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Jose Fernandez tabbed NL Pitcher of the Month

Jose Fernandez didn't get the win Sunday against the Dodgers, but he did pick up the National League's Pitcher of the Month award on Monday.

The Marlins' 21-year old ace went 4-1 with a 1.59 ERA, 55 strikeouts and eight walks over his first six starts of the season. In Sunday's 5-4 win over the Dodgers he was in line to pick up his fifth win before A.J. Ramos blew the save in the ninth.

Fernandez leads all of baseball with 65 strikeouts. He had 10 in Sunday's effort, the seventh time in his career he's reached double digits in Ks.

Last year, he was named NL Rookie of the Month for July and August en route to winning the National League's Rookie of the Year award. 


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A Realist

Good for you, Jose. You deserve it and you don't need any of us to tell you. Stay loose. Continue to have fun out there. Before you now it, all of this will be a memory. Make them good ones.

Go Feeeesh!

A Realist


I'm sure you're going to read this so I am responding to something we communicated about a couple of blogs ago. Stanton is a liability out there in right. Yes, he has made some decent catches in years past, but nothing stands out this year. He consistently misjudges those tweener hops. This is the 3rd or 4th time I've seen him make that same mistake. After once or twice he should have figured it out. He makes routine plays, sure. I almost never see him go all out the way Puig did yesterday crashing into the wall. In fact, Stanton looks timid and he's bigger than Puig. Puig looks confident that he's going to make the play every time even if he doesn't.

A Realist

And yes, Stanton is 24, but he's no new-bee. He's been in the bigs for, I think 3 years now; all of which have been in the outfield. Get it together out there. He may make that mistake in a big game and cost us.

And I'll say it again. Stanton continues to struggle with RISP. I know he leads MLB in RBI, but the majority of those come on the long ball. He strikes out with bases loaded constantly. He gets anxious and frustrated up there and swings at anything without thinking about the situation it seems.

I think Stanton is a hell of a talent and I'm happy he's on my team as opposed to another team (even though it doesn't sound that way). With that said, he needs to cut down on these mistakes. It's the same stuff year after year. We're fortunate McGehee and others are driving in runs right now.

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