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Marlins to cut ties with Carlos Marmol, designate him for assignment

SAN DIEGO -- The Marlins intend to designate Carlos Marmol for assignment on Sunday, one day after the beleaguered reliever gave up four runs in the Marlins' 9-3 loss to the San Diego Padres.

"It's been a struggle for him," said manager Mike Redmond. "It just hasn't worked."

The Marlins signed Marmol to a 1-year deal worth $1.25 million thinking they could fix the issues that plagued him with the Cubs and brought an end to his time in Chicago. But it hasn't worked. Marmol is 0-3 with an 8.10 ERA in 15 relief appearances.

"Couldn't get people out," Marmol said. "I did the best I could, but it didn't work out good. It's tough. You try to do your best and it didn't work out."

On Saturday, Marmol entered in the sixth in a 2-2 game and retired the first two batters he faced. But after Everth Cabrera beat out a bunt single, the inning fell apart for him. He gave up a RBI single to Jedd Gyorko and three-run homer to Chase Headley.

The Marlins will DFA Marmol on Sunday and promote someone from the minors to fill his spot in the bullpen.


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Stan M

Redmond can't be faulted for bringing Marmol into the game. He had been OK the day before. He can be faulted for not getting someone up when he began to falter, then for leaving him in after the first run scored. I am far from a Redmond fan, but at this point in the season, when the team has been going well, a lot of blame can be placed on the FO for not doing anything about the all too obvious bullpen problem.

Texas just lost their 2nd baseman and is playing a rookie. I wonder if Solano would bring back a useful reliever. Perhaps packaged with someone from the minors. It would not be a solution, for it looks like this team needs more than one replacement out there, but it can't hurt and Solano could fit into a lineup that doesn't need power at 2B.

Stan M

I just wonder if Redmond left Marmol in that game for a reason. It was obvious to all that he was blowing up. Did Redmond figure it was better to probably lose this game if it forced the FO to dump Marmol? Had he taken him out, he'd still be around to blow more future games. However, there was no way to keep him once he imploded yet again. Far fetched, but why did he leave him in there after that first run scored and there were runners all over the place on the bases. If that wasn't the reason, then it was an incredibly bad move, perhaps a result of not having anyone ready to come in, which would be an even dumber move.

keep the faith

strikeouts were down from 17 to 12, so there is some improvement. think positive.

Flav C.

I'd say that was Redmond's way to send a message to the front office saying " if you leave this guy in the bullpen, I will use him".

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Stan and Flav, I don't think Redmond has the standing or the gumption to send anyone a message. I think his hand is forced when an important bullpen spot is occupied by retreads like Marmol or bargain-basement pickings like Arquimedes Whatshisface. Cishek and Ramos have to hold up under a marathon season that is not yet a quarter of the way through.

That said, it's not the first time he's been slow to think ahead in his moves, bullpen-wise, as Stan said. Maybe he has his reasons, but if he does, it's not apparent to me.

A Realist

Well, well......looks like the offense is back to doing didly sqaut.

A Realist

It's been 6 games now that the Marlins haven't scored over 3 runs. Where are all these guys like Jones, Hech, and McGehee? Yes, the bullpen is very shaky, but it's been that way since the beggining.

The offense concerns me. We can't go on these streaks of 5 and 6 games where we all of sudden can't hit. And I don't want to hear about being on the road because the Marlins couldn't score runs during the Met's series at home.

Shake this funk and get going or you guys will be back under .500 quick fast and in a hurry.

A Realist

It's BS that an entire professional baseball goes cold offensively. Come on! Really?

Flav C.

A Realist,
Scoring 3 runs in the NL will help you win 65% of your games, if you have either a good bullpen or starting rotation (see Braves). If the bullpen had not disintegrated last night the Marlins would have had an opportunity to win 2 of 3.

A Realist

Flav, I saw a stat just the other night, on ESPN I think, that when a team scores 4 runs their chances of winning are above 65%. I haven't heard the 3 run stat, though. Either way, they aren't hitting when they need to (RISP). Too many games in a row like this. One or 2 maybe, but 6 in a row? After a while, streaks like these develop into long losing streaks, which we have already seen this year.

I think they play the 4th today so maybe they can still split.

Flav C.

You're right on theRISp issue, Realist. It's something where they have to have a better plan throughout the game.
Another thing that caught my attention was Eovaldi's inability to pitch with the shift on. Last night, twice the team played the shift and he threw the wrong pitch. One, ended up being a single on what would have been a routine groundout. The guy ended up scoring a run. The second time was Seth Smith's triple, with Stanton positioned almost to the right center field.
Just for the record, it was the 4th time this season that Eovaldi made this mistake. Either they work on fixing it, or they should scratch the shift entirely while Eovaldi is on the mound.

A Realist

Wow! I didn't even pick up on that. What pitch would have been the correct one for the shift? Well, it's just like the Marlins to not be on their P's and Q's. They've made errors in management, base running, and fielding throughout this season. Where would our record be if we could minimize some of this? I know the players are young and inexperienced, but it hits home when Redmond and the rest of the coaches are making just as many mistakes. Seems very disorganized and haphazard.

Marlin Fan

Thank God Marmol is gone !!


About damn time!

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