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Jose Fernandez placed on DL with sprained right elbow

Here's my story on the Jose Fernandez injury.


The Marlins have placed Jose Fernandez on the 15-day disabled list with a right elbow sprain. Fernandez underwent MRIs in Los Angeles on Monday and is returning to Miami to be examined by team physician Dr. Lee Kaplan.

The full extent of the injury is not yet known, and manager Mike Redmond said he is hopeful that Fernandez will require rest and nothing more. But as everyone knows, whenever an elbow ligament injury is the issue, the words "Tommy John" are always on the tip of the tongue, and word is the organization fears season-ending surgery is likely.

"We're going to take every precaution necessary," said manager Mike Redmond. "He said he had discomfort, so we immediately are going give him treatment and the rest that he needs. Hopefully he just has to take a little bit of a break. Obviously, you're always concerned (about the need for Tommy John surgery) when you talk about an elbow. But that's something we have to wait to find out."

The Marlins have recalled Dan Jennings from New Orleans.

(Below is what I wrote earlier)

LOS ANGELES -- The details remain sketchy, but Marlins ace Jose Fernandez is in Los Angeles undergoing an MRI for a possible arm injury, according to a source with direct knowledge of the situation.

Ken Rosenthal of FoxSports reported that the Marlins are expected to place Fernandez on the disabled list.

The Marlins sent out a release earlier notifying the team's beat writers that manager Mike Redmond would address the media in the dugout at Dodger Stadium at 3:30 p.m. (6:30 EST).

Fernandez, who was scheduled to make his next start on Wednesday against the Dodgers, was rocked on Friday in San Diego, giving up two home runs (including a grand slam) for the first time in his career. His fastball velocity  game dipped into the low 90s towards the end of the 5+ inning outing and Fernandez all but abandoned the pitch the final two innings.

Fernandez told reporters Saturday morning that he threw up before the game because of something he ate. When asked specifically if his arm was OK, Fernandez said everything was fine.

"You're arm's fine?" Fernandez was asked.

"So far, yeah," he replied.

Apparently, everything is not fine.

The 21-year-old right-hander was the National League's Rookie of the Year last season after going 12-6 with a 2.19 ERA. In eight starts this season, Fernandez has gone 4-2 with a 2.44 ERA.

Will update as more details become available.


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Well, this sucks.

T. John

Must've been that bad steak dinner.

Marlin Fan

Let's hope no surgery .

Marlin Fan

If it is surgery ( Tommy John) usually 12-18 months recovery , who goes to try to get a quality starter ? I know this is all very premature .


Really terrible news! The likely Wednesday replacement is Hand (+Slowey). It does not seem the Heaney or Flynn are completely ready to step into the MLB rotation. Unless Fernandez does require surgery, it does not make sense to bring in a veteran pitcher immediately.

A Realist

SMH..It's going to get ugly folks.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

When I wrote in the last thread that life is full of surprises, this is not at all what I had in mind, but ... %#*&!!!!!

A Realist

If Seth is right with all of his previous posts, this is where the 2014 Marlins show their grit and somehow rally the troops. This is what special teams do. If they're going to the playoffs this year, this is a stretch where they have to come alive and show they are more than just Stanton and Fernandez. The other youngsters have to grow up quick. Hech and Yelich need to lead this team. Guys like Koehler and Eovaldi have to get hot. McGehee and Salty have to stay even keel and keep doing what they've bee doing.

Go Feeeesh!


You can always bring Marmol back...

Camera Mike

Buster Olney is reporting that sources have told him the Marlins believe Fernandez will need Tommy John surgery. Hopefully it's just fears on the Marlins part.


"this is where the 2014 Marlins show their grit and somehow rally the troops."

I wish it were true, but I don't think so. I think we can kiss this season good bye. This team is NOT going to go and get a quality starter nor are they going to rush Heaney up here. Not these Marlins. Maybe some other team, a team that really felt they were playoff contenders, but not The Loria-Redmond Fish. I've seen enough from Redmond to see that he just wants to lose less than 100 games, and Loria will be crying because the only player that put butts in the seats is gone now. Redmond has certainly not been managing like he feels this team really has a chance, and Loria won't care because if the team IS in contention he will have to SPEND MONEY AT THE TRADING DEADLINE, and with attendance going in the toilet without Fernandez, spending money is the last thing he wants to do.

