poor decisions on balls in front of him that will be difficult at best, to catch. He has had a few get past him and roll to the wall. He has made some great catches when going back or towards center field. His throwing arm is very good too. But, he has to learn to use better judgment on those short fly balls, and, on swinging at low outside pitches. He has a lot to learn and hopefully he will. Right now I bet American League teams would pay plenty for him to be a DH/4th Outfielder.


Ramos and Marmol suck, should be out of the bullpen. Give Capps a chance, he did a good job on Saturday before the Marmol debacle.

Cleveland Spider

I think that the young guy Capps in the real deal. He was throwing 101 mph fast balls yesterday. I hope they give him the chance to set up games behind Cishek. He is the future closer on this team. Take the pressure off Ramos and make him your 7th inning guy. Cishek, Capps, Ramos, and Dunn could end up being a good back end of the bullpen. Now just dump Marmol please!

Look out for the Marlins. Heaney will be up in June to replace Turner. Sky is the limit for this team now. Go Fish!


Cishek could have pitched the 9th today if Redmond had used Capps on Friday or yesterday. He probably does not yet trust him. Hopefully, he will no longer trust Marmol on those occasions when he starts pulling across his body while throwing his slider.

I'm hoping Redmond will learn when to use his players and keep them both fresh and sharp. He has not made all the best possible decisions so far this year. Perhaps today would have been easier if Dunn pitched the 9th, but I also would have misgivings going multiple innings with the majority of Marlins RP.

Stan M

A couple of weeks ago I posted that our OF should be Ozuna in RF, Yelich in CF and Stanton in left. That was after seeing Ozuna look less than stellar in a couple of Spring training games. But since then Ozuna had looked far better than a right fielder playing out of position because of necessity. The OF positioning is not going to change.

I know it sounds like an old record about this, but I seriously question Stanton's eye coordination. His ball/strike judgement and some pitfalls in RF are a mystery for a 5 year veteran. I'd damn sure test him for visual problems other than just 20/20 acuity. As a young man, I was a reading specialist at a university, and I found dozens of children who had 20/20 eyesight, but had trouble learning to read because of other visual problems that were often undetected. I've seen things as simple as being dominantly left eyed, but dominantly right in all other functions cause a lot of problems. It's just a thought, but to my eye, something just doesn't look right about this guy who in most ways is a splendid athlete.

Richie, in my opinion, this whole idea of role playing in a bullpen is foolish. If a guy comes in and pitched an easy 7th, let him go out for the 8th. And ditto for the 8th to the 9th. I feel that if a guy demonstrates that he has good stuff on that day, why bring in someone else for the next inning who might, or might not have his good stuff on that day. Considering the turnover among todays secondary pitchers, what are they saving them for? The next team that gets him.

Stan M

Last night, The Kid was unhittable early in the game. Then he knocked down a hard ground ball with his pitching hand. It seemed to me for the next few innings that his breaking balls weren't as sharp. Was I imagining things? Did he hurt his hand? I should probably sign this as Mr. Paranoid rather than Stan M


Stan, thanks for your comments. They are usually "right on", but, it wasn't me commenting on the order coming out of the bullpen. My comments are about Stanton. I agree about Jose and the ground ball that hit his hand. I also agree about the possibility of eyesight problems that Stanton might have.

Juan Yanes

Marlins should replace Derrel Dietrich in late innings (seven inning) for Solano when score is ahead. Marlins should replace Carlos Marmol for RHP Henry Rodriguez

Stan M

We read all about how much maintenance is necessary with Puig. Well the young man certainly impressed me. He took a round about route to the game winning hit, but he sure gave it an all out try.

Previously I mentioned that it helps to be lucky as well as good. How many other teams this year will face the Dodgers and miss their 3 best pitchers?

Camera Mike


The luck with facing Dodger pitchers should work out in our favor again. Neither tame has a day off before we play in L.A. next week so it should be the same pitching match ups in each game. Though with Hyun-Jin Ryu being injured it may cause the Dodgers to go with a new pitcher different then Stephen Fife or even play Greinke on short rest.

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