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Marlins surprise Chris Hatcher by calling him back up; transfer Furcal to 60-day DL to make room on 40-man

The Marlins have recalled reliever Chris Hatcher from Triple A New Orleans and transferred second baseman Rafael Furcal to the 60-day disabled list, a corresponding move to make room for Hatcher on the 40-man roster.

Hatcher, 29, was suspended for five games earlier this season for punching and breaking the jaw of teammate and pitcher Sam Dyson. Since serving his suspension in early May, Hatcher has pitched well for the Zephyrs and comes back to the big leagues with a 1-2 record, 2.01 ERA and five saves in 22 1/3 innings of work. 

"Pretty shocking -- wasn't expecting it," Hatcher said of being called up. "Having the roster guys down there -- [Arquimedes] Caminero, [Dan] Jennings, [Bryan] Flynn. [Andrew] Heaney is knocking on the door. I was just trying to help that ballclub win and the last thing on my mind was being called up to be quite honest with you."

The Marlins designated Hatcher for assignment right before spring training. Out of options, he simply took the assignment and pitched well this spring, saying he threw the ball with more downward action and that his splitter had improved. Hatcher tossed 10 scoreless innings in nine appearances and picked up two saves in spring training. But when the year started he was down in New Orleans.

Then on April 29th he reportedly broke the jaw of Dyson during a skirmish in a Nashville, Tenn. bar. Hatcher didn't want to talk about the incident on Thursday morning, but did say he "learned from it." He said he and Dyson have spoken. Asked if they've cleared the air, Hatcher said: "For the most part."

"I felt like I've become a better person because of it," Hatcher said of the incident. "Moving forward I know things like that can't happen, which I knew that before. But I put myself in a tough spot professionally and as a person and hope to move forward from it."


Furcal, who began rehab work in Jupiter on Tuesday as he returns from a strained groin and hamstring, has yet to play for the Marlins despite signing a $3.5 million contract for 2014.


Manager Mike Redmond said Thursday's move to the 60-day DL was "just a paper move" because Furcal is eligible for it. His retroactive date is March 21. Redmond said earlier this week Furcal still has a ways to go before he'll begin playing in minor league games.




With Jose Fernandez done for the season, the Marlins could use some one to step up and pitch like a No. 1 starter. Tom Koehler isn't volunteering, but his numbers at least suggest he's capable.


According to ESPN's Wins Above Replacement rankings, Koehler ranks ninth among all pitchers in baseball with a 2.0 rating. Koehler, who will start Friday night against the visiting Brewers, is 4-3 with a 2.25 ERA, a 1.11 WHIP and arguably worthy of All-Star discussion if he keeps it up.


"Just trying to force some early action and letting the defense play behind me," Koehler explained of his early season success. "If you start putting pressure on yourself thinking about [replacing Fernandez] it's going to force you to do things you're not capable of doing. You can't replace him. So, the key is really to go out there and do what I'm capable of doing and for each of us individually do what they're capable of doing and take it game by game."



Randy Wolf, making his first big league start Sunday since having Tommy John surgery at the end of the 2012 season, believes the one way he can help the Marlins' starting rotation is by showing the rest of the fireballers in it there are other ways you can win. 

"Obviously every other guy in the rotation has better stuff than me," Wolf said. "I think the one way I can help is to show that you can succeed at this level without having a 97-mile per hour fastball, and how when you have  stuff and you put everything together pitching becomes a lot easier. I think I have a good idea of what to do out there without having a 95 mile per hour fastball."

Wolf, who uses a fastball, curveball, slider and changeup, said he threw over 100 pitches multiple times while he was starting in the minors earlier this year. He finished 5-1 with a 4.50 ERA in six starts for the Triple A Reno Aces.

"As a starting pitcher my strength is throwing my four pitches for strikes any time," Wolf said. "As a bullpen guy when you go in a game you can have two pitches you throw for strikes. If you have three great. Four, amazing. You don't have time to really like find your changeup or slider. You've got to find something that's there and go with it."









> Phillies (20-23): 1. Jimmy Rollins SS, 2. Wil Nieves C, 3. Chase Utley 2B, 4. Ryan Howard 1B, 5. Marlon Byrd RF, 6. Cody Asche, 3B, 7. Domonic Brown LF, 8. Ben Revere CF, 9. Cole Hamels LHP.