We are gonna be stuck with Slowey or Hand in the rotation until September with these guys running the club; they are just gonna be happy to play out the string and finish with a better record than last year. In order for this team to contend everyone will have to move up one notch in the rotation. Eovaldi will have to become the ACE. Koehler and Alvarez will have to move up to #2 and #3, respectively. Turner will have to be a solid #4 starter, and Slowey/Hand will have to be a dependable #5. But it all starts with Eovaldi; he has to step and become that #1 guy; everything follows from that and I just don't see it.

Last time we went through this was with Josh Johnson and do you remember what happened? The starting pitching staff FELL APART without their ACE. Anibal Sanchez could not step up to be the Ace, and the rest of the rotation went right down the drain, Nolasco, Volstad, ET AL. The best pitcher we had after that? Javier Vasquez. Jose will not be back until 2016, you can take that to the bank, and who knows what kind of pitcher he will be when he DOES return. And this season is DONE, I'm afraid. Of course I will be HOPING that I'm wrong. But I have yet to see a team lose their ACE early in the year and still be competitive.


The effects of Jose's injury are ALREADY starting to be felt. While Jose was healthy and leading the rotation, guys like Koehler were suddenly pitching BETTER than ever before. Now that Jose is gone and everyone in that rotation knows the team is counting on them to STEP UP, suddenly Koehler pitches a stinker of a game. This is EXACTLY what happened a few years back when JJ was dominating and leading the pitching staff; everyone behind him was pitching great too. As soon as JJ went down, the entire starting rotation went right down the toilet. I am afraid that the same thing will happen this year. The starting pitching was supposed to be the STRENGTH of this team. And they only lost one guy, Jose. But because it's the #1 guy, the ACE, it can have a disastrous effect on the entire starting staff.


Koehler inevitable debacle, we're done.

Camera Mike

Well Juan Yates there's four walks in one inning including a bases loaded walk, do you still want to tout Rodriguez?


Henry Rodriguez needs to be cut immediately. He's just another Carlos Marmol, except he throws harder. And of course Redmond just SAT THERE and watched Rodriguez absolutely implode. I'm surprised he took him out at all. Of course this might be Redmond's secret strategy; leave these BUMS in so that they stink it up so bad that the F.O. has no choice but to release them.

Brad Hand isn't much better, BTW. He looks like one of those guys who is good in the minors but will never make that jump to be a decent major league pitcher.


That BUM Stanton is sure hitting the ball well, though. He might be the only reason to continue watching this team. Look at the balls he has hit to RF this year. All of you who don't see any improvement in the kid might want to take a look at that.

Stan M

The only good thing about this game is listening to Vince Scully via Direct TV. The man is incredible. He called Yelich "the baby faced assassin." His grandfather, I think he said was in two Rose Bowls. His great grandfather played in the NFL and also was the artist who painted the yellow horns on the ram. If he couldn't play baseball, he would like to be a Navy Seal. What do Salty and Josh Becket have in common? Both had some kind of thoracic impediment and had surgery to correct it. Today is the anniversary of Burnett's 9 walk no hitter. He goes on and on.
And what in the hell are they going to do with Rodriguez. The TV viewership must fade away when he, or Marmol is walking everyone on the other side and the powers that be certainly don't like that. I'm writing this because I just can't watch the game anymore. What a lousy day for Marlin baseball!


Well it was fun while it lasted. I think Red left that bumb Rodriguez out there as a big F U to the F O. The Dodgers radio guys even called to before he imploded. Every team that Henry has been with thinks they can solve his control issues. And they can't. Let the tailspin and crash and burn begin because IMO this team doesn't have ANY moxy without the kid pitching.


depressing to hear about the Fernandez news. For the FO there's no need to give the kid a long term extension now because who knows what the future holds. Coming into the year I think we thought the FO would sign either Fernandez or Stanton. And now I think it'll be neither. This organization stinks blah redundancy sorry. Here's to Giancarlo going on a tear and making the team watchable. Fun while it lasted.


on MLB TV, Mark DeRosa said it perfectly while they were discussing Jose Fernandez injury, "He is Must See TV". Boy oh boy, ain't that the truth.


