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Jose Fernandez discusses his Tommy John surgery, how he was hurt and why he decided to pitch even though he wasn't 100 percent


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Dionysus Thelxinoe

I couldn't listen for more than two and a half minutes. Some really dull questions and contrived comments. Jose Fernandez just repeats over and over what he's been told to say by his handlers. Boring stuff.

However, I suspected for a moment that the chunky cottontop dude standing to Jose's left was Manny Navarro's dad... until I noticed that he was wearing a shirt with a collar, so I squashed that thought.

Manny Navarro

Nope not my dad. He was smart enough not to become a member of the media. Also, I wear shirts with collars. Just not in old mug shots for The Herald 13 years ago.

Cleveland Spider

Ok, the Descalfani experiment is over. This guys is going to be average at best in the majors. He just does not look impressive. It is time to bring up Heaney.

Cleveland Spider

Redmon is a complete idiot. He walks the #8 hitter thinking that the pitcher is going to come up next but did not realize that Burnet had thrown 96 pitches and that they had a pitcher warming up.

BTW Hand is terrible. He is a grapefruit league superstar but he sucks in the regular season.

spuds mckenzie

I agree with the comment about Brand Hand.

He is not a starting caliber type pitcher and is also showing he ain't go what it takes to come out of the bullpen neither. I believe it nibbles too much around the edges and I find that annoying. Be assertive and bust 'em up inside!

Lou Vales

I a starting to like Tommy. Without coming right out and saying it he gave 4 reasons why Redmond is an IDIOT!!! The mot glaring and obvious that Tommy focused on was the "manager" MUST know that Burnett has thrown 96 pitches so there was a high probability he would be pitch hit for and that would negate the advantage that Hand should have had by going against the left handed Gwynn. All I want is for the game to be played the way it is supposed to be played. It is not chess but it is akin to checkers and even checkers played at a high level requires a modicum of intelligence. I really defy anyone to tell me that it wasn't a darn good thing that Redmond was able to play Major League Baseball. I have not mentioned stuff before because it really didn't matter as far as making the playoffs but Hell you can't play the game this way. It's not fair to the players nor the people who have payed to watch it---including DirecTV purchasers. Redmond, you Phi Beta Kappa, people ho know the game are not going o be impressed by that little diversionary tantrum.You STILL blew the game.

Lou Vales

Sorry!! That last post I was so mad that I made more spelling errors than Redmond would have managed on a 3rd grade spelling exam.

Marlin Fan


Marlin Fan

Descalfani I'd give one more start to see. Maybe move Wolf in or bring up Heaney. I know I may be a little late with this, but when Turner pitched in San Fran , why take that day to eat Stanton , when you know you'll need all the firepower you can ?

Cleveland Spider


That call to walk Gwynn was unbelievable. You walk the # 8 hitter who has struggled all year so that you can face the Phillies' best pinch hitter. That was completely amateur managing. You have a young mediocre team and you add an incompetent manager to the list of challenges. Sometime you wonder what the Marlins record would be if they actually had a competent manager?


I been telling you guys that Redmond is just CONTENT to not lose 100 games. I mean it's pretty obvious. The guy is not managing as if he has a team that is within a few games of 1st place; he's managing as if it's mid September and the Fish are 15 games out. All these MORONIC experiments, resting your hottest hitter BEFORE an off day, and conceding games as lost are things you do when it really doesn't matter if you win or lose. That's how Redmond is managing: AS IF IT REALLY DOESN'T MATTER IF THE TEAM WINS OR LOSES.

My theory is that as far as he's concerned, IT DOESN'T MATTER. Unless he loses 100 games again, Loria has promised him he will still have a job. And LORIA DOES NOT WANT THIS TEAM TO BE IN CONTENTION AT THE TRADE DEADLINE. If they are, he will have to DEAL & SPEND MONEY, WHEN HE IS GOING TO WANT TO SHED PAYROLL. Maybe get something for that BUM Stanton that certain Marlins fans don't like. Who knows, maybe the Tigers have another Burke Badenhop to trade for Stanton? I wonder what Mark Teahen or the other guys that some Marlin fans OVER HERE have wanted to get for Stanton over the years.

