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Marlins TV ratings are up, especially when Jose Fernandez pitches

More people are paying attention to the Marlins, at least based on the early returns.

According to Fox Sports Florida, viewership is up 42 percent from last season over the same number of games. That 42 percent improvement ranks among the top teams in biggest average viewership gain for all regional sports networks in MLB.

Other findings:

-- April was the most watched month on Fox Sports Florida since July 2012, about the time the bottom fell out on the much-hyped inaugural season in the team's new ballpark.

-- Four of the five most watched games this season have been Jose Fernandez starts. According to Fox, when Fernandez is on the mound, ratings have seen a 19 percent spike over the April average.


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what a surprising headline!! LOL. i never would've guessed that they get better ratings when jose pitches LOL


As can be expected. If we can expect clutch hits from Jose, home runs that will make the opposing team go crazy, and crazy awesome plays like that fakeout throw out at home or last year's line drive snag off Troy Tulowitzki, then Jose's starts turn into must-watch TV.


Wow , very impressive , that the Marlins have cracked a 1.0 share


What a game, and let me be the FIRST to give the manager, Mike Redmond HUGE CREDIT for having the balls to bring in Cishek for the 4 out save. I have been critical of Red at times, but the one thing that I do like about him is that he is NOT a strictly By The Book manager like Fredi Gonzalez is. Man, I hated watching Fredi manage the Fish during those years when they had a decent team in 08 and 09. So many times he left his "8th inning guy" in there when it was obvious that the guy didn't have it that night. But Fredi would NOT BUDGE: his closer was for the 9th inning, PERIOD. Redmond at times shows a willingness to think OUTSIDE THE BOX and go with his gut feeling in a given situation, rather than always GOING BY THE BOOK. Hats off to him tonight.

And hats off again to Mike Dunn who pitched a 1-2-3 7th and picked up his 3rd win against 3 losses. I HOPE he has regained his form and will be strong from here on out. But I still don't believe he will. And even if he does, the Fish need to bring up Drayton. They need more lefty arms in that pen, even IF Dunn regains his form. The bullpen still needs some help, despite pitching well of late. You can't have too many good arms in the pen.

Anyway, the Fish are back at .500 and that is huge. It gives me hope that I MIGHT be watching meaningful baseball games this summer, because if they can hang around .500 they have as good a chance at getting hot and making a playoff run as anybody else.

Stan M

Must give Redmond credit. Has Dietrich higher in lineup. Used Cishek in 8th inning...great move, win or lose. And Jones is starting to look like the player the FO thought they were getting. Hech is using whole field again. Stanton didn't try to kill the ball with RISP and got RBI. Even lucky hits and an out in the 9th. Team is no at .500. Life is good again.


Flav C, regarding your post from yesterday where you disagreed with my premise that this team has a penchant for asking guys to play out of position with (usually) poor results, I certainly do remember that whole scenario with Gaby and Lomo, and how Gaby was blocking Lomo at 1st base. My point was that a lot of teams have guys in the minors that are being blocked by a guy at the major league level. But few are as quick to bring those guys up and ON THEIR FIRST DAY HERE TELL THEM THEY ARE PLAYING A NEW POSITION. Hell, they even made Solano play LF for a short bit! You say that Lomo showed good athleticism in the minors when he played the OF for about 20 games? Well, I'm not going to contradict you, but how come he showed ZERO athleticism HERE? He was horrible in the OF and was not even athletic at 1B. I'm sorry, I respect you, but I stand by my opinion. This franchise made bad moves by asking young players who just wanna be in the bigs to suddenly play a new position just because the Fish had a need. Most teams when they have a need GO OUT AND GET SOMEBODY. We make young kids play unfamiliar positions and are surprised when they play poorly and wind up getting hurt too. I hope the new Front Office will NOT be doing that anymore!

Stan M

Alex and Flav,
Go back a few more years. Don't I remember a big fellow named Cabrera who was an infielder, and sent to the OF in his rookie year? Yes, this one worked, but they still took a 19YO kid and put him in an unfamiliar place. Kind of backs up your position, Alex. But I do differ with your assessment of LoMo's fielding ability at 1B. And I grant that he was a disaster waiting to happen in LF. But I "think" he had a pretty good reputation as a defensive first baseman before he got injured. Flav will know. Am I wrong?

Stan M

Lou, life is good and we all have reason to smile. This blog, which has its share of learned fans is a pleasure. But I really miss a few posters from the past. Samson's Boyfriend always had some good insider information. Are you still out there? And I dearly miss our scholarly LB. Are you still in contact with him, and if so, please tell him to reintroduce his humor and insightful posts. No one could express themselves as well as he, or make a point with such humor.

A Realist

I'm happy for Stanton and McGehee there in the 7th inning to come through with clutch hits. I will say this because I'm an eternal optimist (sarcasm), Stanton frustrated the heck out of me in the 5th with Hech on 2nd. Stanton has a 3-2 count with first base open. Santana threw him 3 straight off speed pitches in the dirt. What does Stanton do? Strikes out on ANOTHER off speed pitch! I mean what are you doing?? Use your head!! That's that lump 3 ffet above your bum.... You know he isn't going to give you anything to hit in that situation and you swing at garbage. SO DAMN FRUSTRATING!!!!

Anyway, good win fellas. Same thing today. Game one. Workman attitude. Don't start thinking your hot stuff because you'll be back on another 4 or 5 game skid faster than you can say 4 or 5 game skid...

Let's Koehler. I know you have that pitbull mentality. Forget that last start and beat these premadonas heads in!!!

And I do think you have to try these players at different positions if it fills a need for the team. We can't have Marisnick, Solano, and Dietrich wasting away down there. Going to be interesting with Stanton. I bet any amount of money Loria offers him a contract below his worth just to save face and say he offered him a contract (similar to the Uggla situation). Of course Stanton rejects it. Then he gets traded in the offseason.

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