I wonder what is in Redmond's mind when he does not let Jennings pitch at least the 5th. With an overworked bullpen, most of it was used to overcome Koehler's short start, and Turner is getting the ball tonight.


Well, keeping Jose on all those stupid pitch counts and not letting him pitch in the 9th really worked out

Flav C.

Chronicles of a Death Foretold. This is pretty much how we can sum up bringing Henry to replace Marmol. There is an expression we use in Portuguese that translated loosely looks something like "Changing Six for Half-a-Dozen". That's replacing Marmol with Henry.
It is like the FO goes to Redmond and says: "Here are some lemons. Try to squeeze a nice and refreshing lemonade out of it". The problem with that is that it is pretty tough to make a good lemonade with rotten lemons.

I know some of my fellow friends from this blog like to talk about the psychological aspect of the players, etc. And yes, the situation with Jose has an impact.

But much more than the psychological aspect, what we are seeing right now is exactly what happens at this time of the season: Good hitters tend to figure out and adjust to average/bad pitchers. And good pitchers tend to make their proper adjustments to avoid that.

Alvarez, Eovaldi, Turner, and Koehler are unproved Major League pitchers, and this is the time of the season they will have to prove they belong.

There is a possibility we'll see either DiSclafani or Nicolino being called up. DiSclafani has been showing a very good fastball, but Nicolino has proven to be more polished.

Last but not least, the trade for Capps has been showing to be a steal for the Marlins so far.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Let's see how many young pitchers' elbows, shoulders, and arms will blow out over the next year or two, all in the name Loria's stinginess. Redmond is really clueless... they can count pitches, innings, and starts all they want, if their purpose is to say "it's not our fault. Our conscience is clear, we did all we could," when something like this happens. But if you put a kid in a position where he has to carry an entire major league pitching staff, that in and of itself constitutes huge stress on the arm. That's why smart teams bring up their blue chip prospects to start out as either relievers or at most a #4 or #5 starter. Not here, though. So now, they'll put all the pressure on the young arms of Alvarez, Eovaldi, and Turner to pick up the slack. God help them.

Lou Vales

You know yesterday I really believed Stan to be on to something when he crammed Marmol down Loria's throat as someone mentioned earlier now he did it with Rodriguez. I would make sense for someone who maybe has grown disgusted with the nonsense far more than he shows. There are replacement guys floating around who can easily replace these 2 clowns. It's time to be proactive and bring a guy up to take a rotation slot. It CAN'T be Slowey or Hand. These guys don't like to admit mistakes. Skippy is hitting a buck fourty in his 5th!!!!!!!!! year in the minors.

Lou Vales

Sorry. Meant to say when Redmond crammed Marmol down Loria's throat.

Flav C.

DT, with all due respect, there are several studies out there giving very detailed information on pitchers who go under TJ surgery.

If you look at the amount of pitchers and the statistics behind it, one thing you will notice is that: there is no pattern. They can be young, veterans, have started as relievers, or #4, #5, #1, under pitching count limit, under pressure, no pressure, etc. It doesn't matter.

Just by looking at the sample of 15 guys who underwent TJ these last 12 months alone, you will see young pitchers from "smart teams", young pitchers from "not so smart teams", and veterans.

What specialists point out is that is has very little to do with the athletes and their workload in the Major Leagues. It is the workload they have at a high-school or college level, and the fact that most of the pitching coaches at that level are not well-trained enough to identify if a young arm is developing a bad mechanic or not.

The positive aspect of it all is that, close to 90% of the TJ surgeries are very successful.


Well, one thing we will find out is what these other pitchers are made of, especially Nathan Eovaldi. He has #1 type STUFF; there's no question about that. But so did Anibal Sanchez the year Josh Johnson got hurt and Sanchez proved to be an utter failure as a #1 starter here. He's fine in Detroit where he can be the #3 guy behind Scherzer and Verlander. He does have great stuff, but something is missing inside him. I think that in order to be an ACE it requires a guy to have a certain type of personality, almost an arrogance. And the rest of the rotation feeds off that, there's no question.