Attendance is in the toilet and without Jose Fernandez it will get WORSE. The LAST THING LORIA WANTS IS TO SPEND ANY MONEY AT THE TRADE DEADLINE! Trust me, Redmond has already GOTTEN THAT MESSAGE,


By my count Redmond's BONEHEAD managing has already cost this team FIVE WINS. And COUNTING.

Cleveland Spider

I wonder if the Marlin players notice these stupid moves by Redmon? I mean many of these players have been around the game for a long time. That ridiculous decision to walk the struggling #8 hitter to face the top pinch hitter for the Phillies had to be demoralizing and embarrassing for the ball club.


Desclafani was not that bad. A couple of mistakes. I've seen worse by other starters this year!

Well, 2nd & 3rd no outs. Maybe a COMEBACK!

Cleveland Spider

LOL, Alex! Talk about conspiracy theories. I agree though Loria must be crapping his pants right now thinking that he may not be in position to trade Stanton at the trade deadline and that he may be criticized for not pulling the trigger to get a player to improve the team.

BTW- Ozuna has really become dead weight. I just knew that he was going to strike out.

Lou Vales

Those AB's in the bottom of the 8th characterized why Redmond being an Alfred E. Neumann clone will not ultimately matter. But STILL???? I don't know if the younger players are recognizing the bonehead moves but the veterans see it. It was so refreshing to hear Hutton basically calling him a stooge. I wonder if anyone from the esteemed press corps will ask Redmond about his lunacy OR maybe they don't get it either. Is that possible?

By the way, are there video machines to demonstrate that approaches by certain guys never change?

Lou Vales

Cleveland, He "obviously" thought that Burnett would hit and that means he was oblivious to Burnett's elevated pitch count. What does ignorance in a stressful situation indicate?

Flav C.

You guys can put the blame on Redmond as much as you want. The truth is he knew Burnett wasn't going to hit. He decided to go for Mayberry , who came hitting .160, and hitting .130in May. I think you can safely say a manager trusts his reliever will get a .160 hitter out, right?
If you want to blame Redmond for the right thing, at least blame him for bringing Hand and not Wolfe.
Hand and Ozuna got to go. Pronto.

Flav C.

A few Phillies fans sitting right behind me couldn't believe Mayberry got that hit. Moments before they were cursing Sandburg for bringing him to pinch- hit.
We, fans, are funny.

Flav C.

Cliff Lee hitting the DL.

Lou Vales

FANaticS are never "funny", it is why they are despised around the World. FANaticS give BLIND loyalty to a person, idea,or entity and they are incapable of ever criticizing the source of their idolatry. That does not sound funny. It sounds sad. I really LIKE the Miami Marlins(and a few other teams) but I will never view any player, coach, manager or executive of any of those teams as being omnipotent.

You would need a computer geek from Tufts University or RPI to catalogue all the mistakes Redmond has made. He is actually a DUAL threat, not a motivator and not too smart.

Flav C.

I'm not sure you're calling me a fanatic. I certainly didn't say the phillies fans were fanatic. I just said they were fans who didn't want Mayberry to come and pinch-hit, and were actually surprised with his hit.
You don't need computer geeks for any of the statistics on Redmond. He has his share of mistakes. So do the players, some more than others. Salty had the opportunity to score runs 2 or 3 times today and came out empty. So did Ozuna. Hand was atrocious. But as usual, the fans in this board prefer to gang up on Redmond. Tell you this: if Hand had pitched for Gwynn, the outcome would have been the same. He is that bad, and at least I've been saying this constantly.

Flav C.