> Marlins (24-23): 1. Christian Yelich LF, 2. Ed Lucas SS, 3. Giancarlo Stanton RF, 4. Casey McGehee 3B, 5. Jeff Baker 1B, 6. Marcell Ozuna CF, 7. Adeiny Hechavarria SS, 8. Jeff Mathis C, 9. Henderson Alvarez RHP.


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Flav C.

Hatcher had a great ST and has been pitching really, really well in NOLA. However , he falls in the same category as Hand: every time he is called up, he finds a way to remind us why they are minor league pitchers at best.
Here I am, hoping for the best, bracing for the worse.

Stan M

Flav, you have astutely expressed the mantra of all serious Marlin fans. Here is an area where we can all agree. Fortunately, this year there is some cause for hope...then reality sets in and we realize who is running this show.


Furcal, such a huge waste of money for the Marlins this year. For that money they could have kept either Chad Qualls or Ryan Webb and had a much better bullpen this season.

where did I go wrong?

In case anybody here missed it, the smartest person I the USA, possibly the world, is Rafael Furcal. Not only is he a nice guy who used to be a good baseball player, he also knows how to negotiate a contract for a very nice salary, plus free medical.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

So let's see... I totally rag on Ozuna and he breaks out with a grand slam and 5 RBIs??? Shoot, who should I rag on next???

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Stan, I get your comment about the run differential and attributing it to the PC. I think that stat is more a function of talent and performance than anything he's doing.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Manuel, are we playing without a 2B?


Way to go go, DUNNER The BUMMER! His ERA was starting to get close to going UNDER 4, so he did what he does best: HE SERVES UP A DOUBLE to UTLEY & HUGE HR TO CF to BYRD.

Of course, I shouldn't say ANYTHING about Redmond's bullpen management, right? Like WHY THE HELL DID HE LEAVE DUNN IN THERE TO FACE BYRD WHEN HE COULDN'T EVEN GET UTLEY OUT?

Yeah, I'm a DUNN HATER. And this is a perfect example of why I'm a DUNN HATER. I've watched him get CLOBBERED by the Phils, Braves & Mets for YEARS. And now I'm becoming a Redmond hater too, at least as regards his bullpen management which SUCKS. Who will he bring in to this game next? SLOWEY? HAND?


But Yelich bales out Dunn and the Fish with a clutch RBI single to CF to swin the game, 4-3! WOO-HOO!

Lou Vales

Alex, Just wondering> Would it have been out of the realm of possibility---since our stopper had not pitched in 3 days---that Cishek ACTUALLY tries for a 4 out save. Hey, I'm glad we won the game--actually ELATED but this stupidity is really growing tiresome. WHO---be honest--did not see the Byrd shot coming off of Dunn? Cishek is a sidearmer. Very few sidearmers come up with bad arms because it is actually a natural motion. TRUST ME!!! He could have handled an extra 1/3 of an inning.

Lou Vales

Would be hilarious if Hatcher tried to pull that crap with Stanton That would be one way to FINALLY get him off the 40 man roster. I mean he would be "Physically" removed from the 40 man roster.

Flav C.

Lou, bet you could have seen Byr d's hit coming just as well as you saw Dunn pitching the last 10 innings without allowing a run. Hindsight is a bliss.


seems someone else had issues with done above.


Maybe Ozuna has that Hanley gene, "hmm, I think I'll hit today."

As soon as the Fish Bytes Mafia says its time to ship him off to AAA he lights it up.


more like the Fish Bytes Muffia


We have all been pleasantly surprised by Ozuna the last two days! I do not expect Hatcher to finally come up and make it work, so that would be an even bigger surprise. Dayton or Jennings would really be the only other possibilities, since they were already on the 40-man roster. If Hatcher works out as in his last stints, this move will be another waste of a 40-man roster spot.


My man Flav, come on, I KNOW that you had to see that the Dunner had very little going today. The Phils greeted him very rudely and I gotta agree with Lou, here. Especially as I was watching the game with my girl and I CALLED IT: I said "watch this, Dunn's gonna blow it" and BOOM, Byrd goes super deep, a monster shot to deepest CF.

That is my biggest beef with Dunn. YES, HE WILL PITCH QUITE WELL FOR A WHILE. But I am never comfortable with him on the mound, NEVER. He has given up way too many huge HRs over the years for me to ever get off the edge of my seat when Dunn pitches. He's not consistent, man, he always makes me nervous when he's in there. Yeah, he has had a nice streak, 10 games or whatever you said it was. But I'm always worried when he's in the game. ALWAYS.


