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Jose Fernandez undergoes Tommy John surgery

SAN FRANCISCO -- Jose Fernandez underwent successful Tommy John surgery in Los Angeles on Friday, according to his representatives.

Here's the release from Tampa-based attorney Ralph Fernandez, who is no relation:

Today surgery was performed on Jose Fernandez. All indications are that it was successful. Many have followed this story closely offering their prayers and support. Much has been written and broadcast. In order to reduce speculation some of the underlying facts that brought us to this juncture are worthy of explanation.

Jose did not have a preexisting condition. While pitching during the recent Dodgers game in Miami he was struck by a ball on his rear thigh. This prompted a completely unanticipated change in delivery which neither the staff nor his coaches could discern. After the game we spoke as we always do. Jose was concerned about his arm. Despite many exchanges on the subject in the days that followed he felt that with the Marlins regaining first place in the division he could not let his team down.

Apparently the injury was worse than he believed. In San Diego in the third ending he suffered a traumatic event, tossed a couple of more innings and the rest is history. A pitch speed analysis was published reflecting a decrease in speed in the last few games. The analysis did not take into account that by design after a victory in Atlanta, facing Atlanta five days later warranted nearly forty off speed pitches. A similar pattern followed in the early innings of the next game. Thus the reduction in average speed but not due to injury.

Many people, including some very close to Jose, have expressed opinions about the merits of surgery. Frustration has run high. One of the practical factors that we considered in reaching the
decision that he follow the consensus in medical advice was the absolute agreement between Jeffrey Loria, owner of the Marlins, and Scott Boras, Jose’s agent. Their agreement on anything Jose, from a legal and practical perspective, creates an irrefutable presumption that this was the proper course.

I also consulted with Luis Crespo, M.D., a medical adviser to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and trusted close friend. All of this information was shared with Jose and his mother Maritza. In the last week the contact has been constant. Jose has not taken this lightly. All of us should look forward to the same dynamic and engaging personality, the contagious smile, a team and community leader on and off the field, and a courageous young man coming back soon. The only difference may well be the young fireballer’s acquisition of a bionic arm. If anyone has been upset by the restriction of information I extend my sincerest apologies."


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Someone seriously dropped the ball here. The coaches and staff definitely missed something with his delivery. Jose didn't communicate his elbow discomfort well enough to the team. If he did, Mike Redmond was irresponsible in allowing him to pitch anyway.

In any case, it's clear there needs to be a change in the communication process to prevent something like this from happening again.


bob, it amazes me that every time something goes wrong with a player we try to assess blame. Sometimes things just happen and no one is to blame.

Juan Yanes

Struggle catcher Saltalamathia should be down in the line up to number eight; now he is a gift out. yesterday night he strikeout with runner in 2nd and 3rd and one out

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Just what the world needs... another shyster milking someone's money, in circumstances where he actually serves no useful purpose. Every time I have to meet with a lawyer, I feel compelled to shower afterwards.

Stan M

My understanding of medical speak, is that saying the surgery was successful simply means the patient survived. We all can only hope and pray.

Seriously fellow posters, there is a report that the Marlins signed Miguel Tejada. Yes, that Miguel Tejada. He of the very advanced years and suspected PED use. What gives? We have plenty of infielders and our RH hitting role players have recently shown their worth.

Stan M

This 'n that:

I'll admit that DeScifani is my favorite pitching prospect. There is one worry however. Double A batters were hitting .278 off him when he was just called up.

Do you folks remember when we traded Nolasco for three pitchers? Two were essentially career minor leaguers, but the third, named Sanchez, was supposed to have some potential. Well he's in AA ball and his record is 0 and 6 with an ERA of 5.40 and horrible strikeout and hit ratios to innings pitched.

In The Kid's second last start, he knocked down a hard hit ball with his pitching hand. A couple of us noticed that from that point on, his curve ball lacked its former bite. The downturn was obvious, even on TV, but little did we know that his injury was far more serious than a stinging hand.

Can anyone give a good reason, if it's true, that we signed Tejada. Unless McGehee or someone else is hurt it makes no sense.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Stan, from what I've read, Tejada's ped use is not suspected. He's been suspended before and his next violation will be a lifetime ban.

I don't see what purpose he would serve, except to swap stories with Furcal, wherever he is.

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