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Marlins calling up Henry Rodriguez

SAN DIEGO -- If you thought Carlos Marmol was an adventure every time he took the mound, wait until you see his replacement. The Marlins, who are designating Marmol for assignment, are calling up hard-throwing but oft-wild right-hander Henry Rodriguez to fill his spot in the bullpen.

Rodriguez can light up a radar gun and can be difficult to hit. But control is an issue.

In 12 appearances totaling 19 1/3 innings for Triple A New Orleans this season, Rodriguez has struck out 37 batters -- or nearly two an inning. But he's also walked 23 -- or more than one an inning. Batters are hitting only .123 against him.

Rodriguez has spent parts of five seasons in the majors with the A's, Nationals and Cubs and has a career record of 5-7 with a 4.24 ERA and 18 saves. In his 148 2/3 innings, he has struck out 150 while walking 102. 


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A Realist

Let the rollercoaster begin.

And we thought we were pulling out our hair with Marmol?

Flav C.

Well, at least Juan Yanes will be happy.

What a big mistake, bringing Rodriguez right now.

A Realist

I hope the equipment managers bring the steel-reinforced helmets to the game.


We can only hope it will be an improved Rodriguez. He actually did not give any BB in 2 out of his last 3 games!


Holy Crap. Henry Rodriguez? With Redmond as the manager? Mike Redmond, who just CAN NOT take a pitcher out until that pitcher absolutely DESTROYS an inning? I might stop watching games for a while. I don't need the ulcers that watching this is bound to give me.

A Realist

Here's the Jekyll side of Alvarez. One game he's lights out. One game he sucks. Up and down. Up and down. So we lose 3 out 4 to the Padres. And this is why I wasn't all hyped up when we were on this nice winning streak at home. This team is filled with mental midgets. Theres no way we should be losing to this team.

Oh yeah. And we have yet to score a run today. Again!!!

A Realist

I already am not a Turner fan, but I'm really starting to not like Alvarez. He's too wishy washy. Oh well. It is what it is. Have a nice trip to L.A.. Get ready to get smoked pansies....

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Never mind all thatothernstuff... Allison Williams is smoking hot today! What in the world is she doing down on the field, while those two yokels get to drone on interminably.

Happy Mothers Day to the entire superior gender today. Thing is, in my book, EVERY day is Mother's Day.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Somebody help me out... Is this the Padres' normal Sunday unis? Or is it a miscolored tribute to mothers? Or did they come to the park straight from a paintball camp?


Padres always wear the camo uniforms on Sunday, DT.


Well, this series has been an eye opener. Either the Padres are a much better team than they have shown or the Fish are much worse.

I can't remember the last time they were able to beat the other team's closer. Once Baker came up, I figured it was over as it was a RIGHT HANDER that was pitching, not a lefty. Well, at least they came back and made it respectable.

Between the poor pitching, poor hitting, and Redmond's generosity in just GIVING GAMES AWAY, this has the looks of a 3-8 road trip. IF THAT. Let's hope they turn it around in LA, where Stanton usually GOES OFF.


Regarding Alvarez, if you have a series where your #1 and #2 starters don't pitch well the way Jose and Eovaldi did in this series, it gives the opposing team a real psychological boost. Expecting your #3 guy to follow those performances and be a STOPPER is a lot to ask.

Fortunately with Koehler, Turner & Jose scheduled to pitch in LA and not having to face Greinke or Kershaw in those games, the Fish have a CHANCE at going 2 out of 3 there. Of course a lot depends on the hitting. Until they put up those 4 runs late in this game the Fish looked like the 2013 Marlins in this series. Yelich is hitting about 25 points below what is expected from him, Ozuna at times looks really bad, and Hechevarria is very inconsistent, sometimes looking like last year's Hech, sometimes looking like the Hech of this April. Jones & Salty are important to this offense and they've been inconsistent as well; if you look at the games where the Fish have put runs on the board it was in games where those two guys have contributed. In games where the Fish have struggled scoring runs, those guys are putting up 0-fers.