By the way, I had my share of criticism towards Redmond. More specifically in the beginning of the season,because of the lineup, platooning, and some questionable bullpen moves.
But you are entitld to your opinion, in case you think I'm a FANatic, with BLIND loyalty to a person. What you or anyone on this board think of me is worth a big pile of turd.

Lou Vales

Flav, I know my opinion should not be of any import to you. It is my opinion that if ANYONE sees himself or herself as a "fan" he or she should know the derivation of the word--I'm sure you do---and wonder why they would characterize themselves in that manner? If anyone is not a FANatic, they should not label themselves a FANatic. Correct??? Really have affection and care for a team but still realize you are living vicariously through people you don't know who may or not dial 911 if you were the victim of a car accident.

Lou Vales

I don't know what you do or have done for a living but I would BET if you ever owned a company that Mike Redmond would not have run it. True??

Flav C.

Yes, Lou. Your opinion isn't of any import to me. We can agree on that.


There's nothing Redmond or any other manager can do, with Jose out for the season the bullpen sucks.

Lou Vales

The last point was not an opinion. It was a question. Would you have let or currently want Redmond in any position of responsibility in your company? The good thing about a No Comment or non-answer is it tells the answer.

I will give my answer to be fair. No. Never. Not In This Lifetime.

Lou Vales

To anticipate--Not even a self-service hot dog stand.

Stam M

A few words about Redmond's decision that probably cost the game:
*the most key consideration , in my opinion, is being somewhat ignored. Had Hand pitched to the LH hitting Gwynn, first base was open, so Hand had room for error and could have used more crooked pitches. Once Gwynn was walked, Hand had to be extra careful and no longer had that free base.
*Someone above correctly pointed out that Gwynn was walked to get at a .160 hitter. What was not mentioned was that Gwynn himself was a .180 hitter, was 0 for 12 against LH pitching for the year, was hitting .130 in May, and had had one hit in 26 at bats on the road. That's a BA of .038.
*Mayberry was hitting .286 against lefties.
*If one is going to use stats to make a case, then all of the stats should be considered.

We were all proved wrong in April when Ozuna had a fruitful month. Unfortunately the league has caught up with him again and he needs more grooming at a lower level. How many more wasted ABs is it going to take before this very obvious fact is apparent to those that matter.

When Wolf was signed I blew a fit. However I was confusing him with someone else. Doesn't he have a nickname because he looks like a TV character; perhaps Ron Howard as a boy? The guy is a useful journeyman and I hope he stays. We all know what Hand's future should be. If this team is going to lose games in the middle innings, I would rather do so with kids who can learn something than these AAAA retreads like Hands and Slowey.

I have said this before, but Salty's swing is just too long. Why he can't adjust with men in scoring position is unfortunate. Hope DeSciafani gets one more chance. I want to be terribly wrong about this, but in his last start I thought Eovaldi was sling shotting the ball and was not using his normal motion. I'm hoping it was the camera angle in SF. In game one I had to watch the Giant's broadcast and again realized how blessed we are with Rich and Tommy.

Juan Yanes

I agree with the comment about Redmond; he didn't improve, only an idiot person ordered walk intentionaly # 8 lefty Ave 0.178. I have said in previous comments Redmond still lack of skills to be a big league manager

Flav C.

Basically what all these stats were pointing out was to the fact that:

1 - The bottom of the order of the Phillies lineup is horrible.
2 - Their bench is the second worst in the NL as pinch-hitters.
3 - Hand is awful.

All I've been trying to say (and actually wrote it) is that Redmond did fail, but not because of the walk. His error was in keeping Hand in the game after allowing 2 runners on base. Hand was so out of it that had he pitched Gwynn, he possibly would have hit a HR. Everybody in that ballpark knew Hand was a disaster in the making.

As a side note, I was sitting behind the Phillies bullpen, and the interesting fact is that when Gwynn was up at the batters box, they didn't have anyone warming up. I don't know whose mistake was that, but they had Diekman starting his warm up in a hurry, right after they noticed Gwynn was going to be intentionally walked.

