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Jose Fernandez was throwing up before start

SAN DIEGO -- Jose Fernandez doesn't want to use a bad steak dinner as an excuse for last night's poor outing. But he acknowledged today that he was throwing up in the dugout just before he took the mound to face the San Diego Padres.

Fernandez said he felt bad throwing his warmup pitches in the bullpen after having his normal pre-game steak and threw up in a dugout garbage can during the first inning when the Marlins were at the plate.

"It's not an excuse," said Fernandez, who gave up six runs, including a pair of homers, in Friday's 10-1 loss. "It probably was something I ate, but I don't want it to be related with (how I pitched). In the first inning I was feeling kind of shaky. But by the second and third, I was feeling, all right, back at it again."

Fernandez said he almost threw up while standing on the mound in the first, too.

Fernandez's fastball velocity was down several ticks, and he didn't throw the pitch as much as he does normally. But he said his arm is perfectly fine.

"So far I feel good," he said.


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Just when i start thinking that Redmond might not be that bad of a manager he does something STUPID with the bullpen to make despair again. The worst thing that happens with this bullpen is when one of these BUMS comes in and has a game or two in a row when he SEEMS to be ok. That's all it took for Marmol. He came in a game the other night and didn't burn the house down. So of course Redmond the genius thinks that means that he can TRUST this ABSOLUTE BUM AGAIN.

Why did that idiot let Marmol blow this game? It was obvious that he was in melt down mode when the two runners got on. There WAS NO REASON TO LEAVE HIM IN THERE. I'm sorry, but I guess Redmond doesn't think this team has ANY CHANCE at all to compete this year. There's no other reason why he's been so easily THROWING GAMES AWAY THIS YEAR. It's not that he brought Marmol in, although that is certainly debatable too. But LEAVING HIM IN THERE WHEN EVERYBODY KNOWS HE'S ABOUT TO BLOW IT SHOWS ME THAT HE DOESN'T REALLY BELIEVE THIS TEAM CAN EVEN CONTEND THIS YEAR.

Wins are hard to come by. Redmond has thrown away at least 4 games this year in similar fashion. It's unforgiveable. He should just make an announcement: "all I want to do this year is not lose 100 games."

Heinie Manush

Tell us Clark,was Jose farting out the dugout,too?

Camera Mike

I actually just heard some good Marlins news following that awful loss. They're going to designate Carlos Marmol and make a corresponding move tomorrow. Marmol is being sent down far sooner then I expected and it can't happen soon enough.


Heinie Manush!!! You're here? I thought you went back to the old country. I hope all is well with you. Do you still keep the pet pigeons?

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