I have been working my usual crazy hours and haven't been able to reply to you guys who posted on the thread that we were talking about Stanton. Everyone is entitled to their opinion about the kid and don't worry, I NEVER lose any sleep over what anyone says on the internet, LOL...nor do I take anyone's comments as a put down of ME personally.

I just see Stanton differently than you guys do, that's all. Many of you see no progress with him; you see him making the same mistakes he made as a 21 year old. I beg to differ. I see him taking the outside pitch to RF much more; this is something he rarely did in past years. I see him laying off SOME of those sweeping breaking pitches with 2 strikes. You guys don't see these things for some reason. I see a LOT of improvement in his OF play as well. He still sometimes looks bad out there, but some of you guys are convinced he should be a 1st baseman. I'm not. I agree with Flav that he's basically a football player who is still learning The Game. But where I disagree with Flav is when he says Stanton will never be a great baseball player. I think it's way too early to tell. In fact, if he CONTINUES TO IMPROVE every year the way he has BEEN IMPROVING, there is a damn good chance he will be great player by the time he reaches 27 years old, which is generally considered a baseball player's prime.

Kid's hitting .300 with 11 Hrs and 40 RBIs and I have to DEFEND HIM here to Marlins fans! I think that is absolutely NUTS. It's just one of the things that makes me think that Marlins fans don't DESERVE a good team and don't DESERVE good players. Because when they have them, they DON'T APPRECIATE THEM. If the kid played in NY, LA, St. Louis or Chicago, TRUST ME, I wouldn't be the ONLY GUY DEFENDING HIM.

night and day

it was reported that Jose had food poisoning after eating out at a restaurant. it is possible that Eovaldi and Alverez went with him to that restaurant. All three with food poisoning would explain the way they pitched in San Diego

Flav C.

I never wrote Stanton won't be a great baseball player. I just said he doesn't have the makes of great hitters like wright, Cabrera, or Voto who year in, year out hit .300 or above, and that is since they're early years. They can hit in and out of the plate, and can hit curveballs, sliders, or fastballs alike. Can Stanton improve? Certainly so. Just don't forget he won't be 24 years old forever.
If it depended on me, he would be a Marlins for a long, long time.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

In a decent lineup, Stanton is a classic cleanup hitter, a Reggie Jackson-type... strikeouts, power, and all. Her also has the makings of being a clutch hitter, just like Reggie. Earl Weaver once said of Reggie, (paraphrasing) "If he could ever hit in every at bat the same way he does in the 9th inning of games, he'd be a .400 hitter."

Flav C.

DT, completely agree.
That's why I used a more recent comparison with Prince Fielder. I just think Stanton will be better than Prince.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Yeah, Flav, now that you mention it, I remember your comparison to Fielder. I'm complimenting Stanton greatly since I happen to hold Jackson in very high regard (the Mr. October label and all). I once saw a game where Jackson was knocked down by a head high fastball from a Brewer pitcher (at the time they were in the A.L.), Jackson glared at him as he dusted himself off, then clubbed a HR off the guy, circled the bases, slapped hands with the next batter as he stepped on home plate, THEN he charged the mound to jump on the guy. Now THAT'S having your priorities in order, huh?


Flav, the difference between Stanton and the guys that you named is that Stanton is a PURE POWER HITTER, of the type that Reggie Jackson was (good call, DT!) and those guys that you named are great ALL AROUND HITTERS.

I do not EXPECT a guy who is a power hitter to hit for a high average, although there are certainly a few these days who have managed to do so, which I believe is due to small ballparks, PEDs, etc. I think a guy can be a great POWER HITTER without being a great ALL AROUND HITTER.

Although it seems that there are more guys around today that combine hitting for a high average with the ability to hit for power, there is still a place in the game for the classic old school HR hitter. I still believe it's a damn shame I have to defend this kid here. I mean some of the things being said here are...I won't go there, because I'm TRYING to be nice. But somebody said GEORGE FOSTER. Do you know how many HRs Foster had at 24 years old? 24 Home Runs. Stanton has 128. I mean some of the things said here are RIDICULOUS. He is AVERAGING 39 HRs per 162 games in his first five years, three of which he only played PART OF THE SEASON. If this kid stays healthy 500 HRs are inevitable and who knows how much higher he could go.

