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Marlins-Nationals rain out will be made up as part of double-header on Sept. 26

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Marlins and Nationals were washed out Tuesday night at Nationals Park and the game will be made up as part of a day-night double header Sept. 26 when the teams meet in the final weekend series of the regular season.

"Not ideal for sure,"  Marlins manager Mike Redmond said. "An ideal situation for us is to play. Nobody likes to play double headers late in the season. The only good thing is you have more players. But if you're in the race or have a chance, nobody wants to be playing double headers that late."

The Nationals (25-26) certainly do. With third baseman Ryan Zimmerman, outfielder Bryce Harper, and pitcher Gio Gonzalez on the disabled list it only makes sense for them to push a make-up game to when those players are supposed to be back.

Although both teams have a day off Thursday and Wednesday's game is scheduled for a 7:05 start, Redmond said no thought was given to playing on either of those days. 

With stormy weather expected to hit the DC area again on Wednesday there's a chance the teams could be washed out again. All that would mean is the Marlins and Nationals would play two double-headers and five games over a three-day stretch in late September, Redmond said.

"I've had that before," Redmond said. "In 1998, we finished the season against the Phillies in a double-header the last two games of the season because of the hurricane."

The Marlins won three of those four games against the Phillies.


The Marlins have adjusted their starting rotation for the rest of this week. Tuesday night starter Henderson Alvarez will now pitch against the Nationals' Jordan Zimmerman, who was originally scheduled to face Tom Koehler on Wednesday.

After Thursday's day off, Koehler will start Friday when the Marlins return home to face the division-leading Braves. Jacob Turner will pitch Saturday for Miami and Nathan Eovaldi, who beat the Nationals on Tuesday, will pitch Sunday instead of veteran left-hander Randy Wolf. His next start will be made either Monday or Tuesday against the Rays, depending on whether or not the Marlins want to get Alvarez an extra day of rest. 


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Dodged a bullet with Wolf as SP

Cleveland Spider

This rain out may be the best thing that happened to the Marlins. This forced Redmon's hand. Wolf will not be pitching against the 1st place Braves, and that is a good thing. Wolf starting against the Braves would be a certain loss. How many more garbage starts from Wolf will we have to endure before we see Andrew Heaney?


Red Sox leading the Braves 6-3 in the 8th; if it holds up we will gain a half game on Atlanta. Of course it's way too early to be looking at the Standings, but that's only true if you're a REGULAR baseball fan. If you are a Marlins fan who has had no reason at all to look at the Standings for years, you can be given a pass for looking at them in May. Besides, this team can be streaky, and a long losing streak could make checking the Standings an exercise in futility, so we might as well enjoy it while we can.

Flav C.

Heaney with another superb start: 6 innings, 7 SOs, no BBs, allowing only one hit.
Another interesting piece of info: Micah Owings with his first minor league start with the JAX Suns. Struck out 6 and allowed 2 HRs in 5 innings.

Flav C.

Why can't every team get funds from public money after shady deals with corrupt local politicians and build ballparks with retractable roof? C'mon!!! Is it that hard?
We would stop with all those stupid rain outs , postponements, and cancellations.
It's the 21 st century y'all!!


Not all politicians are 3rd world Banana Republic scum like Miami has.


Barry Jackson disclosed that calling up Heaney now instead of mid June means that his free agency would be moved up to 2019 instead of 2020 also he would be eligible for arbitration in 2016 instead of 2017. Redmond also claims that Wolf is capable of pitching much better than he has shown. I couldn't stand Redmond last year but he has grown a lot and his handling of the challenges has been spot on.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

I don't need Chipmunk-faced Barry Jackson, Loria's personal shill, to tell me that all the Marlins' moves are predicated on finance first, not winning.

And as for Redmond having "grown a lot"... for him to state that "Wolf is capable of pitching better" is really saying nothing at all. EVERY major pitcher MUST pitch better than Wolf's last appearance in order to stay here.

Stan M

DT, don't you remember when Wolf said he would try to show these kids how to win without a 95 mph fastball. His formula is quite simple. Give up 6 runs, Marlins score 7 and team wins.