Stam M

Flav, it is my guess, and I repeat only a guess, that Redmond left Hand in the game because he didn't have a suitable replacement ready in the bullpen. I base this solely on the fact that he all too often does not have another reliever ready in time in the event that catastrophe strikes. Wolf was up, but I don't know when. I believe that you were another who remarked that Ozuna is no longer an asset. Marisnick doesn't really seem to be ready. I'd love to see Keys come up and platoon. The team could use his on base ability and Yelich would possibly be even more valuable hitting 2nd when he wouldn't have to take so many pitches. Dietrich would then strengthen the back end of the batting order hitting in Ozuna's spot. Hech needs a rest. He's played every game and is back to his free swinging ways. Lucas won't kill the team at SS for a couple of games, although Hech has been a true marvel in the field to date.

Lou Vales

People have pointed out enough errors of omission and commission to demonstrate the man is either not in the game or he does not have ability to grasp the "intricacies" of the game. As I said earlier, it is not chess but it is high level checkers. I agree--I would not want Redmond in a position of power in my company. I'm taking the non-response(after every other question had been answered) as a "NO"

Dionysus Thelxinoe

In my estimation, Redmond is not a major league caliber manager, at best because he got the job by default (i.e. no legit candidates would work for a sleaze like Loria). But Redmond should never be held solely or singularly responsible for wins or losses. For example, there were 350 pitches thrown in last night's game of three and half hours (memo to Sampson the twerp!) in the 85 at bats. It is simply naïve to lay the entire blame on a manager in a game that has so many events and possibilities. At the end of the day, if the players hit well, pitch well, and execute, the manager is a genius. If they don't, the manager is a loser. Same guy.

That's not to say that Redmond does not make some curious and questionable moves. I've commented to that effect right here, similar to the way Stan does from time to time. But let's keep in mind, in Redmond's defense (which I do reluctantly, I might add), he works for an owner for whom profit is first and foremost. ALL this team's moves are made with players being treated and thought of as bottom line assets first. Fielding the best team available and wins are a far distant second (ASSUMING it's even second).

In the winter following the 2012 season, when Loria said, "We're not here to lose!", he meant money.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Note to Manny: Do yourself a favor... change your blog pic. Seriously, man.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Finally, when we started out winning 5 of the first 7 games and looking like world-beaters, I suggested we wait until after the west coast swing just recently completed to have a better idea of this team's capabilities for this season. Well, we're at that point, so here are my two cents.

I actually like the makeup of this team. I like the way they battle back. I think that, despite losing Fernandez, they can finish at .500.

Unlike some of my fellow posters, I believe patience is absolutely essential when it comes to developing young pitchers. I will give some real life examples from the past: Pitcher X had a 5.51 ERA and a 1.51 WHIP in his rookie season; his team tried to include him in a trade for a decent middle relief pitcher they needed and were rebuffed. Pitcher Y (different team, different year) was much worse, posting a 10.64 ERA and 2.20 WHIP over an ENTIRE year!!! Pitcher Z (again, different team, different year) accumulated a mediocre won-loss record of 36-40 over his first six seasons, despite playing for a championship ball club that made it to three World Series and won two of them over those six years. His team lost patience and also unsuccessfully tried to trade him.

Pitcher X - Mariano Rivera
Pitcher Y - Roy Halladay
Pitcher Z - Sandy Koufax

As I said, patience is absolutely essential.

Who I HAVE run out of patience with is Marcell Ozuna. My friend Stan was ready to admit by mid-April that we were wrong about him during ST... I was not, remembering his similar hot start last year. He is now hitting .140 for the month of May, with almost three times as many strikeout as hits, and a horrendous OBP of .164. I don't care what Marisnick is hitting in the minors. Ozuna is no better than a 4th or 5th OFer, and they are a dime a dozen.