IF Eovaldi can step up and be the ACE of this pitching staff, MAYBE things might not be too bad. But that is a HUGE IF. The kid is just now settling in to the rotation and getting comfortable with being a MLB pitcher. Asking him to take on the additional weight of being the team's ACE is asking a lot. Anibal Sanchez couldn't do it, and he was a veteran. Of course, they will also need to pick up a starting pitcher, hopefully one of the arms in the minors, maybe one that Flav mentioned. Although I am curious as to why Flav didn't mention Heaney as a possibility. What gives, Flav C? What do you know that we don't? LOL...


"I know some of my fellow friends from this blog like to talk about the psychological aspect of the players, etc. And yes, the situation with Jose has an impact.

But much more than the psychological aspect, what we are seeing right now is exactly what happens at this time of the season: Good hitters tend to figure out and adjust to average/bad pitchers. And good pitchers tend to make their proper adjustments to avoid that.

Alvarez, Eovaldi, Turner, and Koehler are unproved Major League pitchers, and this is the time of the season they will have to prove they belong." - Flav C

I absolutely agree with you, but the psychology of a team within the team, the starting rotation, cannot be underestimated either. Again, take a look at what happened in 2011, I believe that was the year when JJ got hurt early in April or May. We had a starting rotation with PROVEN Major League pitchers, Anibal Sanchez, Nolasco, Javier Vasquez; the only unproven guy was the BUM Chris Volstad.They were doing pretty good with JJ leading them. But as soon as JJ went down, that entire rotation went down with him. By the time they got over it and guys like Vazquez and Sanchez started pitching better, they were already way under water.

Flav C.

Alex, it will all go down to pitch count and scheduling. The guy that should be called up is Bryan Flynn, but he just pitched this weekend, so from a scheduling perspective he won't be available.

Heaney pitched yesterday, so out of question.

Both DeSclafani and Nicolino have enough rest to be the starter tomorrow.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Flav, I've read about those studies and I've seen the list of pitchers that have undergone TJ. I'm old school. I believe my eyes. And I have seen Fernandez throw some amazing curve balls with incredible break. Those are hard curves with great spin, not floaters, and that kind of velocity and spin comes from putting significant torque on the elbow. Statistical studies are severely limited in what they can measure, which is why one guy can produce a study showing that innings don't matter while someone can produce a study showing they DO matter. At the end if the day, stats guys don't understand what they can't measure, and sports is about desire, moxie, endurance, holding up under pressure, all immeasurable intangibles. For example, Michael Jordan couldn't jump the highest, he didn't have the quickest first step, or have the most strength... but he was the greatest basketball player ever because of those immeasurable intangibles.

A pitcher can blow out his arm at any moment, at any age. That doesn't mean that miserly ownership should be absolved of blame. When you put the weight of the world on a young man's shoulders, you're responsible for the results.

Juan Yanes

Yesterday game bottom inning fourth score 3-1 Marlins, pitcher Kohler after two outs he walked a pinch hitter and Gordon, he seemed very anxious and upset on the hill, but either Redmond or Chuk Hernandez don't realized that, and didn't go to the hill to calm Kohler, in this condition Puig punched the ball easily to outside the field. It show how unexperience coaches hurt players in a game. I am sure it has not been happened with Dusty Baker, Davie Johnson or other decent manager

Lou Vales

Juan and EVERYONE else, We should all know by now that Redmond is a Fredo Gonzalez clone with the intellectual acumen of someone who could not get into Phoenix University. There will be no decisive action from a guy who can spell "decisive", he makes the proverbial deer in the headlights look like a T-Rex. If Alex had stayed healthy, one of my major issues was going to be with Fredo The Second leadership and cognitive abilities. I'm sad to say these circumstances have made things moot. Alex CONTROLLED that dugout and gave it its energy. That is gone now and I'm miserable to say it ain't coming back.


Lou, I don't know about your comparison of Redmond to Fat Fredi. I am NOT a big fan of Redmond's as I have seen him do some crazy things that have basically just given games away this year, specifically his use of the bullpen. HOWEVER, I do not see him as being the same kind of a BUM as Fredi is. Fredi is an orthodox, BY THE BOOK, no imagination, robot. Redmond at least does some things based on his gut feeling about a situation. Now true, some of these moves have been just plain RIDICULOUS. But they are a different kind of RIDICULOUS than Fat Fredi's moves, in my opinion.

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