My internet has been going on and off for almost a week. Regarding Stanton's winning the MVP. I have two thoughts. One it would be wonderful for him and more power to him. Unfortunately, it would make him even more expensive to sign, but that's a problem anyway. I think he is now in 2nd place and Tulo would almost have to get hurt to lose the award. Of course, Tulo gets hurt every year, or so it seems. At this stage, I can't see Loria not signing Stanton. I think circumstances have backed him into a corner. Should he trade him, this team would be playing in an echo chamber.

Stan M

Hey, Flav, how many HRs did Micah hit? Great news about Heaney. I can't blame Loria for waiting on Heaney for some other teams do the same. But we sure could use him. I'm more worried about those two relief pitchers who are struggling. In some ways we need them even more.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Stan, the only way I see Loria signing Stanton is if Stanton (1) agrees to a heavily back-loaded contract, and (2) accepts it without a no-trade clause.

I wish that Stanton could be a Marlin for the rest of his career but, outside of Loria selling the team or immediately improving the lot of the world by dropping dead of a heart attack, I just don't see it happening. The fact of the matter is that Stanton would have to be nuts to sign a contract with a low-life, waste-of-space liar like him.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Don't make the mistake others have made here of assuming that it's up to Loria whether to sign Stanton to a long term deal. Far from it, as the phrase "free agent" suggests... Loria is neither willing nor able to bid in that stratosphere, though he's perfectly capable of PRETENDING to do it by deliberately underbidding, then declaring to the press, i.e. Barry 'The Shill' Jackson, that he has made a "competitive" offer.

Bottom line, why would Stanton allow Loria to decide where he has to live and play for the majority of his multi-year contract when Stanton will be holding all the cards in free agency? Besides, Loria would NEVER deviate from his strategy of deception (the back-loaded, no-trade contracts) because he would then be putting himself in a position of having to actually PAY it.

A Realist

Exactly DT. I've said as much on here before. Adding to that, once the 2015 season is complete Loria can sell the team and keep 100% of the profits. That's the only thing we have to look forward to, my friends.

Stan M

You two are among the most knowledgeable on this blog and you are probably right. Nonetheless, I cling to the theory that Loria simply must try to sign him. The problem had been that Stanton wasn't about to want to stay. Now he seems happy and is a big fish in a little pond vs. the opposite in CA; at least to some degree. Remember that Uggla was offered a pretty darn good contract. I don't think backloaded would be a problem as much as the no trade crap. Should he be traded, it damn sure better be for major league players. Before this year and the Salty signing, I would not have been upset if he went for Lecroy-plus, or Wieters-plus, plus. My feeling at the time was that it is easier to find an outfielder than a damn good catcher. Now things have changed and the way he's playing this year, we should get even more. I'm going to hold on to that kernel of hope that he stays.
Were you fellows as impressed as I was by Milwaukee? That is some powerhouse and we even missed some of their better pitchers and hitters.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Stan, one particular point that may seem small, but in the "Loria" scheme of things looms large... the heavily back-loaded contracts and the no-trade clause work together. In other words, one of them would be pointless without having the other, within Loria's strategy of greed.

Realist, were it only true that he'll sell the team after 2015. But the sports journalists (using that term loosely) in this town are like meek lambs being herded along in whatever direction they perceive to be current popular opinion. This means that they have not, nor will they ever, hold Loria's feet to the fire, as would happen in just about any other city. So why would he divest himself of this cash cow? He gets to live off the welfare state of MLB revenue sharing and luxury tax money to pay his bills, while he gets to keep the money from the ridiculously priced beers (and whatever else) he sells.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Stan, interesting comment, "Should he be traded, it damn sure better be for major league players." Teams trading for a player who is on the verge of free agency usually keep in mind that he will be available shortly after without having to give up players, so they are usually intent on giving up no more than unproven prospects.

However, an impact player like Stanton might very well bring major league talent in return. But then again, this is an owner who's not interested in ANY talent that is paid much above minimum wage, so...

Stan M

Tom and Rich just made comments that show exactly what is wrong with the modern thinking on relief pitchers. One of them actually said, "Ramos and Dunn and both in the bullpen, but of course they can't be brought in for the 6th inning." No. Why? I guess they have to wait until the game is blown and then bring them in "to get some work". The damn game was on the line and that called for our best relievers...regardless of what damn inning it was. Makes no sense.

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