Lou, a few weeks back I gave huge credit to Redmond for doing just that: bringing in Cishek for a 4 out save. I was VERY happy, and I posted how nice it was to have a manager who is unlike Fat Fredi, a guy who is unafraid to make the unorthodox move when it's called for.

Then he does THIS. I agree with you 100%. It was obvious that the Phillies had Dunn's number today. After Utley's double I turned around and said "watch Dunn blow this; he's got nothing today". If we could see it, why couldn't Redmond?

I do not like Red's handling of the bullpen, and I have been consistent about that all year. And one more thing: HAS HE EVER HEARD OF THE CONCEPT OF LATE INNING DEFENSIVE REPLACEMENTS? Still, I do agree with Flav that he seems to be a good leader and motivator; the players seem to really like him. I just hope he gets better in the areas he's weak in.

Lou Vales

Flav, To win a series against the Phillies would you have preferred Cishek against Byrd and trotting him out for the 9th well rested OR would you have preferred Dunn pitching to Byrd regardless of recent success? Of course all these questions and answers should be formulated before the result is known.

Flav C.

Alex, my friend. I'll be very honest. I was 100% sure Dunn was going to pitch around Byrd and try his chances with whoever came next, which wasn't as nearly dangerous as Byrd. But then he let that fastball up in the zone.
But you know what...with all those kids in the ballpark today, there was no space to get angry or anything like that. It just reminded me why going to the ballpark in such a beautiful afternoon is such an amazing experience for a kid. And you could see how much they love Stanton and Yelich. But by far kids just love Stanton. It would be a shame to see him go somewhere else.

Flav C.

Lou, I would have preferred no one pitching against Byrd at that point. Pitch around him and try your chances against the next guy who wasn't nowhere near a threat as Byrd. I honestly thought Dunn was going to pitch a couple of pitches low and away, just to try to make Byrd chase'em, and end up walking him.

Stan M

Marlins are in 2nd place!


I appreciate your honest answers Flav, especially when we disagree, and I like how you carry yourself over here. Somebody disagrees with you, so be it. If you turn out to be wrong about a guy, no big deal. Hell, the way I see it, I'm GLAD if a guy surprises me and exceeds my expectations, and it seems you're the same way. We're ALL MARLINS FANS, right? I'd rather be wrong about everything I say about this team and they WIN GAMES.


Stanton should have been marketed better, Flav. Can you imagine if he was a Met or Yankee? This kid's face would be all over TV, billboards, etc. I mean he's a natural. Good looking, multi-cultural, fairly articulate, good citizen, kids love him plus the best part: He's a HR hitter. Chicks (and everybody else) STILL dig the long ball. And he ain't just any old HR hitter. No, Stanton hits really LONG HRs. As we used to say back in the day, "tape measure shots".

A smart ownership & Front Office would have taken advantage of that to get crowds to come out. Instead he toils in relative obscurity down here. A 2nd string Dolphins offensive lineman would likely get recognized out in public down here, while Marlins stars like Stanton probably walk around unnoticed in Miami.

Lou Vales

Flav I agree totally. Whose decision would it have been to pitch around Byrd or just hold up 4 fingers?

A Realist

Ok, here comes the Brewers. Let's see what the Miami Minnows can do.

A Realist

We have to get some consistent starting pitching to have any chance of making a decent run here. We need Turner and Alvarez to start getting their mind right night in and night out. Get a routine and stick to it. If anything, maybe Wolf can impart some words of wisdom to those two head-cases. Even Eovaldi needs a good slapp across the noggin! All that talent and can't get it right.

Flav C.

Lou, the decision could have been made byRedmond or the catcher. If you look at the pitch Dunn threw to Byrd, Mathis had it set away from Byrd. His Mitt was a big target off of the plate. Dunn completely screwed it up and threw it over the plate.

Lou Vales

If your plan is to pitch around someone---especially a good hitter----just walk him and don't trust a somewhat erratic pitcher to execute a semi-intentional walk.

Flav C.

Lost in this all was Heaney's great debut at AAA against a very good Redhakws lineup. 5 innings, 1 earned run, 7 strikeouts, and no BBs.

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