And yet many Marlins fans are ready to trade him after his next K.


If you count the #27 shirts around Marlins park, you must come to the conclusion that Stanton is the most popular Marlins' player! Yes, he still has more to learn so that SF's and singles against the shift result in more RBI's with RISP. Many of us are hoping he will stay and become the foundation of great Marlins' teams for at least another 5 to 6 years.

Flav C.


I'm one of the ones who go to the games with a black #27 T-Shirt. Stanton is my favorite player in this team, and I'd be infuriated if he is let go.

Juan Yanes

Marlins listened me!!!!! several days ago in this page I said Carlos Marmol should be replaced by Henry Rodriguez; yesterday afternoon it was done, very well!!! now the bullpen is stronger with Rodriguez and Capps for early innings reliever.
Yesterday game off San Diego top of inning 8th with Baker running at 3rd base I don't know why he remained stand instead of run toward home plate with a big wild pitch; if he did then Jones had reach 3rd with the tie run and one out.

Stan M

Alex, may I respectfully say that it is understood that you greatly admire Stanton. That being said, I cannot understand why you keep harping on someone on this blog wanting to trade him, for that someone is most likely I. First let me defend my very former position by saying that there was good reason to consider such a trade...at that time. The major reason was that virtually everyone who follows baseball assumed, probably correctly, that not only wouldn't Loria sign him, but also that Stanton himself wasn't happy and would leave as soon as he could. So quite naturally, many speculated on such a trade and the subject transcended this particular blog manifold. A second reason that trading him was discussed had to do with a widely spread rumor of an offer from Pittsburgh that was simply too good to refuse. That rumor proved to be either specious, or the players offered exaggerated.
During the Winter, Loria plugged the team's most glaring hole with Salty, and added other veteran backups. Thus the pundits and those on this blog essentially ceased with any trade talk. My last observation was that if he were to be traded, that the team had enough prospects and he should only go for ML ready players. At that time I was thinking of a catcher of LeCroy or Wieter's skill level. Salty's acquisition made that unnecessary.
As of right now, Stanton seems content in his present surroundings and with the team's unexpected success, there is a possibility that Loria could be shamed into keeping him. Stanton remains a very talented, but partially flawed player who is a major asset to the Marlins. When I, or anyone else now criticizes him, it isn't with a view of moving him, but rather with a hope that he will improve. Flav summed up his skill level very accurately. So please understand, whereas he hasn't been canonized just yet, virtually everyone wants to keep him and hopefully see him overcome some of the faults that are correctable.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

I'm not understanding the point(s) of contention here about Stanton. Everyone agrees he's easily our best hitter. The only thing he needs to change at the plate is that he needs to walk more often.

As for trading him, thinking in the long term, the actual chances that Loria will meet Stanton's price to keep him here are slim. And beginning next season, Stanton's arbitration salary will begin to reflect his star status, increasing the likelihood that Loria will shop him for prospects. If not in '15, then in '16... but it doesn't really matter, does it? Either way, we should just enjoy watching him in a home uniform while we still can. Just keep two things in mind: 1. Vita est plena obrepserit, 2. Et adipem est acervum Loria mauris.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

For those of you not familiar with Latin...

1. Life is full of surprises
2. And Loria is a fat pile of ... uh, er...fertilizer.

Stan M

DT, I was taught by the sisters of Notre Dame in grammar school, the sisters of St. Joseph(I think) in high school, and Dominican Friars in college. But I hadn't the slightest idea of what you said. Could you be a member of the clergy? What is your connection to that "dead" language? It is fascinating.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Me, a member of the clergy?!?!? Good gravy, absolutely not!!! I am a confirmed serial miscreant. I just happen to have a personal interest in Latin since it is the root of many words and phrases in western languages and I also have learned ASL as well. Unfortunately, I can't do any ASL phrases for you here.

A Realist

It would be a pleasant surprise if Loria kept Stanton by some stoke of genius. We can only hope.

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