I would also feel a lot better about our young arms if we had a real pitching coach. I've seen Hernandez' resume. I'm not impressed.

Lou Vales

Dear DT, I agree about the talent on this team and that is why the game must be played the way it was meant to be played. The less talent you possess the more you must be capable of anticipating moves and trying to somewhat mitigate talent edges. I don't expect them to make the playoffs but my expectations remain that they will not lose games because of ABJECT incompetence.

The Detroit Tigers need a shortstop. I'm surprised they have not acquired Hechevarria for Evan Reed.

Flav C.


Answering your question (since you're so adamant in being answered): If I owned a company and I had to look for a manager that understands the employees, have great communication skills with them, and the employees feel motivated to work for him, I would hire Redmond. A baseball manager (and you know that better than I do) doesn't necessarily need to be the best strategist, but he has to be able to make his team (coaches and players) understand what is expected of them.

Did he make some moves that were not beneficial to the team? Yes. Just like every single manager in this League. The other day ESPN had a ranking list of managerial errors (from ESPN's perspective) this season, and Redmond wasn't even Top 15. Does it make him better than the others? I don't know. But it does show that even the best ones make tons of mistake. As I pointed out, last night Sandberg didn't have anyone warming up when Gwynn came to the batter's box. Dieckman went in a hurry to start his warm up. Redmond had Wolf warming up right when Hand allowed his first base runner. And as far as last night, therein lies his mistake (imo). He should have yanked Hand out when he allowed he 2nd base runner.

What fans (not fanatics) fail to see is what actually is right in this team, and it has a lot to do with Redmond:

- Redmond has implemented the shift a lot more, specially in the OF. He's giving Stanton a lot of freedom to position himself AND Ozuna in the OF. As a result, the Marlins jumped from second worst team in Defensive Runs Saved in 2013, to 6th best in 2014. It is a big improvement.
- He has instilled a sense of "never give up" with his players. Jones has talked about it, so has Salty, and McGehee. He has used the veterans to serve as an example of this attitude.
- He has been the only manager 100% successful in his review appeals. Some of them gave us wins.
- He's been trying to find the best spot for Salty in the lineup. He's been moving him around.
- Despite batting badly, he has been using Ozuna much more for his defensive skills behind the pitching rotation. Koehler, DiSclafani, and Turner allow lots of flyballs, and linedrives to CF. Ozuna has a much better jump and tracks those balls off of the bat much better than any other OF in this 25 man roster. At some point he has to hit or defensive skills alone will not pay off.

Does Redmond have the best skills as far as making the right calls in certain parts of the game? Probably not. But I'll take the guy who the players want to play for everyday than the guy who players want to be away from.

Flav C.


Keys has just come back from a bad injury in his back. Not the right timing to bring him now.
The three players that I would think would make sense at this point are Marisnick, Jensen, and Canha.

Marisnick has been hitting awful of late, after going on a hot streak for about 10-11 games.

Jensen has showed a much better plate presence and cut down a lot on his strikeouts. The power has always been there.

And Canha is my wild-card. Surprisingly enough, the AAA organization moved him from 1B to the OF. He already had the experience in the OF, but he was considered the everyday 1B. Last season and this season he's seen a big jump in his power numbers. Canha has shown to be very comfortable in the LF so far.

Camera Mike

Even though two New Orleans Zephyrs did get into a bar fight which resulted in a suspension and broken jaw the Marlins no longer have to worry about having the most embarrassing minor league altercation. In the Dodgers AAA affiliate the Albuquerque Isotopes there was a fight in the dugout between Miguel Olivo and infielder Alex Guerrero with Olivo going Mike Tyson and bitting off part of Guerrero's ear.

As glad as I was before for Olivo to no longer be a Marlin I am even happier and more relieved now.


Think about it, if Olivo was still with the Marlins, he could have bitten Jose's ear before Jose had a chance to blow out his elbow.

Lou Vales

Flav, Thank You for the intelligent and respectful reply.

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